Review: Spring Lake Campground
unhappy camper

Berkley, MI

#146 Dec 27, 2011
If you have arrived to the last page and read through all of these posts the people posting on the positive side are really people who work at Spring Lake. We were scammed over 2 years ago and we got sucked in as well. We won the cheap watches which were made in China out of plastic silver and a vacation which we never took. We never received anything on time. Here's the kicker they told us it would never be handled by a "credit company" and we had nothing to worry about on our personal credit. Call we will set your membership on hold or we will help you sell it. I did everything I needed to do then was being chased by their "credit company". WAIT...WHAT?? All the stories you are reading are true about their lies. Once your a member you are treated like crap and they don't care. Can't wait to take you and your lies to court! Sorry you can't handle customer service either espcially when someone has to call you several times and tell you that my lawyer will be calling you next. WORTHLESS!

United States

#147 Jan 16, 2012
I am with everyone who is complaining. we too bought in and were never told that we had to a maintenance fee for the Home campground. When I called and confronted them with it and told them that the guy never mentioned this, they waived the maintenance fee for a year. Now they keep billing us and have turned us into collections. Google "Coast to Coast complaints" you will find a tremendous amount of information, and they tell you how to handle the situation. There is no such thing as maintenance fees for a campground you have never used and never intend to use.
These people do lie and the ones defending them are probably the scammers to begin with. You should be ashamed of yourselves, taking people's hard earned money for nothing.
Camper Girl

Delton, MI

#148 Feb 6, 2012
Some people on here are saying those of us that "enjoy" the park work there. That is not the case, at least not with me. I am just a member who thoroughly enjoys our time out there, and am counting the days until we get to go back. We have met some fabulous people, most of them who have been members for many years, and they all enjoy it. I know its not everyone's cup of tea, but most of us are just everyday, middle class families. And I can personally vouch that this isn't a "scam".
orville Beal

United States

#149 Feb 6, 2012
just visited Spring lake campground today. Won watches and choice of vacations from ETTSI Great American Tour. Please check the reviews for yourself on this company. Our search showed many red flags including, from the Better Business Bureau, a grade of "F" on a scale from A+ to F!!!

United States

#150 Feb 6, 2012
Filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General. We no longer have to pay the monthly maintenance fee for a campground we have never used and never will use. File any of your complaints with the AG and it will be worth your time. These people do LIE during the sales pitch and they do fail to tell you everything. I don't care what anyone says, but we learned the hard way and if I can save one person from taking the step that will drowned them then this post is all worth it.

Santa Barbara, CA

#151 Feb 10, 2012
Wow I stayed there for two days and had a blast!

Los Gatos, CA

#152 Feb 10, 2012
Oh sorry it wasn't Spring Lake :(
Camper Girl

Prospect, OH

#153 Apr 7, 2012
Something I've noticed is that the people who call this a scam are people who have never used their memberships, and who normally buy them during the winter months. I suggest coming out in the summer, over a weekend, and seeing how PACKED the place is! Actually talk to some of the members, versus just accuse them of being a scam.

South Haven, MI

#154 Apr 16, 2012
Is all of this really true?
We got a call today and my mom made an appointment for Saturday. And of course they said something about Disney and we've never been there before so I was so happy. And after reading all these my parents are going to cancel, and its absolutely broke my heart.
Torey Smith

United States

#155 Apr 16, 2012
I have a Lifetime Membership "FOR SALE" I will include the portfolio book for Coast to Coast, if any of you have friends that would like to purchase this please email me at [email protected] The yearly memberships have not been paid on this, I believe all you have to do is pay the yearly membership and it's all yours. Would like $2,000.00, but can discuss further.

