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Organized Criminal-Gang Stalking in Florida

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#1 Jan 14, 2011
Organized criminal gangs operate across the United States. Some hire out to stalk and harass innocent persons. The goal is to provoke innocent persons to acting out against them so they can either have their targeted individual arrested or discredited as unstable. Some gangs operate in Florida. Have you heard? NO? Why is that? Because many operate with the illegal complicity of government and dupes in law enforcement. Their illegal stalking activities can be quite extensive.


#3 Feb 28, 2011
These are serious crimes, not only in Florida, but also in other states.


#5 Feb 28, 2011
These are very serious crimes. People are being disabled as well as dieing from them, while kept under constant surveillance so every reaction can be monitored. They have a lot of good times doing what they do. They're completely redefining 'twisted' and providing new meaning to what it is to be low life. No one is beneath them. These crimes are far worse than anything I've ever heard, read or even thought of in my life. They subject their victims to a slow torturous death while they watch and enjoy. TI's who have spoken to them or met them face to face report that they're very gleeful about OS/EH. To date there is no treatment for personality disorders associated with the sociopath. There is no medicine. The sociopath does not believe he/she needs help. Future neurological research and God may be the only hope. Meanwhile there are very serious problems with their crimes. There are numerous websites about OS/EH yet few people acknowledge these crimes. Others fear trying to help should they fall prey to the crimes themselves. It requires courage to address such atrocities. Something has to be done because anyone can become a victim. Hitler was a sociopath yet he had many followers. If you think it can't happen again you're wrong. It's already happening. It has to stop! No one will be safe. No one really is now.


#6 Feb 28, 2011
LETTERS TO AMERICAPosted by Patricia Donalds on August 25, 2009 at 1:30pm
View Patricia Donalds's blog
I just learned a new term last Friday. Organized Stalking. Also known as group stalking, gang stalking, community, stalking, cause stalking, or multistalking. It's been 3yrs, 1 mo. and 10 days since it started for me. Many of you have heard from me a number of times. I ask you all today to google up these terms, check out the numerous websites on this subject and research done by targeted individuals of this crime. I think you can filter and interpret them for yourselves.


#7 Feb 28, 2011
Although I have seen no personal justice yet, I feel very lucky. I at least got help. It took 10 months going thru all the proper chains of command here locally, being GREENWALLLED and STONEWALLED, writing 'Letters to America" to every commission, office and agency in our local, state and federal government (all documented and signed return receipt). Only to get another case number and telling me to try the next guy. That it wasn't their jurisdiction'. I had been 'set up' by a cybercriminal to use my computer for a gateway to his cybercrimes. He or his crime ring started and organized stalking campaign on me. They were breaking into my house every time I left to look for the computer discs I had copied of what looked like illegal activity. I had audiotaped the break ins, the VCSD refused to investigate as well as the DA. The local FBI told me this 'only happens in the movies". Within 6wks gang members were now stalking me. My brain finally wrapped around the word ORGANIZED. After 10 months of writing "Letters to America", I finally found one good man and commissioner in Sacramento who came down right away, told me later he didn't like what he saw, that this is a federal investigation and "there are bigger fish to fry". That was May '07.
So, it's no accident that I found these victims of organized stalking. You become targeted for whistleblowing on crime rings or individual criminals, activism for a good cause, revenge or sometimes for fun, SPORT! I ask you to research this hateful, disturbing, destructive and growing crime worldwide. If just a handful of you helped it would make a dent. If all of you did something, anything, just one thing and coordinated with yourselves, it would shut them down. Public awareness, training, resources and services in our local communities to help victims of ALL stalking crimes. Trained staff and volunteers to work with the victim, police and DA's office to help document and record their stalking activity and hod them accountable.
As far as the "bad apples" in law enforcement, isn't it time we "BREAK THE CODE". Long overdue police reform is desperately needed. We live in dangerous times where accountability must be a priority on every level to fight corruption. Polygraphs to be implemented as a tool for internal investigations of citizen complaints and randomly to ask if they are breaking any of the laws they are sworn to uphold. The bad apples are putting every good officers life at even greater risk by their illegal activity.
It's about accountability. It's about responsibility. It's about right and wrong. For the good of the collective whole. I'll never give up. Never give in. And never, ever, EVER go away until stalking laws are enforced and police and elected officials are held accountable.
CA AG case #159827
Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. Citizen Complaint #'s 4902 & 5117
(This letter was faxed to the individual offices, agencies and commissions listed above on 8/25/09, with a few things not mentioned here. I have absolute faith that I will one day have personal justice for the stalking campaign organized against me and accountability at the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept.~ In Jesus' name I pray)


