What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs?
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#371 Jul 12, 2012

Maybe you should thank me for the giant stinks I made regarding the work of C.S.P.D.and Ft. Lauderdale Courthouse.

In listening to Bill O'Reilly tonight along with Lou Dobbs, characterizing the corrupt activities of the Police Department of Opa Locka County. Bill O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs simply ripped this County's Police department. work protected by unions.

Well Bill, attributable to my writings C.S.P.D. made some positive changes and Police Chief Roy Arrigo has gone adios. I still think Crawford and Galleghar should throw there badges in the toilet.

I think O'Reilly and Dobbs would agree with me that Florida is the most corrupt State in union,

Bill, I would sincerely think twice before criticizing my efforts to bring Justice to South Florida through my writings.

After listening to O'Reilly, I am happy I have done exactly what I have done. Tried to end some of the corruption!!

You just need to still get rid of these corrupt Judges as I have named previously especially Phillips!!! and get rid of the jerk of the Court Mr. Harold C. Forman as well.

Thank you very much Bill. I'll accept your apology.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#372 Jul 14, 2012

I am not quite sure Bill who I am being abusive towards? The Banks? who continue to this very day keep hammering away at the American people. Now retailers are going pass along to consumers added charge card cost because of banks.

Was I too abusive towards Police? When you discover that many are very corrupt and are under the influence of roids. I remind you Bill, when you fly into steroid rage, you have crash landings.

Was I too abusive towards the Irish? When they simply glorify the consumption of alcohol.

Was I too abusive towards corrupt Courthouse Judges of Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach? Noticed in the the news a female Court Judge recognized her mistake and over night reversed her ruling. It takes a big person to admit their mistake.

So please Bill, Please inform me as how or who I was abusive towards.Maybe Bill, you'll open your eyes and recognize the truth when it's written.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#373 Jul 15, 2012
It baffles me beyond belief when Wings Plus on Sample Road claiming to be a right wing Republican headquarters and completely opposed to Obamacare.

Here is a restaurant who serves "arsenic laden" chicken wings to it's customers that on occasions make people very sick, and these Irish owners simply glorify the consumption of beer and alcohol which also makes people very sick.(I'm sure Jesse Jackson Jr. "mood disorder" is the result of alcohol.)

Yet, Wings Plus somehow opposes people having the medical insurance necessary in order to help cover the cost of the illnesses which they obtained at there restaurant. They don't want people to be well, Palin and simple.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#374 Jul 16, 2012
Make no mistake about this all you good Coral Springs residents. The method as to how Banks operate
has a profound influence and impact on your health.

Walk all over Wachovia and Bank America had a serious negative impact on mine.

Currently, Banks have no scruples in their Policies and Procedures.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#375 Jul 25, 2012
Retiring wrote:
Will be retiring soon, and heard that Coral springs is a safe place to live in Florida! Was wondering what it is like to live there, and what the costs of buying and maintaing a home there are.(taxes, insurance, etc.) Thanks!
Coral Springs is a threat to Democracy for which it stands!!!

Need I say more!! In fact, the entire State is a threat to democracy.

Stay were ever the hell you are right now.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#376 Aug 23, 2012
Just say no to all drugs legal or illegal and join a D.A.R.E. program in your area. T.Y.

Get rid of Republicans Part D of Medicare, there killing me!!!

The Pill Mill had 100,000 patients, that's several billion in Oxycontin, and Vicodin pills, this tells me the country has very serious concerns as to it's own Welfare and Well being. Go for a Natural High.

MSN Money's Donna Freedman(Seattle) reports supermarket scanners are taking there toll on the poor up to a billion dollars a year. I reported this story several months ago and stated Food Stamps go directly to the grocers bottom line. It also happens more readily in poorer neighborhoods and once again the poor and uneducated are being exploited. Fox Business and the likes of Neil Cavuto has some nerve complaining about food stamps especially I hardly think they miss a beat with there T/E deductions.

I would avoid arsenic laden wings of Wings Plus and avoid Publix, the love to commingle similar items in order to rip you off.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#377 Aug 28, 2012
Did you happen to notice in the news that Notre Dame doesn't want to go to Ireland to play a football game as prearranged (7) years ago?. There claiming a logistic problem.

