Missing 5-year-old Florida girl likely was abducted, police say

"They're doing as well as can be expected," Duckett told the Orlando Sentinel this morning. Full Story


#96325 Sep 14, 2013

No, she just took with her things that her grandparents had given her, not much. They were married for ten years and for eight of those years she worked everyday. She was a good wife and mother, but slowly I could see the change. We were so close, she'd call me several times daily, I loved her like a daughter.
Two o her.years ago she started having severe panic attacks, severe depression, then bam, she'd be up ready to go out alone to party with her girlfriends. Yeah right. Her job mandated she seek treatment. Diagnosis: Bipolar. I told son prepare yourself this is going to get very bad and it did, but at least she took her crazy away. I cann't do anything for her but she knows as long as I live, I will do for her children. I will love them for her.
Officer Paul

Portland, OR

#96326 Sep 14, 2013
Statistically, if not found in the first 48 hours she probably won't be. At least, not alive.And more and more of these 'disappeared kids' the kind that we never see again are sold into the sex trade industry, or sent out of the country but the same thing and to be sold at sex slave markets (yes they exist underground in some countries) sadly, these are not just prostitutes that boys and girls who are sold the people outright (not rented for a few hours) so they can do literally anything with the kids they want to. It's just tragic but we see it.

Cape Coral, FL

#96327 Sep 15, 2013
Respectfully Officer Paul, I submit that this is not what happened to sweet Haleigh Cummings. She was killed right in her own home (more likely there than any other place), and there was plenty of evidence pointing to that fact, all covered up by the Cummings participants and their connections in the PCSO and some of their well-connected higher ups.

There is no need for you to point in some other direction, implying like 'they' do, that Haleigh Cummings was kidnapped, or sold, could be being used as a sex slave or whatever; in any event is still alive and being searched for out there somewhere. Not on your life! No one is looking for this child. They already know she is dead.

Spare us the reality of the unfortunate statistics that we already know; however, we also know how the massive amount of evidence leading to Haleigh's murder and disposal was covered up and disposed of, with NO ONE willing to go up against the killer and his/her co-conspirators. And why not? Because they were dangerously involved in hidden crimes with Ronald Cummings and his knowledgeable family. This crime will never be solved unless someone comes along who is not afraid of the danger in exposing all of these people and their dirty underbelly in crime.

Howell, MI

#96328 Sep 15, 2013
GM ALL! Vic, how sad and you and even her work seen it coming. What does your dil family say? I'm glad ur grandchildren have you. I know it has to be hard & even shocking. God Bless You All!

Officer Paul, sadly this does happen & King George even mentioned this may have happened with another missing girl named Erica & I tend to agree with him concerning her, but IA with Annie that Haleigh was murdered.

Annie, IA, sadly, Haleigh was murdered imo. Too much cover-ups and going ons that awful ngt. God Bless Sweet Haleigh! I hope you're feeling better today!

Howell, MI

#96329 Sep 15, 2013
Vic, yes, I see where cps took Willows brother. Again, I believe it was because he was left alone imo. I'm thinking the mother did not come home until the next morn. & the killer brother already left for work since it was said he actually went to work an hr. early. Also, they may want to get him out of that house where he saw his sis get murdered and even have a therapist talk to him and even get some info. to what he actually saw. What a friggen monster. That poor baby was left with a friggen monster.

Howell, MI

#96330 Sep 15, 2013
Seriously, I wish someone would punch Erica's adopted monstermom right in her fat, lying, mouth. She should never get her children back from DFS. She either killed Erica like her son said or she sold her imo. No way you send a child off with someone you meet on fb and only @ McD's a coup. times. No way she would have done that to her bio kids. No addy, no phone, and no worries on her part at all. Even when your child is with a relative while say you're on vaca, etc. you send a note giving permission for that person to seek medical help if needed and you send their medical card with them. Casey even said she was told Erica was in ER and she didn't even ask why or ask what hospital yet enough go there. She's a big, fat, liar. She asks for her two children back, but not once in all her interviews ask for Erica back or for her to be safe or ever say that she loves her or misses her. What a damn shame.

Harrodsburg, KY

#96331 Sep 15, 2013
Sami and Eye,
Thank you all for your compassion and concern, it means so much. Sad to say she inherited her illness from her mother. DIL's mom left her when she was five and they didn't reunite till DIL had graduated high school. We didn't know any of this till after they were married. When the next gal shows up I'm running every check on her that's on the net.

