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Saint Louis, MO

#1 Apr 25, 2008
DH and I are trying to have another baby and I am confident that I do not want to use my local hospital again and am considering using PB so I was wandering what your opnions are on the local OB/GYN's Specifically Dr. Carda and Dr. Patty (either one) I would like someone who will take my past grievences with my birthing experinces into consideration as well as being liberal (let more than one person in and allow for pictures and possibly video) in the delivery room.

Also does anyone know about the Hospitals as well as the DR.s policies, restrictions, rules ETC. are as far as labor and delivery go?

Thanks so much for your time and input!

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Since: Apr 08


#2 Apr 25, 2008
I had a wonderful experience with Dr J Patty. He was wonderful and didnt care how many were in the room during delivery. The only stipulation on the video camera was that when the baby actually came out, the camera had to be off, but you could turn it right back on as soon as he made sure everything was ok.(made sense if you think about it) I loved him and didnt have any complaints.....theres my 2 cents...good luck!

Van Nuys, CA

#3 Apr 25, 2008
ive used carrie carda twice and she is very sweet, there werent any complications with my pregnancies or deliveries ,she was great with both of mine , but
i had a cervical cancer scare a while back and she didnt handle things the way they should have been so i used a doctor in cape that deliverd my brother, he was excellent ! and the labor and delivery and nursery at southeast hospital in cape is amazing, the doctors name is dr. pringle. i would highly recomend him

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Apr 25, 2008
DR.J Patty delivered both my kids and is so wonderful and understanding.

Saint Louis, MO

#5 Apr 26, 2008
Thanks for your replies, Although I have heard lots of great things about J. Patty I am really leaning towards Dr. Carda at this time b/c I understand that DR. Patty Has really long waits and is hard to get in and With my job that will be difficult. Also I can't help but feel that a female would be more receptive of another womans needs/wants...what do you think?

Columbia, MO

#6 Apr 26, 2008
Dr. Carda is very caring towards her patients. And yes, to use Dr. Patty can sometimes be very frustrating since he is so busy.......Dr Patty has more experience than Dr. Carda though. Another good one to take a look at is Dr. Jones I've heard good things about him too!
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Faridabad, India

#7 Apr 26, 2008
What does DH mean? Doctor's Hospital?

Van Nuys, CA

#8 Apr 26, 2008
yes i agree, when i first got pregnant i went to dr. patty and waited for over an hour and a half and never got in for my appointment, so i left , and made one for dr. carda. dr. carda does have busy days pretty often and ther can be a long wait there too, but she is very understanding and sweet , great doctor , and we had forogtten our video camera for the birth, but we took pictures all through out , and she does allow more than pne person in

Saint Louis, MO

#9 Apr 27, 2008
DH= Dear Husband

Saint Paul, MN

#10 Apr 27, 2008
Try dr. jones he is wonderful. I was leary about trusting a doctor in this region but, he delivered my two youngest with great confidence! He has a great staff they are very sweet & understanding. I have recommended him to a couple of girlfriends who are very pleased with his work.

Since: Apr 08

Poplar Bluff

#11 Apr 27, 2008
My sister used Dr. John Patty. I've heard some very shady things about Carl. I know people that love Dr. Carda and I hear people that don't think she's that great. I'm sure it depends as with anything.

I personally use Dr. Tami Williams out of Cape. I've never had a baby to know how she is with that, but I love her for the gynecology part.
PB Native

Williamsville, MO

#12 Apr 27, 2008
Apparently everyone on the forum is new to the area, and has not worked for the hospital. You would be hard pressed to find hospital staff who use any of the above. Run, don't walk to Cape. And WHATEVER you do , do NOT use the local hospital. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Obviously doctors are not perfect, but Bluff has an over abundance of incompetence and arrogance. Most patents staying local are on some time of government welfare or entitlement program. Recently had a conversation with a lady from St. Louis, who is messed up big time by one of the above mentioned docs. She had to go to St. Louis to get the mess fixed. They were incredulouse what had been done to her. She found an attorney. Another young friend was put on hormones, after three months she became suicidal and wouldn't leave her house. After several return visit to another of the above mentioned docs, she went to st. louis. Again, they were astound at the incompetence. The lady in question was on a specific hormone for one year. She should never have been on it more than 8 - 10 days a month.
Experienced Patient

Poplar Bluff, MO

#13 Apr 27, 2008
Just like with anything you will find pros and cons to doctors as well. Dr. J.Patty has delivered both of my babies and recently done some minor surgery on me. Yes he is very busy. You call his office at your scheduled appointment time and they will call you back when you should come in. This way you only wait around 30 or so. He most always runs 2-4 hours behind. If you set your appt. at 3:00, you probably will not see him before 5:30. I've had an appointment at 9:45 p.m before. We hear all doctors have bad cases and what not but I believe Carda has had one too many. I just don't feel that she has the experience and knowledge if it is not a run of the mill pregnancy. If I had any complications I'd be concerned to have her as my doctor.

