how to pass a drug test for valium

Shirley, AR

#47 Apr 8, 2012
mactheman wrote:
<quoted text> thanx m8 so how long is it that they stay in your piss ?
Dont no if id take some ones advise on topix, LMAO

Poplar Bluff, MO

#48 Apr 9, 2012
Mr Johnny Neptune wrote:
<quoted text>you are LITERALLY an idiot. you and your inexperienced opinions about 'drugs'( actually it's just a simple prescription medicine ) are laughable at best. As if taking Valium indicates a lack of self respect. You Moron. it's a relatively weak Anti anxiety medicine with little or no side effects whatsoever. YOU, however seem to think it's like doing Meth or PCP. URINE IDIOT !!!.. i feel sorry for anyone who knows you seeing as how you are a Judgemental little whining Bitchboy with no experiences to back up your pompous and absurd critiques of other people. Who the FUCK are YOU to judge anyone ?... Look in the mirror and ask yourself WHY you feel compelled to feel superior over other people.( overcompensation, perhaps?) BLOW ME, YOU IRRELEVANT FAGGOT
So do you have a prescription?

Lake City, FL

#49 Apr 16, 2012
hey i took one 5 mg valium today and i have a drug test for walmart tomorrow if i drink alot of water will i pass the test please someone help
Ironic Logic

Sedalia, MO

#50 Apr 16, 2012
crassh134 wrote:
hey i took one 5 mg valium today and i have a drug test for walmart tomorrow if i drink alot of water will i pass the test please someone help
I know this sounds strange, but if you do a small amount of coke or other "upper" it will cancel out the Valium and you'll pass your test just fine.

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#51 Apr 26, 2012
donedidit wrote:
<quoted text> Looks like I struck a nerve. The truth really came out, you are so stupid from all those drugs, and so defensive, and because you are a queer you want everybody to be also. Go take some more drugs so you can face life. LOSER Do everybody a favor and take at least a double dose
I Know you donedidit, your not only ignorant and stupid, you are miserable for the simple reason of your looks ! trust me folks,, he aint nuttin to look at, in fact look the other way or you will have nightmares ! If a website had a page for a face only a mother could love.. his pic would be the example.. so now ya'all know why his comments are so judgmental. He aint had a date, never been laid and prolly never will!

United States

#52 Jun 14, 2012
Don't take it and get help

Bonaire, GA

#54 Jun 17, 2012
you quit doing drugs and getcha some chew like the rest of us smart poplar bluffians...(does a little jig)...yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeehhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaawwwww w (spit long pause ting as it hits metal

Summerville, PA

#55 Jun 17, 2012
thats the thing to do get ya sum chew so ya cen get mouth den do some valium so you ken worry out getten busted n gowin to jail n loosen yer job. Valium is ok for some who are taking it under a Doctors care but look it up. many have gotten depressed and kiled temselves on it.Its one thing if you are stupid enough to play with it but please dont give it to anyone else. you might have to live with their death on your hands.just sayen.

Bonaire, GA

#56 Jun 17, 2012
dang you must be one of them poplar bluff scholars with all that fancy spellin yeppers...(does a little jig)...yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeehhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaawwwww w (spit long pause ting as it hits metal
Stupidity Kills
#57 Jun 17, 2012
Wow this is stupid, someone actually advises to do more drugs to "cancel out" the valium....lmao, seriously? You should definelty drink a lot of water....which will cause your urine to be too diluted so the suggestion of taking a multivitamin as well is probably good advice. Things such as ready clean will show a rise in creatine and often alert the tester that you are using something to pass your test. Good luck!

Canton, OH

#58 Oct 5, 2012
mactheman wrote:
some fkn people are up their own ass on this site. I took 3x10mg Valium pills after my old man passed away, that was 14days ago, I now have a piss test on Thursday for a life changing job and don't no if I will pass or no. I done a piss test on my own yesterday and it was still positive, will it be out my piss bye Thursday.....any help would be good thanx
did you pass?

Poplar Bluff, MO

#59 Oct 7, 2012
drink a gallon of drano that moght help!

Canton, OH

#60 Oct 22, 2012
whoever said 3 days is dumb check your facts valium is fat soluable not water and takes weeks not days to leave the system

Midland, MI

#61 Nov 10, 2012
Ok i take valiums from my doctor he wants me to take 4 a day but it will put me over the methadone clinic theres which you cant go over therebenzo limit of 2000 which i dont know how thats figured out from urine and valiumit used to be 3500 and then 2650 now 2000 how do you figure out those levels

Midland, MI

#62 Nov 10, 2012
How can i just lower the amount in my system? The doc prescribed 4 a day and thats to much for them i just need to get the levels lower
P Anthony

Springfield, NJ

#63 Nov 13, 2012
Ok, Ghostrider.....
This is and was my first and last time reading everyone's opinion.( an option is like an A..Hole, everyone has one and they all stink)
I'm not looking for The Ghost riders" theory of how to make the World a better place, if I wanted that I would not ask "the Ghost rider"'!!!
I want factual or at least almost factual things for this one time, sorry if I bothered you shit head.
I'm sure you have Never made a mistake and needed a Bro's hand.... Because your "the Ghost Rider"! PS... No one with a HOG would have the
balls to name them self "The Ghost Rider".
You should be on face book with all the mommies and kids skipping school to lecture someone!! Us men Ain't got no time to lecture anyone on a drug info forum we just need a couple of answers... If you don't have an answer, SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE.
Stress Head


#64 Dec 25, 2012
I have being on Benzo's for just short off 16yrs, an it's to reduce any chance off fits which is due to scared tissue on my brain! That was caused by meningitis i got when i was 7,so no fault off mine! Now i do not want to miss out on a job due to this!! I need a answer that will help i no longer have fits but will without them.I need the job to help improve my life an my family's!!?
buck commander

Kansas City, MO

#65 Dec 25, 2012
Usually only meth or marijuana shows up.

Jackson, MS

#69 Nov 6, 2013
hmmmm wrote:
People need to stop worrying about HOW to pass a piss test and actually clean themselves up. If you DON'T have a script for them then obviously there's a're getting a high off of them! Duh!!! It's not a problem if it's yours legally. Trust me I've been is ALOT easier when you're not worrying about the surprise pisstest at work or getting pulled over. Get clean and get a good job and support yourself and your family the way you should! The only ones getting upset on here is the ones who are guilty of doing the wrong thing. Wise up. Don't be a deadbeat pillhead like so many of the people in southeast missouri...
. That's a joke people with scripts are addicts too. Sorry I do not have insurance have PTSD and need to take one at night to not have nightmares. Make informed statements. Have a blessed day.

Since: Nov 13

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#70 Nov 7, 2013
I know stop doing stupid shit like taking it if your not prescribed

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