What's the Real Deal With FM Jerry?
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#21 Jan 1, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Currently in the news was reported that there are many “so called “ steroid losers up for the Hall of Shame. I want you to realize as well, I live in the moment and moment is now.

Furthermore, one of the biggest Baseball losers will be the Irishman Mark Macquire, the leader of the pack and too too many emulated. With the increased testosterone levels way above normal, the risk of prostate cancer is very real. Giambi, and Armstrong come to mind. Clemens throwing the broken bat at Piazza was enough proof for me despite the reprieve by the courts. Petite all of sudden has dementia, must have been “roids” as well ??

Sadly enough, Loxahatchee Heat, I personally encountered one too many Police Officers on “roids “as well in my life , Crawford, Gallagher (CSPD) and Carlson ( East Meadow) come to mind. When you fly into “steroid rage“, you simply have crash landings.

Hope your not another one of those IRISH “roid” Police losers.

It also appears that your claim of being a "Heat Seeker "is a severe contradiction. It appears you need a therapist to resolve this issue. When I applied some Heat with my writings, you simply protest them and even had some removed. Why was the comments related to the “corrupt Broward County Sheriffs” removed? Too much Heat on them?

In addition, since you can’t comprehend the relevance of my comments to the affairs of Coral Springs,(Loxahatchee Heat, actually you’re the one whose from West Palm Beach) implies you are in desperate need of additional education. You seem all brawn with no brains.
It also very obvious the Irishman Rex Ryan of the Jets is a very divisive force similar to my ex- Kathleen O'Prozac. Any rebuttal sir ???
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#22 Jan 1, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Based on the “course of human events“, I am of the conclusion that the Irish in general are the most divisive people on earth. I see the actions of Rex Ryan of the Jets being very divisive, dividing the Jet locker room. Kathleen O’Prozac who unfortunately for me divided the “Jerry” family.

My sons minds were poisoned by my ex wife’s loss of reality attributable to her use of Prozac. Dr. Phil claims Prozac causes brain shifting, it sure appears my ex wife’s brain shifted based on her subsequent behavior.

I remind you also sir, that the division in Ireland made absolutely no sense ( Too much alcohol consumption which started our own civil war as well ) and it was those Irish terrorist who were the first to introduce terrorism into the free world. John Wilkes Booth was drunk at the time he shot Lincoln. Lincolns next agenda was prohibition.

9/11 was considered an Act of Terrorism”.

I also believe upon the return of “Jesus Christ” that all these Irish saloons and Pubs which promote alcohol consumptions, mostly beer, will be simply destroyed. Amen.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#23 Jan 4, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,
It would seem you’d be better served by becoming a seeker of the “truth”. Noticed in the recent news that a Female Officer was fired for falsify DUI records.
Please Note it was my ex wife Kathleen O’Prozac and her Attorney that completely falsified our divorce records. My ex wife actually called me right here in Savannah claiming “she had to do what she had to do.
This was NOT comforting to hear.

Lord have mercy on her lying soul. She was trying to relieve all her guilt/

Police lie and ex wives lie, it is a common occurrence in court(too too common), yet it is woman who seek honest men which are considered rare commodities as well.

I am a HONEST man seeking a honest woman.

“And will remain a “Solitary Man” until I find one. The one Neil Diamond sings about.

Noted: I also can give you guys the finger but will never lower my moral standards either.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#24 Jan 9, 2013
Absolutely ecstatic Notre Dame lost, only would have preferred they had been smashed by the Georgia “bulldogs”.
I am of the Huntington breed of “bulldogs”. Notre Dame somehow thinks they can defy “Gods” law of “waste not want not’.

They are suppose to be the example and set the bar which they supposedly do academically but wasted simply millions upon millions on unnecessary coaching changes.“I can’t go for that no can do”.

I am going to mail my contributions to charity to the Notre Dame boosters in the future.

Also, I highly question the mentality and wisdom of the Shanahans, the coaches of the Redskins calling RG3 number when RG3 was already limping quite badly. It is one thing to be smart but you also need the Wisdom to use your knowledge wisely.

Neither Shanahan the father and son were wise in there decision making processes. The boxers manager stops the fight, NOT The fighter. It seemed like too too many shenanigans were going on.

On one particular run around left end, RG3 hardly made it to the sideline. If they left him in the game to pass the ball, then have him pass it or hand off to the other rookie sensation Morris..