Rose Bud, AR

#14 Apr 27, 2008
I thought the same thing with my first pregnancy. "I don't want to go to a man, what could they know about being pregnant!" Bad choice! I lost that baby, through no fault of hers, but her lack of compassion was appalling and then I had to have a D and C to remove the baby. I went home the same day and started having severe pains that night. Called her office the next day, all she would do is send more pain meds to me, which I didn't want. I called her the next day because the pain was so severe that I just stayed curled up in a ball and crying. She told me to come in and be admitted to the hosp. I went in that morning and she never came to see me that entire day or night or had ordered any tests to be ran. Just gave me a pain pump. Dr. J Patty came in to see my roommate and my husband said, will you please look at my wife, she is in such pain. He said, well, I don't want to step on Carda's toes, so no. She finally came to see me early on the second day, went to ultrasound and found a ruptured ovarian cyst, I was taken immediately to surgery, no time to call anyone. When my husband got there and found out I was in surgery he almost had a heart attack. Then for the next 2 weeks, I did nothing but vomit and have diarrhea. I ended up losing 20 lbs and again all she wanted to do was push meds. Later found out she had nicked my bowels during the surgery, which is a known complication, but instead of telling me, she just hid the fact and kept giving me pain meds. I never even got them filled. I finally got better, but please don't make the mistake I made when I was young and foolish. Dr. Jones delivered my 2 babies and I absolutely adore him. I did not sue Dr. Carda and am not that kind of person, but I'm smart enough not to go back.
Drs Patty fan

United States

#15 Apr 27, 2008
I used Dr. Carl Patty for my first child. Carl is not as personalable, but he is a great doctor. He's been in practice a long time and chose to cut back a few years ago. He no longer delivers babies. For my second I used his brother, Dr. John. While there is a long wait time, if you call a few minutes ahead of your appointment and preregister over the phone they will call you back 30 minutes before he can see you. This worked out just fine for me. He didn't rush when he was in the room to see you. He made sure all your questions were answered. I would much rather wait for a GOOD doctor than get right in to a bad OB! Dr. John also found a virus (not VD) that I had which could have been passed on to the baby during birth and caused complications. I can't say enough good things about either of the Pattys!!! Go with John Patty.

P.S. The video taping policy is not completely up to the doctor. The facility regulates that as well. At PB hospital still camera shots are okay the whole time. Video is only allowed before and after the baby's birth. Or at least that's the way it was a few years ago. You might ought to call the hosptial and ask.
Wrong Again

United States

#18 Apr 30, 2008
I can assure you that no one working in the OB department of PBRMC goes to Cape for care. Our OB department is excellent - and for the record, the majority of us use Dr. John Patty.

United States

#19 Apr 30, 2008
I love the ignorant people around here who think the mecca of healthcare in the United States is in Cape Girardeau, MO. I can assure you, those in Cape think it's in St. Louis and those in St. Louis think it's in Kansas City or Cleveland. It's always bigger and better somewhere else. There's not much difference between Cape and PB. There's nothing cutting edge going on there, folks.
dont understand

United States

#20 Apr 30, 2008
I can't understand why people think they get better care or better doctors just because it's a bigger city. The location doesn't matter. I can't understand people who go to St. Louis and put their trust in physicians no one knows anything about. Lord knows they're not all perfect, and some are better than others. But they are all human and humans error. There are some very reliable, brilliant doctors in Poplar Bluff. We are fortunate to have them available to us. I think Dr. Patty - both John and Carl are very good at their jobs. I choose my doctors by their proven track records. I don't go by popularity or personality contests or their looks. Their wait time is a non-issue. What does any of that have to do with providing your baby the best OB care possible? Being able to say your doctor is in St. Louis or Cape is not impressive. With the amount of doctors located in PB, if you want to spend the gas money to drive all that way, as far as I'm concerned you must be stupid yourself!

Saint Louis, MO

#21 May 1, 2008
don't understand, I just wanted to say a couple of things first of all, I started this thread because I am very hands on in my pregnancies I come from a long line of natural and home births, In missouri that is no longer an option so I want the Dr. who will allow my birth to be as close to that as possible. I feel that to talk to former patients and nurses is a good starting point in looking for a DR.(I never said I was going to choose based on opnions) Since I work (and want to continue to do so until the birth) about 40+ hours, a week going around with my notebook and interviewing is not an option I have been asking people I know and am doing so on here.
Also The wait is a very important issue for me since I will be driving a long way (whichever I use PB or Cape) and since I manage a large company and am almost always on call I really can't be waiting hours every appointment. If I don't keep my job I don't have health care which means no care for my baby good or bad. So for me the Wait time CANNOT be a "non issue". I wish I were as fortunate and had lots of time to sit in a DR.'s office all day but I simply cannot. I feel that personality is important I am one of those crazy people who feel that My emotions and likes dislikes etc. effect my baby, therefore If the DR and I don't click or he/she makes me anxious, angry, etc. I beleive this can effect the baby.
After I feel that I have some good input, I will begin interviewsing Dr's I am just begining to look around and check out my options-before I even get pregnant. I honestly just like to know what other people think. I will do interview beofre I choose. Thanks for your time and all your input!
dont understand

United States

#22 May 1, 2008
Wishful_thinking, You must be hormonal because I wasn't asking for a chewing. I was just agreeing with Hilarious. But since you wanna be that way...
Oh, so you're one of those. I went to school with a girl like you. In fact, if I didn't know any better I would think you were her, except that she has already had a baby. To ease your mind, Dr. John accomidates people like you who like all the natural methods and have all the birthing plans with restrictions and whatnots. Patty has a MUCH better track record than Carda. Don't get me wrong, Carda is a very nice person. But if it's OB/GYN skills you want, run the other way.

I worked at the hospital for quite sometime. I don't know any of the other doctors that will take the time like he does. Most of them will just think you're some weirdo wasting their time and annoying them if you make any special requests. I personally witnessed John Patty accomidating the most extreme needy patients without blinking his eyes.

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