2010 Florida Governor Race Election R...

2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today

There are 3013 comments on the thenewsoftoday.com story from Nov 3, 2010, titled 2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today. In it, thenewsoftoday.com reports that:

Posted by Jason Moore on Nov 3rd, 2010 and filed under Featured News . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 . You can leave a response or trackback to this entry Florida Governor The 2010 Florida Governor Race has been a close one ever since the primaries ended.

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Spring Hill, FL

#2181 Jul 15, 2013
Nope wrote:
Not till we have some of you Traitors HUNG!
and who could satsfy you by ding the dangle?
if you read tarot there is major arcana XII in place

United States

#2182 Jul 16, 2013
Nothing Nobel About Getting Hung For Being A Traitor.

May be a lesson for others.

Panama City, FL

#2183 Jul 16, 2013
OMG it's a tin foil hat love orgy. Run for your lives.
Scott has got the chips

United States

#2186 Jul 16, 2013
You can bet your life that Rick Scott just like obama did will win re election in 2014 and for all the same reasons, he is a Bush puppet.

What do you think old CIA George HW Bush was doing at the white house again? Kissing his boy and giving him more orders. Reprograming his teleprompter! lol

Jeb and his statewide network of criminal goons will use them Clint Cutis vote scanner chips in every precint they have to so as to make the votes come out in favor of Scott.

The repukes (nazi's) have already decided they will not allow anyone to run aginst him. CharLIE Crist the Democrap (communist) might have some fake opposition just to make it look legit like the did running Mitt Romney against obama but,
the the opera is over and the fat lady has sung [P}Rick Scott will have another four years.
follow the money

United States

#2192 Jul 29, 2013
BUSH CRIME FAMILY With Neil Bush who bankrupted the entire SAVINGS AND LOAN INDUSTRY IN THE USA,GW BAILED OUT HIS WALL STREET FAMILTY BEFORE OFFICIALLY LEAVING THE WHITE HOUSE and tgurning everything over to his brother CIA clone Barack Hussein Obama.


Neil Bush is now working with Jeb Bush to nationalized education for their Nazi NEW WORLD ORDER Illuminati group.

we get what we pay for

United States

#2193 Jul 29, 2013
This morning the lame stream news networks are announcing Governor Richard Lyn (Rick) Scott was worth $200 million bucks when he become governor of Florida and now he is only wirht $84 Million.

He claims he works for us for $1 a year.

Why would he do that? He has only been governor for about 2 1/2 years (30 months)

He has lost $116 million in 30 months or $3.87 million per month. He has 18 more months to go which at the given rate of his loss will equal $69.59 million more in personal losses to the governor.

If he truly has $84 million on hand now and continues at the same rate of losses at the end of his term he will have a net worth of $8,000,330. PLUS the $1.50 in state earnings he will receive from we the taxpayers in the next 18 months.

Is he stupid for doing this or, are we stupid for letting him?
David Harbin

United States

#2194 Jul 29, 2013
Ome gets what one pays for.
chech this out

United States

#2195 Jul 29, 2013
Mr Harbin,

Chech this out. We are also aware of this happening to some law enforcement officers that would not bend to the local corruption. Much like they done the Liberty Sheriff with that BS.

bang flas mash

Spring Hill, FL

#2197 Jul 29, 2013
todays idiocy is tomorrows posters


play the game

long full of emptiness

Spring Hill, FL

#2199 Jul 29, 2013

=====> OFF WITH THEIR HEADS <=======
David Harbin

United States

#2200 Jul 29, 2013
Let's give them the chance to do their job and honor their oath of office/service and to protect and serve....first......
David Harbin

United States

#2201 Jul 29, 2013
Thank The Creator for the internet....the truth is coming out finally.
former Honorable

Spring Hill, FL

#2203 Jul 30, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
Thank The Creator for the internet....the truth is coming out finally.
hey Dave

was more honorble when rode a bench and
that was before the #%^*(^$ internet screwed
our lives with loosers like you lied about all
some hard facts

