What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs?

Savannah, GA

#414 Apr 17, 2013
This is pure speculative on my part,

Boston was the sight where the 9/11 flights originated from,

Since many believe there are no such thing as coincidences, it sure seems to me Boston PD is somehow involved in these latest bombings.

It was widely speculated back then that the snafus at the airport were in fact intentional.

They brought 9/11 on themselves.
Kiki Alard

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#415 Apr 18, 2013
No one cares what you have to say, Frank M Jerry. Well, I know who DOES care. And he is an authority on you from years ago.

Savannah, GA

#416 Apr 19, 2013
Kiki, Your a funny person, maybe they' ll send me to Gitmo. Haven't laughed so hard in a long time. A true bellie laugh

Greeted with open arms at Kroger yesterday!! A beautiful two hour walk, in bright golden sunshine.F.Y.I.

Two thoughtful person offered me the riding basket not one but two. One male and one female. Get Real Kiki

On my way stopped by a Church was the sign that read, Get your faith in gear not your fear.
In fact waived to the Pastor.

Armed and dangerous? The only arms I carry are my own!! Thanks for the publicity.

The real truth as to how I spent my day in lovely Savannah, Ga.

Kiki Allard, It truly sounds like your the Nut job.

Tampa, FL

#419 Oct 23, 2013
Frank M Jerry wrote:
Dated: June 9th 2008
University Hospital and Pavilion
7201 North University Drive
Tamarac, FL 33321
Mr. James A. Cruickshank
Chief Executive Officer FOR THE RECORD
Upon recent discovery and with continuing research, my concerns of May 2004 centered around my being afflicted with Moderate Parkinson Syndrome and not remotely related to any Psychosis or Bi Polar Disorder as determined and labeled by Dr. Daniel Enrique Chervony. As further proof these are the symptoms I was experiencing and of which Dr. Chervony et al were well aware of as follows along with my family: The reason I was granted disability.
a)tremors visible on my hand and internal trembling
b)swollen ankles a portent to kidney failure
c)muscle rigidity or stiffness
d)numbness in my right shin a portent to a certain immanent stroke
e)dragging of my right leg
f)involuntary mouth movements
g)numbness in neck and shoulder area among other ailments
All of the above are early warning signs of Parkinson Disease and not remotely related to any dementia and certainly not Bi Polar as diagnosed by Dr. Daniel Enrique Chervony.
“Moderate Parkinson” disease is caused by the over medication or wrong medicine being prescribed.( Haldol and Geodon). If I had continued listening to these medical idiots, my best case scenario would have been Parkinson’s Disease. Why are Dr. Chervony and Dr. Vasquez, Dr. Martinasevic and Dr. Moskowitz are all missing these symptoms ? Are they licensed doctors ?
In medical jargon they were still trying to reduce my dopamine neurotransmitters which were already significantly low thus “Moderate Parkinson Disease.” The only conclusion that can be drawn is that they wanted me to have Parkinson Disease and not just moderately. This calls for there immediate removal and they should be criminally prosecuted. Not so ?
When this scheme failed in September of 2006 they then force Respidol Contra on me which is not approved for the elderly and can cause instant death. This would of pleased them to no end. The only conclusion at this point was since they couldn’t cripple me, well let’s just kill him.
I demand these doctors be removed from the hospital immediately. Govern yourself accordingly. The hospital should be shut down due to FRAUD.
Dr. Daniel Enrigue Chervony is also very guilty of Medicare and I.R.S. Fraud. He’s intentionally reckless and wantonly over bills Medicare for both himself and hospital to cover huge hospital debt and his own at taxpayer expense. His freebees provided by the pharmaceutical companies are not picked up as income. It’s all about the money and not the patients health at University Hospital and Pavilion as required by LAW.
Thanks for the kind attention to this matter.
Cordially and forever young,
Frank M Jerry 10614 Abercorn St. Savannah GA. 31419
Ps-177 I have no legal remedy because of the high powered lobbyist in Washington thus expect your immediate assistance to this matter. Allowing doctors to kill patients for money. I may seek remedy in Federal Court. Someone has to put an end to this blatant corruption at taxpayers expense and increasing the withholding for Medicare is absurd. Doctors benefits should in fact be significantly reduced. The Government is being ripped off blindly.
Write it here,


and here


Tampa, FL

#420 Oct 23, 2013
Check it out http://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/sea... [id]=&services[]=&peri od[]=

