Visalus destroys people

Portland, OR

#347 Feb 12, 2013
Barbara wrote:
You do not have to take the can opt for cash each month.
My husband has lost over 30 lbs by drinking one meal resplacement shake a day in 6 weeks.
I have no idea what your problem is or who you got your info from.
(probably someone who would fail at any business they tried to run themselves.
You do not have to be a distributor to order the products and lose weight.
Sucralose is dangerous, toxic and is soy, but not nearly as much as Sucralose. You don't need to be a doctor to know this. Research it yourself. OF COURSE you're going to lose weight replacing 2 meals with 2 90 calorie drinks - even though they are VERY toxic. I mean, come on! Just research it yourself unless you're scared you're going to learn something that goes against the cult that is ViSalus.

Portland, OR

#349 Feb 22, 2013
Barbara wrote:
<quoted text>
Visalus is now approved by some health insurance companies as part of their 'wellness program'...(such as Blue Cross Blue Shield)
I am now signing up Dr's...
If you run a vitamin store...I'd like to sign you up as a Distributor!
your a fool.sad

Clearlake, CA

#350 Feb 26, 2013
Like my name? Just so u know I'm real. I'm not here to impress anyone with spelling, grammar, and language. I'm not here to back up Visalus. I was just doin some research and stumbled across this forum. So here's my story: About a month ago I got a package. I opened it and it wss a bag of Visalus shake mix. I thought it must be meant to be because I was just talking about losing weight and had been feelin pretty bad about my weight which was 174 at 5'4 height. Now I weigh 163. I porportion my meals and don't eat 3-4 hours before bed. I also walk and/or hike 2-4 hikes a day most days. I only drink one shake a day for breakfsst to jump start my metabolism because I hate breakfast and would rather skip breakfast than choke it down which is no good. You have to have breakfast. So I like this product. I'm looking for a rep in my area so I can buy it when needed otherwise I will just buy online. And for those who think it's not healthy because of sucralose.. Well you eat candy with out reading ingredients don't you? Too much of anything can be bad and a little bit of most things won't hurt you.

Columbus, OH

#351 Feb 28, 2013
stole from me wrote:
<quoted text>
You're a moron. Even the companies like this themselves will tell you, you have I have the max number of people under you to make the large amounts of money, in essence forcing you I "force" others to sale. These types of schemes make the origins rich, not you.$1500 a month won't make you wealthy either you welfare garbage. I make that in a week at my 9-5 job.....
Dude, you are from a back alley in Portsmouth and you're calling people welfare garbage? WTH? You know very little and I doubt you make 1500.00 a month working at the stop and shop convenience store, lol. Lay off of people. If you don't like the product (If you have even used it) than that is fine with us, but don't downgrade people because they do it. It works, bottom line.
ViSalus scams SLO

San Luis Obispo, CA

#352 Mar 7, 2013
Speechless wrote:
People replace a whole meal with a 90 calories shake and can't believe they are loosing weight, basic math can explain that. Now the point of all these shakes are to replace a meal with lowered calories while providing enough nourishment to function properly. Visalus, like all the others, achieves this by using sweetners and adding the equivalent of a multivitamin in their shake, plus some other crap they claim is healthy, but that varies by company.
While fat and cholesterol have been vilified for decades (with good reason as a lot of people consume way too much of these), they are required in a healthy diet. The brain requires fat and cholesterol to function, so any diet that encourages people to replace breakfast with ANY shake or bar or meal replacement that provides 0 cholesterol is dangerous for the long term health of your brain. You do not get a balanced breakfast in a Visalus shake or any other miracle diet product that only provides 90 calories, it is insane and unethical to claim that a real doctor or any of those fake nutritionist stated that it was in any way smart to replace a whole meal, and of all meals breakfast which is the most important food intake of the day, with a 80-150 calories meal replacement that has 0 fat and 0 cholesterol.
I supplement with protein shakes daily, i use an all natural mix of Isolated and Concentrated Whey powder mix with no artificial sweeteners and no Soy. Some research on Sucralose raised enough of concerns for me to not add that to my diet. No long term UNBIASED HUMAN studies have been made and some short term studies on humans and rodents already showed risks. Why would i put that in my body? Weight loss? I can lower my caloric intake with using artificial sweetners, thank you.
What is my opinion worth? Am i a doctor? I actually am. Should you believe that? Nope, because this is the internet and theres no way for me to prove it, it's easy to claim whatever you want online, everyone is a specialist and everyone is a doctor when you have a product to sell. Im not selling anything, hell i don't care what people end up eating saying or doing at the end of the day, but any real doctor who read claims and the misinformation found on the Visalus website, and so many other "health product" webpages, would also be upset.
Visalus scams, this is one more in a list of Ponzi, MLM scams, they recruit young people or college kids get brainwashed into believing this is good. All a pyramid scam and bogus.
ViSalus scams SLO

