First I would like to thank the county commisioners for bringing the commodity program to Gulf County. It has been a blessing for those of us on Social Security, disability, or unemployment.
Some of us receive as little as $16.00 a month food stamps because we are single with no children at home. Now I would like to thank all of those greedy people who did not need commodities but since it was free were usually first in line. You know who you are-the ones in $40,000 trucks, living in $3000,000 homes, boating for fun, gambling in Biloxi and always takiing a little trip somewher. Thanks to your greed the county is no longer able to buy commodities every month. We will now receive only every other month. I hope that I can manage to feed my child and myself. If not you will see me on the street corner with the sign that says "Will work for food." Maybe you can at least bring me a bag of nonperishables that you have been hoarding from commodities pick up.