Trial set for December for Nikole Smock

Trial set for December for Nikole Smock

There are 63 comments on the story from Oct 8, 2008, titled Trial set for December for Nikole Smock. In it, reports that:

A week in December has been set aside in McKean County Court in Smethport for the trial of Nikole Smock, charged in an accident in December that led to the death of college student Alissa Cameron.

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Hendersonville, NC

#1 Oct 27, 2008
I hope they lock her up and throw away the key. She doesn't deserve anything else but to spend the rest of her days on this earth tormented by what she did to our sweet Angel alissa.

Bradford, PA

#2 Oct 28, 2008
everyone who reads the paper sees these kids as horrible people. could it not have been accident? is it so hard to believe that this was not an intentional act but a fluke? they deserve the right to explain themselves before being judged. not the other way around.
None needed

Beaver Springs, PA

#3 Nov 3, 2008
I knew Alissa and considered her a great friend. We grow up together from the time we where little and lost touch along the way. But I always considered her a friend and someone to turn to. Alissa's death was a horrible thing and hurt so much. I dont 100% blame Nicole or Zach for her death. I think all three of them got cout up in the teen drama that faces all the young people of today. If anything I am sorry that they didnt stop to help. I beleive it could of changed all of this if they had...
You are missed and Loved Alissa

Sarasota, FL

#4 Dec 3, 2008
unfortunatly i was present to witness the aftermath of the whole situation. in my oppinion the bradford police department are stooges, and should be cross trained in first response. rather than walking around the poor girl looking at the crime scene trying to find answers before potentialy saving a life

Haworth, NJ

#5 Dec 21, 2008
I grew up with the Camerons... very close to both Alissa and Leanna... what happened was wrong. VERY wrong. I heard from several people several different stories. Reguardless of the actual events, a girl still died. An innocent amazing girl is gone. Robbed from everyone. I don't care if Nikole thought it was justified to leave the scene or not... the fact remains she ran her over and left her there resulting in her death a short week later.

Why is it everyones like "Lets Listen..."

NO, YOU listen... I don't care if they were all out fistfighting through a window. Nikole ran her over, knew she did and continued to leave. That's MURDER. Vehicular homicide. I didn't see that among the charges and she doesn't realize how lucky she actually is. Not everyone gets away with murder. God have mercy on her soul and I hope she leaves town when she's done serving her time... I don't find it very safe for her there anymore. Nor will it ever be again.

Bradford, PA

#6 Dec 21, 2008
Listen you MOTHER F*****S (you know who you are that that doesnt go out to ...ahem holly)Not one of you has been there throughout the court hearings, or probably the funeral or viewing. SHUT YOUR F****NG MOUTHS BECAUSE THATS ALL YOU SCUMBAGS CARE ABOUT IS GAWKING OR TALKING... if you care sooooooo much all this and take the time to "talk" yet some more, how come you haven't been there for my family? and the police did an awesome job, you have NO IDEA.... and "ANON" those two f*****g scumbags just like yourself have had MORE rights than my family has had!! but of course, you wouldn't know that would you. Go on with YOUR fu***d up life..and get out of ours. They had every right to talk.....from DAY ONE....and to this day they f**k off. Maybe you should understand what your talking about before you mumble things out of your fucking mouth. Makes you look stupid actually. A fluke? hahaha ill show u a mother fu****g fluke. Just wait.:) Have a nice easter. Hope you find all your eggs. muah!

Bradford, PA

#7 Dec 21, 2008
oh one more thing....ANON...where are your balls? You can talk so much crap but you have to put yourself as "ANON"...????? I feel bad for know that? I guess I would do the same thing if I were as stupid as you are....

p.s. this was obviously directed to a couple people. the rest of you are pretty and thanks for everything.

Merry Christmas

Bradford, PA

#8 Dec 21, 2008
I think you are awesome standing up for what is right. Alissa did too... ppl that have the feel goodism problem cant discern right from wrong... they have been given ample chance to recant but refuse to and play poor pitiful me...and a great sob story... live what we are going through... and you would never say anything so asinine...I would gladly see any of you going through jail time then grave time.... get real!!! and quit having a bleeding heart and stand for something right... it isn't a fluke... that could have been prevented had the right thing been done... it wouldn't have come to this... so quit crying tears on your laps.... fu

