I know my way around cars but I can't work on mine anymore because I'm in a wheelchair. I took a chance with this business despite hearing some negative things about them. They were nice at first but that all changed when my tranny broke and I wanted them to cover it under the warranty. They are pricy and are good with oil changes and small repairs but not when it comes to transmissions. I paid $1500 to get mine rebuilt and it lasted 150 miles. The owner was very rude, also used profanity and didn't want to stand behind his warranty at first. They rebuilt it again and it only lasted about 1000 miles this time. This time he was very rude and said he wasn't going to touch my truck and he fulfilled the warranty the first time. He acted like a real jerk and was not sympathetic at all.$1500 was wasted and I enjoyed my vehicle for about 1150 miles. They never called to keep me updated about my truck or returned my calls for that matter. Don't talk big about what you can do if you're not going to stand behind your work. It's very unprofessional and you're better off sticking with oil changes.