Chris Hutchinson
Chris Yeaste

United States

#104 Feb 20, 2010
Deborah lied to obtain her order of protection against me. Claiming I called her mother hundreds of times. Claiming that I thhreatened hers and Chris Hutchinson's life. I never did this. I spoke to her mother, yes. But only after her moother initiated phone calls by sending me an email asking me to contact her when she became concerned about the enviroment my children were living in.
Chris Yeaste

United States

#105 Feb 20, 2010
Deborah denied Chris Hutchinson as her boyfriend in court when in Nashville, TN. Funny, how just a few weeks later they were living together and how during that time her lawyer testified to that her own sister claims to have seen Deborahs vehicle parked at Hutchinson's residence while the children were left with her Mother.
Chris Yeaste

United States

#106 Feb 20, 2010
Lastly, for tonight anyways, my youngest son has asked repeatedly to come live with me. I have told him and all the others I would live to have them.

When he has asked his mother , she says no. She gives no reason I'm told. I suspect it's so she won't lose any child support. It as if each child has a price tag or something.

Levittown, NY

#107 Feb 20, 2010
Hang in there, Chris Y. You have a large cheering section of people that don't know you but know Deb's family. Her family's on your side, so we are too.
Sarah Smallwood

South Point, OH

#108 Feb 20, 2010

Theres you some more public information Deborah, Have fun reading it. Oh and by all means threaten me if you feel the need. I have not done anything wrong. I'll post every other piece of information I have. I won't stop until the truth is out there and Chris is in prison for LIFE
Chris Yeaste

United States

#109 Feb 21, 2010
Good morning. Since this thread is about Chris Hutchinson I thought I would describe one of my many encounters with him.

may of last year I drove from Nashville, TN to Portsmouth, OH to see my youngest son graduate from kindergarden. My mother and I went.

Upon arriving in th gynasium where the graduation was to occur, my mother and I were seated. At that point Chris Hutchinso halted back at me and began to do his normal bs of strutting around whilst holding my daughter.

I was told tha Deborah's Mother that she told Deborah and Chris they should let my Mother and I see Megan. Chris said no and of course Deborah dud nothing to intervene as any good mother would have.(everyone was telling me how he controlled her, didn't beleive it until I saw that).

Anyways, the graduation finished and I went outside. My mother and I saw Ethan walking with Hutchinson and Deborah. I called out to Ethan since I had brought a card for him as did my mother.(I had also asked a week earlier to beable to take the kids out to dinner afterwards but Deb refused). At this point Hutchinson began to walk toward me spouting off (he was mad because I had called out his criminal record in an email to Deborah.)

He then came up to me still yelling as I handed Ethan his cards. He started to kick my feet and repeatedly tried to aggitate me into fighting him. Deborah just stood their doing nothing ss Ethan watched.

I told Ethan I loved him and got in the car and drove to the Portsmouth Police station. There the police told me it basically would be worth my time to press charges and that they were familar with Hutchinson and his behavior.

I will post more of my experiirnces with him in the future. This man. If you can really call him that, needs to be kept away form my children and out of society.
Chris Yeaste

United States

#110 Feb 21, 2010
Please excuse the spelling errors in my posts. Doing this from my phone right now.

Ashburn, VA

#111 Feb 21, 2010
Hutchinson's photo is on the front page of this morning's Times, charged with two counts of murder.
Chris Yeaste

United States

#112 Feb 21, 2010
A few weeks ago, after I added my childre as friends on Face Book, Deborah took away there accounts. Claiming facebook was not appropriate for them.

Apparently Denorah and Chris Hutchinson's accounts on facebook have disappeared, but suddenly one of my son's accounts has been reactivated.

west girl

Marion, OH

#113 Feb 21, 2010
Debby said I'm nuts...she might be right. Looks like the nut (daughter) doesn't fall to far from the family tree.

As far as the family being nuts that only happen when she involved herself and my poor little grandchildren around Chris Hutchinson.

Her father and I were not nuts when we gave her a place to live free, furniture free, buying her boyfriend two pair of shoes on my Kohl's charge account free, nothing for the kids were in those bags, putting up with all her and Hutchinson free.

Then leaving us with utility bills of $1,390.85. Debby did pay me #100.00 12/4/09. Must have been the Christmas spirit.

Chris Hutchinson left us something too. He put fish gravel in the toilets and left all windows and doors open. Her father wouldn't tell me the other things he did.

I would type more but this would end up being a book.

Debby is right....I am nuts. I loved and worshipped this daughter. Did everything in my power for her. I use to sit and watch her with the kids and think what a perfect mother she was. I didn't think a mother and daughter could be that close. Somewhere in her lost mind, Debby knows this.

I guess loving and trying to save a daughter from being beaten, running with trash, barbecue parties (or called beer parties) every weekend and lasting until 2 and 3 am (kids with her), running to bars, leaving her kids home alone, and living with a murderer......Yes, looks like I'm the Nut.

PS. Chris Yeaste, you get your letter.

Chris Yeaste

Frisco, TX

#114 Feb 21, 2010
Another result of Chris Hitchinson's bad influence over Deborah:

Last year I Deborah brought the children to Nashville for visitation and to remove her things from the home. Chris Hutchinson was with her. I tried to be cordial to them both, as I had no idea at this point of how truly bad this guy was.

