The plans deadly scumbags plot on my ...

The plans deadly scumbags plot on my boyfriend."THRILL"

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 26, 2013
YES first let me confirm that I am having problems with my computor now "just like Maegan BUCK( The military recruit deadly scumbag link to the TS Casino MONEY 12-5-09 "THRILL" plan who moved in above me in 2007 to establish her "will fell sorry for her" image in the plan to set the TS Casino up then for fixing wins all part of the what was to be the plan to shut it down that was changed to a 25% money control agreement between "Angie Babay" NYS GOC Cuomo and Ray Halbritter in this 13th clue year of THE THRILL OF THE KILL" that took place just after the ROGUE FBI to the day 4-15-08 I sat in the offices of the Syracuse FBI trying tounravel the mind games deadly cumbags had played with me about a little death that was no "accident") Boston ).. "Magan said she would"(YES She did...very good scumbags who feed off my mother in this "wait till you see what the FBI does to her(me) part of the story now deadly scumbag promotions)

So after all this time I am having trouble flipping posts from the Utica forum to my Facebook page...?? Its NOT a result f my loading and downloading it was sparked by something timed in my comp..that results in that type cover plan..There is alays an underlying cause..I didnt just start downloading..

Now the issues of my boyfriend in this who is not an emotionaly conforting or sensitive person to begin with..He's a's how he is..there isa HUGE push by scumbags to control his mind..and everytime he falls into the pitfalls of it ..the result is not good for him..they work had to mold him cleverly by words into what the ROGUES are planning..and it cuases a lot of friction here between us..YES he is another one who pretends he does not hear what goes on..and here is why..

Deadly scumbags have already taunted him that he WILL burn or throw out everything I have here linked to this story all my writings etc..and if he does not the FBI will "get" him for it..They taunt all kinds of BAD things..THREATS..and the plan to "nickel less" him (clued from the 10-2-12 "friendly fire" shooting of FBI Agent Nchola's Ivies death link to my sons 2-25 birthday) one way or the other is non stop here in New Haven..
Those who taunt here all the time they are watching now all work from the same area..of this road..and they cover their asses with claims ike "trying to help" they taunt the same way SANDY(The FULTON LIB deadly hook) did at me also there..while she was promised Pennys job etc off it all a plan that back fired..whats funny is Maegan knew a new director would be hired also..and she knew who she was nack in 2008..

So right now in this deadly scumbag taunt version of things the issue is "Wait till you see wat the FBI is goin to do to her"(Me)

YES the technology is still on me..YES it still watches my every move..and that was confiremd atPrice Chopper on Fridy when a woman made a comment that other picked up on..the parking lot immediately from talk went right into "They better shut that kid up" who had acknolwedged what this woman had said...So the technolog is still there and still follows me as I had claimed before as it always did..Like I said if someone was missing like Ray Gregory..the technology has at leats a 400 feet radius around me at all times..and they use it and this is not scarcasm to measure the intensity plum of my farts..scumbags talk about it all the time..they know which farts small from the intensity of the heat of them..thats how the technology works..this is actually talk here by kids also in this..its NOT funny its how this countys scumbags entertains themselves..They can smell my farts all they one deserves to more..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 26, 2013
So right now I am NOT really interested in what cop could die next..The issues are the PUSH here by BAD scumbgas to continue the ROGUE FBI/NYS POLICE plans of "he said it's not" "we don't like that you're saying someone is shooting cops"

Well I can fix that one is shooting cops..its all just some "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "friendly fire" bullets and I mean "perfect"..3 of them also ..How luckiest for how my "predictions" about the RED COP" an ONEIDA cop being a target in this also in 2011 just fell into place days later off a CHRISTian set up on him..that took his life..How "perfect" for me..and how I was so heavily posting Orlo Green was next in Sept of 2012 at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego Oswego(LIBRARIAN murder extra innings link location)as military scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney was setting up her mother Peggy's sexual abuse plan on her brother "gain" role and how all the back up clues right down to how NATIONAL GRID "set up" Peggy on 9-12 my mother's fall date clue link and then Aftin arrived off a fight she started at her boyfriends familys home that needed police intervention also..for her boyfriends arrest. As Peggy now in her I was "setup" image I thought has run back to "Rob" her boyfriend she claimed is the reason se had to move hime at CHRIS T MAS for the cover image of what the Rogue FBI had planned to sync with their deadly GUN CONTROL-NACO RHYMES with WACO clued called SANDYHOOK off their link name LANZA and the image "he protects sex offenders)anger image.