In my humble opinion just more Irish BS. He may just get to use the QB he really wants too.

Glad to see Rob Ryan fired by the Cowboys and hope the Jets owner comes to his senses and lets Rex Ryan fly away by bye.

More of the Real Deal by FMJ
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#25 Jan 9, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,
My many many days of coaching the Huntington Bulldogs (Sponsored by the PAL) reminded me of another Irish loser by the name of Bill Reagan.

I blew my stack one night and he actually may of heard me from my home without the use of a phone. I guess I increased my life expectancy by blowing my top at him.

It wasn’t so much that he ripped my five year old son for missing a practice.(The practice somehow couldn’t take place because my son seemed to be the only one who could play center and snap the ball on the right number.

It was the double standard and hypocrisy which Bill Reagan constantly exhibited. I am not a firm believer in "do as say not as I do" and let him have it for it.

When we coached my eldest son, it seems it was okay for him to vacation in Florida in season and have a weekend get away or two or three. So balling my son out was the epitome of hypocrisy and I just exercise my lungs and really let him have it for it.

These Irish double standards are Bull crap, not a proper Bull dog attitude.

Ps: In the same manner as Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS) who was into ship building in his basement, my sons were my hobby. We shall see if my ships eventually sink or swim. They weren’t however put together in my basement. My Irish mother in Law occupied that and Never ever said thanks. She had it coming to her.

Since Kathleen O’Prozac simply destroyed my hobby, it appears my ships are sinking and sinking fast. Hope they have a quality bilge pump to bail them out.

Ironically, My Basset hound simply destroyed many of her own ceramic works, they call that poetic justice I do believe.

Kathleen is so mean rotten and cruel to the core, she brings the basett hound to the animal shelter to be destroyed. The cruel cruel cold hearted Irish. Make no mistake about that.

More of the Real Deal by FMJ
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#26 Jan 10, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

I view my actions and behavior as very similar to Carmelo Anthony’s of the N.Y. Knicks who confronts Kevin Garnett to show Garnett the error of his ways. In the same manner, I confronted Brian and Carol Walsh for the exploitation of children.

Melo gets suspended, I get the entire CSPD breathing down my neck.

I brought about positive change and I think Garnett going to cool it a little on the court.

PS: Loxahatchee, Bill Reagan who I coached with for (7-8 )years was a retired Police Officer who may have made Detective. Our relationship cooled considerably after my lecture though we were never really ever friends. I guess it was my instincts for never ever becoming his friend.

He also didn’t have all his Police Buddies surround my house and do a number on me to his credit He probably took the time to realize I was right. The Walsh‘s never ever considered I was right. You don‘t work children (13) hours on Saturday.!!!
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#27 Jan 11, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Has anyone ever really determined the number of Priest accused of being pedophilic as being Irish Priest?(Exploitation of kids seems very easy for the Irish, many were abused themselves)

All I know is the “Holy Spirit” almost immediately upon joining Emmaus puts me on the path of Father Damian and almost immediately was he’s sent elsewhere by Father George of St. Andrews.

"He puts me on the right path for his name sake" Psalms.

I would be very O’leery of all Irish priest. My ex Irish wife was abused and reason she was depressed most of our marriage, suffered morning sickness just about every day of our marriage.

Kathleen was raised to become a NUN .

My cousin was a nun but of her own volition.

More of the Real Deal by FMJ
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#28 Jan 11, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Unfortunately Heat, several weeks ago an unfortunate incident occurred outside my housing complex. A elderly man was killed “Jay” walking around 6-7PM. I often spoke with the guy who seemed like a very nice fellow but was too often imbibed. He knew he wasn’t suppose to go out at night nor drive. He told me so.

It reminded me of a very similar accident that happen to my Irish mother in law. She was hit by a car crossing a busy street on Long Island and it was about the same time of day 6-7PM and dark.

My mother in law wasn’t killed but she was in intensive care for quite some time.

In talking to the Police Officer assigned for a few days to stop people from "Jay" walking to the bus stop, the Police Officer informed me the driver of the car was a female. The woman became extremely distraught with despair and was beside herself over the accident. She still had NOT recovered form it. Maybe almost two weeks later.