Tampa, FL

#421 Oct 23, 2013
Has Your Health Professional Received Drug Company Money?


Tampa, FL

#423 Oct 23, 2013
By filing a Ripoff Report it's almost like creating your own web site
..And, it's FREE.

Your Ripoff Report will be discovered by a large number of consumers! Search engines will automatically discover most reports, meaning that within just a few days or weeks, your report may be found on search engines when consumers search, using key words relating to your Ripoff Report.

such as

University Hospital and Pavilion
7201 North University Drive
Tamarac, FL 33321

Do it Jerry. Write it.

I was hurt by these quacks too, expose them.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#424 Oct 23, 2013
Please avoid Wings Plus on Sample Road,

A home and hang out for Bullies!!! Need I say anymore? Read my previous post and protest.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#425 Oct 23, 2013
More FEMALE Bullying

I remind ALL the residents of Coral Springs Bullying worked it's way into the Ft. Lauderdale Courthouse.

Judge Lisa Trachman has me evicted by Broward County Sheriff's in (5) days. I was on disability having trouble with my rent at the time. She didn't give a hoot only believed the false rumors circulating about me from Chief Arrigo, besides which I didn't have to put money in the rent register as she falsly claimed.

Plus Judge Lisa Carol Phillips who also believed the false rumors being circulated by my ex wife about me and trying to find out who was helping me write(no one, I do all my own writing).

Judge Phillips actually sent Broward Sheriffs to my home after my home was already invaded by CSPD to try and shut me up and squeeze the name of the attorney had there been one who was helping me..

Were finding out NOW that Woman make the most vicious bullies, Right Carol Walsh ???!!!
The reason your Wings are poison and toxic.

All three must have been vicious as female youngsters!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#426 Oct 24, 2013
Instead of Eating those toxic chicken wings of Wings Plus ,(the omega 6 fatty acids combined with the beautiful sunlight (natural anti-depressant) combine causing the various skin cancers concerns) I suggest And .

Upon further review, I am currently experimenting with Chlorella and Spirulina which are high in Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a plants blood very similar to human blood (very close), eating vegetables is like taking a blood transfusion, an infusion of pure blood.***Iron is the center of human blood, magnesium for plants blood. Magnesium is also extremely vital for human health.

This holds the key to the "Cure for Cancer" and currently being researched heavily.

The reason consumption of Vegetables is so so mightily important for quality health.

Get you children to eat vegetables now, not later. Jerry Seinfeld says so as well.

All I know is I do, my diet is mostly Vegetables!!

and it is working and working very very effectively. T.G.

I do not read any litigation regarding the Use of vegetables in obtaining quality health. In fact some culinary arts school teach Health as a by product.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#428 Oct 29, 2013
Since It currently seems Vogue and acceptable to flip people the Bird, please Flip all the above Female Bullies the Bird for me. It is obvious that none of them have any brains even on what the sit on.

It is just too bad that Hurricane Francis did not knock the Lights of Wings Plus out permanently.

Just; Wonder how many peoples Health they have actually damaged and ruined with their Toxic Wings?

Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#429 Oct 29, 2013
FLH Abused, Here is added prooof and more concrete evidence that Psychiatrist especially of the Hebrew varity really have No Clue and just accept everything pharmaceutical companies lays on them especially when it is free.

