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Greenup, KY

#1 May 16, 2011
There is a local police officer that we feel doesnt represent the local department in a very favorable light. This officer has been out on domestic calls only to threaten the victim with jail time because he is uneducated in the laws of domestic abuse, he has for the past year been harrassing teens giving them hundreds of dollars in tickets for no reason only for the thrill of intimidation, stemming from "napoleon complex" no doubt...there have been complaints filed and petitions signed. Our department is there to serve and protect, not scare and intimidate..and how can we teach our children to have respect for the law when this little officer gets off on harrassing teens, and letting abusers go free, he has also let a drunk driver go, this driver couldnt even stand up, couldnt walk a line without falling down..and he told him "just go home"..lets hope he didnt kill anyone on the way...way to go rspd..keep up the good work
really no way

Ruffs Dale, PA

#2 May 17, 2011
Wow real mature here...maybe you should take your concerns to rspd or something, and not post anything online?

Painted Post, NY

#3 Jun 12, 2011
I think I know who this is and, yes he is all wound up. This is something that needs to be fixed. This is some of the reasons I decided to run for Commissioner here in Rising Sun. We need to take our town back.

Greenup, KY

#4 Jun 12, 2011
You are absolutely right, we have to get the town back, i dont know if you remember when the police were nice, and actually helpfull? I think we had one or two then. if you have dealt with this officer, you will know who he is, good luck running for'll have my vote!!!
No Good

Lancaster, PA

#5 Jun 12, 2011
Hey the cop your talking about is no good, I heard he was fired for brutality or something in PA how did we get him. Way to go rspd now we hire crooked cops!

Painted Post, NY

#6 Jun 13, 2011
He was a Police Officer elsewhere and was sued at least once, I am not sure of the outcome. Thank you for the vote, today is election day 8 to 8 at town hall. I want to open a forum to the residents to get information like this. The town is disconnected now and has no real clue what is going on.

Ephrata, PA

#7 Jun 14, 2011
i was recently pulled over and believe it was to see what i looked like closer. up. flirty, but still trying to be a big cop at same time. i was not speeding. i was not given a warning or anything. came across as a dickhead.

Greenup, KY

#8 Jun 14, 2011
we need to have a town meeting regarding issues like these. This "officer" is not what we need, nor do we need him bullying our teens on the sidewalks. Ive been in a life threatening situation where a neighbor was beating up his g/f terribly..the officer did absolutely nothing, said "if you stay out of their business i wont have to come here." meanwhile she was so scared and battered..nice job, how do we arrange a meeting for something like this? we are a strong town, we can get it back from a knucklehead like this.

Since: Jun 11

United States

#9 Jun 14, 2011
Is this a cecil county sheriff or a rising sun deal

United States

#10 Jun 24, 2011
Quit your whining. Don't boohoo bc some people do their jobs. Your children obviously need to be intimidated bc you're not doing a good enough job as parents. Get over yourselves, if you wans say something get off the computer and say it to the cops face (:

United States

#11 Jun 24, 2011
Right on Holly! If u don't want harassed; don't fit the profile!
Brandon Wiczulis

Medina, OH

#12 Jun 25, 2011
Quit your bitching. You dumb fucking red necks do not realize that he is one of the few cops in Cecil County that actually goes above and beyond their job. Shawn Keen donít be pissed and talk shit because you lost the election. Stop you most likely would like him as the police officer he is if you didnít ingest illegal prescription pills like most of the scum in our town. Why donít you stop the officer and say this shit to his face. As for being harsh on teens most like the officer that you are talking about and the few that donít are the ones that tried being wannabe gangsters. A police officers job sometimes forces then not to be nice or friendly in certain situations. Quit hiding behind screan names and post using your real name so you can attempt to be an adult not a child like you brain has only developed. Iím a town resident I live on Keppels Mill Court if any of you haters would like to talk shit about any of the police officers that risk their lives to protect your inbred asses then stop over. I'm sure you will not as you all are pussies.