United States

#156 Jul 1, 2012
Amenities listed on web site were not all available. Paddle boats are listed which you would assume meaning to rent. My kids were so excited, well, you have to bring your OWN paddleboat. One picture we found showed huge water trampoline with slides and raft out on the pond. Hummm, not there during our visit. "Sandy beach" in description is more like small dirt area FULL of goose poop. Don't think I would join.:-(

Walled Lake, MI

#157 Jul 6, 2012
We are members there, and it has its pros and cons. They are campgrounds, so if you are looking for camping, then the place is fine. Some cons though, don't rent one of the cabins unless you are in the fall with better temperatures. They claim to have air conditioners, but it didn't cool past 4 inches. They were completely useless. When questioned, they basically blew you off saying "it's summer." Since we pay an awful lot for the membership, its not a lot to ask for working air conditioners in cabins no bigger than 2 sheds put together. I don't feel its unreasonable. However, the pool is nice, most of the people are friendly (with a few exceptions), and they do try to keep you happy. So if you aren't looking for camping, just stay out of there.

United States

#158 Jul 6, 2012
Nice to know about the cabins with air conditioners that don't cool. Bet the folks renting them in this 100 plus degree weather are NOT happy. For pete sakes, it is not like your cooling a whole house, just a small cabin. When I PAY for something advertised that is what expect to get. Sooooo, no air conditioners that cool the cabins (even though they advertise air conditioning) "beach" FULL of goose poop (looked like it had never been raked up and fresh sand put down. More like a boat landing full of poop. No rafts or fun things for the kids to do in that water. Pool was clean, no complaints there. Overall I just thought the place looked old and run down, my folks have a membership and are sorry they do. Have also tried to sell theirs. Said at one time it was a decent place, but going downhill. I am looking for camping and most likely will stay outa there as you suggest. LOTS of other places to camp that are clean, friendly, nice sandy beaches, and actually provide what they advertise! I have to say reading all the comments and talking to some fellow "campers" during our stay.........the majority give it a thumbs down and are very sorry they spent money on their so called "membership." JMO.
Billie Jo

Walled Lake, MI

#159 Jul 10, 2012
My husband received the same call many of you have from the resort last Friday night saying we had won and he agreed to set up a time to go and check out the place. After he got off the phone with them I started searching the computer and found all the negative reviews for them and decided this was a bad idea. They turned around called us on Saturday to confirm our time for Sunday and he told them we would not be coming and were not interested. They turned around and called yesterday afternoon wondering why we had missed our appointment on Sunday...he told them again we were not interested. 4 hours later the same guy called back again trying to get us to come down.
Now I'm sorry but if you are that desperate to get people to check out your "resort" then obviously something is wrong. Once you are told "no" once that should be it. We didn't appreciate basically being harassed by their salesman.
Very glad that I checked out all of these reviews before we wasted our time going and checking out the place.
I guess the old saying holds true...if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

Holland, MI

#160 Jul 11, 2012
Thank you for the scam warnings/postings. Just got off the phone with a Mary from Spring Lake resort in K-zoo and knew it was to good to be true but figured what the heck. Hubby and I will NOT be going this coming Tuesday. Free gifts or no....