I am talking specifically about Stephan Moskowitz of the Pavilion who actually acknowledge to me in session, he was unable or not allowed to practice any other form or type of medicine.

Here is the reason FLH Abused, Sodium Fluoride the Primary ingredient in Prozac was NOT only used by the Nazi's to make people retarded(it did a number on my ex-wife, her behavior became very irrational), thye put it in the water supply but we are learning NOW that is damages male sperm thus can act as a contraceptive preventing people from procreating. And Hebrew Doctors like Stephan Moskowitz prescribe Prozac to their patients.*****Unbelievable stupidity, Chervony lied and He swore by it, I do not forget.

How can you explain that type of behavior other then they have no clue and take things at face as MD's when it comes to free pharmacy???.

As far as I am concerned, as Pro Auditor and to this very day, I get to the bottom of things, into the Nuts and Bolts so to speak. T. G.

Crappy doctors Do Not. This behavior is inexcusable.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#430 Oct 29, 2013
As LUCK would have it FLHAbused in 2007 while residing in Ga, one night walking home from a gas station after purchasing some items, I get mugged and my wallet is stolen. There was no altercation and I gave the muggers my wallet which had almost nothing in it. However, the incident for some reason (not discernable at the time) spiked my sugar levels and was taken to GA Regional in one of my trances.

My first session the next day, a Female Psychiatrist informs her counter part right in front of me who were debating as to whether or Not if I needed medication.
She says to the other psychiatrist, he seems like he’s in a trance and let's just wait and see if he(meaning me) comes out of it. It was a trance, a diabetic trance and NOT one Pavilion Psychiatrist for 8 1/2 years ever recognized.(Not Chervony, Moskowitz , Martinasevic nor Vasquez.)

It all then began to register with me from that moment on, the only thing I still had to discern for myself was what were the causing these trances or spikes in blood glucose.

She did not know the root causes but knew it was a trance. I subsequently (getting to the bottom of things) determined they were caused by excess sugar, disharmony/ discord or high stress and excessive fish oil all caused my lood sugar levels to spike creating a trance like states of mind.

And you have “Schmucks” like Chevony practicing Psychiatry at the Pavilion who are unable to in
8 ˝ years to decipher or determine this. The Police even brought me to the Pavilion on several occasions themselves completely withdrawn into myself/ out of it.

Why? because these doctors are in cahoots with big pharmaceutical companies with the sole purpose of pushing deadly Pills. Deadly needless Pills and Dr. James Mercola himself states that Bipolar is nothing more then a diabetic fit. It makes perfect sense NOW.
How many people have died and families negatively effected taking Depakote, Zyprexa and Now Rispadol? and they could not careless but only about the perks and money.

I would no longer ever recommend trusting any doctor of any sort. They all lie today for the money nad Perks. Hope they rot in hell.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#431 Oct 30, 2013
There is a very interesting Health article in Dr. James Mercolas Health news letter today. I read his newsletter everyday and it is very informative.

"When it makes SENSE to Just Say NO to meds"!!! This is exactly waht I did 10 years ago and saved my life in the process and eventually relocating to Savannah Ga.
The smartest move I have ever made in my life other wise these Pavilion doctors would of killed me by now for sure.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#432 Oct 31, 2013
Just a Coincidence Fl Abused?

MSN reported yesterday that 440,000 people die annually attributable to medical mistakes. Just be grateful your still alive and can do something about it.

I am Just thankful to the Lord for opening my eyes in the nick of time or I would have been one of those deadly statistics for sure.

These doctors need to get the Chair and in the case of the Mexican Chervony, needs to be sent back to Mexico, corruption is part of his upbringing and he brings this medical corruption crap to America.
Many of these doctors simply have No conscience like the one on trial for killing his wife.

Medical care is great if it is legit. Based on today’s standards medical care is not legit,
it is all about the money and perks,.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#433 Nov 2, 2013
Did you noticed Miami Dolphins player left camp because of bullying??,
well one of the main reasons I left Coral Springs there was too much bullying going on.