Fort Wayne, IN

#9 Dec 25, 2008
there are no 'accidents' when it comes to a vehicle, especially when you've just been drinking (underage drinking that is) prior to operating said vehicle. law mandates that a driver is in control of their motor vehicle at all times. there are exceptions to this but this isn't one of them. the fact is, nikole drank, got into a vehicle, ran a person over, didn't render aid or call for help, left the scene of the crime, and that person died sometime later. these kids are either horrible people or horribly stupid people, both of which deserve to be punished.
however, unfortunately i'm not so kind to just side with the deceased individual because they died during the incident. especially when she was drinking as well and, from my understanding, exacerbated the events to the point that ultimately led to her demise.
in reality, these are two girls who were out looking for trouble that night and they found it. had either one of them done things differently, one would still be alive and the other wouldn't be staring down the possibility of hard time.
wasting time on idiots

Bradford, PA

#10 Dec 28, 2008
hey reject...i mean ryjek...whatever. wow you seem to know so much about pennsylvania law coming from new jersey. except, you're missing some of the facts...maybe if you want to shout out your opinion to opinion that doesn't even matter to anyone at all....then get your facts straight. you're basing your opinions on only your incorrect maybe try getting the facts straight first??...before making up such an opinion...based solely on your incorrect understanding. redundantly said...but maybe you'll get the facts straight this time. so basically, your above statement can pretty much be claimed as null, as the facts and subsequent opinions based upon those are all incorrect. maybe try getting your nose into your own state's affairs...might be more beneficial to you. it's black and white there're going gray.....

Fort Wayne, IN

#11 Dec 28, 2008
sunshine? well, sweetie, i'm not from new jersey and i have no idea where 'monroe township' is. if only you were as smart as you think you are, you'd know better than to go by that. how exactly would somebody in new jersey know about any of this? use that thing on your shoulders, dipshit.
"except, you're missing some of the facts...maybe if you want to shout out your opinion to opinion that doesn't even matter to anyone at all....then get your facts straight. you're basing your opinions on only your incorrect maybe try getting the facts straight first??...before making up such an opinion...based solely on your incorrect understanding. redundantly said...but maybe you'll get the facts straight this time."
wow, i've never seen anybody butcher the english language quite as badly as you just did. try having a point next time; your use of 2 or 3 'big' words doesn't intimidate me. and 'you're wrong because i say so' is a piss-poor argument.
obviously you care, or you wouldn't have posted anything. my opinion is my own, it might not necessarily be right, but it's NEVER wrong, you fascist.
you're so funny and cute! look at that little one-liner at the end! how hip and edgy. i wanna go out with a bang like you! hmmmmm... here's mine... come back when you pass freshmen english, bitch.

Bradford, PA

#12 Jan 8, 2009
It is horrible the Cameron Family has to suffer another terrible loss. I know Mr. Cameron and his beautiful daughter Alissa are together. They will toghether witness the punishment of Nichole Smock and Zachary Coon.
Doesnt matter

Mississauga, Canada

#13 Jan 22, 2009
I don't know Alissa but i'm very sorry for her family's loss.
As for Nikole, I knew her. Haven't spoken to her for years but she didn't come off as the type of person who would hit and run.
Yes, She should of stayed with Alissa but when i was reading another story about this, it said that she turned herself in. i'm not sure if it is true or not but if she purposely did this why would she turn herself in?. She was probably scared, didn't know what to do.
Nikole is not a bad person, i'm sure she feels guilty about what happened.
You guys are acting like she was meaning to do this, like it was a plan of her's and her friends. If you think of it, if she purposely did this, then why didn't she and her friend hide the body?. My friend was just murdered in August and the guy buried the body in his garden. That tells me, She didn't do it on purpose. It was a accident.
Brandon Hales

Bradford, PA

#14 Jan 26, 2009
Was the run-down intentional?

For f***'s sake, can't anybody from bradford SPELL?
Doesnt matter

Mississauga, Canada

#15 Jan 28, 2009
This is to Brandon Hales,
No, it was not intentional. If the last comment was towards me, I am not from Bradford...I'm not from America at all.
enough already

Pittsburgh, PA

#16 Mar 11, 2009
Megan wrote:
I hope they lock her up and throw away the key. She doesn't deserve anything else but to spend the rest of her days on this earth tormented by what she did to our sweet Angel alissa.
If only you could see how wonderful Nikole really is. She would never mean to hurt anyone let alone hit someone with her car and speed away. Sure this might not have happened if she didn't pull away. but this also wouldn't have happened if alissa's blood alcohol content wasn't .20
you people just want to blame someone for a tragedy. yes this is an awful thing that happened to alissa, but why ruin the lives of two other kids because of it.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#17 Mar 18, 2009
I grew up with the Camerons, they were my neighbors for 10 years. It breaks my heart to hear of such a tragedy, regardless if this Nikole girl was nice person she still ran her over and left her there. She's old enough to know whats right and whats wrong. She has only a 1-2 year sentence the rest of us have a LIFETIME of pain..... Alissa was a beautiful, smart, young and talented person she didn't the deserve this....NO one does. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for not getting the chance to know the person she could have been. I will miss her and I love her.

