What's the Real Deal With FM Jerry?

Savannah, GA

#41 Feb 7, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Once again, I find myself agreeing with Mayor Bloomberg whose allowing protest against the State of Israel. It conforms with Christ teachings and as previously explained “Let your enemies plot".

Very intelligent man, Mayor Bloomberg , whose trying to do his best for most New Yorkers but thier too too dumb to understand. It must be the fluoride in the water supply.

In addition, my wife and her Attorney in our divorce proceedings claimed I was messianic delusional. Attacking me at my supposed weakest link (being delusional) without absolutely no legitimate basis like yourself.

The word on the street.

Yet, because of her use of Prozac, which makes you very dumb, she forgot I met her when she belonged to a Charismatic Prayer group. She claimed she could pray in tongues. I was waiting for (20) years for her to speak in tongues.

She was a fraud. And I can have this marriage annulled at any time. She is the one who mislead me, It wasn’t me who mislead her. If it weren’t for my children, I would of called it quits right from almost the beginning.

When a woman wants you, you can do no wrong, when she no longer has any need or use for you, you can't do a dam thing right.
She was an Irish woamn all about the money only. When the money ran out, so did she.

In addition, her Spanish Attorney was very similar to Mark Sanchez who runs into butts because he became so flustered.

Too bad she didn’t run into mine but just flat out lied to the Court. Simply put, our divorce papers were a disgrace and nothing more than SPAM.

Savannah, GA

#42 Feb 8, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

A cursory review of the List of names (90 to be revealed- just more delays) of pedophile L. A. Priest seems to be as stated throughout my postings “Irish Priest“. Mahoney, Duggan, Carey etc etc etc .

I can almost guarantee you Heat the “Core” of the problems comes form the fact they were abused themselves and see nothing wrong with there behavior.
"Do unto others as others have done unto you."

This is solely based on living with Kathleen O’Prozac for (20) years.

Still think I’m delusional in my assertions Heat?

More by FMJ

Savannah, GA

#43 Feb 8, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

I would passed this information on to my superiors connected with the hiring process.

My wife’s nephew David Meehan Jr. is a prime candidate to follow in the path of Dranor.
Very ( got calls every morning) abused by his father David Meehan connected to the Police of Nassau County N.Y.

Not sure if David Meehan Jr.is still serving in the Military ??
but upon exit will undoubtedly apply for a Job as a Nassau Cop N. Y.

Like Father like son.

Do Not higher him. His M.O. is the exact description as that of Dranor.

Thanks Heat, You can thank me later.

More by FMJ

Savannah, GA

#44 Feb 10, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,
By any chance did you catch the HBO documentary on Priest Celibacy???. Once again the list contains those Irish Pigs again. Even again at the top of the food chain as well, Murphy and Walsh
(Interesting) etc etc etc etc. Irish Pigs.Exploited the deaf, who couldn't make a sound.

Please note that the Catholic Church is down to (4%)attendance (I only attend Chapel myself now) of what it once was in Dublin, Ireland. Too too many Irish pedophilic for everyone’s liking. Irish hypocrisy, "Do as I say Not as I do", as previously explained.

Everyone’s angry with the Polish Pontiff for showing too much Mercy. It is really not his call??, it is the “Lords” call. So the Polish Pontiff from my perspective did the right thing.

In addition, these Catholic Pedophilic priest Need to Adhere to the advice of “Jesus” or I don’t think they are ever going to find themselves in heaven.“Jesus” says “if you hand causes you to sin, cut your hand off.” These Priest need to castrate themselves. Or the Kingdom of Heaven will NOT be there’s. End of story.

In living with Kathleen O’Prozac, I realize, as an outsider from the Church, these Priest SELF loath, they have very low SELF esteem and are constantly depressed, no matter there public image or persona. The reason these Irish Priest drink so much, so they can simply cope with daily living .

Internally for them is simply a living hell, a nightmare and do not sleep.

