Suicide at 67 and 160 intersection
Tht17yr oldgrls BF

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#192 Oct 19, 2008
member of gilmore family wrote:
<quoted text>sorry grandpa you have a family member that just drove home tonight drunk as a skunk and your lyin about the other family member that got killed
I am very sorry for u to be family with that man that calls himself Grandpa gilmore there is no reason for him to talk about my best friend!!!!!

Rose Bud, AR

#193 Oct 22, 2008
excuse me people! How heartless are you? the girl was a little girl! and a week before that my little sister got into a wreck there too. Thank god that nothing happened to her. I knew the girl that died in the accident and she did not intentionally run the stop sign. There is enough supporting evidence to show that the intersection is somewhat dangerous. For real grow a heart!

Saint Louis, MO

#194 Oct 22, 2008
i missed that accident by 10 mins or less,, when i got to the intersection,, on my way home from work in Doniphan,, me and a fellow co-worker pulled up to the stop sign,, and the cops,, and ambulance were already there,, scene the crash damage very very wicked,, yes the intersection needs to be fixed i agree.

Bragg City, MO

#195 Oct 23, 2008
I am her family, And you are all going to be judged by GOD for all these accusations. How can you say these things? It's all wrong!!!!!!!!!!
sammy jo

Idalou, TX

#196 Oct 23, 2008
to sister, i didn't know your brother, but everyone i know speaks well of him. he is in our prayers every night. thanks for keeping us posted. i do make sure to keep up with his progress, so we will know what to pray about. i have a dear friend of his that was at the scene, and is still not over it. it has completely changed him. he really thought alot of him.
but god is able to do far more than we can imagine. we are praying for complete recovery.
sammy jo

Idalou, TX

#197 Oct 23, 2008
sorry went to wrong post. ment for w. hwy accident
Best Lawyers and Worst

Muscatine, IA

#198 Oct 30, 2008
Grandpa Gilmore wrote:
I am sick and tired of hearing about how "dangerous" the 60 and 160 intersection is in Butler County. Seems to me that the accidents that have occurred are caused by driver error.
The last young lady that was killed there ran the stop sign. What in the Hell did she expect to happen? What was going through her head (before the windshield)? Didnt she realize that there is a stop sign there so people will stop? What a novel idea. She would have to come to the realistic conclusion that if she didnt stop there would be a chance that a semi truck would be permenantly implanted up her ass.
As far as I am concerned, she comitted "suicide by semi".
I have traveled that road thousands of times and I am extremely careful to stop because of that big red octegon shaped sign at the intersection with the white band around it that says "STOP" in big white capital letters.
Quit acting like this girl is a martar, call a spade a spade and call her a stupid little twit that made a bad and fatal decision. Also, she broke the law and it cost her dearly.
It is NOT the intersections fault, because the last time that I checked an intersection is an inanimate object.
I cant believe this, you must be a very sad person. Do you not realize that this little girl has a mom and a dad? Maybe a sister and a brother, a grandma and a grandpa? What kind of stir are you hoping will arise from this comment? What exactly would you do if she were your granddaughter and someone decided to bash her after her death? Be ashamed old man....b/c your day will eventually come, and who the hell will be at your funeral? Nobody,,,because it was your fault that you died! I mean, what the hell did you think would happen? Right?
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Muscatine, IA

#199 Oct 30, 2008
i know wrote:
I couldnt agree with you more, kudos to you!!
The original post to this thread was and still is about the fact that anyone drives under the influence should not be thought of as a martar. It gripes my butt when I see a sign out on the side of the highway memoralizing someone that comitted suicide while putting my life and the life of those that I love in jeopardy.
QUOTE]my loved on had a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.0%. this comment is not true from grandpa gilmore
What the hell does it matter fact or not? He should have never used her as reference, first and last it's just not fair to that girls family. I hope you understand that, because one day you may be in the same position as her family.
God Help You All

