Why is the U.S. government stockpilin...

Why is the U.S. government stockpiling guns, ammo?

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Get Ready

Marion, OH

#1 Feb 5, 2013
Is the U.S. government getting ready for a war we don't know about?

And, if that's why Washington is stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition 1.2 billion (hollow points, by the way), on top of hundreds of thousands of assault rifles why is Homeland Security doing the buying instead of the Defense Department?

I have some theories.
Some of you may remember presidential candidate Barack Obama's little-noticed announcement that, if elected in 2008, he wanted to create a "civilian national security force" as big, as strong and as well-funded as the Defense Department.

Here's what he actually said at a campaign stop in Colorado July 2, 2008: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Could what we see happening now in the Department of Homeland Security be the beginning of Obama's dream and our constitutional nightmare?

We've learned more about Obama's vision since then. Maybe it's time for a review:

He made the campaign promise to build this $439 billion domestic army, but all references to the initiative were inexplicably deleted from the copy of his speech posted on his website while others mysteriously disappeared from transcripts of the speech distributed by the campaign. That was strange - and ominous.
At the time, I had never heard anyone use the phrase "civilian national security force" before. But I did a little homework and found out where it originated. It was first proposed by then Bush administration Defense Secretary Robert Gates. On that basis alone, I accurately predicted that, if elected, Obama would name Gates as his own defense secretary.

We never heard another mention of Obama's "civilian national security force" again. Not in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012.

But that brings us up to 2013 with the illegal assault on the 2nd amendment and the highly unusual stockpiling of firearms and ammo by Homeland Security - firearms and ammo that Obama is trying to deny to ordinary citizens who are not members of his domestic army.

Think about it.

Why does the civilian Department of Homeland Security need billions of rounds of ammunition?

This is the agency that is responsible for policing the border. But it doesn't.

This is the agency that is responsible for catching terrorists. But it doesn't.

So why does Homeland Security need so many weapons and enough hollow-point rounds to plug every American six times?

Maybe this is the "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the Defense Department.

These words - "civilian national security force" - have haunted me ever since I first read them.

Obama has never explained what he meant.

He's never been called to account for that remark.

Doesn't this sound like police-state talk to you?

Marshall law real soon?

I think it's worth recalling here that just over a year ago both houses of Congress unwisely passed the defense reauthorization bill that killed the concept of habeas corpus - legislation that authorized the president to use the U.S. military to arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial.

That legislation would empower a lame-duck Obama to use all of the power of the federal government - constitutional and unconstitutional - to target his political enemies.

If any Republican, conservative, independent journalist, pro-life activist, returning veteran, gun-rights activist, constitutionalist, Bible believer or critic of Obama thinks they will be safe in a second term under this would-be despot, they had better think again - real fast.

The "civilian national security force" is not here to protect any of them. It's here to destroy the opposition. It's here to destroy liberty. It's here to destroy the Constitution.

Zanesville, OH

#2 Feb 5, 2013
Didn't you know? The national weather service needed all those hollow points because tornado season is coming...they're gonna shoot the super cells to deflect them.

Honestly, people really need to open their eyes. it's going to get bad....very bad and soon....call us crazy, call us conspiracy theorists if you will.....we seek only to awake the masses so that they can prepare and protect their families and this great nation.

Marion, OH

#3 Feb 5, 2013
"civilian national security force"
So what should be done about this, in your opinion.

Zanesville, OH

#4 Feb 5, 2013
This should be an impeachable offense, though the question is, will will anyone file?

Powell, OH

#5 Feb 5, 2013
"marshall law"? wtf is that?!

omg, you sound SO credible.

Apo, AE

#6 Feb 5, 2013
Please calm down.
The Department of Homeland Security purchases ammunition on a five year contract basis for the FBI, Secret Service, Coast Guard. Federal Protective Service, ATF and about a dozen other federal agencies that all have weapons requirements. They have NOT purchased hundreds of thousands of assault rifles nor have they purchased 1.2 billion bullets.
in the know

Marion, OH

#7 Feb 7, 2013
The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest.

An approximation of how many rounds of ammunition the DHS has now secured over the last 10 months stands at around 1.625 billion. In March 2012, ATK announced that they had agreed to provide the DHS with a maximum of 450 million bullets over four years, a story that prompted questions about why the feds were buying ammunition in such large quantities. In September last year, the federal agency purchased a further 200 million bullets.

To put that in perspective, during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month. Extrapolating the figures, the DHS has purchased enough bullets over the last 10 months to wage a full scale war for almost 30 years.

the DHS’ previous ammunition solicitation was awarded to Evian Group, an organization that was formed just five days before the announcement of the solicitation and appeared to be little more than a front organization since it didn’t have a genuine physical address, a website, or even a phone number.

While Americans are being browbeaten with rhetoric about the necessity to give up semi-automatic firearms in the name of preventing school shootings, the federal government is arming itself to the teeth with both ammunition and guns. Last September, the DHS purchased another 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles, totaling approx 40,000 within the last year and labeling them as “Personal Defense Weapons.”
new here

Lucasville, OH

#9 Feb 8, 2013
Their will be a war,and the bloodshed will be knee deep. Get a bible!!!

United States

#10 Feb 8, 2013
LOL Bible study at Pat's on Sunday after happy hour! LOL

Zanesville, OH

#11 Feb 8, 2013
govt induced ammo shortage.....buy up a bunch of hollow points and place orders for more...tie up manufacturing lines for said order...threaten 2nd amendment repeal, induce panic among gun owners to buy up remaining ammo causing back orders. tie up manufacturing so back orders cannot be filled. they know they cant repeal the 2nd amendment....and they know guns are useless without ammo......backdoor 2nd amendment attack thats perfectly legal......

Van Wert, OH

#12 Feb 9, 2013
How about enlightening us with some sites so we can see where this information is coming from?

Chesapeake, OH

#13 Feb 11, 2013
To add to all these strange and suspicious goings on also look up Fourth Ammendment free zone (a 100 mile zone between borders where suspicionless search and seizure is authorized), Florida's "Revenue Enhancing Road Blocks", and domestic drone usage are a few other interesting topics.

Bellingham, WA

#14 Mar 8, 2013
Please read and sign this white house petition if you agree with me. It needs 150 signatures to be posted for public view. 100,000 signatures are needed for the President to address it. The deadline is April 7th, 2013.

Minford, OH

#15 Mar 8, 2013
donny wrote:
Please read and sign this white house petition if you agree with me. It needs 150 signatures to be posted for public view. 100,000 signatures are needed for the President to address it. The deadline is April 7th, 2013.
Why does this petition only has one signature,why

Plain City, OH

#16 Mar 9, 2013
Dont know about the cause, but there is diffently a shortage on ammo! Been to many gun stores and amunition is getting hard to come by! Stock up when you are able because i see a tax increase coming from the white house on anything pertaining to guns or ammo! They will try to make it hard for anyone to get ammo!

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