San Luis Obispo, CA

#353 Mar 7, 2013
San Luis Obispo, CA is experiencing a major pyramid and Ponzi, MLM scheme with this " New" unproven, unapproved shake to make you loose weight etc. all phony. Stay away from this fake product. you will loose money and not get it back so much like the scam of Mona Vie years ago.

Coplay, PA

#355 Mar 17, 2013
Kinder wrote:
I'm seeing people who sell Visalus, trying to get other people to sell Visalus, and it is effecting their friends and family, along with their work. These people become so involved and focused by the Visalus "parties" that they become self-centered on getting someone else under them in the pyramid scheme, that they hurt the people around them, and hurt their careers because they spend so much time at work focused on increasing their Visalus base. People who are involved or thinking about getting involved with Visalus, wake up! Visalus is not a career, it is a pyramid "scheme". It is a get rich quick scheme. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you are thinking about starting to sell Visalus, talk to the people around the person who sells Visalus and the co-workers of the person who sells Visalus if you want to get an accurate portrayal of what Visalus really is. Additionally, think about how many people back in the '90s were selling Amway, where are those people now? This is Amway all over again.
You need to get your head out of your butt and look into what a pyramid really is. You are more than likely a nit wit that got started and failed because you had no clue what your doing. Just because someone fails does not mean the company is a scam moron. Your probably one of those people who love to make everyone around you just as miserable as you. get a life.

Oakland, CA

#356 Mar 23, 2013
Visalus made my manhood bigger! No Joke. Ok I'm Joking why does network marketing-(God what a fancy name!)!! Why do pyramid schemes take things that we can buy anywhere put a fancy label on it, attach it to a pyramid marketing scheme and call it network marketing. You just crap out most of that protein anyways! I get my protein at target for less than 20 bucks for a 2 lb tub. Body by vi my rear. Why am I gonna pay some brainwashed goons to read some script to me about how great this fancy packaged protein is with a fancy label is because someone who works out got results with it? It wasn't from the dang mundane protein it was from working out! Just do the same workout and use Target protein and never pay a dime! Geez they call it body by vi when the protein is just a supplement not ALL a person eats. Maybe it amounts to 25% of their diet. So it should be called body by vi plus all the other stuff I ate plus hard work! Bottom line you don't need protein supplements to get results you need hard work but if you must have protein get it for under $20 at Target or CVS or Walmart and save money and save your soul from being sucked away by this cult. I think I'm gonna sell tap water out of a fancy bottle and call it body by MAGICWATER because I drank it during my workouts and I have this amazing body so it must be the water right? See the logic? I'm out.

United States

#357 Mar 25, 2013
break down atoms and such you can create a weapon. Visalus breaks down soy and makes it compatible for the human body plus beloved pets safely. you mist drink water in appropriate quantities 8 glasses a day as called for because of protein. whether getting it from meats or powder form. they use only all natural products. like I read...what now a days is fda approved? 8 years and all people want to do is complain and deter people from paying loads of $$$$$$ to a nutritionist or a doctor for a referral and want to blame people for how they got that way. when medical conditions and medicine itself causes poor health and weight gain. the man who created Visalus products has been a DR for 25 yrs.