Kalamazoo, MI

#161 Jul 14, 2012
My parents bought a membership back in the 90's, and once my siblings and I were old enough we started to split the fee among the 6 people on the membership, which makes the fee a small portion for each of us, and if we each only use it even twice a year we could not camp anywhere for that, especially at places that have so much activities for children and adults. We often use the other ones in Michigan, on the east side, and we use the cabins or tents because we choose not to haul a camper that far, as well as one of them in New York. The east side Michigan ones are really nice.
The maintenance fee is to help keep it up, pay for chemicals for the pool(s), hot tubs, game rooms, ect. If you are not going to use it, do not buy a membership, better yet do not waste time to go get the free gifts or the time to fill out the papers, because its clearly what it is for.
all companies do this as a marketing gimmick, to get people to but in, like gyms, as well as dealerships, and most people only get a 5 dollar gift card for their time, or even just a free meal. it is simple if you are not interested do not fill out the card, do not go and waste peoples time.
it is a first come first serve basis for sites, if you want a good site, for a large camper come early, if you want to be next to your friend come at the same time. Just like the cabins, if you like one over another get there first.
some amenities are based on which ones you go to, and if people have not trashed the items.
and no I don not work there, and I would not work there because so many people just want free stuff, which is why the USA is in such debt because people do not want to pay for things, so you have so many people coming to just waste peoples time for a free gift.
with any contract you read the small print and sign it, you have 72 hours to apt out of it, for a good reason. no one makes you sign it. You are allowed to sell it.
I prefer to use the ones on the east side because there are more things to do near by and they are nicer and 20 for a cabin or free tent is nicer then paying for a hotel. and yes you do have to call an reserve a spot just like a hotel. I have yet had anyone call me to see if I was there, and yes I have one vehicle and I often leave, but I come back, and it looks like I am actually using it, I see people that are camping but they are not there at all for the first 24-48 hours.
During the off season it is not as kept up, but during main season it is.
Most of the sister parks only charge 6 or 10 a night, which is cheaper then any campground I have seen.
They limited the use of the facilities to young children and food because people do not watch or clean up after their children.
the pool rules are to protect the children, they do not want a child to drown, they want the parents up at the pool with the children.
It is not a scam, it is a legit place, a scam would be a campground that does not exist, when this one actually does and you have a few to choose from.

United States

#162 Jul 14, 2012
I am not commenting on any of the other campgrounds in New York or the east side of MI, I am only talking about the one in Alamo MI, Spring Lake. The others may be nicer but if you spend money on a membership then All campgrounds under that membership should be very similar in quality. As for a cabin for $20 I think that is what your referring too?) we were told the cabins are $40 for the small ones and $50 for the larger ones......and were warned not only by an employee there but other campers the air conditioning does not work. I realize I keep harping on the goose poop but honestly how much time and money to rake up the "beach" and put fresh sand down? Would make it MUCH nicer. If you do not have paddleboats then DO NOT ADVERTISE you do. Do NOT advertise cabins are air conditioned if they do NOT work. As for so many activities for the kids, well, nothing special. Ours mostly rode their bikes around and swam in the pool. This particular campground IS going down in quality and amenities, no doubt. Ok if you have a tent or camper, find a nice site and wanna relax. Not really a place my family will return too even if others cost a little more. As for the membership part, all know it is a sales gimmick and do not think that is the big complaint. Reading thru other posts it seems they won't take no for an answer and sounds as if many potential buyers that decided against it (for whatever reason) are almost harassed if they don't buy. Those tactics work the opposite on me for matter whether I loved the place......harass me about purchasing something and you lost a sale.:-)
camper girl

United States

#163 Jul 14, 2012
The campground did invest in kayaks this year, all you need is your membership card or 5 deposit. In regards to the goose poop, the only way it's going to get cleaned up is if it's takes everyday. That is the geeses home, and just like the rest of the lake, there is goose poop. I tired of reading of everyone not picking about stupid things. It's not a scam, which 1000s of people prove every year. We thoroughly enjoy our time out there. I've you don't like it go get a seasonal someplace where you spend more money, pay your own electric, have no boats and nothing for your kids to do!

United States

#164 Aug 2, 2012
We are members of the campground and we love it we love it so much that we stay all summer and volunteer to help out we enjoy being out here and the kids love it. if you take it for what it is you enjoy instead of what they promise you. We love all the other people we meet become really good friends with this is our camping family. If you try to make an effort to be out here then maybe you might enjoy it a little better. We have been members for 6 year I love every minute we been out here. We even threaten the kids about going home they get upset because they want to stay. When camping season and we can't wait to get back.

United States

#165 Aug 2, 2012
Now what kind of comment is that, "if you take it for what it is you enjoy instead of what they promise you." Scuse me but when I pay hard earned money for something I want what is advertised (and promised) not what is just "there." Much nicer places to go, our trip in August won't be back to Spring Lake that is for sure.

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