What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs?
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#388 Nov 30, 2012
Strangely enough, I find this to be a medical enigma of which there simply seems to be too too many in this day and age.

Josh Hamiliton of the Texas Rangers explains his vision problems to be his excess consumption of coffee or caffeine. NFL players are suspended for there use of Aderol which is considered the equivalent of (100) cups of coffee.

And somehow this if fit and proper for children with attention deficit disorder. Any medical care provider care to explain ths enigma?

There are just too too many enigmas regarding medical diagnosis to my satisfaction.

For some ridiculous reason, a "sugar" problem somehow gets diagnosed as a BiPolar Disorder? Medical doctors need money to live is the only logical explanation. Pharmaceutical companies have to sell shares of stock.

This certainly explains the reason Medicare constantly gets ripped off by medical professionals, people need money to live on.

The Medical Industry especially in South Florida really needs to do some soul searching especailly those "for profit' hospitals.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#389 Dec 6, 2012
This is taken directly from a recent Health news report and the reason why my sons sleep deprivation was literally causing him to lose his mind. This was at the hands of Wings Plus on Sample Rd and the primary reason I tried protesting this establisment and almost would up getting my self killed by Police Buddies.

"New research has shed some light onto why sleep deprivation may be so damaging to your health, as it may seriously impair the way your body responds to the hormone insulin."

Impaired insulin sensitivity, also known as insulin resistance, occurs when your body cannot use insulin properly, causing your blood sugar levels to rise to unhealthy levels.

Insulin resistance is a precursor to type 2 diabetes as well as a risk factor in many other chronic diseases.

Sleep deprivation puts your body in a pre-diabetic state, which can lead to increased weight and decreased health and in fact may act or behave completely different then whom you really are.

The taking of unncessary risk and chances completely altering your behavior.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#390 Dec 6, 2012
Since more and more people are dying each day attributable to prescribed medications, I strongly recommend the following.

Based on doctor greed and a bogus diagnosis, it certainly almost cost me my life. It has taken almost 9 years to rehabilitate myself and I am not quite done from all the damages inflicted upon me, I may add needlessly.

Rxisk.org is a website designed and created by people. A movement for safer drugs. One of the features on the site will allow you to go through a series of questions that will help you determine whether ailments you’re having are associated with any of the drugs you’re taking.

At the end, you will get a report that you can then bring with you to your prescribing doctor, to aid you in making a more comprehensive risk versus benefit analysis. This is extremely important and over looked completely by myself, risk versus reward.

Thanks to the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, which starts in 2013, drug companies and medical device manufacturers will be required to reveal most of the money they are giving to physicians;

This will enable you to determine if your health care provider should be trusted or is actually on the drug industry’s payroll.

I know for a fact based on my own observations, my doctor partied hardy with drugs reps for money. I fell victim to this crime. I am sure he was paid handsomely for the drugs he was prescribing to me and for which almost killed me. He gave no regard to the damges that were being inflicted on me, he forgot his "Do no harm oath completely".

Never ever again, I believe in my project of Natural Health, it simply works better.

Savannah, GA

#391 Dec 15, 2012
Loxahatchee Heat seems to think my post represents spam and are simply clueless. My above post indicates how children who are placed on Adderall and are being exploited by medical practitioners. Children were unmercifully just killed in Conn. Yesterday, Lord have Mercy on their souls.

And I specifically identified as a future problem in Savannah Ga. is the out of control (sales are up 30%)sales of guns and assault rifles seem to be unable to even make it to the shelf.

Do you think this is clueless and spam Loxahatchee Heat?
These people seem to be preparing for another civil war.
Hopefully the events in Conn will lead to new more appropriate gun control laws.

Chris Matthews on TV yesterday stated that a former Senator from Ga. actually would have challenged him to an old fashion duel if it had been legal.

We are absolutely need new gun control laws.

Savannah, GA

#392 Dec 15, 2012
In order for me to support my comment above that Prescription drugs kill., this was summarized from a very famous health newsletter I recently received.