Lexington, KY

#358 Mar 26, 2013
Visalus distributors are in for a rude awakening, both from a health standpoint and a financial one. Mathematically, sustaining your "business" is simply not possible. Multi-level marketing always and without exception, supports the success of the upper levels. Research the top management at any MLM company and you'll see they tend to move from company to company because once they've milked a particular "opportunity" they must move to a new product to keep their income high. It is not a long-term sustainable business model. And from a health standpoint, the ingredients are inferior to competing products. Are they superior to fast food or candy? Probably. But they aren't superior to the whey protein I can pick up at the grocery, the one without additives, without soy, without sucralose/Splenda (same thing) or whatever other crazy crap make it "taste like a cake mix." *gag* on that, by the way. How is eating something like tasted like boxed commercial cake mix supposed to teach people a better way of using food for improved health? I mean, the "pitch" is "our shake tastes just like the WORST food-like product in the grocery store! Yay!" The damages may not be apparent for months or years, but you'll see them eventually if you continue to use the shakes long term, twice per day. The saddest thing for me is watching my neighbor, who has always had health issues, simply crumble as she insists on using the Visalus mix. I wonder how long until she sees the correlation between her diarrhea and bloating, her crashing mental health, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and those two liquid cake soy shakes each day. I hope it's soon enough not to actually kill her.:-(

Lexington, KY

#359 Mar 26, 2013
Also - I'll go ahead and address the assorted rebuttals in advance:

No - I have never participated in an MLM opportunity or other pyramid scheme.

No - I'm not bitter over your imaginary "success" with Visalus, either from a weight loss or financial gain aspect.

How many of your friends now avoid you because they're so damn annoyed that you turn every normal social interaction into a sales venue? How many times have you invited people to a "party" that consisted of sipping tiny cups of the Vi-foul-us recipes, followed by tearful cult-building testimonials and a video that focuses more on the BMW than the product?

Really - when I haven't spoken to someone in eight years, they ask to "friend" me on FB, and within the hour I'm getting an invitation to a "party" then they get unfriended immediately. They didn't reach out to me to be my friend - I'm just a sales target. Idiots.

Nobody needs to be a medical expert or business professional to smell the stink on this deal. I am SO sorry for whatever emotional distress and financial pressures and assorted desperations got you to the point of becoming a distributor for this sham company, but it's time to fact-check and then admit that you've most likely spent more than you've made.

Do you have accounting software. Are you tracking your expenses? Do you even TRULY know how much money you've lost to your upline? And how hard you need to put the screws to your downline for that BMW?

Port Moody, Canada

#360 Mar 26, 2013
I actually love Visalus, I purchased it and within 2 weeks I've lost 8 healthy pounds, it's given me a boost and I feel great. I have been eating more healthy and walking and going for runs more. I couldn't be happier
PS Whatever

Minneapolis, MN

#361 Mar 28, 2013
I think it's funny the way people talk about it being a "pyramid scheme"... EVERY job is a pyramid scheme... You work for the betterment of the people above you and only a few make a grip load of cash... Except, with ViSalus you get what you give. If I work 80 hours a week at my salaried 8-5 job I don't get anything extra... If I put in an 80 hour week with ViSalus I'm working for myself. Anything I do in that timeframe is for the direct betterment of myself and my family. That said, I'd rather work for a "pyramid scheme" instead of a slave-to-the-man-economy-sucks -I-hope-I-have-a-job-tomorrow corporation!!

Lockhart, TX

#363 Apr 1, 2013
I lost it at "federal pattons." LOL
Liven the Vi Life wrote:
Hahaha, I'd say it's accurate that everyone on here bashing Visalus is either broke, or in terrible shape. It's clear that none of you have researched anything about the products, like the federal pattons they hold, backed by the NIH, researched on federally funded dollars. Kosher certified, lactose free, gluten free, u can go on and on. As far as my BMW, not leased, I own it and they pay for it. Pyramid "scheme" lol oh how simple you are. Look at any business, big wig down to the workforce, PYRAMID. 21 straight months of double digit compounded growth, over 80,000 joined last month alone and over 25 per day earned their BMW. Do you have to work at this, YES, but I'm not trading an hour of time for an hour of wages. Bash Visalus all you want, you're just mad because you don't have what it takes to do something great, to be someone that helps others. I've supplemented with a lot of products, some good and some not, doesn't mean I'm bashing them. Do some research on the MLM business model and residual income, most millionaires like Donald Trump say there is nothing better, have a great day!!!!

United States

#364 Apr 2, 2013
good 4 economy wrote:
And honestly some of the Vi promoters are complete liars. At first they told me i could lose weight which i declined to tell them no, because i am actually trying to gain weight, then the promoter i spoke to had the nerve to say "Oh it can help you gain weight to", pretty much all lies because there is not one thing in the world that can have you lose and gain weight at the same time, unless you expierence the yoyo effect
try Youngevity. Research them I'd like to hear your review

United States

#365 Apr 2, 2013
Would like to hear your take on youngevity! I myself have researched visalus and found it to be garbage! First its manufactured on equipment that has processed milk, egg, soybean,gluten, wheat,shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts and peanut flavor! Wtf! Not to mention artificial flavors, caffeine bla bla CRAP! VISALUS founded by a street punk who figured out how to use his street smarts or Con game to make lots of cash. Youngevity founded by a Dr who cares and has spent his life in nutrition. Would like to hear your review!

