Amber Evans..

Marion, OH

#1 Apr 1, 2010
Whatcha think..

Marion, OH

#3 Apr 4, 2010
If this is the amber evans that use to go to east then she awesome, shes the coolest girlyou'll ever meet, she's and awesome sister so don't talk bad about her on here!

Marion, OH

#4 Apr 4, 2010
Hahaha. I think she's disgusting. And looks/smells like a fish. =]
Courtney Pooock

Marion, OH

#5 Apr 6, 2010
uhmmm Whoever is EWW is just hatinn ;
get a life ;
she knows me

Marion, OH

#7 Apr 22, 2010
lmfao @ eww .. wow....
amber is a nasty b*tch ...
shes a liar
a cheater..
a hater
and a well... a nobody
shes fu*kin nasty and she needs to get her teeth fixed
she thinks shes all that and she is so pretty
lmao yeah right.. i heard shes getting fat haha!
Sierra Weber

Marion, OH

#8 Apr 22, 2010
well. Even though I've already told her this..
She has a dammm staring problem. & idk why? Bc she is the one that needs to be stared at, not me. But whatever!
She came to our school, and did NOT make a good first impression. Dnt really know her well, heard a lot of negitives bout her tho.

And seriously people? Are u really gonna hide ur names??? U got sumthin to say to her then u shouldn't b pu$$ys! Show ur name. I did :)

Marion, OH

#9 Apr 22, 2010
Oh, Sierra. My, how you've changed.

Also, great job on samefagging up this whole thread since no one else cares.

San Mateo, CA

#10 May 3, 2010
Ambers a slutty hoe that needs her teeth fixed !

United States

#11 May 3, 2010
mmhm i heard amber got told off by drews sister ashley shes a bada** HAHA!! and the b*tch wouldnt say sh*t to her face she got the sh*t knocked out of her too HAHA amber you got what you deserved you nasty maybe that will teach you to leave drew alone he doesnt want you your nasty so get over him you and your nasty drug-head mother need to stop stalking him you two are s.i.c.k get a fu*king life well tah tah for now when ashley beats your as* again ill keep this posted tah tah for now
Nicole Nickels

United States

#12 May 3, 2010
If you dont remember let me enlighten you STOP SIGN!!!! HaHa that was funny shit Amber. You talk way too much shit on text but not to ashleys face! Well you got what you deserve but i would love to show you what i could do to you if you talk anymore shit about drew! Oh who really goes all through school sayin that drew beat you???He treated you like a queen and you repay him by being a dirty butt slut...and accuse him of being abusive to you..Damn you really are nutts. DONT EVER talk about drew he is like a brother to me and i sure wouldnt mine beating the breaks off your nasty ass. So you are a whore i mean you told ashley you had sex with 3 guys after drew and you two only been split for about what 2 months???I know i was standing there when you admitted it. I laughed my ass off when we got home after ashley got ahold of you..."Stop ashley stop" gosh what a pussy...So what would you say maybe you shouldnt run you mouth about drew huh? Anyways peace out dirty butt slut!

United States

#13 May 5, 2010
Hmm.. lmfao @ nicole... Lets see.. Amber Evans.. I'm sorry but this little girl is a physco b*tch
All she likes to do is talk sh*t over the computer and over text but she wont say it to your face... its pretty sad :).. but so funny.. i hope that stuck in your head to leave my brother alone b*tch.. your and your drugie mom need to stop stalking him at the bball court and you need to stop walking about here and stopping by his window.. you need to stop texting him.. i know you were texting him while i was talking to your mom that day shes lucky i didnt kick her as* she ever trys to get out of a car like that again and try to get in my face.. hmm.. shes lucky my dad was standing out there to be honest with you...i know you still text my brother.. if you know whats good for you.. youll delete his number and leave him alone.. i dont know why you cant understand that.. but then again.. i'd be slow if my mom did drugs while prego with me too lmfao... well i'm done.. i've said all i can think to say bye wh*re :)

Marion, OH

#14 May 5, 2010
She is a nasty b*tch ! every1 knows it too. she cheated on her ex TWICE !-

Wheelersburg, OH

#16 Jun 12, 2010
She So F***n Stupid , She Lied About Drew Beat'n Her & She Couldnt Find Nobody So She Told Everybody The Truth . hahah . So Pathetic .[Drew Would Never Beat Her]. & Shes a Nasty , She Slept with Chris Norman All The Time When They Wasnt Even Dating . He Just Used Her ! WOW Thats Funny .
linda jamesl

Ashland, KY

#17 Jun 12, 2010
Thats why she got her as beat
mmmmm- mmmmmm- mmmmmm

Gray, GA

#18 Sep 19, 2012
i'm starting to hear more about this young lassy, i thought she had changed her wicked ways.
Amber Evans

Marion, OH

#19 Sep 27, 2012
lmao, wowww, you people really need lives, yeah I did alot of f*cked up things, but it's only cause I was pushed that far, & my mom didn't stalk him? and Ashley never "beat my as*" I wasn't gonna fight her because she was 19 and I was like 15 and she had like 500pounds on me lol & may I mention that she got her just deserve when she came to my house trying to act like a badas$ in front of my mom and my mom sent her off speeding down the road lmao. & I have changed for all you nosey people out there, I've been with a guy for over a year now who absolutely loves me,(& happens to be "his" ex best friend, so thank you for that (;) Will was the only good thing that came from him! and for all those people saying crap about my teeth.. at least I can get my problem fixed (which, I am.. I have braces now thank you very much (:) no one can fix you bad attitude or your looks ;) & again, I've done alot of f*cked up sh!t, but you also don't know the whole story so unless you've walked in my shoes, keep your mouth shut. & for all the b!itches that didn't say who they were; grow some balls. for all the people that did; thank you. Now have a nice fucking life everyone :)
Abby Hello

Marion, OH

#20 Aug 15, 2014
So This Site is so old andI jut noticed everything lmfao looking up people I don't like and seeing what people had to say lmfao Crazy how me ad drew got together in 2011 but yet amber comments on this in 2012. Lol ... And Amber you do hide behind a computer I came to wills house to beat your ass an you locked your self in the bedroom lololollolol no need to act like a hard ass :P everyone knows the truth but none of this matters its in the past . Your married me and drews been together four years and we have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl together . It's cray cray how this whole thing was about how you treated drew like crap good thing he has a good girl now (; we'll anyways I hope you have changed for the better ad you treat your husband with more respect then you ever did to anyone . Good luck in life (:
Sincerely, Boss ass bitch :D lmfao had to post something since everyone else did ..

Marion, OH

#21 Aug 15, 2014
This site just amazes me you know not long ago a child committed suicide because of cruel remarks, I don't even know any of these people but get so sick and tired of seeing teenagers constantly insulting each how about trying a little kindness , it never hurt anyone to be a little nicer and actually it gives you a good feeling , if you don't change those bad attitudes guess what law enforcement will probably be the ones that have to line your ass out one day and its not fun take it from someone who has done time in prison , but that's what it took to straighten my ass up so just keep that in mind all you girls getting on here saying things one day you might be faced with someone like me for your bad choices , then you will find out what it's like to be someone's bitch wether you want to or not just a thought peace and love to all :)

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