Its really NOT that hard to figure out if you knwo the story FACTS ..somethign the other side is desperately trying to prevent..through the use of deadly scumbags and other real life horrors that all narrates the OGUE plan behind it all..That they put together as scumbags claim off the very technology they still use right here in NEWHAVEN, N.Y. It' been going on for years..the pttern and MO is exactly the same..right now as scumbags obsess over a "tractor" in their end of the destruction..its a ploy to keep focus off the real deadly plan.

In fact from what I know the ROGUES work hard to make sure that JUDITHS role is this is still heavily this excuse and that one JUST as Maegan said in 2008.

Let me note now BAD scumbags have begun their use the name of a corworker of my boyfriunds a lot lately..I know Lorinda Fullington knows this coworker also and she knew issues bout his marriage way back in 2001 also( I recall her talk about him and what her friends laughed at behnd her back on then also)..she was going to try and move in on him(it was a sex issue) like she was upon being told by her sister Carol about Lundy's "personal interest" in me in 1999..This coworker has the NAME clue of names in all of this also..So I don't know whats behind it all BUT here's how it is brewing now. It's all somehow linke to how I ran into Steve Scharf at Classic weekend back then how he came to Walmart two weeks ago just days before hs brother Jerry's death(?)..I don't why or what is behind who this went on..BUT the clues are NOT good. Did they work him wife as the cover for what they are cluing me off it all? Go back to how TOM Abelgores wife was the cover for TOMS 8-6-08 arrival in Fulton and the other TWO FULTON COPS who link also..somethings behind it all and its always deadly.

Also there as conversation here ysterday in my home about a mans "perfect" COINCIDENCE" name linked to NYS Disability an issue linked to my boyfriend also now brewing..It's pretty clear BAD scumbags plan to prewarn this man about the potential on him of his activity. YES it all links back to JUDITH the ROGUE main deadly scumbag recruit now..ROGUES have many plans riding on her her activity.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 26, 2013
When Utica forum posters had Ian Hobbs move y BOSTON forum post to Uticas board I should have known right then..where to location focus my clues even though I had a hunch on it myself..No one ever transfers my poss but IAN..and his pick of forums was "perfect."

The(Excitable boy) Hobbs has been around in this a long time..

So as the "JUDITH" keps bad scumbag attenton...birds of a feather..if you know what I mean..MY focus is in Boston ..Where did you hear?..The FBI shot dead a man who "implicated" one of the Boston bombers in another murder..the shot him dead after he pulled a knife onthem inhis apt after they accordingto the press release ontheir own links..put pressure on him after he implicated himself thus the man became hostile and pulled agents who shot him..I am how ever HAPPY to read posts comments about it all linked to no one who knows this end of that story link overkill of clues..of how suspicions of how sloppy it was on the FBI part ..that resulted in them killing such an important they press out to us he "implicated" the Boston brother before they shot him.. So in his apt they pressured him more..What did they think would happen next...It's embarrassing the FBI could not take a more clever approach into aprehending this suspect after he "implicated" himself to them..instead of pressurig him more in that location situation..This is the FBI not a joe blow patrol man a few days into his new job...

As far as the Vietnam Wall in New Haven this weekend requetsed 4 years ago thats just off Maegan BUCKS time frame link..YES she may have pushed to get it here thrid party military scumbags recruits do ..BUT this also is TOO "perfect" and it more than obvious there was a bad a deadly scumbags plan behind ti all also...That probably was unknown to those who requetsed it back then and how it came to be an idea..I like my marker regardless o wat scumbags claim who walk though there and don't even drop a flower or donation in rememberance of those who die everyday so they can live the criminal lives the there..

Just think BAD scumbags maybe you will know someone on the heavily inspried roadside bomb wall that is sure to be built some day also and then you just might begin to understand then what it's really all about while you are blinded right now by "THE THRILL OF THE KILL."

Let me explain how reading the scrapbook of my deceased uncle who died in Vietnam effected was an issue my mother herself did not work to preserve..There was no photo copies made and given to her kids or even displayed in her home ay anytime.. was it too "painful" I doubt it..I would not have really know about him if I had not read his scrapebook that has vanished also..Thee was talk about him at tmes..I did not kwow him but saw a pic of him holding me as a child..and years later I would read about is life in Vietnam.and then later learn the conflict my auts and uncles had who blamed my grandmother for his death there..He chose to go back on the tour he died on..his first tour was HIS done by my grandmothers "sign" of the card that allowed him to go at 17..My uncle PFC=Private First class William M. Tarbell was killed in action on February 26th his the picutres he laft and letters explained a soldiers life in vietnam..and it was interesting..He left no spouse or children..only his memory that is not well preserved..

Somewhere out these is his scrapebook still I hope ..who my grandmother sold it to I do not know BUT it was NOT family.

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