My mother in law while in the hospital would not allow the fellow who hit her up to her room. He wanted to apologize even though it also was my mother in laws (St. Ann) fault. She thought she was St. Ann but would not allow the guy off the hook. Another example of the miserable cruel Irish, Absolutely no forgiveness in their heart and my ex-wife is the same exact way. She has absolutely no forgiveness. One of my friends sent back his wedding invitation indicating he would come when in fact he didn’t. My ex never ever forgave the guy. These imbeciles can hold a grudge forever.

Then these supposed Irish Catholics are going to want forgiveness from the Lord, it just not going to happen. They can't apologize nor frogive.

Very very sad.

More of the Real Deal by FMJ
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#29 Jan 13, 2013

Make no mistake Shanahans actions were Sinister and so were the Walsh’s. Very Sinister.The Walsh’s found it somehow acceptable to exploit the Haitian workers as well? Another complaint of mine.

CSPD giving Bogus trafic tickets to Haitian Cab drivers.?? Why ? Your racist prejudicial A Holes Lox heat just like the Walshes!!

****Like Christ did in the temple where and when all the shenanigans were taking place, In retrospect,

I simply should of turned every table in the place over and smashed every chair.

However, the “Holy Spirit” did NOT move me to do so, I just wanted to give these morons a piece of my mind.

Then Carol Walsh has the nerve to call to the Police??? CSPD invades my home on a false pretext? Who gave Police the Authority to knock down my door?? My ex wife should of been on my side.

I am not the one who was exhibiting psychotic behavior, The Walsh’s were!!!

No apology from them nor the Shanahans
Blame somebody else.!!!
They simply DO Not know how to apologize, it is
beneath them as human beings.

Why did Brian Walsh come to St E’s a few months later? He was then looking for trouble.

Why not the night of the incident instead of Police the next day.??

He’s a former cop?? A chicken feed cop.

We would of ironed it out then, but he knew he was wrong yet, Brian orders the Hit on me.

Your all on the Path to hell!!

Keep that in mind. I want my college ring back.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#30 Jan 14, 2013

The reason my ex-wife should have been on my side instead of help assisting in getting me killed by Police. A bogus harassment notice was signed by a Judge because both Police and my ex simplylied.

How could I have been harassing her when she wasn’t near Wings Plus the day of the incident? Police simply coerced her into a flase testimony.

While married to Kathleen for twenty years all I heard was how her Irish brother in law David Meehan was abusing her sister and nephew. We got calls everyday literally. My mother in law despised him as well.

I go into Wings Plus to put a end to all this Irish crap taking place ( full knowing the tale of the Irish and their abuse ) and my ex wife files a bogus harassment notice against me .

She was NOT even remotely near Wings Plus and CSPD used her. It was her way of seeking revenge for a divorce she wanted?? Women, they can’t make up their mind what they want. Now, I an glad she took the chains off me.

That’s another reason never ever to take Prozac,

It doesn’t allow you to think properly. It absolutely distorts your ability to think clearly, properly and rationally.

Get rid of all Pills in Florida and remove all the guns at the same time. If I had a assault rifle (very easy to obtain in Ga.), I would of opened up on the Sheriffs who illegally broke into my apartment.

They had no right what so ever to barge in. I don‘t think I would of gotten the death penalty either. My actions would have been justified.

Interesting to note, they barge in to stun gun me as favor only (Crawford) etc etc but why was I never arrested or charged with a crime of any sort?

Because I did Nothing wrong Hatch heat.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#31 Jan 14, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Maybe Lox? If Barbara Haydu pathetic Det.CSPD did her homework properly, she would of uncovered the fact I owned and operated proudly a Hallmark Card Store for almost 20 years. Under my employ obviously were woman, young woman mostly. Many were with me for long periods of time, afraid to take on the real world.

Laurie was an Irish girl whose was with me just about the entire time, from cradle to grave and always claimed how much I did for her as a human being especially when we first started her.

She was a waitress with zero confidence but a great kid. Her brother became a N.Y. Police Officer, What else is new??? another Irish Cop???

I use to cash his payroll checks quite often. In fact I had a lot of Police Officers in and out my door all the time including many of their fathers who previously were cops. Many many pleasant conversations about everything and anything.

This is the way you repay me for all the things I did for them. I called the precinct once my entire stay and this Female Officer was in my store in less then 1 minutes. I even road around a few times and participated in a chase.