There more to this story then meets the eye. I wouldn't want to go to Ireland either. The last thing these people act like are Christians towards each other. And how many pubs and taverns are there on every block?.

The only thing they do know is how in Ireland is drink whiskey, go to the race track and gamble among themselves. They are more financially distraught then we are. Maybe they have a few shelters for battered woman. I really have a problem the way the Irish go about there business and live there lives. I write about this extensively in case you haven't noticed.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#378 Sep 9, 2012
Of Course Paul Ryan realizes without Medicare fraud, every Hospital in this country would close.

Exactly how many unnecessary test do they perform when you put one foot in the door?

University Hospital and Pavilion, a for profit hospital, would lose money if it weren't for all the Medical Insurance fraud of which I'm certain.

MD fraud is just as bad and Daniel Enrigue Chervony, the lad from Mexico tops the list. Couldn't practice in Mexico, so he come here to perform his fraud.

He gets all his exercise pushing pills.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#379 Sep 9, 2012
MSN reports very similar to Dr. James Mercola, Is it time to fire your Medical Doctor and offer 4 warnings signs. The presence of any of these signs warrants his release, one of them being "burnout".

I personally would ask the question,
Is he a medical insurance fraud or a medicare fraud?

Someone who sustains his practice only through fraud, If yes, definitely fire him, more then likely not being honest with you as his patient either.

I fired Dr. Daniel Enrigue Chervony for that exact reason, a Medicare fraud expert. He was not at all honest with me either, he was tied to big pharma. He shouldn't of put me on off labeled drugs and neither should your doctor.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#382 Sep 26, 2012
Josh Hamilatons fight with caffeine is referred to as glutamate toxicity. Caffeine destroys brain cells and he is lucky it has only effected his vision initially. Limit coffee to one cup per day, prior to your daily exercising.

This is the exact same problem with psychotic medicines, they destroy brains cells and must be avoided. More harm then good.
When are doctors going to learn? They know this and still prescibe because there the one nuts.

Proper mental health should be achieved through your diet and easily done.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#383 Oct 23, 2012
Could not help noticing that Ahmad Bradshaw # 44 emotional outburst during the Giant gameon the side lines. Apparently Victor Cruz missed an important block downfield and Bradshaw went off on him. Coincidentaly Bradshaw wears the same number as myself #44.

I also wear my emotions on my sleeve and went off (Could of gone more ballistic)on Carol Walsh of WINGS PLUS for the exploitation of children in it's employment practices. I don't have the Giant team behind me but Carol Walsh has the entire CSPD break into my appartment and stun gun me, court approved.

She is a disgrace as a women and human being for having me stun gunned even though these Irish so and so's think nothing of exploiting children.Th Irish have a history of child abuse etc etc.

She did change my sons hours of employment but almost killed me in the process.. My son was experiencing sleep deprivation because of there complete ignorance. No one should seek employment with these people..

Judge Diaz, Speiser, Phillips and Trachman, maybe you should get the facts straight and learn the reasons for
my tirade before you Judge me. Your simply lazy Civil Court Judges who listen to the wrong people. Get the facts from the horses mouth next time.
Even Forman jumped in and took part. Phillips couldn't even face me, she knew she was dead wrong.

Glad Arrigo and Haydu are gone, Galleghar and Crawford have to be removed from the force, Officers on roids!!!!.There in the Lance Armstrong
mode of denial.
Nothing like experiencing Officers, met one in East Meadow L.I. as well Officer Carlson, another Irish PO on roids. How's the prostate gland fellows?
F Sonny Jerry

Savannah, GA

#384 Nov 17, 2012
While surfing the television stationed couldn’t happen to notice these lawsuits involving psychotropic medicines targeted for pregnant women. These doctors are the most unscrupulous unconscionable doctors in the world who prescibe them and the somehow they think money is the cure all.
Somehow money makes this somehow right???. My wife and I were informed back in the early 80’s all these psychotic drugs should not be given pregnant woman, yet these lousy doctors like the ones at University Medical Center and Pavilion totally disregard these severe warnings.