Conway, AR

#200 Nov 2, 2008
Sikeston Proud wrote:
<quoted text>
A heart attack suicide? Not unless the deceased lived a reckless lifestyle and ate corn chips and doritos all day
Driving under the influence IS suicide.
As far as Lauuren is concerned, she WAS under the influence of both alcohol and narcotics, READ THE REPORT before you make an ass of yourself like you just did. I read the report and I know what really happened she comitted a crime and by doing that she comitted suicide, better that then a murder/suicide. That is the way that it could have gone had she hit someone else.
Thank God that she didnt kill anyone else but herself, So long Lauren.
I hope that she did find go becasue if she didnt she is in Hell!!
You have your facts mixed up! For one Lauren Capper was not under the influence of anything! I don't know what report you are reading or where you are getting your info but it is wrong! She left her friends house and was playing cards (yea some teens can have fun with out drugs or alcohol) and when she came to the stop sign she accidently pulled out in front of oncoming traffic! IT IS CALLED AN ACCIDENT FOR A REASON!! LAUREN IS IN HEAVEN!!! Who are you to judge her and say she is in hell? I pray and pray and pray that her family never sees these comments made by you heartless people b/c obviously you people don't think that it is enough for them to have to live with the fact that they will never see their daughter graduate or her dad will never be able to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day or see her grow up and start her own family! I agree it is her own fault but like they said it was a car ACCIDENT! I pray to God that you people can get over all your hatred so maybe you won't bash innoccent people that have lost their lives!
I loved Lauren and she was a good friend and person!
O and by the way what do you think God would say about some of the comments you people have made on here? Comments like the one I have made will never convince you people to think differently but I do hope they make you atleast think before bashing someones deceased daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, and friend!
God Bless!
concerned citizen

United States

#202 Nov 5, 2008
I live right by that intersection and have seen many wrecks there. I can't believe how cruel you people are being. It is very dangerous when big rigs are going 80 mph around a curve and you look one second it's clear then when you pull out on the hwy the big rig is right on your butt. They posted the speed limit to 45mph now but noone pays attention b/c there is no one to enforce it.
I don't care if the girl was durnk/high she was a good person and I pray for her family the strength to get thru this. Hopefully they won't read all your mean comments.

Since: Nov 08

poplar bluff

#203 Nov 5, 2008
I can't belive how cruel some of you are being!! How would you feel if it were a member of your family,would you care if they were drunk/high? I don't think so. I live by that intersection and when a big rig comes around that curve going 80mph you don't see them till you pull onto the hwy and they are right on your tail. There have been many wrecks there and most of them died.They posed signs lowering speed limit to 45mph around those curves but noone pays attention b/c no law is out there to enforce it. I just hope that the girl's family never reads the mean and hurtful words you have posted. I pray that they can get thru this difficult time and forgive people like u

Since: Nov 08

Saint Louis, MO

#204 Nov 10, 2008
Right or wrong...we aren't the ones to judge what happened or how. And we sure as hell don't need to be setting around having an inappropriate discussion about dead people who did or didn't do what was right. They and their families pay for their actions isn't that enough punishment in itself. I thought you were adults sounds to me like you people are just a bunch of dumbasses who have nothing better to do than to sit around with your thumbs up your ass and cause more pain to those who have lost a loved one to death like these by discussing/arguing over why or how and what should be or shouldn't be done on the highway because of it. People make mistakes, "to err is human", we are all human and NO ONE IS PERFECT, yes you who think you are, you aren't. EVERYONE makes mistakes in their life, whether it be a small one or a big one, it happens. Sometimes our mistakes take away something like a life. But again we aren't the judges. Isn't it time to grow up and stop acting all high and mighty and PERFECT?!?!?!?!?!
harviell resident

United States

#205 Nov 10, 2008
my only problem with the intersection is when I am headed north from Neelyville and stopped to turn on 160, people drive around me instead of stopping. A semi truck did it the other day. Something needs to be done about that, before yet another person gets killed there.