Bethlehem, PA

#13 Jun 25, 2011
Bad Cops Wife

Lansdowne, PA

#14 Jun 25, 2011
First of all, thank you to those who are standing behind the police officers of Rising Sun. They have a VERY hard job, and everyone should be thankful for all that they do. At least 99% of you out there complaining about them wouldn't have the guts to be a cop. To set the record staight,this guy who said he was fired from philly,is WRONG. He has received numerous accomendations, which I have and can prove to you if need be. He decided, for our family, to leave the city and go somewhere a bit "nicer". He is still very good friends with all the people he worked with, including Seargents, Captains, Lieutenants, etc, who constantly ask him if he will please come back. So, to this "No Good" JACKASS, GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH. My husband has people constantly stopping him and THANKING him for helping them turn their life around. If he was oh-so-awful, would all of these former druggies do that? And if he is "harassing" your kids, there's a reason for it. How about you teach your kids to say no to drugs? How about you teach your kids to give respect to earn respect. It's funny because where we are from, if you get pulled over by a cop, you respect them, and own up to what you did. Seems to me all you people think the cops have no right to catch you. Get the fuck over yourselves. Seriousely, you need to all think before you speak AND type because you should all thank god you have people down there that are willing to RISK THEIR LIVES FOR YOU EVERYDAY. Remember, I may wake up one morning, and my husband might not come home. My son may wake up and never see his father again. Why? Because some piece of shit killed him. In your town. Because that is where he works. So you can all sit there and talk all the shit you want, because you have nothing better to do, and it doesn't affect your daily lives. But my husband is serving your town, looking after all of you. And believe me, if something were to ever happen to him while he is protecting all of YOU, my life would be changed forever. So, to all of you selfish, non-thinking, assholes who think of noone but yourselves, I hope you have a rotten day :)
Bad Cops Boy

Lansdowne, PA

#15 Jun 25, 2011
First off, "Shawn3778",....shut the f@#K up!!!!! Its no surprise you lost the election with views and opinions like yours.(So again go get f@#ked) I have personally worked with this supposed "Bad Cop" and his work is above all else,.... stellar! I currently am a police officer in Cecil County and he has made more Drug Distribution/Delivery cases in Rising Sun than the Cecil County Drug Task force has in the entire county!!!! Again, "Shawn3778" GO GET F@#KED!!!!
As for harassing teenagers in the town, if they weren't so f@#king disrespectful and degenerate little bastards then they wouldn't get f@#ked with. And if you consider f@#king with them by enforcing the criminal laws of the Maryland Annotated Code harassment, then your just f@#king stupid.
Knowing this supposed "Bad Cop", if you have a problem with him then approach him and say something to him. End of story.

Ellwood City, PA

#16 Jun 25, 2011
I hope that all of you running your mouth decide when someone breaks into your house or threatens your life you don't call the police. Because while you sleep in your comfy little beds, there are police officers all over the towns, county, and state risking their lives to protect yours. When police officers walk out their doors and kiss their kid(s), they don't know if that will be the last time they'll see them. Remember that, a$$holes!

Since: Jun 11

United States

#17 Jun 25, 2011
Bad cops boy im glad with languge like ur that ur a cop. And brandon since when do kids need to be intimidated u and this cop are in need of a power trip I guess. People like you think that if ur kids and by the sound of you ur wife to if they Don't do what u say Then u just beat them into submission I agree being a cop is hard it takes alot to walk up to a car at 2am in the middle of no were but it does not make u above the law
Stuck in the Middle

