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#262 Oct 21, 2012
There is only one presidential candidate and that is Romney. Having lived through 4 years of loss and deprivation we will have the security of knowing that the president is looking out for the people, not the party or self-interest.

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#263 Oct 21, 2012
Splash Down wrote: Boy there sure must be alot of folks pissed. This country has been living a lie for almost 4 years.'first black president my ass.'hate to tell the country 'ole Barama is as much caucasian as he is black. I about fell over when the new said 1st black president, NOT. Kenyan, and closet muslim, maybe, but not black.

During the 1st debate 'ole Barama said something to the effect of any person who flies in a corporate jet can pay full price. I hope Romney asks him since he flies the largest exec. jet in the world all of the time why he doesn't keep his da-- self in the house we provide him. I guess though if I had my mother in law
living in the same house I would won't to leave as much a possible, too! Tax payer paid granny as nanny?!
They Live

Garner, NC

#266 Oct 23, 2012
S u b m i t T o A u t h o r i t y
They Live

Garner, NC

#268 Oct 23, 2012
Dare or Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
Matt: 22:21..........
Matthew 22:21
King James Version (KJV)
21 They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.
Just Google..........
S p e n d

$...T h i s i s y o u r G o d
Wake Up

Bensenville, IL

#271 Oct 23, 2012
Un government wrote:
<quoted text>
Perhaps DER-UN of North Korea?
Un-government, the GOP's only principle and mission is to "siphon" public money to private pockets, White Collar Welfare instead of paying their fair share, etc. It's been like that in Scioto County for decades. It's just they change power on the Federal level every once in a while, not in Scioto County, solid corruption no switching back and forth, they have divvied up the County and City for decades.
Literal Leaches..........on the elderly, young, and sick.
WTF, Obama is for the billionaires and Wall Street more than any other president we've ever had. Of course he knows there's people like you who will believe his bullsh!t rhetoric. Want some proof?

The democrats controlled Congress the first two years Obama was in office, but Obama didn't do a thing to help Main Street. His so-called stimulus lined the pockets of all his campaign contributors like Goldman Sachs. Ever hear of the QE3? Didn't think so. That's trillions of dollars being handed to Wall Street, while Main Street bites the dust. WAKE UP! The Kool Aid drinkers like you are destroying America, by supporting people like Obama.
Wake Up

Bensenville, IL

#273 Oct 24, 2012
JustTalkingpoints-falsies wrote:
<quoted text>
You are but a robot with just saying what you've been told to say, the truth will not set you free..........
Oh, you are cool, using terms like "kool-aid" drinkers. So COOL,
We got Obama Care not done since Johnson, put that in your pipe and smoke it Fargo..........
Get your congress out of the way, and watch him go, obstructors.
Talking Points, lies anti-productive,
Talking Points, lies anti-productive,
Talking Points, lies anti-productive,
Talking Points, lies anti-productive,
Like the typical Liberal you have no points to back your argument. Just like your leader in Washington all you can do is bash those who disagree with you.

Do you have any idea what the tax burden on small and medium businesses will be with Obamacare? Didn't think so! You're too busy believing everything the mainstream media says. I'm not trying to be cool, I'm just trying to get zombies like you to wake up before it is too late.
Wake Up

Bensenville, IL

#275 Oct 24, 2012
Obama says this and Obama says that. And, you believe him???? LMAO!

It's time for you to brush up on your history of how (cough) honest Obama is. Hear it right from the horse's mouth on You Tube. Enjoy.

&fe ature=related
no mitt

Portsmouth, OH

#278 Oct 25, 2012
We need JOBS wrote:
<quoted text> JOBS. JOBS. JOBS, The #1 Security Issue is the ECONOMY, America has been down-graded three times all within 6 months first time in History, foreign countries do NOT see us as Power threat anymore, close to 22 million children in poverty, college graduates cannot find jobs, 1 in 3 older relatives move in with other relatives. What this Country needs is JOBS and more JOBS We need to Take back America we Cannot afford four more years of the SOS. Vote Romney-Ryan they deserve the chance, give them four years if they fail,vote them out too.
Oh please, our military needs some major cuts. We spend more on our military than the rest of the world combined! When you complain about the $800 billion Obama stimulus and how we're going to pay for it, don't you realize that we spend over $700 billion EVERY YEAR on our military! There is no sense in this. We need to maintain a powerful and intelligent army, but come on,$700,000,000,000+ EVERY YEAR is unsustainable.