Rose Bud, AR

#206 Nov 10, 2008
ok i just wanted to clear something up. we are close friends to the uncle of the girl who got hit recently. she wasn't high or drunk. she was on the cell phone with her best friend. her friend heard everything. we also live off of 160 and as locals we knew to stop at the white line. then pull forward till you can see. stop again. then if it is clear go through the intersection. it's not rocket science people! its called driving and being sure to keep yourself and who ever is with you alive. put down the makeup and cell phones. its not worth dying over. her uncle feels like she was distracted by the conversation and that's what killed her. i have to agree.

Rose Bud, AR

#207 Nov 10, 2008
on another note i always slow down to 45 now cus of the sign i wish there were more. it reminds you to check your speed. semis can't go around that curve at 80 mph. they'd tip. but i like the new intersection. I'm sorry it happened but i like what they did to improve this portion of highway. it was overdue.

Gary, IN

#208 Dec 2, 2008
Fed Up wrote:
<quoted text>
I have to agree. Just like a lot of these other people around here.. drunk or drugged up and they wreck and then get a highway named after them. Pathetic. Why make saints out of idiots and losers?
F*CK YOU GRANDPA GILMORE! You are a hearltess son of a b*tch! How the hell can you sit there and say that about a 17 year old girl who lost her life? You can go to hell bastard. You didn't know her, so stop talking shit. "Suicide by Semi" That is horrible!!! Have you ever lost someone you cared about in an accident? How would you like it if someone talked bad about them? The intersection at 67 and 160 is bad. I live down 160 and drive it everyday too. The wrecks that have happened there have really opened up my eyes. Lauren Capper passed away in that wreck. She did not do it on purpose asshole. She was a 17 year old girl with a whole life ahead of her. It's people like you in this world that we don't need. Jerk.
Dear God

Saint Louis, MO

#209 Dec 2, 2008
Dear God, please look over these people who are on here talking all this negative talk about the dead! Please Heavenly Father take their souls and save them! Even though they are so negative about this make sure nothing bad happens to them! Please God make sure their families are safe and make sure they wake up every morning! You have taken the lives of many young people, good and bad, young and old, druggies or not, drunks or not, but please let these people live a long and lonely life! Make sure the young girls spoken of in this forum are having a much better time in Heaven with you! In Gods name, Amen!

Traci English did not plan on dying that night, she did not commit suicide! She was a bright, lively girl! She was looking forward to the Winter Formal at school that year! She had been over at my house the night before showing us the dress she had gotten to wear to that dance! She loved everyone and loved life! She might have made a few mistakes in her life, but she was just a teenager under the influence of teenage life! It's too bad her life had to end so soon, she was a great person! She had a very loving family and tons of caring friends! Her family still struggles today with her loss! The highway that is honor of her was adopted by her family so that they could always have a piece of her with them! They clean that part of the highway every year on the same day to honor her! Rather she was under the influence or not she did not deserve to die, nobody deserves to die! To all the others that have lost thier lives in car accidents or to whatever may have caused thier deaths my heart and prayers go out to their families, its never easy to lose a loved one, to suicide or to an accident, its the hardest thing anyone has to face in life!

Faridabad, India

#210 Dec 2, 2008
Mullet wrote:
Just kidding. She was high and drunk and brought it upon herself.
I just hope to god that nothing ever happends to you or your family member for casting salt on some young girl!! Did you know her or was you there getting what you say drunk or high with her? I am good friends with her sister I wouldn't want that kinda pain put on any family!! Keep your f--ckn' mouth shut about her!!!!!!!!

Florence, CO

#211 Dec 3, 2008

Goodman, MS

#212 Dec 3, 2008
I am not from around there but i have read through alot of this thread, and i personally wish Grandpa Gilmore would tell me his realy name, because i would truly like to meet you somewhere. You really need the shit beat out of you, i really hope the family of this poor girl dont read this. This is seriously some of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard someone say. I dont know anything about the situation, but from the way it sounds it doesn't seem like suicide and it is a terrible thing to drag this poor girl and her family's nae through the dirt. Why would you say something like that? Someone needs to take care of your sorry ass.

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