Maybe the Polish Pontiff knew that, so there was no need for additional punishment. My ex is going to be residing with these pedophilic eternally unless she corrects her court documents.

In this regard, my Irish mother in law was right, she hated men for this reason and raised Kathleen O‘Prozac to hate men. My mother in law knew this was going on in the Priesthood and loath Church “Goers“.

I also noted one of the victims who was wronged and went on a writing spree like myself looking for Justice anywhere he could find it. He filled lawsuit after lawsuit seeking Justice. Droners 11,000 word manifesto????

Someone should clue Donahue in, This is not an attack on the Church, it is to clean up the Church’s act, so it doesn’t collapse before our very eyes which is suppose to occur during end times according to the Prophecy.

More of FMJ. My attacks on CSPD were performed so they would clean up there act likewise Heat.

Savannah, GA

#45 Feb 12, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,
Did you notice the Irish Teapot Joe Walsh ripping the first lady for attending the funeral?. There is nothing like Teapots, like Irish Racist Teapots, Sean Hannity being another, these Teapots just criticize for the sake of criticizing. Criticism like mine is suppose to be constructive, Not Destructive. Sean Hannity is a destructive force on Fox news as was Glenn Beck.

Interesting Pope Benedict is returning to a more simpler place in time, teaching and writing. I’ve done exactly that in Georgia and tried explaining this to my son in the Corrupt Ft. Lauderdale Courthouse when Judge Diaz separated me.(Georgia has a great deal of peaceful and restful waters). Heat your in favor of corruption in courthouse???
My reputation preceded me along with that of Kathy O’s lies.

In the HBO Documentary, the Polish Pontiff was ripped for accepting huge sums of money from the Church from less than honorable people or highly shady sources. I would do the exact same thing, In case no one noticed, the Polish Pontiff did not accept these funds for his self aggrandizement, the Church sponsors many many many honorable programs, therefore there is absolutely nothing wrong with redirecting that dirty money for clean worthwhile projects.

The fact you fail to see the relevance of many of my comments to Coral Springs is just another indication of your true ignorance. The ignorant resort to violence. I'll be happy to explain anything but your never ever specific!!! Be more specific Heat and I'll explain.

More of the Real Deal by FMJ
More of the real Deal by FMJ

Savannah, GA

#46 Feb 15, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,
Noticed in the Savannah newspaper this morning the Savannah Police Department is under
F.B.I. investigation.(False Police reports).

I wanted the CSPD investigated a few years back but they sent Arrigo Adios instead. This was music to my ears, and I’m delusional Heat??

Also the Justice Department under Bush wanted no part of it, sorry Laura your husband was the worst or second worst right next to LBJ.

My enemies will always claim that, I'm delusional.
In summation Heat:
There are two kinds of Irish losers,
1)Irish Police PED users, they all need to be fired immediately and the Chiefs know who they are.
2)Irish Priest who are simply real PEDS (pedophilic)

The FBI should investigate every Police Department in the State of Florida !!

By the way, My Mom Julia E, as President of the United Civic Council of Queens was in direct contact with the Police Chief of either the 111th or the 114th daily. Not too many women involved back then.

In any event, she ran that department. In my moms going around for signatures (10,000 at a time), she had the pulse of HER community on her finger tips, My home phone number might as well been 911. Julia this, Julia that.

She was able to cut a lot of red tape in order to get things done which included the hiring of Police and were they were going to be situated. She knew exactly who to call also.
She was even able to get extra Police hired in a Dinkens down economy.

More of the real deal FMJ

Savannah, GA

#47 Feb 16, 2013
CA Police Chief:

A Gun is Not a Defensive Weapon-That is a Myth. It is a offensive weapon used to intimidate. End Of Story.

When you come to Save, Ga. Gun Control Now

Leave your piece at home Heat, the piece at your side not mine is simply used to intimadate me.

End All Guns, even for Police.Remove Guns from Society, De-escalation Now!!!

Savannah, GA

#48 Feb 16, 2013
As a member of the General Public because of all the Police reports being false, I don't think Dorners wound was self inflicted. I also think the fire was started on purpose. So there!!