Savannah much nicer with mucho more Nice people who treat each other in a dignified manner. Not bully them or try to intimidate them based a false information.

Wise up Good folks of Coral Springs and say No to bullies and
Do Not Eat at Wings Plus on sample, the home of the bully.
Read a Nice news letter, Natural News, Go Natural Health and save yourself mucho deniero in heath cost.!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#434 Nov 2, 2013
FLAbused and All the mentally abused folks, read as much Natural Health news as humanely possible, Mercola or Michael Adams, they have there heads straight.

Yesterday article-fight depression with Vitamin B3 Niacin- Right On the money!!

These psychiatrist are in reality another form of bullies- Just say No to all buliies !!!


The Miami Dolphins Player from Stanford( smarts school) said No and I fully agree. Simply Walk out or away and take up the fight another day..!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#435 Nov 2, 2013
Another Infamous Female Bully of Coral Springs was Det. Barbara Haydu. She was so overly preoccupied following my exploits for the Chief Roy Arrigo, she completely lost sight of her Fellow Bullies on Steroids. Glad there both gone!!

There is nothing worse then a Police Officer bully on steroids, Right Crawford, Gallagher and Carlson, all you Mark McGuire followers.
Maybe Haydu should of check into it if my ex wife testimonies were even accurate?
That was too much trouble for her. Those wicked lies of my ex were solely to gain custody of my two youngest sons were strictly for money.

***Woman lie for money.She filed a harrasment notice and she wasn’t even at Wings Plus, need I say more.

If I was such a bad abusive father Roy Arrigo, before there was a SS stipend for my two youngest sons, Why did they chose me to live with? and it was then very much okay with my ex-wife???.

My ex then lied for money and Police bought into those lies as well as Female Judges etc etc etc, then a bandwagon effect community effort that simply got out of control.

And if I did something wrong that required the invasion of the entire CSPD, Roy Arrigo,

Why wasn’t I arrested ever for it ?? Savannah Ga, much nicer place to live.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#436 Nov 2, 2013
Keep in mind another word for Bully is "Control Freak", these owners of Wings Plus are control freaks and enablers.

They allowed my youngest Son to quit school by providing him a Job as a dishwasher.

How dumb was that?

But that was somehow okay with the Chief of Police Roy Arigo and Det. Barbera Haydu?

They should of invaded Wings Plus owned and operated by the "control freaks"
Brian and Carol Walsh !!

Now my Son has No education, caught with alcohol underage and the POLICE have only themselves to blame as well as the Courts, Female Judges sitting on the bench taking up space.!!!

These are the idiots that need the services of the Pavilion. I was just trying to make things right.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#437 Nov 2, 2013
Hope my other Son is not blaming himself for his DUI. He was only emulating his Bosses, Brian and Carol Walsh who "glorify" the consumption of Irish Whiskey.
There'll glorify the consumption of Irish whiskey in Hell for sure. That is where Whiskey get glorified.
And Judge Phillips, How much Irish Whiskey do you consume on a daily basis? I had to become the Detective to get you to recuse yourself, Shame on you and you'll regret the day you were born should my sons become alcoholic. You'll be doing your Judging from hell.

You Irish are brain dead due to all your alcohol consumption. Right wing conservative alcoholics???.

Meanwhile Det.Haydu, How come you failed to detect the fact all Irish woman who worked for me.

Or my former sister in law who called my home daily complaining about her abusive Husband.

I grew up in Queens N.Y. and included in my circle of friends were of course Irish kids, I know what bullying, control freaks and the abusive Irish are all about. Right Bob Conlin of Coral Springs.

Would my ex father in law and brother in law allow me to marry their daughter and sister if I was remotely abusive or violent as charged?

Not on your life. They were both New York Police Officers. That marriage was annulled (40) years ago for other reasons.

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