Is Caza the Worst Coach in Marysville...

Is Caza the Worst Coach in Marysville History?

Created by Walt on Mar 22, 2008

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Grand Blanc, MI

#1 Mar 22, 2008
In 2007, with Mark Caza as Head Football Coach, Marysville High School had their first ever completely winless Football season.

This was the biggest numeric disgrace to ever come upon the Marysville Viking Football program.

Marysville was a perennial powerhouse Football program for over fifty years.

However, during Caza's four-year tenure as Head Football Coach, the program has reached all-time lows due to his disappointing leadership.

FACTS (Before Caza was Hired):

At the end of the 2003 Football season, Marysville was #1 in Michigan in terms of Most Wins, and #1 in Michigan in terms of Highest Winning Percentage.

Marysville had also won three State Championships: 1992 (MHSAA Class B), 1986 (MHSAA Class B), 1961 (AP Class B).

At the end of the 2003 Football season, Marysville also held Michigan's longest streak of Winning Seasons in a row: 39 Winning Seasons in a row.

FACTS (After Caza was Hired):

In 2004, Mark Caza became Head Football Coach of the Marysville Viking Football team.

In 2004, the 39-year streak of Winning Seasons came to a disappointing end.

In 2007, Marysville Football experienced their first ever, 0-Win season. The team was completely winless with Mark Caza as Head Football coach.

Marysville Football currently has a double-digit losing streak that extends back to the year 2006.

Marysville is no longer #1 in Michigan in terms of Most Wins or Winning Percentage. Marysville isn't even in the Top 5 anymore. And with Caza as Football coach, Marysville will not be in the Top 10 after the 2008 Football season.

That's how quickly Caza and his winless seasons are destroying the decade's worth of hard work that Marysville's previous coaches, athletes, band members, cheerleaders, parents, staff, alumni, and other volunteers helped create.

Obviously, these numbers prove that Caza is the worst Football Coach in the History of the Marysville Viking Football program.

But, it would be interesting to see how many people believe that he is not only the worst Football coach in Marysville history, but also the worst coach in the history of any Marysville sports team.

Please take the time to vote.

Please leave only comments based on Facts that are written in a mature way. Please do not post immature comments directed toward people in a rude way. Comments should be focused exclusively on the subject of this poll and rely on fact-based numbers to do the talking and measuring.

Grand Blanc, MI

#2 Mar 22, 2008
It goes without saying that Caza is the worst Football coach in Marysville history.

Statistics clearly show nobody comes close to Caza as being Marysville's worst Football coach ever.

Grand Blanc, MI

#3 Mar 22, 2008
There was period of time in Marysville Football history that lasted for over 30 years without any team losing two games in a row. That's an amazing accomplishment for everyone involved!

Not everyone has what it takes to accomplish a goal like that, so you can't really expect every coach to carry the torch as highly as Coach Braun did.

But the fact is, Coach Mark Caza still had a chance to carry the Marysville Football torch. But Caza instantly dropped it and got burned with the first losing season in 39 years.

Caza now has a 10 game losing streak that goes back two years. That definitely means Caza is Marysville's worst football coach in history. In all honesty I can't think of a worse coach in any other Varsity sport.

Grand Blanc, MI

#4 Mar 22, 2008
10 Football games lost in a row over a two year period, including a completely winless season. Those numbers are exponentially worse than any other team statistic in Marysville history.

No doubt about it, Caza's the worst ever in any sport.

Unfortunately, it won't take long before we get further confirmation of that fact. Football season will be here before we know it.

Grand Blanc, MI

#5 Mar 22, 2008
Caza's staff of assistant coaches is also the worst in Marysville history.

First, I would like to point out that Caza does have some good assistants who are actually significantly better coaches than he is. Those coaches have more experience than he does, and they are better candidates for a Head Coach than he is. Their resumes are filled with more experience and greater achievements as coaches.

Second, Caza has continuously made the poor human resource decision of allowing 18 year old kids to play key roles as coaches after they graduate. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. High-school Varsity players need quality leadership from people who have a proven record of successful accomplishments.

Being 2nd Team All-League in high school does not meet the human resource requirement necessary to be an assistant coach immediately after graduation. Marysville's assistant coaches need to meet a minimum human resource requirement of playing at least some form of college football for a successful program. An assistant coach who has learned from a successful college coaching staff will be much more valuable as both a leader and a teacher than an 18 or 19 year old who is considered too immature to legally purchase alcohol.

Grand Blanc, MI

#6 Mar 22, 2008
I've never seen a smaller number of fans in the stands at Marysville. There were times when we would play Port Huron teams and over 7,000 people would be at the games. This past 2007 season it was like the only people at the games were the parents of the kids. Fewer and fewer people have been going to the games each year, ever since Caza took over in 2004. I feel bad for the kids who have such a small number of people watching them.