I know first hand Daniel Enrique Chervony, the Mexican bandit, did a number on me with his so called free drugs and no warnings. A bogus diagnosis for money which almost cost me my life.(9) years of Natural rehabilitating and I am still not done with all that was inflicted upon me. Too numerous to itemize. These doctors somehow need more then incarcerations, they have zero for a conscience. Enrique needs to be deported Back to Mexico and allow the drug lords to work him over for sure. Chervony is a despicable human being bar no one to say the least.

Make no mistake University Hospital and Pavilion on University drive is a dehibilatating center and not a rehabilitation clinic when you have the likes of Chervony on the Payroll.
F Sonny Jerry

Savannah, GA

#385 Nov 17, 2012
What is this Country really coming too? Listened to Jane Velez Mitchell CNN, the other night explain that the Long Island Expressway is now referred to as "heroin Way". A road I much traveled on thousands of times is now known as "heroin way".

If your looking for those endorphins,the reason for so much heroin sales, just think of revising you eating style and learn to exercise a little. This produces pleasant endorphins. Also just Listen to the Music" a great sound by the Young Rascals. Let the music play.

I know I experience a Natural High almost daily, thank God, I eat right and exercise daily and Listen to pleasurable music. I am feeling great, looking great and like myself for making a change for the better.

Stay away from all drugs legal or illegal wit hall those negative side effects, they only make matters worse in the long run no matter the drug.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#386 Nov 27, 2012
Simply looking forward to the Georgia Bulldogs to defeat Alabama this week end. Then for the Bulldogs to simply destroy or beat the living
crap out of the Fighing Irish who by rights do not deserve to be in the championship game.

Money talks and BS walks as previously indicated.

College football just more of an indication of American corruption and how bad society as a whole has become in this country. Pittsburg defeated by all rights Notre Dame. Notre Dame failed to deserve to win that game.

Let's go Georgia Bulldogs.

Savannah, GA

#387 Nov 28, 2012
MSN reported today that men with those beer guts run a high risk of bone disease. In addition, it has already been established that alcohol consumption destroys brain cells and I might add the reason there gout is killing them.Taking those painkillers shorten life expectancy.

I find it very troubling also learning that two NFL football players who were suspended due to the use of Aderol. Aderol is the equivalent to drinking 100 cups of coffee per tablet and they are giving this obscene drug to kids.

This drug is being given to children who are considered atttention deficit. Considering the fact that caffeine also kills brain cells when consumed in excess, this just provides more evidence that todays medical practicioners have absolutely no regard for human welfare but only about the money involved in pushing the drug..

The future litigations will represent a drop in the bucket for these giant drug companies, so they really don't give a whoot.

It's all about the money today and not your welfare. That's the exact problem with Chicken Wing consumption, chickens are being feed tylenol, caffeine and arsenic and everytime you place a chicken wing in your mouth your damaging your brain and limiting it's function like the premature onset of Alzheimers.

Combine this with beer consumption, let's just say this is the reason for all the ignorance at Wings Plus on Sample. These people are already brain dead.
Even JR Twinkie Walsh needs to attend night school and learn how to read english. Simply pathetic.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#388 Nov 30, 2012
Strangely enough, I find this to be a medical enigma of which there simply seems to be too too many in this day and age.

Josh Hamiliton of the Texas Rangers explains his vision problems to be his excess consumption of coffee or caffeine. NFL players are suspended for there use of Aderol which is considered the equivalent of (100) cups of coffee.

And somehow this if fit and proper for children with attention deficit disorder. Any medical care provider care to explain ths enigma?

There are just too too many enigmas regarding medical diagnosis to my satisfaction.

For some ridiculous reason, a "sugar" problem somehow gets diagnosed as a BiPolar Disorder? Medical doctors need money to live is the only logical explanation. Pharmaceutical companies have to sell shares of stock.

This certainly explains the reason Medicare constantly gets ripped off by medical professionals, people need money to live on.

The Medical Industry especially in South Florida really needs to do some soul searching especailly those "for profit' hospitals.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#389 Dec 6, 2012
This is taken directly from a recent Health news report and the reason why my sons sleep deprivation was literally causing him to lose his mind. This was at the hands of Wings Plus on Sample Rd and the primary reason I tried protesting this establisment and almost would up getting my self killed by Police Buddies.

