I believe That James Holmes Is INNOCENT

Phoenix, AZ

#165 Aug 15, 2012
I personally think this was planned by the gov't, I'm not a believer that the gov't sets such cruel things like this up to show us as citizens what needs to happen, and ways to control us; however there are too many instances where I see James Holmes is innocent:
Firstly, James Holmes is a 'mass murderer, now tell me, if he killed and injured so many people why would it even cross his mind to warn officals that his house was booby trapped, what would he care, he's damaged so much, what would killing a few others do?
Secondly, the pictures released of Holmes don't in any shape or form resemble who they have in custody, the noses arent the same, the hair line, eyes, and lips are completely different.
They found another gas mask that wasn't property of the police, or any officals found at the crime scene at the exit, in the 911 tapes they had even mentioned they had suspected there was another guy involved but had fled the scene. Now you tell me, if you were to complete a crime like this, you'd try to save yourself from blame, and flee the scene, James gave himself up, by him doing that I'd believe he wouldn't have anything to hide, especially someone of his kind, having so much going for him.
Lastly, there was a video by Lil' Wayne that was released I believe a few days prior to the shooting, in the video there are a couple scenes that stand out, there are five women that are on a wall, five women were killed that night, in the video also lil wayne is riding his skateboard down a quiet street and on both sides there are two explosions that go off, it's foggy, and such. There is a lady dressed as cat woman, with a face mask in a cage, dressed in all black. In the video at 3:38 it shows a theater scene, this all happened at 12:38 it's a scene where there are skeletons are in a theater, 12 immediately show, 12 people were killed that night. In the whole theater there are 58 people, 58 people were injured, at 3:45 in the video, there is shooting in the background, it stops which is when suspect James Holmes was arrested at 12:45. Coincidently the video is called Homies Still. James HOLMES was a suspect, toooooo close for home.

Bloomington, IL

#166 Aug 15, 2012
Just wondering, do you believe in spells? Can spells be cast against the populace using the means you have described in your post? This isn't the only time precursors have been put in place and people have been murdered.

Don't ask me to elaborate, I charge for research, satisfaction not guaranteed.

Saint Louis, MO

#167 Aug 23, 2012
Yeah_Prove It wrote:
All good questions, Prove It. Another one is this: Who saw James Holmes actually do any of this and can identify his face?
And this: What about witnesses' statements that seemed to suggest that the shooter had at least one accomplice?
And another: Who taught James Holmes to shoot (better hit-ratio than the cops, says CBS reporter) and to booby-trap an apartment (very sophisticated, according to the police)?
And another: Why the rush to get Holmes before a judge?
Another: Why open the crime scene to the defense so soon? The cops could hardly have finished examining it. DID they examine it?
For fun on this conspiracy...check out the vigilant citizen site has some interesting ideas on it....
Ray Tard

Poplar Bluff, MO

#168 Aug 23, 2012
OMG! Tony Scott the director of Top "Gun" supposedly jump from a LA bridge! This was no suicide, this was gov mind control, just like James Holmes...all in the name of gun control! Man our gov will do anything

Paramus, NJ

#169 Aug 26, 2012
well, this incident has definitely has me questioning things. I'm not really a conspiracy theorist either. Read up on Sirhan Sirhan, MK Ultra and other government and CIA mind control prohects and as well as other things tested on people that weren't aware they were even being tested on. These things they just don't teach kids in school, so now I also believe that what's written in history books is also controlled.

the case does seem similar to Sirhan Sirhan where he was under mind control and I bet the phone call was the signal to begin the mission he was programmed to do.

How things are so secretive in this case is odd. Even the recent Empire State building shooting had surveillance cameras around. We got pictures. Even though that's a little questionable too since the cops injured more people than the shooter, but still pictures were shown so we could take it for what it is.

It's scary how offended people get when others question this case. It's like people are happy someone is caught, someone to blame and put all the hurt and anger on- if anything came up that suggested James Holmes is possibly innocent or didn't act alone people flip out. It's not disrespecting the people that were hurt or killed, if anything the people questioning this case are trying to bring justice to the people that were killed and make sure the right person and all the persons involved are caught.

James' appearance in court.... when I see that all I want to do is slap him and punch him in the face to try and get him to wake up and snap out of it. Very sad to see and hear how smart he was and now seeing that he is a practically a vegetable.