United States

#366 Apr 2, 2013
Go Visalus wrote:
I sell Visalus and I also use it. I have lost alot of weight and it's the healthiest product I have seen in a long time. It also has helped me keep my blood sugars in the range they are supposed to be at. I haven't been screwed over by anybody it's not a joke it works and it's very healthy for you
try Youngevity it makes visalus look like kool-aid!

United States

#367 Apr 2, 2013
Cassie Lynn -ViSalus Dist wrote:
The comment I read is honestly one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever read on a forum before. DESTROYING people.. are you kidding me. You sound like a Victim. Bottom line people, when in doubt research. I am so blessed to be part of The Body By Vi Challenge. It is changing my life and the life of my family, friends, in such a positive way. I choice not to be a victim. I have had my share of adversity. Adversity can be an enemy, it's tough, we all have felt it. It can push you when your down, kick you, it can punch you when your down, blind side you, ganging up against you. But many times in my life when I have made poor decisions, which my family and loved ones can confess to, I found my self on my knees, because of this enemy called adversity. But I learned an interesting trait that I want to share with you. Because it was from my knees that I found my strength, it was from my knees that I found my gratitude, & it was from my knees that I found my energy. And it was from my knees that I found my perseverance. Adversity has knocked on my door & I know it will again. As it will all of us. But I have chosen to change my mindset, to be optimistic, to press forward, to hold onto my faith, because I believe that everything happens for a reason. I will not be conquered. I will persevere and use adversity to my advantage. I thank God every day for someone introducing ViSalus to me!
give an intelligent open minded look into youngevity! If that crap visalus worked, youngevity will blow you away! True health

United States

#368 Apr 2, 2013
Trance wrote:
It's 90 calories for the shake mix u dummy! U have to add in the calories to the type of milk u use and fruit and other ingredients u put in there. The meal replacement will be around 250-300 calories. On the real our soil now days doesn't have the same nutrition it had in it it had when our elders were growing up. The nutrients are depleted in it and not being replaced. There for so is the food we r eating. One would have to eat a ton of food that isn't humanly possible to get the same nutrients in one shake. These shakes has changed my life and my whole families life especially my autistic sons life. He has been under weight for years because of texture issues and pickiness. He is putting on weight and his skin problems are clearing up and his learning is speeding up. I am absolutely sick of people slamming ViSalus. I have done advocare. Would I give it to my kid, hell no. Would I give it to my father with Congestive heart failure, he'll no( he would have a heart attack and die), would I give it to my 70 year old grandmother no! Same goes for the other companies. Not to mention blue cross blue shield pays for the ViSalus shakes for their patients. Lets talk vegetarian now. Totally unhealthy people who are sick a lot and end up binging on carbs because they r lacking protein. There r a lot of plans to slam. Give it a break. I would rather drink a nutritious shake in the morning then skip the meal all together. So people since ViSalus is so bad lets hit McDonald's instead of getting in the habit of a healthy shake. The reality is slam them and people will pick convenience food and that is the real truth. Makes me wonder if this doctor gets pixels for slamming products so people stay unhealthy and have to stay on medications with tons of side aspects and expensive surgeries. Js!
google youngevity with an open mind and heart! Your visalus is a temporary fix, the ingredients if you research Them they are not healthy! Visalus founded by a street punk to make cash. Dr wallach has devoted his life to nutrition. Google the Clemson report. Google why Jerry Lewis was fired!

United States

#369 Apr 2, 2013
clay wrote:
<quoted text> google youngevity with an open mind and heart! Your visalus is a temporary fix, the ingredients if you research Them they are not healthy! Visalus founded by a street punk to make cash. Dr wallach has devoted his life to nutrition. Google the Clemson report. Google why Jerry Lewis was fired!
Google dead doctors don't lie. Google his book on exotic animals that is in the Smithsonian institute as a national treasure for curing over 900 diseases. Start there! If you still think visalus is for you...God speed

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