Gay Marriage Cheapens and Destroys So...

Gay Marriage Cheapens and Destroys Society

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#1 May 29, 2012
Who among us would deny "equality" to another human being?

And so the feigned sentiment goes, a manufactured crisis, a synthesized rallying cry for "equality"

They have the same right to marry as straights, they just want to redefine it, by radically altering a sacred, fundamental societal construct in place for millenia - cheapening and tainting God's defining of it.

Traditional marriage has always been the cornerstone of society - the nuclear family.

When we radically alter this sacred institution and meddle with it's delicate meaning regarding the Traditional Family, we open a very radical, forbidden door that leaves society eternally tainted, devalued.

The depraved activists behind this movement are public relations aces, crassly riding the victimhood coattails of other historically oppressed groups, hijacking the language of their noble plights. Unlike them, gays lack any tangible merit confirming their identity. People leave homosexuality all the time.

Gay activists are revolutionaries.
Don't believe revolutionaries when they hold forth about their intention of building paradise on earth. Actually, they would be unable to build anything even if they wanted to. Their talk about the bright future is mere lip service, because in reality, any revolution is exclusively about destruction, with very little thought given to what will happen afterward ("we'll cross that bridge when we come to it"). But how do you go about destroying society? Where do you direct the blow so it will do the most damage? In his Theses on Feuerbach, Karl Marx provided the answer: destroy the traditional family.

True to the teachings of their prophet, socialist revolutionaries have placed the destruction of matrimony high on their list of priorities. Social upheavals have always opened the floodgates of debauchery and pornography. The socialist revolution brings about a breakdown of social conventions, with "sexual liberation" regarded as part of the overall drive for freedom. But while the rabble yearns to throw off the yoke of moral strictures to give vent to its animal passions, the revolutionary leaders see moral decay as a means of undermining the bulwark of the social structure -- the family.

Gay marriage also affords them a binding, incontrovertable legal/societal status, a kind of State-sanctioned sanctitiy that will make it near-impossible to take official objection to their tireless, reckless activism. Indeed this group is drunk with power, running roughshod over values, tradition, and the Constitution.

Their progress in the Culture has always been accompanied by sophisticated falsehoods, devious propaganda, and sleazy, brute-force politics.

They'll cry you a river of (crocodile tears) and then turn around bankrupt innocent people, setting them up for frivilous lawsuits to make examples of them to force society to capitulate to their fickle, depraved demands.

With their tremendous, immense political clout, gays could easily attain matrimonial assets enjoyed by married couples (i.e., hospital visitations, inheritance issues, social security benefits, etc.) but that's not what this activism is about.

They want it ALL, they want to RULE, and they want people who dissagree with them thrown in JAIL.

The "gay marriage" thing is but a front, a public-relations bit that fits seamlessly into their victimhood narrative.

Semantics, platitudes, mantras, and euphemisms - they've mastered the propaganda arena.

They talk a good talk.

How easily spoonfed are you?


United States

#2 Jun 6, 2012
Flip-flopper-in-Chief Obama had a little spat with Biden over the gay marriage gaffe.

Seems Obama wasn't quite yet comfortable enough with the social-engeneering level in this country yet to come out in support of gay marriage.

Houston, TX

#3 Jun 23, 2012
The road out of the closet by these activsts has been paved in lies and sleazy, brute-force politics.
Lester Green

Houston, TX

#4 Jul 8, 2012
When the real thing is devalued by counterfeit marriage, it will open the floodgates for all forms of ambitious depravity seeking their own bizarre kinds of matrimonial unions.

Huntington, IN

#5 Aug 23, 2012
The massechusettes supreme court cited the example of gay marriage as the reason that states parents were forbid to opt their children out of the many gay promoting lessons in mass. Public schools. Its happenning, people. Gay marriage is the one precedent they need to bring traditional America to its knees, rendering our once proud nation unreckognizable.

