2010 Florida Governor Race Election R...

2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today

There are 3013 comments on the thenewsoftoday.com story from Nov 3, 2010, titled 2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today. In it, thenewsoftoday.com reports that:

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still wondering

United States

#2212 Aug 3, 2013
Why are the people of the USA only given a select offering from our elite families or those who subscribe to their powers from which we are allegedly allowed to choose candidates from president and all other political offices right down to the city dogcatcher?
In these days when the American people think they have seen just about everything those who really keep their senses to the facts of real events know that the reality is our lame stream media is hand fed its facts and the American people are really being fed and nurtured exactly as a mushroom grower feeds and nurtures his cash crop. Kept in the dark in an atmosphere of moisture and fed a select menu of horse droppings! Most of what we receive is actually 180 degrees from the truth! And Lord don’t let the people dare to question anything or anyone involved in anything that our “families of the self anointed monarchies” has deemed to be in the best interest of we the people!
They keep saying “it’s not personal it’s just politics!” TRANSLATION: It is personal and does not have anything to do with politics. The basic definition of “politics” is: The art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government; political affairs or business; especially : competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership (as in a government) ; political life especially as a principal activity or profession; political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices; the political opinions or sympathies of a person; the total complex of relations between people living in society.
Not one word in the definition of “politics” indicates it has to be both honest and in the best interest of the American or any other people, except perhaps those “winning and holding control over a government; political affairs or business.(Monkey business that is!)
Starting with the people of Florida. People are lazy; too lazy to even read. One would think the most educated people among our society would be our teachers. Florida’s student race ratio has recently been disclosed as 50% African-American and Hispanic and 50% Caucasian and Asian. Obviously we have reached a ratio which when fueled by the race monglers could become very volatile, very fast. These so called race monglers are adept at creating distractions for the people while with the other hand at the same time pulling off their crimes right under the noses of the unsuspecting people.
While history might be interesting to some; it is not necessary to go all the way back to World War One and the antics of Samuel Bush. It is not necessary to go all the way back to 1939 prior to World War Two and visit the financing of the of the Nazi build up of the Hitler war machine by Prescott Bush and his Wall Street Banksters. The schemes of which was presented to congress and swept away by the political winds in charge at the time.
It is not necessary to revisit the first Gulf War and the push back of George HW Bush’s out of control friend and oil partner Saddam Hussein from Kuwait for getting to big for his britches!
still wondering

United States

#2213 Aug 3, 2013
In describing what happened in Highway 6, the Highway of Death, Secretary Baker mentioned that the “coalition pilots had caught retreating Iraqi soldiers in the open on the last day of the war ... For hundreds of yards on either side of the road, wreckage was strewn throughout the sands.” All this was happening in spite of the Iraqi announcement of withdrawal from Kuwait and the start of actual withdrawal at 2:15 a.m. of February 25, which was 46 hours after the start of the ground war. Neither the official announcement nor the actual withdrawal helped the retreating Iraqi forces. This was simply because the destruction and slaughter were the real goals of the ground war.
Nor, is it necessary to revisit the second gulf War in order to see something just isn’t right here. You can not call this politics this was pure and simply personal.
But, for the sake of the moment at hand let us forget all of these political manipulations, all the deaths, all the mutilations and come right to the point.
Jeb Bush and many other of his family members and colleagues has long ago hijacked the Florida Department of Education and with his so called “bold reforms” which he has now extended into many other states is a form of national education not designed for the education of our youth but actually designed to manipulate and program our youth for their “STRATEGY FOR THE FUTURE” of not only FLORIDA’S EDUCATION but education on a national level as well. He will never verbalize this just “Read his lips”: It’s all about the New World Order movement. And our children and their future or lack of one is solely in the hands of the American people. Stop the ignorance! Learn to read and do not let the lame stream media program you as to “what to think” about any given issue.
Teachers assign homework to their students. We the people had better darn well start doing our homework before all the facts disappear into thin air and everyone is provided their own personal teleprompter that tells them what to say and when to say it!
The Bush family is very adept at manipulating the people by manipulating the polls and leading the people as too what they think on any given issue.
Currently they are running some national polls regarding the question as too who might emerge as the Republican national leader. Interestingly even though Jeb Bush has admitted his interest in the White House in 2016 his name does not appear as a selection for this poll.
Why? Because the tactic is “he’s going to play the hard to get role” and even though he and his family are totally in the sack with Obama and his administration; ultimately the 2016 presidential ticket will read the same names as the 1992 – BUSH – CLINTON.
With somewhere around 310 million people in the United States of America can’t we find just two people who have not been raised by and controlled by the elite who run not only the USA but practically the entire world as well? Just two who meet all the legal requirements to run for
still wondering

United States

#2214 Aug 3, 2013
president of the Unites States? One of the most important of which is they must have been born in the USA to parents who were citizen’s of the USA at the time of their birth.
No wonder the liberal media hates the word CITIZEN so much!