That Heat is now the crux of the problem, Police have no credibility. End Of Story

F.B.I. comes in cleans house and we start all over.

That's what I would do Pam Bondi, Clean House and start with every PED user. T.Y.

I am a Lt. Loxahatchee Heat and think I deserve some of your respect, not all your BS.

Apprise all those Tampa Pistachio Nuts, or freaks who seem to be unable to identify themselves.Why are they so afraid???

Savannah, GA

#49 Feb 17, 2013
Noted in the news Mindy McGrady Country Music Singer dies of "self inflicted" gun shot to the head. Glad we never had a hand gun in our home.
The New York Times just had a article on this very subject, less hand guns, less suicides.

Kathleen O'Prozac puts a brand new Mercury Station Wagon into a telephone pole. She would of left 3 behind instead of 2.

Seems like both ladies have much in common and guaranteed both were victims of abuse in their early childhood. Another Irish abused child of God...

My ex use to enjoy Country Music, Hope she looks into the life of Mindy McGrady, She will find many many similarity.

Hope someone from your Ft. Lauderdale Courthouse is reading this as well as my sons

Savannah, GA

#50 Feb 17, 2013

Please say a few prayers for the departed Soul of Mindy McGrady, whose side profile looks much like Kathleens.

May she Rest in Peace. Amen

End Home Guns and end child abuse NOW

I think this is the real reason Pope Benedict resigned and it would not shock me if the Vatican remains vacant for awhile.

No one knows exactly what to do to end child abuse.

Savannah, GA

#51 Feb 19, 2013
My separation from my wife went actually very peacefully. I slept in the living room for about 6 months before we actually divided. And then moved on our merry way.

I took my 2 youngest and she the 2 oldest. The oldest could help her with her new financial burdens. My wife hates financial restraints

All the nonsense and crappola began several years later when my ex really began feeling her financial restraints. Then she wanted my two youngest because they represented dollars and cents to her.She needed more money.

People will beg steal and lie for money. My wife lied for money. Police and the courts bought into her vicious lies. That’s the old bottom line.

She is the one who has to live with her decisions and actions, not me.

I am satisfied with mine all the way. T.G.

Hope my sons one fine day open their eyes to the truth, they have shut their eyes tight on the matter,
Too painful? Probably still for them.

I am currently the villain for all that has happed for inexplicable reasons.
Hope that eventually changes. When, God only knows that answer.

Savannah, GA

#52 Feb 21, 2013
Homosexuality should eventually be a thing of the past. Same sex marriages will not multiply therefore the problem should fade away into the sunset.

It is strictly an abnormality, anomaly, irregularity peculiarity or an aberration like lasts years NFL draft, 4 great QB’s in the same year.

It is also not even close to being a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE, that’s just trying to follow in someone’s else’s footsteps improperly. Being a human being versus sexual preference are for sure totally unrelated..

That’s the reason child abuse and child neglect have to be stopped in it’s tracks to reduce the rate of homosexuality.

It is NOT a by product of genetics but the result of excessive child abuse or neglect. It is a man made illness like and other psychiatric disorder.

And correctable if that’s what the person truly desires. How bad do you want it??

If a race horse like Sea Biscuit can be trained to run on the lead and then be retrained to come from behind ,so can a human being. Humans are a lot smarter then horses. No?

I would NOT put children in same sex marriages. Children mimic and emulate.

Savannah, GA

#53 Mar 18, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat;
Do your really think that the killing of a (16) year old youngster in N.Y. wasn't a hate crime? The youngester was unarmed, the under cover agent was.

I certainly believe the invasion of my home by Florida Police was the result of a hate crime(Carol Walsh's hate derived from Wings Plus) as well. Glad I wasn't killed. The stun gun can cause a person my age to have a stroke and it is suppose to be a defensive weapon only.

Why was I stun gunned walking away from the Officer to quiet my dog? I could of just as easily grabbed my sons golf club or baseball bat. I strongly believe the Officer was on PEDS as well.

