Consumer Alert: Child car seats & sho...

Consumer Alert: Child car seats & shopping carts don't mix!

There are 40 comments on the WTSP Tampa Bay story from Dec 10, 2007, titled Consumer Alert: Child car seats & shopping carts don't mix!. In it, WTSP Tampa Bay reports that:

New Port Richey, Florida A New Port Richey woman wants to get the word out: child car seats and shopping carts don't mix! 21-year-old Lona Escover normally loves the convenience of Sam's Club carts that can ...

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Since: Jul 07

Jacksonville, FL

#2 Dec 10, 2007
Only certain car seats are designed to fit and lock down onto shopping carts, car seats that are not designed for this purpose have clear markings stating not to do so. If the seat she was using wasn't designed to do this then it is her fault not Sam's club or their carts. That's the way parents are these days it's everyones fault but their own.

Escover wants to know why there are no warning signs about child car seats on the shopping carts at the Sam’s Club on U.S. 19 in New Port Richey. Probably because all those warnings were on those colorful stickers she removed from the car seat when she bought it because they clashed with the interior of her car.
Erleana Perron

Dunedin, FL

#3 Dec 10, 2007
My 8 month old daughter fell out of a shopping cart at wal-mart the same way but her handle was down. she was rushed to bayfront medical center in st.pete. She is doing good, nothing major happened.. She is now 15 months old but not walking and I think that could be why...
WTF Over

Bradenton, FL

#4 Dec 10, 2007
Why in the world would anyone risk their child's life by using a "car" seat "on" a shopping cart.
Mother of Child


#5 Dec 10, 2007
What is this woman thinking? Did you see how she tossed her car seat into the top of this cart....I would think it is her obligation as a partent to not unsafely place her child anywhere - shopping cart or go cart, she has a parental obligation to ensure that she is not putting her child in harms way??? Nice how they showed or attempted to blame SAM'S Club for her stupidity. I was just in there last week and they have brand new carts, every one has two belt straps on each seat for my two kids.........and yes, I use them.
Mom of 4

Saint Petersburg, FL

#7 Dec 10, 2007
There are no warnings on a shopping cart because it is not a car -- child car seat is ment for a car -- hint "car seat"!!! Why would anybody place a 2 year old and a car seat along side each other on the top of the shopping cart. Where's the room!!!! Sounds like she was in a hurry rushing through their door and didn't pay attention to her children. It is our responsiblity to protect our children at all times. She should have take more time and considered what she was doing by placing her child in harms way, by not following the recommendation of the American Academy of Peds. Where is her common sense???
A Concerned Parent

Saint Petersburg, FL

#8 Dec 10, 2007
Why in the world would anybody go on a news channel trying to "get the word out" about shopping cart danger, when her herself, didn't get the word!! She has 2 children and just now figured out not to use a car seat on a shopping cart!! I feel sorry for those children. She was stupid enough to place her child there and is now blaming Sam's Club for her stupidity! What a surprise!!! Everybody knows not to do this. According to the news channel itself, there are several articles published against this practice for this very reason. I can't believe that a mother of 2 would risk her son's life for a few moments on television and maybe a few dollars from Sam's. Sam's is cleary not at fault for this unfortunate accident. It clearly was just that -- an accident!!!!

Oviedo, FL

#10 Dec 10, 2007
Thanks to all of your comments! Please tell me how many of you have kids? I have done this for 2 years! NOthing happened! By the way i am not after money! I wanted this stated to help other PARENTS who didnt know!!!!!!!! By the way my carseat didnt have any stickers that i took off or stated anything about a cart!! Go into a store and look how many people put the carseat there!!! I bet none of you have kids or you wouldnt have stated it! Ask how many people are thankful i reported it to the news! i was doing something to help other parents out and look at all of you that are bashing me for helping people out. i didnt not know about the things on the internet stating it was not safe! People put there children in the front of the cart! that isnt safe either! get a life and dont bash me for trying to help others out!!!

Oviedo, FL

#11 Dec 10, 2007
also i am not getting anything from sam's club or trying!! also if you have kids how old are they? i bet not infants or toddlers! you can ask plenty of parents and i bet they have done they same thing!!!!

Oviedo, FL

#12 Dec 10, 2007
Oh and by the way most carts do lock carseats in them and sam's club just got these carts in, i was there about 2 months ago and my car seat locked in. The manager even stated after the fact that they did not hold carseat but it was not stated anywhere. Before you go on here and leave stupid comments know your facts!
A Concerned Parent

Saint Petersburg, FL

#13 Dec 10, 2007
The facts are several of the posted comments stated that they had children. Maybe you should get your facts straight!!! Whether or not, their children are infants or toddlers, just think about that for a minute -- they were at some point. Glad you have been doing it for 2 years -- WOW such a long time. Most of us have children as old as you and grandkids. You should consider the reactions that you got and wonder were your supporters are. Your car seat didn't have any stickers on it about carts because that is not what it was made for!!! And you wonder why you are getting bashed!!!

