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Catlettsburg, KY

#1 Aug 30, 2012
Hello Rising Sun....

Did you know that plans are in the works for Maple Heights Apartments to expand? The developer is applying for funding to purchase the land and build an entire Low Income and Section Eight developement filled with town houses, duplexes and more....zoning has initial approval for 60 or more dwellings....the location of the Affordable Housing Project: the 2 acre lot on the corner of Maple Heights Lane and Maple Leaf Drive!!!


Allentown, PA

#2 Oct 28, 2012
Thank Mayor Bob Fisher for making Maple Hts Apts developer share his proposal at public town meeting where commissioners were forced to retract their approval of writing a letter of support to MH2 fund project, whereas previous mayor wrote letter of support for same development without any public imput but fortunately Md Dept of Housing denied that developers request.
Cuncerned One

Port Deposit, MD

#3 Oct 31, 2012
Wait until the town is sued because of the alleged backdoor deals that were made
RS Resident

North East, MD

#4 Nov 3, 2012
american garden you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about NO IDEA!!!!

Lancaster, PA

#5 Nov 4, 2012
Fact check: a)Fisher did ask developer Beer to speak at meeting. b)RS board did vote to retract letter of support. c)Developer Beer implied he received letter of support last year. d)I can't find one mention of letter of support for MH developer on any agenda or in the minutes recorded of RS town meetings in last 2 years. I'm not the one with no idea around here! Watch RS town meetings on youtube and read minutes on town's website PLEASE!!!
RS Resident

North East, MD

#6 Nov 5, 2012
No need to watch meetings I go to every one of them! Not everything is posted on agendas and/or written in the minutes. Unless you are in the middle of something that is going on you do not know all of the facts!

United States

#7 Nov 13, 2012
hey supposed RS resident who says they go to every town hall meeting, did you pick up the Whig Monday to read about developer of Maple Heights filing suit against Town of Rising Sun? I see you could not contradict any of my talking points after you said I had no idea what I was talking about. So what say you?
RS Resident

North East, MD

#8 Nov 17, 2012

when I said you have no idea what you are talking about I was not refering to the lawsuit allegation. I was refering to your statements about the mayor calling the developer to speak etc. Do some research on the Mayor you may be surprised what his background is....check Md Judiciary case search as well as his history in realestate and developing....The Developer was taken off the agenda for that evening by the MAYOR (public had no idea he was presenting) and then called up to speak by the Mayor to present a resolution that the Developer wrote himself without the knowledge of anyone WATCH THE VIDEO...again unless your in the middle of something you do not know all of the facts...

Levittown, PA

#9 Nov 20, 2012
I should not waste my time responding to your supposed confidence in town hall knowledge. Apparently you did not go to meetings or distracted(surely did not watch video) where Mr.Beer was on agenda. George Beer was on agenda 8/14/12 to ask for Letter of Support only because Mayor Fisher asked him to present request to Board & public at Town Meeting. I am somewhat happy Mr Fisher has experience with development as previous RS administrations did not. Cox & Mumey just kissed a lot of developer buttcheeks on their way into getting sued by developer for what at one time was $115 million...and guess what? Rising Sun has no insurance to cover any of that loss if they lose!!!
RS Resident

North East, MD

#10 Nov 21, 2012
HE was on the agenda on 8/14 for the presentation. He was put on then taken off of the 8/28 agenda the one where he presented the commissioners with the resolution. again unless you are in the middle of things you do not know all the facts the special meeting was called on 9/6 because he was not on the agenda on 8/28 when he presented the resolution. the mayor took him off the agenda on 8/28 then called him to speak at the meeting on 8/28. I do not have confidence in Town Hall I know the facts because I was in the middle of it and have first hand knowledge. I voted for the mayor just so you know and regret it!

Philadelphia, PA

#11 Nov 25, 2012
Glad to hear you voted for Mayor Bob Fisher, RS Resident. Make no mistake your points are well taken! My point is: from video, I heard RS town hall did send "Letter of Support" for George Beer last year under Mumey's regime where Beer was turned down by State of Maryland for funding.

I've searched public records of Mumey's and previous administrations and don't find any agenda or minutes regarding George Beer asking for "Letter of Support" from RS town hall to MD Dept of Community & Housing Development supporting DVDC for approval and funding. Finally seeing it on an agenda is a 1st for transparency in our town hall. That action alone got people to action.

RS needs to attract money here not welfare. We have workforce housing with no real employers in 21911 zipcode. Montgomery and Beer seek more profits and RS has more grants available if quality of living here drops. Newspapers say RS balances budgets with grants not taxes or fees. This is a modern conumdrum and money pit for taxpayers.

Not to be overlooked:
*Attorney Norman Wilson is DVDC's attorney and legal counsel for Cecil County.
*Jay Emrey was pro bono attorney for RS with close ties to Montgomery's family tree.
*Beer and TRGHT,Inc of Greenwich, CT buy Montgomery property for MHA under contingency where Montgomery makes huge profit shuffling deeds.
*George Beer under scrutiny in Wilmington contracts, see on web
*Plans drawn by McCrone in 2004 for DVDC's Maple Heights Apts LP do not show any plan for a Maple Heights Aprtments Phase 2.

I have confidence in current RS town hall to make best decisions. Most recently the decision to repeal writing "Letter of Support" for DVDC. Unfortunately we got in this situation after Comm Osborne made bone-headed motion to approve "Letter" w/o knowing any facts or hearing public comment on Maple Heights Apt issues.
RS Resident

North East, MD

#12 Nov 25, 2012
American Gardner do you go to the town meetings? Will you be at this Tuesday's town meeting?