My partner could not believe his eyes when I raced out my door with Holt type speed one day. To catch a thief. The kid shop lifted something.

So Please sir, stick the stun gun where the sun don't shine.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#32 Jan 16, 2013
Heat seeker, Do you think you going to enjoy hell? Look at the activity on earth, hell is worse.

Another Irish “Meathead” in the exact same mold and vain as Rex Ryan was Bob Conlin of St Vincent de Paul of St. Andrews Parish. He was also a fellow Emmaus.

Conlin asks me to join St Vincent however never ever calls on me to do anything but only attend the meetings. At the meetings, I have to endure his rather nasty remarks and innuendos. Just like Tebow was treated by Rex Ryan, never called on him or gave him a chance. Envy, Envy is a deadly sin.

Hang in there Tebow, Tebow will learn the Irish are truly meatheads.
I honestly think Father Mathew thought I was going to punch him in the nose one day for his sarcastic remarks.

I am most of the time a very even keeled person except when it relates to the negative false rumors he was circulating about me.

I can lose my head when provoked just like any man. The “Meathead” Conlin was just trying to get the scope on me in order to relay the information to CSPD.

CSPD house was not in order after my incident and Arrigo was retired early. T.G. Another moron.

Conlin disrespected those meetings of Emauss in that they are suppose to be very confidential. I knew what he was up too. Sadly enough, his Irish eyes were always smiling because he was always drunk in church. His eyes were so red, one could see them in the dark. Another beer for breakfast guy.

He also was eventually removed from St. Vincent,“Praise the Lord”. Conlin tried to test me like other Irish men at St. Andrews, always trying to push my buttons intentionally, so they could satisfy their sadistic sinister curiosity as to what actually occurred between my son and I.

Nobody knew the truth exactly and thought I was a hot head and at fault. They were trying to protect the innocence of the Irish Walsh’s who in their eyes couldn’t possibly be wrong.
Just more of the real deal by FMJ

Savannah, GA

#33 Jan 17, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

In watching MSNBC yesterday, I couldn’t help noticing all the letters President Obama received from kids expressing their views on Gun Control.

I also happen to notice one particular letter from a youngster single out from a Julia, Julia happened to be my moms name and the letter sent chills through my spine maybe not yours.

After the incident with police, I wrote my head off and in some cases my writings were heard,

all my writings were heard and read by the Lord above. Unfortunately, you sir fail to appreciate my writings and it takes great courage to do the right thing.

I did the right thing marching in to evil, Wings Plus on sample road, a place where evil hangs out.

There is no doubt about that Heat.

Once again, if I had had a Georgia assault rife easily obtainable, I would of used it and there would have been a blood bath of Police Officers who had no business invading my home just for favor. Hope your catching my drift.

Have a good day and it is you sir, who has to wake up to reality.

More of The real deal from FMJ

Savannah, GA

#34 Jan 17, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Do you honestly think it was right for Sheriff “Jack” Ass Parker from Brevard County to have me pulled over for Favor??

I lost all my possessions including my College ring and NOT one of any of you Sob’s has any Honor what so ever to make restitution.

“Jack” Ass Parker has no honor as well as every Officer involved in the fraudulent scheme.

They all can just go to hell.

More proof your buddy boy system is evil, your not suppose to follow the crowd or be part of it but always do the right thing.

Not one of your buddies has the courage and do the right thing and retrieve my college ring.

You don ’t like my writings, then at least attempt to do the right think .

You all acted like a mob, hang him , hang him high.

All of you are in fact real “Jack Asses“ Trolls and mentally handicapped. Want more proof Heat???!!

The real deal by FMJ

Savannah, GA

#35 Jan 17, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

The head of the NRA, just another Irish Jack Ass Keene, or a Keen Jack Ass.

****The Irish do not care about thee welfare of others.

The Knicks cared about Jeremy Lin (playing well for Houston and never forced him to play hurt.) and Carmelo Anthony,

The Knicks had these kids backs,

****Not the Redskins and the Shenanigans of the Shanahans!!

Hah Heat???, NRA head wants you blown away????.

Savannah, GA

#36 Jan 19, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Just thought Heat, I might make you aware that there is a current battle going on in Savannah between,
I. A., City Counsel (Angry this got public), and the Police Chief about police reports. In some cases over statements of the crime and in some cases understatements of the crime.