Jonesport, ME

#6 Aug 28, 2012
Hmmm. These folks are quite concerned about how others lead their lives.
If I was homosexual and I paid my taxes, served my country and yet got swindled because of something that either is or isn't out of my control; I would be enraged.
Should they get a discount on their taxes because of their restricted benefits? Or should they be forced to pay the same and just get less?
In states that have gay marriage, the most common response after it has been in effect for a while is...that it has no affect on most people at all. Really, who cares?

United States

#7 Sep 21, 2012
And here we have a study which exposes the myth that gay having gay parents is just as healthy. Exponentially worse, actually:

"When compared with outcomes for children raised by an "intact biological family" (with a married, biological mother and father), the children of homosexuals did worse (or, in the case of their own sexual orientation, were more likely to deviate from the societal norm) on 77 out of 80 outcome measures.(The only exceptions: children of "gay fathers" were more likely to vote; children of lesbians used alcohol less frequently; and children of "gay fathers" used alcohol at the same rate as those in intact biological families)."

Harlingen, TX

#8 Oct 2, 2012
To sell gay marriage to you, average joe, they will publish and promote rare cases of seemingly-celibate, committed (almost always lesbian) couples to serve as a public face of gay couples everywhere, to say "see? they're exactuly just like you and me".

But research has revealed quite the contrary. Studies of homosexuals reveal them to be anything but monogamous and domestically-inclined with their partners. A flood of research, mostly from the 70's reveal this demographic to be mostly inclined to rampant promiscuity and domestic instability, namely that Bell and Weinberg study.

So for the media to hold up those rare cases of committed gay couples would be the same as a farmer with nothing but diseased, pest-ravaged fruit trees finding and selecting the very few unblemised apples and then showing them off to brag about how good his harvest will be.

Gay marriage is nothing but a power-ammassing tool by gay activists to corrupt society and punish their detractors.

And then you have those people who stubbornly think that if gays get the right to marry, it exclusively affects only those individuals getting married.

Tell that to David Parker of Mass., who, after objecting to gay-promoting materials in his kindergarten son's homework, got thrown in jail, spent over 200,000 on legal fees only to have a Supreme Court judge rule against him and tell him he has no right to keep this material away from his child in public schools, citing Massechusettes gay marriage as the precedent to justify the need for such materials. marriage doesn't affect anybody except for those individuals getting married? Right.(Gay marriage was legalized in Mass., B.T.W.)

"We just want to marry who we love". Lets deconstruct that arguement. Take the example of elderly hermits or disfigured people who, the only beings that will ever come around them are of the four-legged variety, whom they love intensely. If the aforementioned arguement applies, they should get to marry those pets. Incestuous relationships between consenting adults often accompany intense love and passion, so then closely-related people should also have this right, see? No? You wan't to trivialze those examples away? You want to deny THEM "marriage equality"? What kind of a "bigot" are you?

Gay marriage taints, cheapens and devalues a sacred, fundamental societal construct- the nuclear family, the bedrock of civilization since the Beginning.

It hopelessly blurrs and muddles gender roles in the minds of children who need both sexes to serve as examples of their respective genders to aspire to, and to inspire them.

Lastly, gay marriage sanctifies, codifies, and celebrates a medically-abyssmal lifestyle, sobering realities the gay-affirming Media have swept conveniently under the rug.

Gay's have extremely high rates of promiscuity, and that is probably why this demographic is overrepresented in domestic violence crimes.

Before they got muzzled by political correctness, the Medical Community used "g.r.i.d." for what we now call aids: Gay-Related-Infectious-Disease .

That same political correctness that pressured acedemia to remove homosexuality from the DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders)- though resisted by some of them who protested there was no scientific reason for it's removal, only a political one.

Lets be clear: the "need" for gay marriage is a political one, not an interpersonal one. Decades before gay activists began aggressively promoting it, you never heared a gay person say, "man, I could get my life in order if only I could settle down and get married". Because this demographic simply does not wed down.

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