Nesquehoning, PA

#13 Nov 26, 2012
I'm not sure if I will go. Trying to keep low profile since discovering well orchestrated defamation campaign against me from developer George Beer, Tom Mumey, Augie Pierson, Vince Sammons and cronies. I am still really pissed about last time I gave testimony at town hall and I might say things they might regret..again! I have documentation to prove what I believe is true about MapleHts Apt fiasco. In research I find it amazing the things said by current/former elected officials and some who aspire for office. They are sick individuals to say the least! If there are documents I can offer, I'd be happy to help you find proof to send those jackasses back to wherever they came from.
american garden

Milford, DE

#14 Nov 28, 2012
Interesting editorial in 2004 RS Herald paper titled "Mayor Cox should be respectful to Bob Fisher". Respect is not something Fisher gets today either. The same attitudes keep good citizens from attending town meetings...the mob rules, very sad.

I just watched 11/27/12 RS town meeting and Calvin was exclaiming conditions of rental properties here... you know what that means? If Fisher resigns you better get used to having Maple Heights Apartments phase 2.

The malcontents who ask Mayor Fisher to resign should take the Bob Fisher "open invitation" and provide proof instead of innuendo. Comm Naughton's emails are just another bluff.

Food for thought: Is one quote on well water sufficient from engineering company closely associated with Chester Water?
RS Resident

North East, MD

#15 Nov 28, 2012
I know who this is! Trust me when I tell you facts were provided because I have read the minutes they talked about in the videos! Open Invitation to what? Wasting time beating a dead horse. I assume you do not live in town limits oh wait a minute your house is for sale isn't it? Guess that lawsuit they talked about doesn't apply to you! Spread your lies somewhere else....people in this town are getting informed and no longer listening to people like you because people like you cost us money. Like I said I voted for him and I regret it! Bob Fisher is doing no one any favors by staying in office as long as he continues to do the things he is doing. Did you get a payoff from Fisher to be his supporter???? P.S The Herald is worthless!
american garden

Richboro, PA

#16 Nov 29, 2012
Dear obviously naive' "RS Resident",

Here you are making accusations & assumptions from "facts" posted on Facebook and RS's sanitized meeting minutes again. What a joke! You thinking our local paper doesn't care for RS is a mistake. Voters wanted change so deal with it, grow up or get out!

Check your fact checkers or at least talk to someone outside the small circle of malcontents who bring our town down by protesting in front of town hall. You have many opportunities to ask questions but instead rely on someone like them to provide "fact" for you. I hope you get many doors slammed in your face with your petition to remove Fisher.

FACTS: Fisher's actions did not bring RS a $90 million lawsuit(aggressive developers & MDE mandated sewer moratorium did). Accountants don't cost any town except this one $150K per year(most make $50K/yr, Ernst&Young Sr Accts make 150K/yr). RS hired attorneys laughing all the way to bank($50K-$70K to defend a suit that hasn't gone to trial? LOL, who'd they hire Johnny Cochran?) Comm Osborne made motion to approve MHA2 "Letter of Support" she later votes to rescind (now another RS lawsuit occurs). Fisher does offer "open invitation"(watch video, this won't be in any minutes). Only thing Fisher and I have in common is quest for open & fair government that is cost effective which I do for free as public service since living in RS and will continue to. I have never asked for money for myself from anyone except those who employ me(Fisher doesn't pay me 1 cent).

FYI: I have been a homeowner/taxpayer in RS since 1989, how about you or your "fact" suppliers? and my house is not for sale smart ass. Keep on espousing your ignorant rhetoric typical of "the mob" mentality that gets nothing done except alienating voters and providing another black eye for RS. You are Rising Sun's problem!!!!!!

Pennsboro, WV

#18 Nov 29, 2012
Roger (American garden) is the NEW authority of facts? What a freaking Joke! He is really good at spewing outdated and fictional information to support his good buddy Robert Fisher (Mayor).

Since Bob is under fire by the town people I am pretty sure we will see him and the other bullies back in the meetings with their bully tactics.
american garden

Richboro, PA

#19 Nov 29, 2012
Vince must be allergic to facts. My facts aren't new and facts don't get outdated. I gave you opportunity to see my facts but you decided you could find them yourself...unsuccessfully I might add. Quit your name calling, grow up and show proof of something PLEASE!!!!

I'd like to show you Whig article of 5/16/2005 "FORS questions Comprehensive Plan" when new comp maps were drawn and submitted to County without public knowledge one year BEFORE any Citizens Advisory Comm was formed but you don't care for facts.

Cecil County officials would be shocked to see how you think they should be lynched over new animal control law as you just posted today on FB.
BTW when are you moving back to PA?
FYI: You owe me apologies on several levels!

Pennsboro, WV

#20 Nov 29, 2012
Roger - The facts you have spewed in the pas t are outdated. The 2005 article has merit! 90% of the facts you have stated in the Herald are totally off.

I and others see you as Bob's mouth piece and bully, spewing a ton of words and facts as if they are recent and true (which they were not).

People are sick of the town being drug through the dirt week after week with Bob and his mouth pieces spewing untrue facts. We now have a large group of people that have done the fact finding and are educated to stand up to the false facts that continue to be published by you guys.
This will STOP and the people that LIVE THERE will do it!

I am not moving back to PA. Not sure why you would ask that? Just to show I am from PA about 5 years ago? So what?

FYI- apology? Fire with fire my friend. I consider us even.

Pennsboro, WV

#21 Nov 29, 2012
Roger - I forgot to mention something about your accusation about me and developers? Really? Nice facts! Were and how did you make that association?

I am not the one that got free trees put in my FRONT yard and yard graded by the developer nor received a CASH payoff.

Let me know if you need any more of your facts debunked...

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