Lenore Siegel of Pompano Beach Florida died quietly on December 16, 2012 around midnight. Many were shocked because she was always so full of life and sparkle.

At some point she fumbled for a piece of paper and scrawled the words "Am I Dying?". Her youngest daughter said "No Mother, they are taking you to the hospital for an operation." Lenore seemed to relax at that point and let death finally claim her body.
She was 83 years old but never acted like it. This woman actually had chased down some robbers that stole her purse in the park one day by her condo. She ran full speed down the street screaming. The police involved could not believe it and asked her if she'd want to join the force.

"She was a woman you reckoned with if you crossed her," said one relative. She was very set in her ways, as well as opinionated, so it was hard to get her to "play nice" if you crossed her in some odd manner. But she had a heart so big and would help or give advice even when it wasn't asked or wanted. She gave it.

Her family said she was the glue to keep them all together, even an estranged older daughter out in California. She raised her children very well and taught them how to live and how to "LOVE!"

She dressed great until the end, and never had a hair out of place. She was never at a loss for words either and knew how to discuss all subjects. She could even sing her favorite song "My Funny Valentine" without a piano.

She made people laugh, she made them cry, she made them see themselves. But more than ever Lenore K. Siegel of Pompano Beach Florida jumped to the occasion of being needed and loving her grandchild, as well as keeping in touch with family.

One family member saved every letter written to her by Lenore Siegel. "It would make a wonderful movie," said the oldest daughter, a blogger/writer on the Net. Lenore Siegel will live on and be remembered.