ITA with you guys Haleigh is in heaven. No one cared just wanted to save their own hides. SPOS

Yeap, in Erica's case I too believe she was sold.
Hope your having a good day.xoxo

Harrodsburg, KY

#96332 Sep 15, 2013
State pays big bucks to foster parents, special needs children lots more. I sponsored my sister-bil when they were getting certified. I had to attend each class. There was an old gal in there from our county, she talked the talk and was certified. Two years later she was arrested. She had 4 children ages toddlers-teenagers. She had done and let others do every evil abomination to these poor babes. They conficted her she will serve the rest of her life, hopefully, having the same things done to her.

Howell, MI

#96333 Sep 16, 2013
GM ALL! lol Vic would run every check on the next gal too. Ugh, that makes me sick about what that lady did to those children. I'm glad she will spend the rest of her life in prison. Ppl are just evil.

I don't believe one word that rotten adopted monstermom says. iirc She as getting over $600 a month for Erica. Who knows, maybe she was getting foodstamps for her too. There were emails from Casey to the bio mom Carolyn. Casey was saying Erica was fine when she was already gone. Also, since she said she could no longer get ahold of this Nan by phone wouldn't you have thought instead of lying & saying Erica was fine that she would have grown concerned and asked the bio mom how to get in touch with this so called Nan since she said it was the bio mom who got Nan in touch with them? BS to she didn't take any of her belongings when she left cuz the invisible person bought her all new things and she didn't take her medicaid card and Mrs. liar didn't send it when we know she would have to have yearly physicals and dentist appointments. I hope this evil, rotten, liar and her lying husband get locked up and they throw away the key. Maybe when le shows them they're not playing their lying games, then they will maybe tell the truth, but I doubt it, either was they should get life in prison. imo

Cape Coral, FL

#96334 Sep 16, 2013
Sami, Vic, King George, JRW and all, G'mornin'. I am not having good days (or nights) right now, mostly just totally exhausted and feel so sick, but was warned about this reaction and that it could get worse before it's over. Three more weeks to go then a few weeks of accumulated radiation reaction afterwards.

Dealing with it the best I can with nausea, pain & sleeping pills, having to lie down and sleep a lot then feeling even worse when I get up. Seems like I can hardly get around now. Several times I wished I had some of Miz Nancys' weed. Told my son, he said, well, he could get me some. I said, oh God no, we both might get hooked on it. Subject dropped.

He is coming down from Sarasota to stay with me a few days this week and again a few days next week. PTL, maybe he can plug the phone in my bedroom, change the bed for me, mop the kitchen, vacuum, wash a few dishes, etc. The best I can say is that I've been peaceful out here by myself and not responsible for anybody or any other living thing but myself.

I'll be better soon, really, I do believe this. I am told by my ENT, Moffitt Cancer Center, John's Hopkins and the Oncologist physician performing the radiation, that this particular cancer has a 90 to 95% cure rate on the vocal cords. The ENT surgeon told me Thurs that it already looks better. So, no matter how it appears to be right now, I'm definitely looking up towards better days. Just PLEASE keep me in your prayers. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR YOUR PRAYERS, CARE AND CONCERN. I'll be in and out when I can. Love to all... xx00xx...

Howell, MI

#96337 Sep 16, 2013
Oh Annie, I'm so very sorry you're going through tis and are feeling bad right now. That's great news that the Dr. said you're already getting better & you will be cured. It's also great that your son is coming to visit and help you out. I don't know if your state has it, but medical marijuana is legal in many states now. I do hope you feel better soon. XXOO

Vic, Ouch, that reminds me of some kids when they're lil & hanging on your leg & just decide to bite your thigh...lol

Yes, they were breeding hedgehogs, which I never heard of either and dogs. They were selling them through diff. sites so craigs list may have been one of them. iirc King George said he saw an ad on there for help in finding Erica. I never heard of doing such a think. I've never even been on Craigs list. It seems to me those ppl would do anything for $$$. Look how Casey lied to the bio mother who she was a surrogate for telling her she miscarried when she didn't. How evil & rotten is that???

Howell, MI

#96339 Sep 16, 2013
Annie, your son that lived with you meet a nice gal iirc, right? Did they get married? How far from you do your two sons live? I'm sorry for all the question. Is the son with the daughter the one coming to visit? I know it's hard cuz your gd is in school. ITA with Vic, I just love your comments and I so hope you feel better soon.