Love Always and Forever

Fort Wayne, IN

#18 Mar 18, 2009
oh get over it. nikole's life is effectively ruined either way. 1-2 years in jail at her age? and on her record? in todays economy? kiss her career prospects goodbye. and there was what?$48,000 or so dollars in restitution between two people? by the time she gets her shit straightened out she'll be hitting her 30's, and by that point it'll be too late to make much out of her life. but that's fine. i believe the decision was a fair one and i commend the judge and his court on it.
alissa was drunk off her ass, and whether you like it or not she exacerbated the events to the point which led to her death. if the shoe was on the other foot alissa would be the 'monster' here. you're all a bunch of blind mice.
at the end of this story they were BOTH at fault, and they BOTH have suffered or will suffer the consequences. there's no nice way to go about this situation, because it's not that easy. i feel bad for both girls, i pity both girls, but i also think had they not been so stupid that night, none of this would've happened. i feel particularly sorry for the families who in one way or another have lost the daughters they once had.

Bradford, PA

#19 Mar 29, 2009
I've felt sorry for Nikole Smock from the beginning. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! The trial is finally over, and now hopefully the healing can begin for everyone.

Myerstown, PA

#20 Apr 10, 2009
No, the trial isn't over, The healing can't begin. Her family has suffered a great tragedy. Sit here and think about this, if someone did this to YOUR daughter, you wouldn't think so highly of Nikole. If someone BACKED UP OVER your own flesh and blood, ACKNOWLEGES that there was a 'bump' and left anyway to protect her already prosecuted underage boy toy, I'm sure you'd all be a little angry. Don't sit there and for one SECOND think that Nikole deserves pitty. What she did was STUPID, IRRESPONSIBLE and has ultimately whether the court ruled it or not, RESPONSIBLE for MURDER. You DO not kill someone and expect to get away with it, however, in PA hitting someone with a vehicle is taking candy from a baby. PA doesn't value a life the way it should. I cannot stand these people who sit here and say OH poor Nikole. No forget that, POOR CAMERONS. Okay. 20 Year old daughter, gone forever! She will never get married, she will never have kids, she will never DREAM again, she will never breathe, walk, talk, make memmories, laugh, cry, smile. If anyone knew her at all, her smile is what made your very own soul sing. I understand, yes, she was drunk, but let me ask you, how many times have you been drunk? Does that justify someone taking your life? Does that justify someone acting selfishly, cruely and leaving you in a parking lot to suffocate on your own blood as you watch them drive away? Does that seem like justice to you? You're telling me, Drinking alcohol and getting wasted is justified by death? That she brought this upon herself by consuming a drink that over 75% of the population drinks as well? C'mon. Let's get real here. Obviously, I can see the truth a whole lot better than half of you can.
As for the post about oh Nikoles life is ruined, yadda yadda.


Do I have to say it again? She deserves EVERY ounce of shame, disgust and hatred that is emitted to her.

The funny thing is, Nikole gets to go to school. Zach gets to go to school. A little debt?? What does Alissa get?

Oh that's right, to forever remain 6 feet under the sunlight because of a selfish act a STUPID 19 year old committed. Let's all remind each other that this 19 year old was NOT intoxicated, she was infact the DD.

Imagine that. A DD. Doesn't that come with the idea of being responsible? I guess not.

I also am tired of hearing this bullcrap about how she is a caring loving person and she'd never hurt anyone.

A CARING loving person would have got out of the car and called 911 possibly saving Alissa's life and getting her out of this mess.

A responsible caring loving person would have looked at Zach and told him where to go and how to get there and took control and responsibility for her actions.

I don't see that being the conditions of this case now do we?

So as for all you people that think Justice is 1-2 years behind bars for robbing a young lady of a surplus of over 60 healthy happy and possibly constructive and positive life, well then shame on you all.

What is 1-2 years behind bars taken from someone who has 60 years or more to live compaired to never living them at all?

Unfair. Injustice.

So think before you speak.

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