Oviedo, FL

#14 Dec 10, 2007
Let me tell all you idiots something, this is my daughter and she is one of the best parents that I know or have ever seen!!! She would never put her children in any type of situation that could harm them. They are very well behaved children. You people must not have a life to be bashing somebody that was only trying to inform other parents what could happen to their children.

Oviedo, FL

#15 Dec 10, 2007
i just want to say bash me all you want! i was trying to the right thing! i am a good mother my kids are great! i would never do anything to hurt them. i wasnt saying that i am a pro because i have been doing it for 2 years! i know there are a lot of older people than me and have kids older than me! i am just saying i was doing the right thing to let other parents know who might not have not to do it. get off my back!!!
Mom Grandma Great Grandma

Tampa, FL

#17 Dec 10, 2007
I am all of the above, and feel more than qualified to comment on this. I HATE to use this cliche, but if someone jumped of a bridge, would you jump too? Just because other people do it, doesn't make it right. The comment that there was no warning on the cart to not use a cart seat is laying blame directly on the store, not the mother who decided to do it. People need to start take responsibility for their own actions. This reminds me of the warning we see in the drive-thru's that state" Warning! Coffee may be very hot!" Well, of course it is, but rational people now have to be reminded because some people can't see the obvious. Use common sense and please, take responsibility for the safety and well-being of your children. It is no one else's fault. Everyday, young parents have to learn lessons the hard way. I'm sorry this little baby had to suffer the consequences of his mother not using her common sense.

Clearwater, FL

#18 Dec 10, 2007
My daughter and I had the same
problem at Walmart. My grand-
daughter's car seat fell off
the cart, we where lucky she
wasn't hurt.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#19 Dec 10, 2007
I don't feel this young woman tried to pass the buck. She didn't want to see someone else learn the same lesson, and god forbid, but it be worse. I commend her for speaking out, she made a mistake, we are all human, thankfully her mistake didn't cost her more. No one ever claimed that putting the carseat in the cart was right, however we have all seen woman do it everywhere. And yes, we are responsible for our children, however please don't pass this off as another one of those "young parents" mistakes. As I said, I am 30 years old, I too have made the same mistake. I however will be sure to make sure that I don't ever again, and I pass the word along to my friends. I commend this young woman for trying learn her lesson, and inform others.
Whatchu Talkin Bout

Bradenton, FL

#26 Dec 11, 2007
Consumer alert! Don't place your baby's car seat in front of moving vehicles.

Do we need labels to tell us that too?

United States

#27 Dec 11, 2007
Everytime I hear this report all I can think of if the ignorance of this mother! No child should ever be placed in a shopping cart or anything that isn't made for that purpose and allows the child to be secured. Why continue reporting on something that should be common sense?

Savannah, GA

#28 Dec 11, 2007
I guess all you people here bashing Lona have nothing better to do except attack a woman for trying to get the word out to other mothers out there that do the same thing! Was ANYTHING at all said about her sueing? This just goes to prove that most of you out there are judgement hypocrits. I see women doing this everyday...EVERYDAY!! Why don't you find a CRACKHEAD mother out there to attack before you point your finger and accuse someone that you do not even know of being a "bad mother". Maybe look at your own lives and realize that YOU all are idiots yourselves! You all should be so proud. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!

New Port Richey, FL

#31 Dec 11, 2007
I still stand behind what I said. Her writings here prove her ignorance. jennifer you are correct that we live in a negative world. If there were no alterior motive than what differences does it make that it was at Sam's. I have an infant and a 14 year old and have made plenty of mistakes. Never have there lives been in danger because of them or have I decided to announce to the world that I can't understand why a "CARSEAT" does not work in a grocery cart.
I would bet a paycheck that she has already talked to a lawyer. Well, maybe she will take her winnings to pay for the childs college. I cannot even say that with a straight face. One avenue you could pursue is, did the church that donated the car seat remove to stickers?
Momma of 2

United States

#34 Dec 11, 2007
I must say...WOW how pathetic!!! I have 2 children, ages 6 and 3. I have, along with many parents, placed the baby carseat on the cart. I, luckily never had an issue. MY PROBLEM IS...everybody seems so concerned with this mother and accuse her of awful things. I saw the video clip and I KNOW that she is sincere and just trying to help ofther parents. It is funny to me that people are bashing her over an incident with a cart when there are children dying because parents are killing/molesting them with their own hands!! If you all really care about children's safety, look into an a child outreach program instead of bashing a great mother. I'm sure that other children (not her children)could benefit from sincere care and attention this holiday season!!
Lona---you are a great mother, never doubt that!! I realize there is no personal gain with this situation, overlook the negative opinions and acknowledge that fact that you may have informed many parents about this!! Way to speak up and try to protect other children!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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