yes, my maine friends and especially the deep pocketed tax payers of maine who have nothing to do with their money than give it to any fed, state, or local govt ee to spend as thought they owned it, earned it, but surely will spend it like they truly deserved it. yes, the CHIKUNGUNYA disease affects taxpayers and stops their brains from critical thinking when it comes to letting city hall steal their wallets, spare or not so spare cash, or food or clothing that the taxpayers might like to give their families instead of someone riding around in a govt car making more money in a day that most people make in a week, twice that or three times that if there's a holiday, or a city memorial day for a fallen public ee,etc. yes this viral, fatal disease is here, now, and is as close as your tax assessor or democratic state legislator or congressonal rep. certainly, there must be a cure other than firing 90% of all gov ee's and then hire back the 10% who do the work, but i must say, science is baffled, soft brained taxpayers: CHIKUNGUNYA is terrible waste of a mind..wake up taxpayers, now!! stop this insanity