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Kiki Alard

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#1 Apr 18, 2013
The poster named PopFrancis or FM Jerry has been reported to the authorities for threatening government officials. He needs to take medicine as he is mentally handicapped and addicted to the internet. He has also hurled terrorist threats against his neighbor. He needs help.

Savannah, GA

#4 Apr 19, 2013
Kiki, Your a funny person, maybe they' ll send me to Gitmo. Haven't laughed so hard in a long time.A bellie laugh.

Greeted with open arms at Kroger yesterday!! F.Y.I.

Two thoughtful persons offered me the riding basket not one but two. Get Real Kiki

On way stopped by a Church were the sign read, Get your faith in gear not your fear.

The real truth as to how I spent my day.

Savannah, GA

#5 Apr 19, 2013
Kiki, Spent part of my morning like almost every morning having that one cup of coffee before my exercise, Walking.

I'll be this morning in fact and getting ready right now. Enjoyed the laugh.

If your looking for character references ask all the employees who roll out the Red Carpet for me
at Parkers filling Station.

Yesterday price about 3.33 also stopped by a Pawn shop who I've been dealing with for years and years, Cheaper then a bank.

Savannah, GA

#8 Jun 28, 2013
KIKI, listen up, pay attention and maybe you'll learn something. I guess you think I am another Snowden??
Actually I am,
Anyone view Brian Gumbels piece on soldiers with PTSD.(listen up). His before and after photos reminds me of myself in many ways. I was grossly overweight etc etc
They are approaching this about as incorrectly as humanly possibly. They sre just pushing those killing meds.

He’s currently on (8) medications and just gradually getting himself worse not better. He’s putting himself in the ground.

Exactly like I was doing to myself. I was one nail away.
I was diagnosis falsely and intentionally as being Bipolar when I was in diabetic comas (trance like states of mind)just having insulin spikes.

These idiotic imbecile doctors have me on medications that are simply crap. The Mexican Chervony, the most arrogant man on the planet, arrogance equals ignorance.

The solution is a simple one. A specifically designed nutritional game plan. I designed for myself a nutritional program,(basically my book is all about recovery) and have completely restored myself better and healthier then I have ever been in my life.

******Nutrition NOT Medicine is the route to always chose and I can prove it based on my own living experience. T.G.

Full recovery better then before, I went back to a much younger earlier restore point and it shows. These psychiatrist have no conscience, most of them are hooked on painkillers (8,000 in Calif.)and just want to push drugs whose companies there tied too. They get paid handsomely by drug companies to get you on their drugs needlessly.

Get in touch with nutrition instead. PS, Also get in touch with the Lord, it doesn;t hurt.

Savannah, GA

#9 Jun 28, 2013
All mental illness begins in the Digestive Tract not the Brain as these MD's would love you to believe.

A quality "gut flora" goes a long way in quality health no matter the age. This message has been brought to you buy someone who brought himself back to a much earlier restore point and in the process celan up all the previous crap consumed.

Nutrition over Medication, ALWAYS

Savannah, GA

#10 Jun 28, 2013
A very simplistic proof of all my assertion that mental health is strictly a problem with your digestive tract I offer the following:

Listen to the commercial for "Snickers" very carefully . "your not you when your hungry" well you are not you until a proper balance is reached in your gut. I know have a proper balance and low and behold no more mental health issues.They just disappeared. Learn to eat right for you.

My best approach was a steady diet of fermented foods like "Sauerkraut" and “ Fresh Cabbage.(a natural muscle builder as well) Throw away all the medication and learn nutrition.

Savannah, GA

#11 Jun 29, 2013
Do not be fooled by this diet Pill circulating the nation because of it’s ability to help those lose weight.

Weight reduction is only a very tiny aspect of quality health, The most important thing is to feed all all your organs, muscles, ligaments tissues etc etc properly which Pills simply do not do. You need proper Nutrition for quality health.

Also with weight loss comes muscle lose, the brain and the heart are muscles. Keep that in mind. Exercise it also.

Everyone looking for the "magic bullet" there simply is none and never will be.

***A high fiber diet is the best means of for losing weight. Fiber also removes toxic waste which accumulates in your fat. A high fiber diet makes calorie counting moot.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#12 Oct 17, 2013
October 06th 2013 HealthCare:

Per James Mercola
plus my personal interjections;

"Americans spend twice as much on health care per capita than any other country in the world; more than 17 percent of US gross domestic product, or $2.7 trillion dollars every year, is spent on health care."
"Despite all of this spending and *****pill-popping (Operation Pill Mills throughout the country sprouting up, doctors just writing scripts for money-FMJ), the US ranks dead last in terms of quality of care among industrialized countries," and furthermore;

"Americans are far sicker and live shorter lives than people in other nations. A review of US healthcare expenses revealed that 30 cents of every dollar spent on medical care is wasted, adding up to $750 billion annually. Major areas of waste include excess administrative costs, inflated prices, and fraud."

(Dr. Daniel Chervony et al University Pavilion Hospital F.L.fits this to a tee),

I personally saved the Medicare Program over $135,000 in excessive billing buy various hospitals and are complete frauds based on my OWN Living experiences)
"Generic medications can cost 100 times less than their brand-name equivalent, and usually cost less than most insurance co-pays.( I found this to be very true of medical supply houses-FMJ, one price for you and one for Medicare.).