An Officers just resigned with NO marks against him. He is a former military man who couldn’t take it anymore; the falsify of police reports.

Good for him to stand up to the bureaucracy and for what he thought was right.

***Not wanting to be part of the crowd and just going with the flow like so many at CSPD.

Whose mentally handicapped and acting like a troll?? It sure seems like too many of your buddy's.

The real deal by FMJ

Savannah, GA

#37 Jan 24, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

Yesterday, In listening to all the Congressman and Senators grilling Hillary Clinton, I thought there actions were way over the top and there criticism and conduct was quite harsh.

I also recognized the fact, that I was actually very mild in comparison on Carol Walsh of Wings Plus.

Is Hillary now going to send in the Marines to stun gun all these gentlemen like Carol Walsh sent in the entire CSPD.

The absolute nerve of these people especially in light of the fact they made the necessary changes.

I am still not certain why she doesn’t have her own obese son Brian Walsh JR. clean the mats upon closing at 11.PM on school nights but acceptable for my sons.
Brian Walsh Jr, too fat and lazy????.

Explain that to me Carol .

Did you witness How mean and ornery Bob Ryan (Boston Globe) was on ATH yesterday.

That’s Brain Walsh personified.

The real Deal by FMJ

Savannah, GA

#38 Feb 3, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

In watching NFL networks show about the all time best NFL players by position, I noted that Dick Butkus ranks only behind Lawrence Taylor as being the greatest linebackers to play the game.

Well Dick Butkus and I have a lot in common, he looks exactly like my twin brother especially in an episode of Murder She Wrote. I guess that was the need for Arrigo sending the entire CSPD to my apartment, my reputations proceeded me.

However, like most big guys, we are simply gentle Giants.

When Butkus was in his prime, I was of course occasionally asked, Are you ??
No, I am not.

My mother was way ahead of President Obama, she refused to allow me to play back in the day.
I am not sorry I didn’t play football. My mom also did not allow me to drink either.
Julia E. Jerry, a very smart wise brilliant woman. Dumb Polach is just the voice of envy.

More of the Real Deal by FMJ
Curiosity Seeker FMJ

Savannah, GA

#39 Feb 6, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat

With all the talk now related to PED’s, I was wondering Heat or any Heatseeker out there,

Is it acceptable for a Police Officers to take Ped’s? Is it in fact legal?

This curiosity seeker would like to know. Thanks!

Sadly enough, I have crossed path with one too many muscle men, enough to last me a life time.

All muscle, no brains, absolutely none. You talk about being a troll or mentally handicapped Heat.

Savannah, GA

#40 Feb 6, 2013
Loxahatchee Heat,

For the record,
Do you think a quality medical doctor at the Pavilion should of picked up on this?
In 1974, 1976, and 1983, the day after Easter, I was hospitalized.(too many jelly beans) On February 17, 1978, I was hospitalized (too much Valentine candy).

Every time I was in a trance like state of mind.(Diabetic Comas).
Even by CSPD, three times they drive me to the Pavilion, two times from the Lyn Household and once from La Qunita Inn, every time in a trance like state of mind.
Ask the P.O’s in fact, ask Mr. Lyn.

Why then did it take finally a trip to a Savannah Hospital to finally get all right?? Too much sugar over a short period of time and had nothing absolutely nothing to do with Bipolar disorder.

My diagnosis was simply to push deadly medicine.
The meds were in fact making my condition much worse. Listen to side effects of Abilify closely.

Off meds (9) years, having taken control of my blood sugar through diet, No problem.

So Heat do not play this delusional psychotic paranoia game with me and attempt to discredit my post. You do not have a leg to stand on.,

If anything Heat, my ex-wife on Prozac and Police Officers on PEDs represented the blind leading the blind.
P.O.'s fell for my ex-wifes paranoia hook line an sinker. Prozac makes you very dumb, very very dumb. Proof upon request.

Every doctor who treated me at the Pavilion should be fired and lose their license.
Chervony, Moskowitz, Vasquez, Martinasevic, They couldn’t put two and two together????. How come??

FMJ's real deal, dealt a lousy hand in So. Florida because of stupidity or corruption.

People are exiting So Florida, more so than Calif, Keep on trucking. It would be nice if you could ask Gallaghar and Crawford to get my college ring back, they owe me. Thanks.

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