for some reason this morning this little boy popped into my head...i know this has been an enormous search and investigation into this boy disappearance..but if the information i am going to put out here is of truth,then the only way to know is if law enforcement looks into and knows that dde and the step mother have more than a (friendship)...AND THE E-MAILS AND PHONE TEXTS WILL HAVE SHOWN THAT TO THEM AND HAS NOT BEEN PUT OUT TO THE PUBLIC.....IF THIS PROVES TO BE CORRECT THEN I NEED THE investigators on this case to look back to the work that dede has done on the property of the last four homes she garden on ..find out the work schedule and vacation time at the time of kyrons disappearance of the people she worked for .....and in the spring check all those properties with dogs northeast corners is what comes to mind but all the property should be looked at.i keep getting this was pre planned and this was well thought benefit the both of them and there relationship. i believe this boy is on one of these properties and at the time dede s work had be concluded... but new of the owner schedules and was able to go back there several times ahead of kyrons disappearance with out fear of getting caught ....these people have know idea this went on on there property ....may GOD bring the truth out from this information i pray bring kyron home