Any response sir, other than dah? it is rather unfortuante none of you fellows know how to write proper english, the problem with many Police reports.

Savannah, GA

#54 Mar 18, 2013
I have been hospitalized three times the day after Easter and once a couple days after Valentines Day in a trance like state of mind (Diabetic comas).

Not one single lousy doctor in the State of Florida could put two and two together especially that Mexican goof ball Daniel Chervony MD or should I say Medicare rip off.

My ex gave him too too much credit. He knew nothing as proven by the fact he needed a refresher course. Happy to see he's no longer affiliated with the Pavilion.

He really needs his license stripped permanently.Over bills Medicare is an understatement. And in cahoots with drug companies. One doesn't treat diabetic comas with the drugs I was given unless he was being paid handsomely by the drug companies to do so..

If you need medical help, go to another State for treatment.
Hate you

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#55 Mar 19, 2013
Are you still talking to yourself, nut job? Get laid.

Savannah, GA

#56 Mar 19, 2013
How could I be talking to myself when your reading my post? Sorry, the truth hurts, I wanted to take this to Fed Court years ago, The Justice Department wanted no part of it.

Maybe one fine day you'll read my book on Natural Health. Keep in mind Mixed Nuts are good for the brain, heart and Nuts. Amen.

Savannah, GA

#57 Apr 6, 2013
I find it extremely troubling "Loxahatchee Heat",and all you Heat lovers, I chose the path of least resistance as taught and still got all shot up. That to me is lousy Police work. Gee, Where is Roy Arrigo?

It wasn't and will not be the last time I will have escaped death. The Lord obviously has more in store for me. I have escaped death on quite a few occasions. T.GAlmost bleed out in factdue medical stupidity.

On another such occasion, took the Mohawk across Great South Bay in a hurricane with a Chris Craft whose draw was only 2 ft. At the end of the Journey, the next day at dock side only toothpicks could be found.

I would very much appriciate "Heat" the return of my College Ring taken from me in the now defunct Brevard County. Need I continue to ask?? Thanks

Savannah, GA

#58 Apr 8, 2013
All I know Loxahatchee Heat all Heat in the auduence is I ended a Coach Mike Rice situation at Wings Plus and didn't need to get stunned gun for it. Agree? Welsch or Walsh same crappola.

Savannah, GA

#59 Apr 17, 2013
HeatSeeker wrote:
Why does he keep posting over and over again?
1) Troll
2) Mentally handicapped?
He ruins these boards.
Flag and report to ban his IP.
Hope this finds you reading today about your beloved Fraternal Order of Police? I'm sir mentally handicapped??,

This story gives ALL my writings about Police enormous validity.

I was a top auditor sir for a reason with the nations top firm.

I specifically even addressed the fact “Fraternal Order of Police” preys on the elderly. Maybe all of you should really go Pray in Church and learn how to take a knee and humble yourselves.

I guess I was also right, you were upset because in fact my writings represented the truth.

Savannah, GA

#60 Apr 17, 2013
Heat Seeker states and I quote,

"This is your problem- I don't think you know how the internet works, sir, and you come off as mentally unstable when you rant about the police."

Read about your beloved Fraternal Order of Police and I come off as mentally unstable with my rants against Police??, Do you honestly think their beyond reproach Sir? You can do no wrong, Give me a break.

Do you think it was fitting and proper to have my home invaded by just about the entire CSPD like I was a terrorist as a favor? PED users/losers to boot.

Just wait until it has been determined your Boston PD was involved in both bombing incidences. The flight for 9/11 originated out of Boston when PD fell a sleep at the wheel, How come? Up late at night watching porn?

I was also an excellent Security Officer, too good, I stopped the wrong driver. A rich Attorney, yoo see he;s allowed to drive drunk, I wonder why?

What about your Porn watching F.B.I,. agents? No you all have that exact same attitude, you think you can just do anything you feel like. Wrong guy, Clean up your acts!!

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