#8 Feb 28, 2011
Keith Labella says:
This is one of the best resources I have come across in the years I have been victimized by and studying gang stalking. That being said, I have some critical opinions and thoughts about the book.
Firstly, David Lawson's Cause Stalking was flawed in several respects. However, he did identify cells of individuals operating territorially and in communication with each other nationwide. He also properly noted that these group's foot soldiers are low-level criminals often engaged in this as a sadistic sport.
Bailey is correct in noting that only the government has the resources to carry out gang stalking in its manifestation seen over the past generation. However, rather than viewing this as mere "governing through crime" as Natapoff who he cites describes the related snitch system, the government is coopting social forces within the criminal element in a Nazi/Soviet-bloc fashion. The government is facilitating these forces with ample institutional forces from its own ranks (cops, firefighters, mailmen, etc.).
He is missing an obvious thread here. The Washington agenda has always sought to destroy the hire echelon criminals such as the mob and cults (he discusses cults). The informant/snitch system from which the bulk of gang stalking members are drawn operates within the territories of Washington's enemies, and, has an obvious nexus to higher echelon criminals. It is easy to see a civil rights conspiracy in which the government argues that these gang stalking groups are terrorist organizations controlled by higher criminal structures including traditional organized crime. In fact, my phone discussions with the National Center for Victims of Crime in Washington, D.C. resulted in my being told that the only "validated" cases of gang stalking were in fact performed by "mafia personnel". Indeed, I am personally aware of numerous cases of gang stalking performed by traditional organized crime in the New York City area.
Bailey does not realize that criminals, albeit highly infiltrated by informants, have their own paralel stalking lists. Much of what the government does in relation to targets of organized crime and other conspiracies who end up on gang stalking lists, is to mimic the criminals behavior through government theatre. Bailey misses this point as much as LCN.
I do believe ultimate responsibility is with the government. Gang stalking is a government directed activity leading to dehumanizing conditions and death-i.e., it is legally Genocide.
Also, through my contacts with over 100 legitimate cases of gang stalking, I believe that there are a strong minority of cases that are "generational". One such sub-category is the gang stalking of individuals with family histories of outspoken anti-semitism. This is a sub-category in which traditional organized crime killed and derailed the lives of many victims through an arrangement with the Jewish Community-especially the vehement ultra-orthadox factions.
In a fascist, COINTELPRO-style manner, this has to be looked at as the government acting in a highly Machiavellian fashion, using splitting, tripple-crossing, and all manner of deceit to achieve its end, in true Lennonist fashion.
I also believe that many readers would appreciate some background on Bailey. I perused Harassment 101 on Amazon and think he has a background in psychology, social work or a related area. I can understand why he may not want to give too much detail.


I can be contacted at my alternate e-mail address at [email protected] by anyone.


#9 Mar 1, 2011
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Who is behind the stalking groups?
2. Who is considered a threat to a corporation or industry?
3. What are these groups?
4. How are the groups financed?
5. Who are the leaders?
6. What do the group leaders get out of it?
7. Who are the members?
8. What do the group members get out of it?
9. What is the psychology behind all this?
10. Who do groups target?
11. What purpose does the target serve to the group?
12. How are targets identified?
13. What are the group’s objectives?
14. How do they achieve their objectives?
15. How long does it last?
16. How do the groups sensitize the target?
17. What other tactics are used?
18. More on preoccupying a target’s time
19. Audio Surveillance
20. Some Important Points
21. What about the Police?
22. The Use of “Coercive Persuasion” to control cult members
23. Internet Newsgroups/Forums
24. U.S. Department of Justice defines “Vengeance/Terrorism Stalking”


#10 Mar 1, 2011
Gang stalker is one person of a group of people known as gang-stalkers. Gang stalking employs an enormous amount of people who carry out psychological harassment on a targeted individual. The reasons for gang stalking are many but are brought on by a sociopath. This person for whatever reason seeks to harm the targeted individual. However, they want to evade detection and avoid prosecution so they call on the criminal element to do their dirty work. The criminals who do their dirty work are usually street gangs, cliques, etc,.

