sick of mexicans
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Van Wert, OH

#92 Jun 26, 2012
Is he a legal citizen of the USA?
be realistic

Marion, OH

#93 Jun 26, 2012
Americans cant live on what these wetbacks are working for its impossible you take a wife an kids and try to raise them on 200 a week buy your own gas provide your own groceries...America allowing illegals to come into this country and extorting our economy is whats wrong with America anytime you turn on the tv they are taking a wet bite out of working peoples asses...Americans are not to lazy to work some are but there are many hard working people born right here that still want to work and still take pride in their jobs..Greed has sold this country out large corporations weren't going out of business they were making record profits and step back and look at alot of companies that were American owned and operated that lasted up to 100 years and sometimes more that made good quality items...Lets face it the American dream is in no way as achieveable as it once was 2 working class people work their asses off anymore and they are just getting by and living in debt more often than not and if your an unskilled worker your gonna have a hard time getting off ur rump and finding a job in the United States today competing with skilled workers or minorities and tax evading hispanics who arent legal to work in America anyway and for every job that gets filled it seems like another goes out..plain and simple theres less jobs than people and companies that are already on the rocks from hard economic times are gonna get stuff done for as little as possible even if it doesnt generate revenue for this country...RIP BLUE COLLAR AMERICA!!

Van Wert, OH

#94 Jun 26, 2012
Well said.
The pay and conditions of the Mexican workers is slavery all over again. Slavery is not over by a long shot as people think it is. The Mexicans are the new slaves.

Los Angeles, CA

#95 Jun 26, 2012
Yeah there here making money. I saw one in the hills the other day driving a $100k Lotus. Where do you think he got that?

Ardsley, NY

#96 Jun 26, 2012
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>That's ridiculous... Think about it if u lived in a poor country and could go to another country and work for 10x the money y wouldn't you... Most of them come here to send money to take care of there family's!!! It's not there fault that America hires them it's Americas fault! So don't blame them blame the greedy Americans that we are!!!
In all fairness, I'm by no means prejudice...but we don't have enough jobs for OUR OWN people, and we're losing our jobs to them because they work cheap. So the Americans are the ones who lose out! What about US, and OUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS?!
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#97 Jun 26, 2012
Angie wrote:
<quoted text>
In all fairness, I'm by no means prejudice...but we don't have enough jobs for OUR OWN people, and we're losing our jobs to them because they work cheap. So the Americans are the ones who lose out! What about US, and OUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS?!
Farnklin Delano Roosevelt had Hundreds of Thousands of them Deported during the Great Depression to put Americans back to work.
Far more of them left to keep from being deported.
This Illegal Immigration thing has been going on since the late 1800's. And the Employers who just LOVE the Cheap Labor have ALWAYS claimed they were only doing jobs Americans won't do.
That was a LIE then and it is still a LIE.
A typical Carpenter in Mexico makes $40 to $50 dollars a WEEK.
When they go to work here as carpenters they make a minimum of $400.00 a Week to $500 to $600 a Week. That is TEN TIMES the money they make in Mexico. They work harder here and don't take a siesta.
They will work Saturdays and Sundays for straight time. They will work 18 hours a day with no overtime pay. That is why Employers like them. I met an Unemployed 45 year old American brick mason in Virginia who can't get a job because the Illegal Aliens are doing his work. To add insult to injury, he pays property taxes, that are being used to pay the hospital and medical bills of the illegal aliens who took his job.
Now, what in the H-ll is he supposed to do? He has a high school diploma, he is 45 years old, and ALL he has EVER done is Brick work. I felt sorry for him, he was lean and well muscled, and you could tell he was a hard worker.
This is true of Painters, Dry Wall Workers, Carpenters, Laborers, Roofers, and a host of other NON-Farm workers.
Farmers in Georgia are compaining because Illegals have left the farm and gone into construction work.
The ONLY way to solve this problem is to get on the hind ends of politicians and stay there until they are forced to act.
Go after the EMPLOYERS of Illegal Aliens with STIFF Fines and Jail Terms, and these people will self-deport.

Search; History of Illegal Immigration in the U.S.

You will read about the Greedy Employers who use these people and tell the SAME LIES year after year.

Van Wert, OH

#98 Jun 26, 2012
Obama loves them he needs votes and he is getting them too by sucking up to the Mexicans, women and gays. What a man. NOT
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#99 Jun 26, 2012
Well wrote:
Obama loves them he needs votes and he is getting them too by sucking up to the Mexicans, women and gays. What a man. NOT
Let me give you a clue. BOTH Parties are taking the Very Same Identical Stance on Illegal Aliens and they Have Been All Along.
There is NO difference in the Dems and the GOPers on this Issue.
AND, neither party would get the Votes of the Ilegals if they gave them Amnesty. The Illegals would never in Hades be citizens and entitled to a vote by November of 2012.
Let me clue you in on something else, A H_ll of a lot of Mexican Americans DON'T want these people coming in here and driving wages and WORKING CONDITIONS DOWN.
Mainly what is happening is the Church Leaders are causing BOTH Parties to take these illlegals in.
Church Leaders; "If you don't give these Illegal Aliens Amnesty, I will tell my congregation to vote against you."

Republican Ronald Reagan granted Amnesty to over 3 million of them when he was President. Problem solved, right? Wrong! That just encouraged MORE of them to come. Now we have somewhere between 12 and 20 MILLION Illegal Aliens in the USA.
You would think that after 911, the Terrorist Attack, that the Border would have been sealed. NOPE, that didn't happen, might interfere with Greedy Employers making money.
Look up how many American Hospitals in POOR Counties have been forced to CLOSE, because the Counties didn't have enough Property Tax money to pay all the Medical Bills for Illegal Aliens, and the Hospitals couldn't run on thin air.

Marion, OH

#100 Jun 26, 2012
Yea if we didn't have mexicans who would smuggle all those illegal drugs or run all of those murderous gangs like the upstanding "ms-13" who would do all the stabbing in dark alleys or breed like cockroaches until they are the only humans left in what's left of you're neighborhood ,thanks Mexico for the gift that keeps on giving :)
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#101 Jun 26, 2012
Search; Over 80 Hospitals Closed in California due to Illegal Aliens

Search; Illegal Aliens Cost Texas $677 Million Dollars, Hospitals, Medical Care

Search; Illegal Aliens Cost Atlanta,Ga Hospitals, face closure

Search; Rising Costs of Medical Care, Illegal Aliens
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#102 Jun 26, 2012
Search; the Staggering Cost of Illegal Aliens to U.S. Taxpayers

Van Wert, OH

#103 Jun 26, 2012
The votes don't have to come from the ones he set free, they have plenty of family and do gooders to do it.

Obama is the one that did it though there is no getting around that fact. Now if it was legal for him to do it, that might and I hope another story. He needs to be put in a corner for time out.

Van Wert, OH

#104 Jun 26, 2012
Swamp Fox wrote:
Search; the Staggering Cost of Illegal Aliens to U.S. Taxpayers

United States

#105 Jun 27, 2012
sick wrote:
sick of hearing about them,sick of looking at them,sick of them period, they shouldnt even be here on this earth.
Hahaha we are so important in your life.that you are wasting your time talking about as haha remember karma is the best thing God will remember this bastard

Marion, OH

#106 Jun 27, 2012
When they protest about their treatment in America they fly the Mexican flag.

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