Stay out of this and walk away.. I am telling you from first hand experience i was in your situation and it is not a good idea.. I know what you are experiencing.. I was there and I didn't listen to reason.. Don't do this.. . and he will go back to her.. don't even go there... it is not possible. and I fully understand his wife... I have been exactly where you are so I believe I can tell you without being prejudiced.. stay away from him and leave him to sort out his marriage and stop the contact..... xxxx It will lead to disaster.... it is not a good idea.. even if he says he sees you like a sister.... don't believe for a moment that this will work and then you will be the one who came between a marriage...a woman can't be friends with a married man.. unless she lives 3000 miles away. You can see that this is going above ''normal '' when he sends you a text message every night and how this must make his wife feel.. he should be spending that time with her and he should be discussing these things with her and not with you at all it would be an entirely different matter if you had a partner your partner and your husbands were friends and then you could go and meet him and his wife but as the situation is with you as a single woman you represent a serious threat to this marriage even if the threat is not coming from you.. it's him but you have to discourage him.. . his wife has every reason to not like this situation.. no married woman would for her sake you should stop talking to him....and just be his work colleague .. .remain professional you should stay out of their private lives and he has a hell of a nerve to let you pass time and outings with his wife and him together I blame him.. you got to stop this immediately.. and just be a co worker to him... he is the asshole here and I don't say anything is going on but he is very unfair to his wife... and this will ruin a marriage and you will stand there and be blamed...if you don't stand back and back up and get out of their private live.. just have a work relationship with him....xx