Paramus, NJ

#170 Aug 26, 2012
Bri wrote:
What I am trying to say here is (currently) there is not enough public evidence to know for sure what the truth is. Avoid confirmation bias. Don't jump to conclusions. That's the number one thing WRONG with our society. Everyone is extremely sad and empathetic about the shooting, they want to turn that into anger at the person(s) responsible (or thing: guns). But think about it from Holme's perspective. Imagine spending the rest of your life in prison for one of the worst crimes ever committed, and either be killed in prison, put to death, or die from natural causes (highly unlikely) everyone, including his friends and family, will most likely hate him. I'd hate to send an innocent person to prison or death, especially like that. It is one of the worst fates a person has ever faced. More killing of innocent people should be avoided, that's all I'm trying to say.
at this point he is screwed no matter what happens. i know this won't ever happen since it's not even being investigated into if he could be innocent, but if he was found innocent and set free people would still try to kill him because there's already so much anger built up towards him. some people are going to refuse to believe he is innocent. there's already a ton of people making death threats and saying how they would like to torture him or shoot him in the head. even the people in prison are threatening to harm him. he would have to start a life over in a different country with a different name, because people in US do not want him to live, either in or out of prison. scary, huh?

Coventry, UK

#171 Aug 26, 2012
Found this on YouTube it's proof FBI planted the gas masks or something http://m.youtube.com/watch...
rape all republicans

Conroe, TX

#172 Aug 31, 2012
You guys. They have to prove he didn't. They don't gave to prove he didn't.

Plymouth, MN

#173 Sep 2, 2012
Research who his dad is and what he was about to testify in court about. It will blow you away. He was definitely set up and they used the drug, "devils breath" to strip his free will. If you know anything about "Fast and Furious", then you can see what our government's objective is about. Don't think that they are great and are only trying to protect the American people. If you do then you are the bigger terrorist for not standing up to protect your rights and freedoms.

Stop drinking millers and watching sports. Open your eyes!!
#174 Sep 2, 2012
It is seemingly odd to me that we haven't heard much more on this! They made sure everyone was outraged then just forget about it....& Holmes looked so whacked out in court....just blank, & I do wonder how he had such sophisticated equipment to carry out such a sinister plan? & what again was the motive behind this? Then in every situation like this the family is generally drug into it even when they don't want to be, but not this time....why? There are certainly a lot of things that don't add up! I think what the other person was saying in the previous post was that in reality with our justice system you are guilty until proven innocent.....you have to prove you didn't do it, they don't really have to prove you did & in many cases I tend to agree!

San Antonio, TX

#175 Sep 6, 2012
This Documentary on James Holmes is a MUST-SEE, whatever your opinion on this matter is.


I think the most significant part of it is the fact that Robert Holmes (James Holmes's father) was scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history (LIBOR scandal).

Robert Holmes created one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed which detects internet/online banking fraud and exposes exactly from whence it came.

United States

#176 Sep 9, 2012
I think he is innocent too- was set up framed, and drugged.. Too many holes in the story..Nothing adds up.. Only people who research all the information will see it. Survivors said there was more than one shooter.

United States

#177 Sep 9, 2012
Also, why did the JUDGE DENY NEW evidence that will prove these 2 men are not the same??

Fort Collins, CO

#178 Sep 13, 2012
my2cents wrote:
<quoted text>
you voted for obama didn't you? the slack ajw and drool gave you away. The tin foil hat looks pretty good though, nice job
you cant even spell jaw dumb ass republicans
Ray Tard

United States

#179 Sep 13, 2012
Heather wrote:
I think he is innocent too- was set up framed, and drugged.. Too many holes in the story..Nothing adds up.. Only people who research all the information will see it. Survivors said there was more than one shooter.
There may have been another person in on the attack but at the end of the day, James Holmes killed folks and if there was another I'm sure that behind the scenes it's being investigated because sometimes they don't want anyone knowing they are tracking down the other one. But the bottom line is - James Holmes is no doubt a killer!
big jiggy

Saint Louis, MO

#180 Sep 13, 2012
Yes hes a killer but theres more to it than he just snapped. This was someones sinister plan and he was just a pawn used

United States

#182 Sep 15, 2012
Good Lord, if you think this was a set up to prevent the father from testifying, it would've been a lot easier to put a hit on the dad...duh! He's still gonna testify! Sorry folks, no conspiracy here, the dads gonna still testify... Morons!
big jiggy

Saint Louis, MO

#183 Sep 16, 2012
The whole dad testifying against the banks or whatever..was made up by the c.i.a. and they flooded the internet just a small amount with that story to see if people would take it seriously and they did so they ran with it...just so they could make people look like conspiracy nuts..true story. dont be so naive.

Rocky Mount, NC

#184 Sep 19, 2012
I am glad someone else sees this.I thought something was sneaky when i first saw this.I don't think he did this at all.I think it was a gov set up because of what his dad was into.His dad was to testify against alot of gov people about a money scam.Someone needs to help James and set him free.
are you a tard

Saint Louis, MO

#185 Sep 20, 2012
Did you just not read what someone posted above you or are you just a dumb heifer

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