When it comes to the economy, note to yourself that Romney/Ryan fully embrace and practice the failed Bush era economics of Wall Street and bank deregulation, tax cut after tax cut after tax cut without any way to pay for them, 2 wars with NO WAY TO PAY FOR THEM, etc. People like you allowed W. to ram this economy into the ground for 4 more years after his first term. Bush spent 8 years fucking up what the Clinton administration left him. Why not give Obama 8 years to clean up the mess? Things are improving. We have ended the Iraq war, and in 2 years we will be out of Afghanistan. Unemployment is going down, slowly, but it's going down. There is a lot more to be done, but going back to what got us into a recession is NOT the answer.
a soler

Miami, FL

#280 Oct 28, 2012
Is a very inelligent man about the economy
Far Citizen

Van Nuys, CA

#281 Nov 2, 2012
Romney is my vote here is why: I am not arguing with anyone on any of these points, but just giving my opinion, that is all. I have to rant for now, thank you for listening.

Obama has done literally nothing for our country, our economy, our unemployment and for senior citizens (who are the majority)and "I AM NOT BETTER OFF TODAY" THEN I WAS FOUR YEARS AGO, ARE YOU? and this Obama Care is a mess idea of our government getting more control over us. Obama is too of a friendly guy to "Vladmir Putin" and the uprising(again)of the "Muslim Brotherhood". Obama doesn't care about out deficit not one bit!. Biden along with Obama is just his court jester.

Fellow Americans it wasn't to long ago,do you all remember our recent "4" fallen Americans in Libya? actually I just heard their was one more, a border patrol man who was killed, they received no help, they simply were slaughtered, a president that doesn't help his own?. I have watched Obama and Biden's campaign speeches and they twist everything to make Romney look like he doesn't know what to do if he is elected, but wrong. I have seen the deliberate errors of our president and his jester(I know politics suck) and they lie right in front and behind your face, and the people still cheer, laugh, clap, they simply are not informing themselves on what the real truth is. It is time to get off the sofa,every speech, every comment is on the web to see for yourself the truth. No Obama!! is not my vote, no more "Obama nation" here!. Look up the Libya truth, these families of the fallen are owed that truth first. War is hell, any soldier will tell you that,but we don't need to be in a terrorist war. No, I can not and will not support any president who doesn't come to the aid of their fellow comrades.
So don't be to quick to clap and agree with people who really have an alternate agenda for you and me..Be Prepared!
Our former presidents,Clinton and the Bush's were
despicable people, one who disgraced his country and his family and well, we know the other, his name was Bush, who was never to be our president anyway, yea, did you know that we had a "Coo" in our own country quick wasn't it. If Obama wins, we lose, do your homework then vote.

Piketon, OH

#283 Nov 4, 2012
Romney is a joke.
R and R

Waverly, OH

#284 Nov 4, 2012
R and R

Waverly, OH

#286 Nov 4, 2012
Do you think the men's families feel the same nothing you do with the loss of their lives?
Obama was so upset he took off for Vegas. He must have a gambling problem as much time as he has spent in a city he told us not to go.
R and R

Waverly, OH

#288 Nov 4, 2012
Reprobates and Reprobates wrote:
<quoted text>
Bet you watch nothing but Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh?
You need to inform yourself, Our president was there for the arrival of the caskets, and visited with the families.
Like Hurricane Sandy, he's the President not the Coordinator in Chief,
Follow your Piped Pipers, dingo.......
You lose the bet I don't watch Fox or Rush. Isn't it strange Cindy Sheenan had all the press when her son got killed and this gets no press at all for these 4 men. Running the clock out til after the election do you think?
R and R

Waverly, OH

#290 Nov 4, 2012
Reprobates and Reprobates wrote:
<quoted text>
How many people are dying in the wars and elsewhere under the federal governments purview, bring that up list that, why you don't cause you don't know, you know one talking point and cling onto that, klutz.
Is the president lying about their deaths saying they are caused by a movie???

Dublin, OH

#292 Nov 8, 2012
Ok he back so hold on to ur money and ur asses for 4 long years until we can come togetherfor a good president this is all we got

Mount Vernon, OH

#293 Nov 8, 2012
I have to agree with Rush....It's impossible to defeat Santa Claus....

Mount Vernon, OH

#294 Nov 8, 2012
...especially if the alternative is being your own Santa Claus.

Logan, OH

#295 Nov 8, 2012
I'm a Christian. And a Republican. Well, when I need to be.

Logan, OH

#296 Nov 8, 2012
DrNO wrote:
I have to agree with Rush....It's impossible to defeat Santa Claus....
Rush would believe in Santa, wouldn't he?

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