The sociopath uses organized street gangs and other people who are the vigilante type to harass the targeted individual. They disinform the gangs and the vigilantes. This misinformation rallies the street gangs and vigilantes and they pursue the targeted individual relentlessly and will engage in many types of crime while pursuing the victim which includes poisoning, stealing computer information and passwords, trespassing, vandalism and psychological harassment.


#11 Mar 2, 2011
Public health Harassing or threatening behavior that a person engages in repeatedly, such as following a person, appearing at a person's home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or vandalizing a person's property. See Date rape, Domestic violence.
McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine.© 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.


#12 Mar 3, 2011
Why are you condoning these crimes Amerika?

Sana, Yemen

#13 Mar 3, 2011
Definitions of gang-stalking on the Web:

•Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation....


#14 Mar 7, 2011
These are really serious crimes, some of which are aided and abetted by corrupt government and bad cops. It's going on in Florida and around the country. Some of the tactics were studied and found to be similar to methods used by secret police in Eastern Europe under the communist regimes, and by Nazi type police forces in the Soviet Union.
Marcia Neil

United States

#15 Mar 7, 2011
Alert: my post that links such behavior with artifact-interest has been removed.


#16 Mar 7, 2011
Gang stalking is an extremely serious crime. Ask anyone who has been the victim of long-term stalking. It isn't one bit funny.

Your post was nonsensical. I was not the least bit relevant to this subject.

Stalking of this kind is organized crime aimed at provoking innocent persons, and harrassing them psychologically until their lives are ruined. Keep your preposterous nonsense off this subject.

Sanaa, Yemen

#17 Mar 11, 2011
Contact your congresspersons and senate and law enforcement. Ask what they might know about these sorts of crimes. DO NOT let anyone even try to tell you it does not exist. If they do try to say anything like that, they ought to be ousted, and maybe they are part of the problem.


#18 Mar 13, 2011
There are or have been stalkers in Stuart. We believe some operated with the complicity of local law enforcement.


#19 Mar 14, 2011

The final stalking category is fundamentally different from the other three. Vengeance stalkers do not seek a personal relationship with their targets. Rather, vengeance/terrorist stalkers attempt to elicit a particular response or a change of behavior from their victims. When vengeance is their prime motive, stalkers seek only to punish their victims for some wrong they perceive the victim has visited upon them. In other words, they use stalking as a means to "get even" with their enemies.

The most common scenario in this category involves employees who stalk employers after being fired from their job. Invariably, the employee believes that their dismissal was unjustified and that their employer or supervisor was responsible for unjust treatment. One bizarre variation on this pattern is the case of a scout master who was dismissed for inappropriate conduct and subsequently decided to stalk his entire former scout troop - scouts and scout leaders alike.

A second type of vengeance or terrorist stalker, the political stalker, has motivations that parallel those of more traditional terrorists. That is, stalking is a weapon of terror used to accomplish a political agenda. Utilizing the threat of violence to force the stalking target to engage in or refrain from engaging in particular activity. For example, most prosecutions in this stalking category have been against anti-abortionists who stalk doctors in an attempt to discourage the performance of abortions.



#20 Mar 21, 2011
If you plant it, you will reap it.
Marcia Neil

Galeton, PA

#21 Mar 22, 2011
Where is CA 'Faisal', just tell FBI? Most likely, his name is in the 'Chic Pu' category of influence-networking, and his parents didn't plan that name at all.
Marcia Neil

Galeton, PA

#22 Mar 22, 2011
[in Bradford PA]

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