Spring Hill, FL

#2215 Aug 3, 2013
still wondering wrote:
Why ,,, britches!
why not

Spring Hill, FL

#2216 Aug 3, 2013
still wondering wrote:
In ...for
in for

Since: Aug 13

Location hidden

#2217 Aug 3, 2013
verry good

Spring Hill, FL

#2218 Aug 3, 2013
still wondering wrote:
president ... CITIZEN...
president much fuss

United States

#2219 Aug 3, 2013
Counterfitter wrote:
<quoted text>
why not
You must be a really busy excuse for a human. All you do is sit there with one finger on your mouse and another one up your behind just waiting for someone to post something to educate the people on the massive corruption that has engulfed our state and country then, you reply with some bit of manure that don't even have any stink left in it.

Perhaps what you should do is go to your own jack room and back off!

Spring Hill, FL

#2220 Aug 3, 2013
EFGH wrote:
<quoted text>
...a really busy excuse...back off!
hi wart

who u b


......u a tooth acke
David Harbin

United States

#2221 Aug 3, 2013
Crooked corrupt Judges always say what?

United States

#2222 Aug 3, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
Crooked corrupt Judges always say what?
Mr Harbin, as you well know the excrement of the Bush whackers who along with their puppets bow to Saudi and bankster thugs. Their useful idiots aka (brain washing experiment failures)are provoded computer access in order to cloud the truths that are so available on Al gore's internet.

Maybe we should call this Al Gore's revenge!!!!

You know being as old as I am kind of like in the old days when we use to call the green apple two step Montazuma's revenge!!!!

We may never win these fish poopers destroying our great USA but, at least the b'turds need to fight the fight before they claim the victory!!!!!

This gentleman now deceased had this scum figured out.


"Heaven, in its Judgment, has cursed us, the common people of America, with a traitor-infested central government, with an evil and fraudulent banking system, with a mendacious press, and with a venal and corrupt judiciary condoned by rapacious and cowardly lawyers. Thus, some say our Constitution is deservedly dead since, in our name, innocent folk on foreign shores are butchered and bombed. We ordinary Americans, if loudmouthed ---Are we quickly approaching the time when foreign secret police on U.S. soil, with impunity, will knock at our door in the dark of night and take us away, who knows, to a world government concentration camp? And will we be the most well-informed inmates of why and how we are there, inside the barbed wire?
David Harbin

United States

#2223 Aug 3, 2013
And crooked corrupt Judges say what?



shucks Who Me

Spring Hill, FL

#2224 Aug 3, 2013
love when some folk utilize their rectal exhausts in an effort to insult those who did what they did to spport the insulters

ain't grand to be sad but if had your mad

so SMILE by the mile and last awhile

too many quotes to play with so will simply FLUSH
David Harbin

United States

#2225 Aug 3, 2013
Yes you.
credible complaints

United States

#2232 Aug 5, 2013
In March 2012, Republican Congressional Candidate JAMES “ JIMMY” JETT went public with a blockbuster accusation. But first let’s visit the BIO of this accuser before he is labeled with some title to discredit his accusations.
James Jett became a widower in March of 2009, after his wife Anne went home to be with her Lord and Savior in Heaven.
Family: Jett has three children; a daughter, Alana, 31 years of age and employed as a communication officer with the Clay County Sheriff's Office, son, Tyler employed with the United States Secret Service and stationed in the Miami Field Office and son, Cody, a senior at the University of Central Florida and scheduled to enter the United States Army after graduation in May of 2012.

Worked as a police officer, detective, sergeant and Lieutenant with the Orange Park Police Department. Elected as a Clay County Commissioner, 1982-1994. Elected as Clay County's Clerk of Courts, 1998-2012.

Graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice, Graduated from the Jacksonville Police Academy with Honors, Graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, FBI Director William Webster personally presented Jett with his diploma from the FBI National Academy in1980. Certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Clerk of Court in Florida and numerous other schools and certifications.

Jett, the former Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court, announced a pair of prominent supporters of then-Congressman Cliff Stearns had sought to bribe him to drop out of the race for a new congressional seat. He said the pair was none other than Jim Horne and Jud Sapp.

He said Jim Horne, formerly Florida's Education Secretary, who as a Senator was a key cog in then Governor Jeb Bush’s plans for education reform and was in fact tapped by Governor Bush in 2001 to take the reins of the Nation’s first ever K-20 system of education. The Senator resigned a year early on his senate term of office to become the state’s first ever appointed by Jeb Bush as Commissioner of Education. As Commissioner he took on the challenge of reorganizing three separate delivery systems (Universities, Community Colleges and K-12) into one efficient seamless system of education. Jim was also responsible for implementing the most robust education reforms in the Nation and overseeing the distribution of the entire K-20 budget of nearly $20 billion dollars.[Just chicken feed for these criminals!]

But, more importantly; “Horne was the catalyst behind many of the education reforms spearheaded by Governor Bush and that are now national models.” Now he’s going around sending messages on behalf of whom?

Jett also said; Jud Sapp, a prominent Clay County businessman — acted with Stearns' full knowledge in offering him federal jobs or money to repay campaign loans.
credible complaints

United States

#2233 Aug 5, 2013
Jett says the FBI holds the evidence of the plot. A pair of Special Agents Byron Thompson and Blanka Sanchez Gilbert — recorded both Sapp and Horne’s discussions of the proposals at his home in nearly identical phone calls from both men relaying the offers. Offering a federal job “‘as consideration, favor or reward' for political support” is a violation of federal law!
Yet the sensational allegations fizzled almost as quickly as it emerged, and Jett's calls for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to explain why it soured on pursuing his accusations have gone unanswered!
Jett says he also believes high-ranking FBI officials in Washington pulled back on the agents for fear of implicating not just one sitting congressman but also Speaker of the House John Boehner.
Boehner visited Clay County at the time on a fundraising swing with Stearns.
Jett, meanwhile, filed his initial FOIA request with the FBI on Dec. 26. They concluded that Jett had not clearly demonstrated “that the public interest in disclosure outweighs the personal privacy interest (of those he named) and that significant public benefit would result from the disclosure of the requested records.” Jett challenged that in a response letter, calling the public interest “substantial.”
“The investigation involved elected public officials, candidates for public office and influential supporters of congressional candidates involved in the electoral process, as well as attempts to influence and corrupt this electoral process,” Jett wrote.

In a Feb. 19, 2013 response Jett was informed that the FBI headquarters was processing his request, searching its files for any information relevant to it, and urging him to track the progress on the FBI's website.“We will inform you of the results in future correspondence,” they wrote. Jett said that was the last he heard from the FBI.
The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, is not surprised by the government's response. They do it all the time!

“At the same time DOJ (the Justice Department) has shown a clear reluctance to prosecute elected officials, even when there is clear evidence of criminal wrong doing, it has fought tooth and nail to keep from the public the reasons behind its decisions not to prosecute, We should all be concerned that in the name of privacy, DOJ seeks to throw a blanket of secrecy over all of its investigatory activities. The public needs to know that agencies like DOJ, charged with enforcing our nation's laws, are doing their duty.”

Gee you could be BIG

Spring Hill, FL

#2234 Aug 5, 2013
Dave -

Can you say 'less' and give us 'more'?

You ramble away and give only 'confusion'....


Seriously..... cut back ans stop pretending to be "IT".

..... Say 'less' and you will be understood 'more'.

..... Do not stop......Moderate!

David Harbin

United States

#2235 Aug 5, 2013
That's what Fed Judge William Stafford tried to make me do too in my qui.tam. RICO case, but I just put the info out there to let the Jury decide....why are Judges so afraid of facts getting to the Jury?
Me Just a Man

Spring Hill, FL

#2236 Aug 5, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
That's what...Judges ... afraid of...the Jury?
Poor Dave
...poor rabbit

Me Judge
...fraid of NOTHING
Red Barbor Pole

Spring Hill, FL

#2237 Aug 5, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
The arrest affidavit claims ... believes in his oath...
This info is from the blog of Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall
so simply <> so what

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