Cape Coral, FL

#96340 Sep 16, 2013
Sami wrote:
Annie, your son that lived with you meet a nice gal iirc, right? Did they get married? How far from you do your two sons live? I'm sorry for all the question. Is the son with the daughter the one coming to visit? I know it's hard cuz your gd is in school. ITA with Vic, I just love your comments and I so hope you feel better soon. HUGS & KISSES!!!
Hugs & kisses to you too, you sweet angel! Sami, my oldest son (Chris) lives in Cincinnati, is an independent architect working for private clients; also sometimes does the field work for other architects & developers; also does the architectural work for old historical buildings for the City of Cincy, and sometimes acts as the contractor on the remodeling. He hasn't been down here since last mothers' day but we stay in touch very often. I know if I told him I needed him down here he would drop everything he's doing and fly right down, which is what he did last mothers' day after I had the cancerous tumor removed from my bladder, but I won't let him do this again.

I love him dearly and miss him terribly,(he was my baby when I was not much more than a baby myself, divorced his daddy when he was a baby and we grew up together). He lost a big contract when he was here last year at a time when he needed the money so badly as he was really hurt in the real estate crash. Even the other architects and developers weren't paying him, even some of the contracting he did, he never got paid for and to this day still hasn't, and most of these projects he had his own money tied up in which he could not afford. I felt so badly for him that he lost so much, but things seem to be going fairly well for him now so I'll just leave it alone.

It is my youngest son Brian who lives in Sarasota with my g/d and his NEW g/f. It did NOT work out with the one he and my g/d left here with over the c'mas holidays last year. Oh God. What a nightmare THAT turned into. Will tell you more about this horror later...

Cape Coral, FL

#96342 Sep 17, 2013
Vic wrote:
Hey Eye,
Glad to see those fingers working. We're here for you girl. Anne, you have 2 sons, right? Mother son relationships especially youngest, complicated.
I will confess here, I can be a very ALpha female, my sister and Mom same but we all get along so well. I think we take turns. LOL Nite all, Anne,xoxo you 2 Sami.
You are SO sweet Vic. Yes, I have two sons, no daughters, but a g/d (Caroline) who is my youngest sons' daughter, whom I adore as my own. I have a step-daughter and a step-son who were my hubby's grown children by his first marriage. He was 13 yrs older than me. I was very close to my step-daughter for all those years but she has drifted away since her dad died. She was in college and living with us when our son Brian was born and has been like a second mother to him on many occasions, even now she dotes on him and Caroline. She is a stewardess for Delta, flies them on free passes, takes Caroline on trips and to her home near Cincy and spends a lot of money on her. She & my older son maintain a relationship and share visits and fun outings with Caroline when she flies up there to my step-daughters, as my son Chris worships the ground Caroline walks on.

My step-son is a well-known radio disc-jockey and has been all these years, is a really decent guy, but I hardly know him and have never met his recent wife or his two grown kids, although I did meet his two former wives. He only ever came to our home or the family gatherings a few times while his dad was living; then he came to our home after his dad died and was so kind to me, I will never forget the gentleman he turned out to be and how he took over making the final arrangements with his dad's company. It was me who tracked him down the night his dad was dying and he came as quickly as he could, and was with his dad when he died. I know I could call on him today if I ever needed him. He has not kept in touch with Brian but I never expected him too as none of the family did much to keep in touch with him either when they should have. And there you have it, some of the family history.

Harrodsburg, KY

#96343 Sep 17, 2013
Dear Eye,

I've met alot of Cinny and Ohio people cause we had a boat on Lake Cumberland. We called them our Ohio Navy.LOL Onyly thing, when it came time to pull out on Sun afternoon, will we learned it was for the best for us to just let them go first cause they were in a hurry.LOL

Seems like your family scattered like the wind its sad but got your memories. My family stayed in the same place, I'm a small town gal and never had the travelling bug.

My town so small that paper comes out once a week on Wednesday's after 3. It's a hoot so many folks and this week me will be waiting for it (hot off the presses), got to find children someplace to live. Doggies will be with me so I guess I will be the Bonified Alpha Dog. WOff LOL OF course children could to but it will be the very last option for them and I totally understand.

Harrodsburg, KY

#96344 Sep 17, 2013

You did a excellent job raising your boys I know it was hard to do without your man. Boys need their mothers when they are young but as they get into teen years that's when they lean and learn from Dad. My husband and son work together everyday and have since he graduated high school. We didn't worry about him not going to college cause construction as you know way flying high. Money,Money,Money then poof that big ole bubble popped and we like so many had over extended and we're stuck but we just get up everyday and keep on keeping on.