The sad facts are that “one American dies every 19 minutes from an accidental prescription drug overdose. This phenomenon is now being described as “the biggest man-made epidemic in U.S. History”. Americans consume 80 percent of the pain pills in the world, and once they start, they set off a cascade of reactions in the body that makes it difficult to stop taking them. One of the most commonly abused drug classes are painkillers. These drugs are not only addictive, they can lead to slowed breathing and death if too much is taken, and the risks are compounded if you add alcohol to the equation.”
“It’s not only painkillers,(75) percent of patients taking Plavix or Effient, two common blood-thinning drugs, may be receiving the wrong dose which would put them at risk of uncontrolled bleeding or blood clots.”
Just pay attention to the seemingly endless number of lawsuits taking place related to legal drug use.

Please become very familiar with the drugs your currently being prescribed. My biggest mistakes was relying on my doctor too heavily and for him to be honest with me. He wasn’t (he was in cahoots with big pharma) and should lose his license and sent back to Mexico to deal with drug cartels, instead of his deals he makes with American pharmaceutical companies.

On ESPN Sports center, they almost daily encourage today’s youth to “Dream Big”. My Mexican idiot Medical Doctor with very severe low self esteem issues and in fact is grossly overweight, interprets this to mean being “grandioso”.

The reason he desperately needed a refresher course in psychiatry after I was his patient, he has no clue as a psychiatric doctor. He just knows how to hand out those free meds he obtains.
Simply Pathetic.

Savannah, GA

#393 Dec 15, 2012
As a person that has just about seen it all regarding mental health, I am strongly opposed to all medications, it makes matters worse in the long run.‏I can prove all my assertions.

One needs a quality councilor and dopamine should be balanced through nutrition. It can certainly be done with proper eating habits.

I was close to death with these mental health drugs, switched to Natural Health for Natural solutions, the last nine years and I am far far better off.

People are being terribly misinformed.

I read nutritional news letters and they are right. Dr. James Mercola has a great handle on this concern. Mental health drugs also significantly reduce life expectancy. I was very close to death.

My ex-wife was so so bitter after our divorce, she played the vicious game full knowing my mental health background falsly claimed I was threatening her. Too too many people bought into her vicious lies.

More upon request even you Loxahatchee Heat.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#394 Dec 26, 2012
Loxahatchee Heat,

I happen to be in full agreement with Mike Huckabee on this issue, Put "God" back in public schools and we need to put "God" a little more back in this Country.

The Lord seems to be vacating the USA.

I like Mike, Mike is my middle name as well.

I look good, I feel good and I like myself; all because of quality nutrition and NOT medication the last nine years.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#395 Jan 11, 2013
Just say NO to the flu vaccines, all you have to do to avoid colds and flu is to have well functioning kidneys and a clean liver.

Clean your organs with occasional fasting and drinking ample amounts of water until urine runs pale yellow. Everything then is in order.

Sorry to learn of all these teenage suicides but all these drugs simply DO NOT WORK either.
Anti Depressants are a bunch of crap.

Read my previous post about Vitamin D3 , B3 (Niacin) and sunlight as being very effective means of eliminating depression and dealing with mental health issues. T. Y.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#396 Jan 14, 2013
Carmelo fasting for clarity (Great for him),

I fast to clean my liver and kidneys often (No cold/flu!for me )The cleaner your liver and kidneys are the less likely yoy'll get sick.

It is NOT by coincidence Hebrews fast from RoshHashana to Yum Kippur for health reasons and prior to cold season.‏

ODonnell the Irish news man wants to remove the Bible is about the dumbest statement I have ever heard in my life. We should be following it more closely as people, we would all live much longer.

Maybe even hundreds of years like they use too.

No doubt about it!!!

As a Roman Catholic, I can appreciate the ways of the Hebrews in the Old Testament in which I am not bound too. I am only bound to the New Testament.

I use to fast every friday as a youngest and if Carmelo fast properly, he will do a complete body cleanse giving him enourmous energy. It works for me.

Get real ODonell!!! I'll wager another abused Irish lad.

Savannah, GA

#397 Jan 16, 2013
Anyone see all the latest legal litigations resulting from a medical device inserted for pain relief.

They run out of battery power? You got to be kidding me.

May I suggest eating foods which are considered anti-inflammatory specifically designed for internal pain.

You will be far better off and those foods work. I eat them and have zero internal pain any more.

(Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis can be a thing of the past with Natural Whole Foods.) It just may take some time the relief is gradual.

Savannah, GA

#398 Jan 16, 2013
Emergency Room Treatments are over flowing attributable to the rise in consumption of these energy drinks.Avoid, you will be making an Attorney very rich.