Grand Blanc, MI

#7 Mar 22, 2008
I watched all of the Marysville sports for almost twenty years now. The only sport I've ever heard Marysville fans say they wanted the coach fired was Caza with the football team. When all the fans at the game started screaming "Fire Caza!" during one of the blowouts it really didn't surprise me to hear people saying that, since I was thinking it at the time. It was like the small percentage of remaining fans were the true fans who cared enough about the program to stand up and do something about it.

Grand Blanc, MI

#8 Mar 22, 2008
Marysville used to be the team that Port Huron Northern looked to more than anyone else in the season opener against a cross-town rival. We were the big Class AA school on Marysville's schedule and it was always a great game.

There was a time when there were only three possible situations:(a) Marysville winning in a blow-out (b) Marysville winning a close game (c) Northern winning a close game. Nobody ever thought of Marysville losing in a blowout under Coach Braun.

Caza's coaching record yields different thoughts among the players. Now there is only one possible situation that would happen if Marysville and Northern played:(a) Northern winning in a blow-out.

You can only get blown out so many times before kids "expect" to get blown out and find a way of making their expectations come true. It's up to the coach to provide leadership that convinces kids they can win, to the point where the kids find a way of making it happen.

Grand Blanc, MI

#9 Mar 22, 2008
Caza's poor record has caused the players to lose confidence in themselves. The team really does need a different leader with a proven record of success. Having a captain with a proven record is essential when you take over a ship. Marysville really has paid the price for hiring an inexperienced sailer (Caza) to be the captain.

Unfortunately for the students and parents on the ship, Caza is too selfish to admit he has no clue where the ship is headed. Caza would sail the Viking ship off the map rather than admit he doesn't know how to sail it and responsibly pass the reigns to another Head Coach.

I didn't make that statement based on some opinion. I made that statement based on numeric facts, because there is another poll where up to 92% of the hundreds of voters said Caza should be fired or resign. Friends have told me that Caza himself now votes on that poll daily, just to try and selfishly save himself from being fired.

No true leader would do such a selfish thing! A true leader would accept the numeric fact-based results of that poll and Resign as Head Coach, for the good of everyone on the Marysville Viking ship.

The question is, when will the school district realize what is going on and remove him as Head Coach. Certainly they would not be foolish enough to allow him to remain Head Coach after a losing 2008 season.

Grand Blanc, MI

#10 Mar 23, 2008

Look at the data we have gathered to prove that Caza repeatedly votes for himself in Polls in order to try and selfishly save his job. Here is a comment from a Poll that I created:

Caza votes for himself, like a clock.

Here's how we know:

(1) For 3.5 Months 92% of the 250 voters said that Caza should be Fired or Resign.

(2) Strangely, during the last two weeks, that total has dropped to 82% because Caza has received an additional 30 votes. What is more disturbing is the way that those votes are coming in with a perfect flow of timed accuracy.

In other words, it appears that Caza is voting for himself multiple times each day--approximately once every two hours on the weekends, and at the exact same times during school days.

(3) The Poll will not allow the same computer to just keep voting over and over and over hundreds of times each day. However, the Poll does realize that more than one person has access to a computer, so it will reset itself once every two hours or so--sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

(4) If Caza ever ended up with three or four votes within the same hour that would be fine, because it would show the votes were coming from different computers. But that has NOT happened.

(5) I have carefully kept my eye on this Poll for four months now, and it is disturbing that Caza seems to get a vote approximately once every two hours, which strongly suggests the votes are coming from the same source.

Like I said, this has started to happen only during the last two weeks, which is why it was so easily noticeable.

Leave it to Caza to make such an easily identifiable strategic mistake, just like he always does on the football field.

(6) It bothers me that Caza and the goons that have started to help him over the last two weeks are cheating like that.

(7) For 3.5 months people voted fairly, and now the results are being tarnished by Caza.


(8) This Poll has successfully given me what I wanted: Quantifiable evidence that the overwhelming majority of Marysville people want Caza fired.


This really does show that Caza is the worst coach in Marysville history in any sport.

Grand Blanc, MI

#11 Mar 25, 2008
Members of the Board of Education have already received information about that poll asking if Caza should have been Fired as Marysville Football coach. The members of the board were amazed how many hundreds of people had voted to Fire Caza.

But the person who started the poll was told that he should have never given people the option of voting "No," because that would allow biased people with ulterior motives to cast their vote.

Apparently the Board of Education never bothered to look at the number of people who voted "No," about Caza being fired.

The reason for that is because it was obvious from the beginning that Caza, Caza's family members, and people from other schools who enjoyed beating up on Caza's poorly coached teams would have some form of biased motive to keep Caza as the Head Coach by voting "No."

But the people who vote "Yes," to Fire Caza have no false motive. Obviously, other schools who compete with Marysville would not be motivated to vote "Yes." And Caza and Caza's Family would not be motivated to vote Yes to Fire Him, unless they truly felt he should be Fired.