Harrodsburg, KY

#96345 Sep 17, 2013
We had two boys they were 2 years apart in age. Kirt,my angel had just turned eighteen had worked saved and had his truck 2 months when he was killed in car wreck. I have an angel on his headstone, I placed her there in memomy of Haleigh.

Cape Coral, FL

#96346 Sep 17, 2013
Vic wrote:
We had two boys they were 2 years apart in age. Kirt,my angel had just turned eighteen had worked saved and had his truck 2 months when he was killed in car wreck. I have an angel on his headstone, I placed her there in memomy of Haleigh.
Aww Vic, I am just SO sorry. I don't know how I could live with losing one of my sons, I really don't. I don't think I'd ever be able to raise my head again from my pillow. I would die there. Oh God, I have lived with it and worried about it all these years as both my sons have taken some very reckless chances with their lives and still do. Yet they come thru for mama.

Honest to God, but for HIS Almighty Hand, His compassion for me and love for them, neither one of them could have made it this far. They are both very intelligent, are college educated and have careers; all bought and paid for by mama. My oldest son was a straight 4.0 and on the Woodhouse Register of who's who academically in America and with commendations from senators and congressmen, yet is stupid with his life.

Even now, I pray constantly, Oh God, take care of them, they don't have sense enough to take care of themselves, please, I beg you, in Jesus name. Everyone thinks I am a very strong person, but I'm really not. In business, yes, very strong and never flinching; and in speaking out for the poor, blacks, and those weaker ones who are mistreated for whatever reason, for the right thing and against the wrong; yes, maybe so. But not in close death matters. This is where I completely crumble.

I admire you so Vic, for being able to go on after losing your son, and him so young. God bless you and your family Vic. I know, like me, you will do it all to help your son, his sons and the dogs. Yes, you will have to find him/them a place to live, like I've had to do many times, and then help pay for it, or pay for it entirely like I've done quite a few times, plus pay the mover to move them there; or move them back home. I'd do it all again, just as you would.

Howell, MI

#96347 Sep 17, 2013
GM Annie, Vic & All!

Oh, Vic I'm so, so, very, sorry to hear about you losing your son.That had to be so very had for you. I hope you're able to find your son and gc a place to live near you soon. God Bless you & your family, sweetie!

Annie, glad to see you're back & hope you're feeling better. Your sons & step-children sound like wonderful kids. IA with Vic, you did a great job raising them. I'm happy to hear your son will be with you soon. That will be nice & good for both of you. P.S. I was just in Cincy this summer for my eldest sons bb tourney. My husband wasn't able to go, but I took my son & daughter & my other son stayed home to help his father. We always have fun @ the out of town tourneys with all the kids & families whereever we go. However, I can't stand the OH roads. You go from a freeway to a one lane rounding, hilly, country road with lil notice and they drive me crazy & make me late...lol

Cape Coral, FL

#96348 Sep 17, 2013
Vic wrote:
Breaks my heart your all alone. You need somebody with you now,is there anyway he could come today. I know you and you don't tell him how bad you get, do you? No, but you need to. The Good Lord's got you, Anne, Our Heavenly Father is holding you tight in his arms. Close your eyes and give all your pain to Him and when you feel stronger put those fingers to typing cause we here will be waiting patiently for your prose, especially your GMS narrative.xoxoxo
Vic, your words comfort me so. I don't mind at all being alone here. I have the angels and Jesus here with me and am perfectly content. Sometimes I see a tiny little light darting past me, or a simple little wind blowing out of nowhere, and I know. I am not alone. It is peaceful here. Sometimes I listen to the beautiful hymnals on the radio as if they were being sung by the angels and that brings me great peace too.

Also have a loaded .38 under my pillow and the house is kept locked. My yardman has a key and knows that if he can't reach me he can come in, and does occasionally. He called me just night before last and told me that anytime I might need him to come and spend the night, just call him and he would come. But I like being here alone, I really do.

No, I do not tell either one of my sons everything. I have always kept a few secrets from them; a mother has to use her own good judgment rather than tell them lies, or make waves that could lead to even worse things happening. Sometimes it's best to say nothing. I am able to see at a further distance than they can and have kept so many secrets from them over the course of their lives that I wouldn't even know where to start. All for their own good, not mine. They don't need to know every little thing that they can't fix or change anyhow, but might make matters even worse than they are. See?

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