Everyone should try Carmelo Anthony's (Knicks) spiritual fast. The cleaner your body, the more energy it provides. It is that simple.

Intermittent fasting regularly can help you maintain that energy.(6-17 hours.)

Fasting works and it is not starvation.

Do the opiate research on the matter.

The Lord fasted for a reason, like between RoshHashana and Yum Kippur, just prior to cold and flu season.

Savannah, GA

#399 Jan 20, 2013
Please note in the commercials for Ability a person who has dementia should not be given these types of drugs. These types of drugs actually cause and create dementia, I know I was once there, yet my stupid doctor continued to prescribe Why?

For the money and all about money was Daniel Chervony of the Pavilion. His packs with the devil, the pharmaceuticalcompanies.

After a fairly strict diet for the last nine years, started my 10th Nice feeling now to be just on maintenance, it allows me much freedom to experiment)

I have reversed all sign of dementia along with many many other significant health concerns. Along with over all fitness, I have increased my brain fitness.
Exercise is extremely important even for brain fitness, brain plasticity etc etc as well.

I actually started explaining this to the (400) pound Chervony the MD?? in his office one day.

He slurred me to my family and simply mocked and ridiculed me. Please go back to Mexico!!!

Who is going to have the last laugh Chervony???, I would start doing those "Jumping Jacks" I began showing you. You need more than a refresher course, your actually the one who beeds his head examined.

Savannah, GA

#400 Jan 21, 2013
If you listen closely to the commercials for Abilfy, it also indicates that you may experience an increase or spikes in blood sugar levels. This tells me, my diabetic trances and diabetic comas was actually caused by the medicine I was placed on.

How stupid can you be Daniel E. Chervony? The meds were causing my problem and your trying to give me more and more, Glad I stopped all and went nutritional.

How unbelievably stupid are you Enrigue? Que?

Plus the FDA has strict limits and guidelines for people my age.

Forget this doctor, he is after all is an ignoramus for sure.

The latest research for seniors;
"New research has found four key behaviors – not smoking, moderate drinking, exercising regularly, eating vegetables and fruits daily -- that lower your risk of disability, chronic disease and mental health problems as you age". It is abolutely spot right on, and I am living proof.

Savannah, GA

#401 Feb 6, 2013
I found it utmost disgusting and despicable to learn this morning listening to Law Firms seeking clients for those women administered Prozac

antidepressants and the newborns suffering from birth defects.

Attorneys shake out 57% after expenses.
Who is going to ultimately pay for the care of these children??

Doctors weren't aware that drugs like Prozac cause severe harm to females and there newborn children? I find this very hard to believe.

Do Doctors today actually care about human life anymore or is all about the money???

It is even hard to imagine How a Hebrew doctor would be involved in prescribing Prozac, since it is my understanding the same ingredients in Prozac
were Used by the Nazi's.

Those chemicals were put into water supplies to make the populous dumb. How about you specifically Stephen Moskowitz of Unversity Drive, Prescribing Prozac to pregnant women??

Chervony's partner in crime at the Pavilion. One lies and the other swears by it.

Interestingly enough, Big Pharma picks up the tab for doctor wickedness.

The "schmuck" Chervony seeing my ex illegally prescibing her Prozac which made her very very dumb,is somehow still alllowed to practice. Why?

Everyone especially in South Florida should read about the "Healing Sun" and the enourmous health benefits of taking sunlight in.(no sun screen)
It absolutely worked wonders for me.

Savannah, GA

#402 Feb 6, 2013
Keep in mind, though the Sun can definitely heal and cure, it is not the Sun which causes or responsible for the skin cancers.

It is the excess consumption of Omega 6 fatty acids, combined with the Sun causing the Skin cancer.

Like the Oils used at Wings Plus to cook those disgusting arsenic laden chicken Wings!!!

Avoid soybean Oil and all vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils or limit them as much as possible, then let the Sun shine right on through.

Noted MSN reported to be careful opening those cans of Mixed Nuts, Simply put, Nuts are excellent for the Nuts.

Piss stachios, Pee cans, If you can’t pee properly eat Peecans daily, plus pee nuts, all excellent for the Prostate Gland, but please be mindful as to how your open the can. Thanks MSN

I think all Nuts (Almonds and Walnuts are great too) will definitely help you if your having problems below.
Better then Viagra or Cialis and having an erection for eternity.