At this time Deborah was under a court order not to have the children in his precense. Unfortunately her, Chris Hutchinson, and her attorney, Rob Turner chose to ignore the order.

Deborah left a with Hutchinson after gathering her things. The next day one of my kids were playing next door and he started to tell my neighbors how Deborah and Hutchinson had offered him beer, how Hutchinson let him steer the car whilst sitting in Hutchinson's lap, and various other things.

When I was made aware of this I questioned my son whom insisted that it was true. I called my attorney whom interviewed my children on a Sunday. My attorney then filed for emergecy custody of my children and I took them to a hotel until I knew I had custody.

In the meantime, Deborah drove to Nashville with Chris Hutchinson. I did not know Deborah had come to Nashville, assuming things were safe, I proceeded to drive the children home.

Upon arriving on our street, on of the children said they saw their mom's car. We proceeded to drive over a street to be certian. As I proceeded down the street with all four children in a Scion Xb, Deborah and Hutchinson began to approach us headed into our path. I had to swerve off the road and Deborah and Hutchinson began a high speed chase to try and stop us in a school zone.

I was able to get away from her and went directly to my attorney where I filed an emergecy protection order. I the was advised to leave Nashville for a few days to protect the children.

We went to my moms. One of my children hid under a table afraid his mother would come get him. My yougest child walked around the house saying "Mommy tried to hit us".

Just another reason my kids need to be out of there.

Sharpsburg, KY

#115 Feb 21, 2010
does anyone know why ch was arrested on 01/05/2010 and lodged in the warren county jail. the site only said for "disorderly conduct". what happened?
he was let out on a $1000.00 bond. was he fighting with someone or beating up on dn again?

Pasadena, MD

#116 Feb 21, 2010
wondering wrote:
does anyone know why ch was arrested on 01/05/2010 and lodged in the warren county jail. the site only said for "disorderly conduct". what happened?
he was let out on a $1000.00 bond. was he fighting with someone or beating up on dn again?
im just curious how deborah got her beloved out of jail. Im sure her kids did without that month.
Chris Y

Newport, KY

#117 Feb 21, 2010
To make sure topix and other sites don't decide to just kill this information, I am working on a new site.

Crooksville, OH

#118 Feb 22, 2010
Its about freaking time the arrested him! Hope he gets what he derserves...a life for a life is how I see it...
Chris Y

Newport, KY

#119 Feb 23, 2010
Okay, so I took down the website, due to the amount of time it would take to maintain it. If I get the time I will eventually put it back up.....

So here is yet another result of Chris Hutchinson's bad influence.

As I mentioned earlier, Deborah lied to obtain an order of protection against me. During this time I could not call, email, or be near my children. Shortly after she filed this order of protection, my Mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Deborah was informed through family member and actually had the audacity to say I was lying.

Deborah, no doubt with influence from Chris Hutchinson, told my sister my mother to come see the children. Come see them? When they were 2.5 hours away and my Mother barely had the ability to leave her home.

My Mother died in October, the day after the funeral I had to go to court for the protection order.

Thanks Deborah, thanks for having a week mind and falling under the influence of a criminal. Taking away my mother's dying wish to see her grandchildren.

Fort Worth, TX

#120 Feb 23, 2010
Why is it that someone is presumed guilty until proven innocent. Shouldn't it be the opposite? I don't know what happened because I was not there. There are always two sides to every story, so we should not judge. We should wait until all the evidence has been presented before we jump to any conclusions. Not only in this case, but with all cases.
Chris Y

Newport, KY

#121 Feb 23, 2010
Chris Hutchinson simply has no regard for anyone but himself. He is a leach that lives off my children's child support and here is why I say that.

I agreed to a child support amount of 1900 dollars a month on April 16th of 2009. The required amount by TN guidelines, assuming Deborah had a minimum wage job would have been around 1300 a month at the time. I agree d to a higher amount because Deborah claimed she was going to home school. That she feared putting the children in public schools.

Anyways, my attorney was to submit the paper work to my employer to start deducting from my check. In the mean time, I called my children on the following Friday after court. Chris Hutchinson answered the phone and said I could not talk to my children until I paid child support! Really? This coming from a man whom is reportedly months behind on his own child support.

I deposited money directly into her bank account that day, as my work had not began taking it out of my check. Then magically I am able to speak to my kids again.

Guess Chris Hutchinson needed beer money. What a loser!
Chris Y

Newport, KY

#122 Feb 23, 2010
unbiased wrote:
Why is it that someone is presumed guilty until proven innocent. Shouldn't it be the opposite? I don't know what happened because I was not there. There are always two sides to every story, so we should not judge. We should wait until all the evidence has been presented before we jump to any conclusions. Not only in this case, but with all cases.
Look at his record and the proof. He has admitted to many people that he killed Gene. Its just the context that's in question.

French Camp, MS

#123 Feb 23, 2010
unbiased - I do truly get what you are saying...BUT.. Chris H told his 13 year old son that Mr. Smallwood jumped infront of the bullet...I would tell you our son's first reply to me about that, but out of respect for my son..I will refrain.

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