Youngstown, OH

#18 Jun 25, 2011
You Jack wagons discuss me! If you recall the history of this town you will remember Robo, Charlie, George, Al and others. None seem to be a ball of fire. They were nice guys that let everything go. We had police commissioners like Bernie, Bob, and old man Funck. We also had kids dieing of heroin over doses, motor cycle gangs intimidating residence, skate board punks disrespecting everyone and burglars robbing us blind. We were offered money to combat these problems, but we were to prideful and ignorant to accept help. Then they hire two young guys hoping to have a good aggressive police department, instead they were having sex with every young lady they could find.
Now we have a good police department. The streets are safe to walk. The officers are nice and helpful. But some of you don't like this. I had an old guy come to my house not long ago to ask me to sign a petition and ask me to vote for his friends. He told me that Shawn was a domestic abuser. Now reading his and his buddies statements, I see where he gains his knowledge of the police department. Sound like sour grapes to me.. Sean must have been arrested by this officer. That's a reasonable assumptions? You know I never met a guy in jail that didnt believe he was innocent. After all the evidence was presented and the jury reached a verdict, they still did nothing wrong. Fat Sean, you are what you are. AND you publicly supported a thief that stole mine and your tax money.
Now Mom.. The Cecil County health department has parenting classes. Please attend. If you weren't so messed up as a parent your little darling would not be having contact with the police. Don't call an officer dirty and bad, when your parenting skills failed. Take responsibility for your failures and admit you are a SCREWED up parent.


If you teach your children respect, accountability, and responsibility, they should never have contact with a cop. And based on my life experiences, when I had contact with a cop I was intimidated. Just by the fact that if I did something wrong he could cite me or arrest me. So, again don't blame the men and women in uniform for your short coming as a parent.
Stuck in the Middle

Youngstown, OH

#19 Jun 25, 2011
Oh BTW, I am a COP and I am offended by you fu@k nuts and Karma is a bit@h. May a junkie rob your mother and the dirty cops of rising sun police department have to respond, or when your father collapses to the floor and the ambulance takes forever to get there, lets hope they remember cpr.. You people discuss me!
overnight worker

Norristown, PA

#20 Jun 25, 2011
Ok well I have been reading this since I was told about it. I think you all need your heads checked really. You all act like this is some perfect little peaceful town and this big bad cop came and is ruining it. Sorry but no. I remember when I was in middle school and younger the KKK standing in the streets of this town handing out flyers to have children join them. I remember all the horror stories you would hear and read about of kids being killed by these drugs that the cops are taking off of our streets now. The druggies breaking in to homes killing family's to get money to get their next fix. Drunk drivers taking out promising young people cause they don't know when enough is enough. These things were happening regularly. Now because of this cop you want to call bad and the rest of the rising sun policemen those things aren't happening like that. I work overnight and I feel the safest when this so called bad cop is on duty. He comes in and checks on me to make sure I am safe. He stops in so people know that the cops are around and to keep people from trying stupid things like robbing me. So I can go home the next day safe to my own children. And I thank him very much for that. I have seen how he deal with the scum in this town or people who don't know how to say no or enough is enough and he does a very good job and never steps over the line. I have watched as a drunk person screamed in his face and he just nicely asked for her to sit down and shut up so he could get her husband to pick her up and figure out about her car. No matter how rude and nasty she was he wasn't that way back to her. Not even after she offered to give another officer a blow job or told the other officer he wanted to hit it from behind as she was picking up her stuff after dropping it in the parkinglot, or after she stood there and peed her self. I have also seen him dealing with these teens and young adults you all want to act like are so innocent. Like the one who came in to my job and dropped the rest of her joint on the floor, or the one who saw the other cop pull in and screamed across the parkinglot oh shit. And he never once was out of line. If your teens and young adults are in trouble with the law its your fault for not doing your job and teaching them right and wrong for not knowing where your kids are and what they are doing. Not the officer who is busting them for the wrong they are doing. I have two little boys and I will tell you right now if ever they got in trouble with the law I am not going to beam the cops I will beam myself and my child. I never once had problems with the law and no I am not some little angle but I knew better and I never wanted to get into those thing to where I would be in trouble with the law because I respect the woman that raised me and never wanted to disappoint her by doing those things. And if you do your job right as a parent your children would do the same. You should be happy that there is someone other there that cares enough about your teens to want to see that they get on the right path and stay there since you sure seem not to care and want them to make something out of themselves. I have seen myself man former junkies come to this officer and thank him for his help and getting them straight, and telling them how good they are doing now. I have seen the spark in this officers eyes after hearing how what he did helped them and got them to a better place in their lives. The world needs to stop blaming other for their problems and stand up to your mistakes and do better. Stop trying to take the easy way out and get over yourself.

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