Savannah, GA

#403 Feb 10, 2013
"It takes true strength to seek help"

but what happens when you run into a very corrupt evil doctor like Daniel Enrigue Chervony who doesn't know his butt from his elbow???. "The Great Pretender", pretending he knows things he has no clue about.

and an ex wife whose on Prozac which gradually making her dumber and dumber and then uses her very limited knowledge against you, and other ignorant Fools simply buy into her BS.
She fooled the court that I was the abusive type, when all along it was I who put a stop to her Irish brow beating of my sons.
Typical Irish crappola.

One winds up in Savannah Georgia. T.G.

Kathleen O Prozac Has created for herself now (4) husbands.

All my sons need to move out.

My next wife is going to have to be a simply brilliant woman.

Savannah, GA

#404 Feb 15, 2013
Some Interesting noteworthy current NUT news,

Iran (namely Ahmadnejad) has ordered a six-month ban on pistachio exports to try to control the price of the Pistachio nuts.(They have doubled just in the past month). This could actually get even more nuts.
It fully explains the reason the US. Price on grocery shelves has skyrocketed. Please Read On.
(****Keep in mind Pistachios are terrific for the Prostate gland and can help you urinate effectively) Maybe even more effective that PeeCans. Better than all these Flomax type drugs with no side effects. Excellent for Prevention..
All nuts are good for the Prostate gland however be careful of your phosphorous intake. Peanuts and Natural Peanut Butters are high in phosphorous.
“Pistachios are among Iran's top non-oil exports and widely consumed at home(reason they find it easy to urinate), bringing in an average of $1.5 billion a year and providing work for hundreds of thousands of people. Iran was long the world's largest pistachio Nut exporters but was surpassed only last year by the United States. Another way of fighting the War.Better then human life.

With the United States trying to out source more Nuts, we’ve actually increased the price on the home front. Just more inflation on the home front, cost of War...

Other noteworthy news is that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to get New Yorkers to limit now Foam cups etc. He should consider size as well, size of Foam cups matters.
Once again, I am in full agreement with the Mayor. It could limit microwave oven use somewhat as well which in my opinion is also unhealthy.
I really like Mayor Bloomberg over Christie in 2016. I think Christie has a definite health issue he has to address first. He seems in denial.

Savannah, GA

#405 Feb 16, 2013
This message is for Mayor Bloomberg of New York whose trying his dam nest to make sure New Yorkers are healthy and stay healthy.

Since I am no longer a New Yorker, I am not sure if Sodium Fluoride is still put in the water system. If it is this is the problem.

Sodium Fluoride is the primary ingredient used in Prozac, just look at all the litigation which has engulfed this antidepressant. Please read my POST, my Natural Remedy.
Basically sunlight and no Omegs 6's.

Sodium Fluoride was so good for people, the Nazi wouldn't of put it in the water but they did. Then clearly Sodium Fluoride is crap and needs to be removed from the water supply.

There are many many ways to remove excess Sodium fluoride from the body, and remedies for any excess consumption,

I like fasting and I've been trying Chlorella but haven't added the Cilantro just yet.(Iodine and Boron)

Please all City Mayors please look into this important matter. Hydration is very important for quality health. Thanks

Savannah, GA

#406 Feb 21, 2013
Bill O'Reilly's next book "Killing Jesus"

If your killing Jesus and

you know if you are or NOT.

Your really just killing yourself.
Depriving yourself of enourmous blessings, gift, and treats daily.

The more your in the good graces of God, the more things tend to work out for you in life.

I just fasted as a token of my thanks for the many many blessings this past year and gradually developed feelings of total euphoria(JOY) Nothing like it.

Not even winning on a big horse at the track. Having an in with the man helps at the track as well, some of my premonitions come form the man. Ask my sons.

I'll take euphoria over Vicodin and Oxicodin!!!

Savannah, GA

#407 Mar 18, 2013
Sadly to say I see everyday too many construction workers buying these (5) hour energy drinks.

"Mixed Nuts " will do the trick a hell of a lot better plus excellent for the Nuts(Both literally and figuretively)

They will also provide ample cultivation for the grey matter in your brain, one can increase his/hers intelligence at any age with proper cultivation. Be care of fish oil, it can raise insulin levels causing a diabetic coma in the unknowing.

Please also be well aware of your medical billing, been known to be grossly over inflated by medical professionals or should I say cormorants.

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