"New research has shed some light onto why sleep deprivation may be so damaging to your health, as it may seriously impair the way your body responds to the hormone insulin."

Impaired insulin sensitivity, also known as insulin resistance, occurs when your body cannot use insulin properly, causing your blood sugar levels to rise to unhealthy levels.

Insulin resistance is a precursor to type 2 diabetes as well as a risk factor in many other chronic diseases.

Sleep deprivation puts your body in a pre-diabetic state, which can lead to increased weight and decreased health and in fact may act or behave completely different then whom you really are.

The taking of unncessary risk and chances completely altering your behavior.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#390 Dec 6, 2012
Since more and more people are dying each day attributable to prescribed medications, I strongly recommend the following.

Based on doctor greed and a bogus diagnosis, it certainly almost cost me my life. It has taken almost 9 years to rehabilitate myself and I am not quite done from all the damages inflicted upon me, I may add needlessly.

Rxisk.org is a website designed and created by people. A movement for safer drugs. One of the features on the site will allow you to go through a series of questions that will help you determine whether ailments you’re having are associated with any of the drugs you’re taking.

At the end, you will get a report that you can then bring with you to your prescribing doctor, to aid you in making a more comprehensive risk versus benefit analysis. This is extremely important and over looked completely by myself, risk versus reward.

Thanks to the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, which starts in 2013, drug companies and medical device manufacturers will be required to reveal most of the money they are giving to physicians;

This will enable you to determine if your health care provider should be trusted or is actually on the drug industry’s payroll.

I know for a fact based on my own observations, my doctor partied hardy with drugs reps for money. I fell victim to this crime. I am sure he was paid handsomely for the drugs he was prescribing to me and for which almost killed me. He gave no regard to the damges that were being inflicted on me, he forgot his "Do no harm oath completely".

Never ever again, I believe in my project of Natural Health, it simply works better.

Savannah, GA

#391 Dec 15, 2012
Loxahatchee Heat seems to think my post represents spam and are simply clueless. My above post indicates how children who are placed on Adderall and are being exploited by medical practitioners. Children were unmercifully just killed in Conn. Yesterday, Lord have Mercy on their souls.

And I specifically identified as a future problem in Savannah Ga. is the out of control (sales are up 30%)sales of guns and assault rifles seem to be unable to even make it to the shelf.

Do you think this is clueless and spam Loxahatchee Heat?
These people seem to be preparing for another civil war.
Hopefully the events in Conn will lead to new more appropriate gun control laws.

Chris Matthews on TV yesterday stated that a former Senator from Ga. actually would have challenged him to an old fashion duel if it had been legal.

We are absolutely need new gun control laws.

Savannah, GA

#392 Dec 15, 2012
In order for me to support my comment above that Prescription drugs kill., this was summarized from a very famous health newsletter I recently received.

The sad facts are that “one American dies every 19 minutes from an accidental prescription drug overdose. This phenomenon is now being described as “the biggest man-made epidemic in U.S. History”. Americans consume 80 percent of the pain pills in the world, and once they start, they set off a cascade of reactions in the body that makes it difficult to stop taking them. One of the most commonly abused drug classes are painkillers. These drugs are not only addictive, they can lead to slowed breathing and death if too much is taken, and the risks are compounded if you add alcohol to the equation.”
“It’s not only painkillers,(75) percent of patients taking Plavix or Effient, two common blood-thinning drugs, may be receiving the wrong dose which would put them at risk of uncontrolled bleeding or blood clots.”
Just pay attention to the seemingly endless number of lawsuits taking place related to legal drug use.

Please become very familiar with the drugs your currently being prescribed. My biggest mistakes was relying on my doctor too heavily and for him to be honest with me. He wasn’t (he was in cahoots with big pharma) and should lose his license and sent back to Mexico to deal with drug cartels, instead of his deals he makes with American pharmaceutical companies.

On ESPN Sports center, they almost daily encourage today’s youth to “Dream Big”. My Mexican idiot Medical Doctor with very severe low self esteem issues and in fact is grossly overweight, interprets this to mean being “grandioso”.

The reason he desperately needed a refresher course in psychiatry after I was his patient, he has no clue as a psychiatric doctor. He just knows how to hand out those free meds he obtains.
Simply Pathetic.

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