As a result, the Board of Education only looked at the number of people who voted "Yes, Caza Should be Fired or Resign," and completely ignored the number of people who voted "No."

Grand Blanc, MI

#12 Mar 25, 2008
Good, I'm glad the votes of those losers didn't count.

People from Marine City and St. Clair shouldn't have been voting in a Marysville poll anyways. And Caza should have only voted for himself once, rather than all the time.

I'm glad the Board of Education was aware of those factors of bias from the beginning and decided only to consider the "Yes, Fire Caza" votes as Valid and Sound sources of unbiased information.

Grand Blanc, MI

#13 Mar 27, 2008
Marysville Football has been something that I have been a part of for half my life.

Caza says the reason he ended up with a winless 0-9 football team in 2007 was because the players were really young.

I only have two responses to that statement:

(1) Aren't all high-school football players "young." It's the job of the coach to bring them to maturity.

(2) Caza's statement really put him in a tough corner that he can't escape from. If he was saying the team was young because most of the players were underclassmen, then that means the 2008 team is going to have a LOT of Seniors and a LOT of players with Varsity experience. This means Caza has no excuses for the 2008 team, especially since Marysville has been downgraded from the Gold league to the Silver league.

United States

#14 Mar 28, 2008
Too bad the marysville tradition has ended. Caza should no longer be coach. They need someone to step up and ake the reins again. Too bad though that unless you are a teacher at marysville you cannot even become coach unless he quits (i would love to see him swallow that!!!!) because faculty gets first dibs on the job. And there is no present teacher that wants to upset the whole bubble the school district is trying to create around their school. What a shame.

Grand Blanc, MI

#15 Mar 28, 2008

Marysville needs to offer the job of Head Football Coach to anyone across the state of Michigan, and even anyone across the United States. The requirements for the job will be very strict--only the best will send in their resume. The Internet would allow that type of Human Resource recruitment to take place very easily. Marysville's Athletic Director, Terry Curley, could offer a Teaching job and Coaching job to an experienced person who has a background of success--winning State Championships while playing quality opponents.

Like the saying goes, "Superior talent breeds superior ambition." Unfortunately, since it is now clear that Terry Curley has no form of superior ambition, it is logical to conclude that he has no form of superior talent as an Athletic Director. This is a perfect reason that explains why anyone would make the dumb mistake of hiring and keeping Caza as Head Football Coach.

It really truly is a shame that Mark Caza is so selfish. The instant Caza jumped off the ship (or was tossed overboard--e.g. fired) everything would improve.

Grand Blanc, MI

#16 Mar 31, 2008
Caza's selfishness shows that he doesn't care about the kids.

Caza's selfishness shows that he doesn't care about the school.

Caza's selfishness shows that he doesn't care about alumni, fans, parents, or co-workers.

Caza's greed shows that he only cares about Caza.

Caza needs to be fired!

Grand Blanc, MI

#17 Apr 1, 2008
Caza had a chance to show common sense at the end of 2007 when the season was over. But, when the 2007 season was over and all the fans were disappointed, Caza showed no common sense; he didn't resign.

Do what's best for the team, Caza. Resign.

This isn't Friday Night Lights where you have a family to provide for, listen to the suggestions of players and fans, and then win games as a result. This is reality where you might have a family to provide for, but you deserve to be fired because you don't listen to suggestions for improvements from players, parents, fans, or alumni.

Caza, you deserve to be fired, so do not waste time complaining or blaming others! Be a team player and resign!

Grand Blanc, MI

#18 Apr 1, 2008
No doubt about it, Caza is by far the worst football coach in Marysville history.

Sports like baseball rely on the skill of the players, so you don't even need a coach. But football needs a good coach.

I'd say Caza's awful performance as a football coach from 2004-2007 proves that he is the worst coach in Marysville's football history.

Grand Blanc, MI

#19 Apr 1, 2008
Caza may be a former Marysville player, but his shameful coaching does a perfect job of showing why "insiders" are almost never selected as Head Coach. The small number of "insiders" who are selected to run a Pro or College team don't last long as an "insider," because they don't have the required skill to consistently do a good job. The reason why they were hired was entirely based on their being an "insider" rather than a skilled individual. Coaches and strategists need to be hired based on skill, not whether or not they are an "insider" or an "outsider."

Coaches who cannot get the job done need to be fired, even if they are "insiders." Otherwise, students on the team will believe they can get away with doing a bad job in life. Farnsworth and Curley may not realize it, but they are sending a message to students that says its ok to be a failure in life. That's not true, though, and those kids are going to find out the hard way after they graduate and enter the real world. In real life, when you can't do a job you will be fired. Caza needs to be fired so kids can learn that lesson.

Grand Blanc, MI

#20 Apr 1, 2008
Caza is the worst coach in Marysville football history.

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