This means you might actually pay LESS by purchasing a generic medication out of pocket.******Most diagnostic tests and procedures are inexpensive to perform. However, the charges for these tests and procedures typically have no relation to the actual cost. Hospitals routinely bill 10 or more times what they expect to be paid.” University Pavilion of Ft. Lauderdale F.L. fits this to a tee and was a total rip off to say the least. The reason the amount I question was high. I am full agreement with Dr. Mercola.

As far as my own credibility is concerned, the U.S.Gov ernement has removed me from the "Ranks" of the disabled. Thanks in large part to whole food consumption instead of medications which came close to costing my life.

***Also read about Oreo cookies and "Sugar" being worse for you then cocaine. Research scientist feel "Sugar" is at the heart of all health concerns. I am fully agree with that assesment.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#13 Oct 17, 2013
Millions of woman searching for Men who have a personal relationship with “God“. Christian Mingle advertises this.
I certainly do and it wasn't somehow good enough for my ex-wife. How dreadfully sad and actually feel sorry for her. I am very happy with my character.

She couldn't recognize a quality man if her life depended on it. She listened to too many idiots especially to those related in the medical field.

Tired of female Judges ruling based on their feelings and intuition instead of seeking the Facts in my case. Det Haydu a perfect example and happy she was replaced.

Ft Lauderdale Courthouse notorious for this, Judge Phillips and Trachman ruled based on intuition and feelings. Blah!!!
I was targeted by a lot of woman in Coral Springs based on a lot of false information.
The woman in Savannah Georgia find me totally different and complete opposite as those in Coral Springs. Georgia has me right on.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#14 Oct 17, 2013
Recently I learned that a Diet high in fiber (25g) daily goes a long way in preventing a Stroke.

Since I walk regularly and diet and exercise always works contrary to medical advertisers, I strongly recommend a Diet High in Fiber for the elderly.

I would also eliminate Part D of Medicare and free up more money for whole foods and more then likely save Social Security for the young and able while there at it. Social Security is going broke because of Bush's Pills, most needless ones at that.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#15 Oct 23, 2013
Bullying seems to be a main topix in the news currently.
I remind you Wings Plus on Sample Road sure acted like Bullies sending the entire In Duty CSPD as favor to my apartment.

They wanted to stop me from protesting child exploitation in their employment practices, so they have CSPD almost stun gun me to death. Carol Walsh Can you look yourself in the mirror yet???

Plus pull me over in Brevard County for no reason while I was exiting F.L .

Coral Springs home of Bullies personified. Gallagher and Crawford Steroid bullies along with the Walsh's.
****More post on What's the Real with Coral Springs, a town of Police bullies. I hang my hat in Ga because of all the Bullism that took place.

Discretion is the greater part of Valor.

*****I wasn't going to subject myself to anymore Police Bullism and my Sons can't seem to understand.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#16 Oct 24, 2013
As a regular blood donator even the Sheriff of Brevard County Samuel Andersen who threw my Blood plate protector to the wind. Brevard County is Now becoming a ghost town, there the reason. They behave indiscriminnently with out using neither side of their brains.

List of Drugs which make you ineligible to donate blood
Claravis, Sotret, isotretinoin)
Avodart©(dutasteride) Coumadin©(warfarin)
Embrel (etanercept)
Feldene (piroxicam)
Growth Hormone from Human Pituitary Glands Hepatitis B Immune Globulin Humira (adalimumab) Insulin from Cows (Bovine, or Beef, Insulin)
Remicade (infliximab)
How healthy can these drugs be if you can't donate blood? Happy I turned down prostate drugs and surgery, I love vegetables, I did not want to become one. Once again money was more important to the doctor then my well being.

Someone tell Phil Mickelsen what he can do with his Enbrel especially when Whole Foods will do.
Kiki Alard

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#17 Oct 24, 2013
I need oral attention, Pop.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#18 Oct 25, 2013
Is it Kiki Alard or Kiki absurd,

but do not fret,

your keeping me on top of the charts.

Are my post too educational for you?
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#19 Oct 31, 2013
Read MSN report Kiki aburd about how 440,000 people die annually simply attributable to medical mistakes. This is exactly what I've been stating the last ten years.

Hope Kiki your not one of them with all those deaths on your conscience. Sound like it, since Kiki your defending their ABSURD behavior.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#20 Nov 2, 2013
The reason I'm Hated so much KiKi is because I take on the Bullies and fight back, Right Loxahatchee Heat??.

The pen is mightier then YOUR sword.

Notice the Miami Dolphin who said No and Walk away to team bullies!! A Stanford Grad!!! I am a Baruch Grad, the finest business school in the country in my day.
You guys are Big Bullies Loxahatchee , let's make that perfectly clear.
Own it, can't have your way, so bully your way,

Go Natural !!Read Natural News and discard the doughnuts and lose the sugar.

Kiki Are you still giving my post to the F.B. I. agents ? The ones who watch Porn all day and accept a pay check?? They did not have time for my case.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#21 Nov 3, 2013
Follow the Ritchie Incognito story of the Miami Dolphins. My living experience in Coral Springs was made miserable by the then toxic Police Chief Roy Arrigo, bully, control freak and intimidator.

This is when you give an idiot a badge , he puts everyone, all honest citizens at Risk.
Look at all the retaliatory responses currently taking place across the nation.What caused the rise of all these Police hate groups? Chief like Arrigo!!

I think you want to send the wrong fellow to Gitmo, it really should be Police Chief Roy Arrigo as previously stated in my writings and looked away by the Justice Department and a do nothing F.B.I.
Kiki I was right all along!!

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