United States

#2204 Jul 30, 2013
Chip Tatum started his military career in 1969 when he volunteered for service during the Vietnam war. Graduating at the top ten percent of his class, he became one of the Air Force's first elite Combat Controller's (CCT). He survived his tours in Vietnam and a stint as a POW in Cambodia with a Purple Heart, a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, an Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, an Air Medal, and a Vietnam Service Medal, to name a few. As his career advanced, he accepted an appointment as a Warrant Officer. Following his service in Vietnam, Chip was attached to the White House for "special" duty assignments. White House special duty assignments continued through 1986, at which time, Chip's talents filled a specific need of the White House which existed outside a militanly-restricted environment, so he was "recruited'' into an elite black ops unit codenarned "Pegasus." Chip continued to serve the White House through 1991, leaving only when tasked to target his talents toward U.S. officials. Serving five administrations, through a quarter of a century, Chip commanded, planned, and participated in eighteen covert and black operations around the world. His codename is Pegasus.
Bill Cooper and Buzz Sawyer were shot down in Nicaragua and killed. Their kicker - Eugene Hasenfus was captured by the Sandinistas. Three months after Cooper and Sawyer died, Barry Seal was killed outside a half-way house in Louisiana as predicted by Mr. North during our flight on 30 March, 1985.
In March of 1986, I was contacted by Lt. Col. Oliver North and involuntarily recruited into a Special Operations group codenamed Pegasus. I was told that I would be working directly for the President of the United States. I was paid $43,394.40 in April of 1986 and given a medical discharge. I reported to my new assignment in May of 1986.
During the next few years, I would be tasked by Mr. Bush with the neutralization of a Mossad agent in 1988, an army Chief of Staff in 1989, the President of a third world country in 1989, and the leader of a revolutionary force in Central America in 1991.
Ami Nir was killed in 1988.
General Gustavo Alverez was killed in 1989.
Enrique Bermudez, Contra leader and overseer of the cocaine kitchens, was killed in 1991.
We flew into several villages on the Nicaragua/Honduras border to recon for a later mission. I recorded actual village locations for cargo drops by CH-47's scheduled later in April. Three of the villages were Rus Rus, Waspam and Santa Anna.
Mr. North was pleased with the operations. He stated that Vice President Bush appreciated the extra effort I was giving. General Alverez told Mr. North of my ability to sneak into his airfield under their radar. He asked North if I could instruct some of his security team and pilots for future use. North declined stating that I was a national secret, laughing. We landed at Santa Anna
some hard facts

United States

#2205 Jul 30, 2013
and met with Enrique Bermudez and other Contra leaders. We were then taken to a processing area of some sort. As we approached, there was a strong smell of jet fuel and acetone. There were several tactical bladders, used for carrying fuels, sitting around the area. Six large fuel pods were on the ground but had the tops torched off. Inside there was fuel and ground-up coca leaves.
Mr. North stated the following to the other passengers, "One more year of this and we'll all retire." He then made a remark concerning Barry Seal and Governor Clinton. "If we can keep those Arkansas hicks in line, that is," referring to the loss of monies as determined the week prior during their meeting in Costa Rica. I stood silently by the vat of leaves, listening to the conversation. General Alverez had gone with the Contra leader to discuss logistics. The other three - North, Rodriguez, and Ami Nir - continued through the wooden building, inspecting the cocaine. North continued, "...but he (Vice President Bush) is very concerned about those missing monies. I think he's going to have Jeb (Bush) arrange something out of Columbia," he told his comrades, not thinking twice of my presence. What Mr. North was referring to ended up being the assassination of Barry Seal by members of the Medellin Cartel in early 1986.
"How about 'Pineapple'?" Rodriguez asked.(Speaking of General Noriega.)
"Naw," North answered, "something's up there." Bush later insured Noriega was indicted and imprisoned for drug trafficking.
I recalled the mysterious army officers remarks in Ojo de Agua, "Tell no one. There's no one big enough in your chain of command." I just heard North tell Rodriguez that the Vice President, the Governor of Arkansas and the three of them are manufacturing cocaine. I flew them back to La Cieba and I continued back to Tela in time for drinks downtown with my crew and friends. We returned the following day to Palmerola. I went to Ops an put a few notes on the back of the flight plan.
In 1992 - I was tasked to neutralize an American citizen.[Ross Perot] I refused. I decided that day to leave the Black Operations unit. When I told Mr. Colby of my decision, he told me that one can't just walk away. I explained to him that I understood the fate of those who walk away. For that reason, I began documenting my activities on film, on audio tapes, and with copies of documents, all of which I compiled through the years. I explained that the film and tapes were placed in strategic locations around the world to insure my safety.
I was true to my word. Over the year I remained silent concerning my knowledge of the illegal activities of my superiors. But two years after I "retired" from the Black Operations group, I was contacted by Messrs Colby, North and Rodriguez. I was warned to give up my documents "or else."
I now know that to turn over my documents would be terminal. My years of loyalty had been betrayed. With no alternative, I chose to publish a portion of the documents accumulated through the years. So in 1994 I began searching for the original flight plans which were in the possession of a ranking Honduran official.
some hard facts

United States

#2206 Jul 30, 2013
All flight plans and briefing sheets contained in the Chronicles were supplied by the Honduran government official. In 1985, the official, aware of the implications of the documents, secured the flight plans and the briefing sheets for safe keeping. I began searching for the original documents in 1994. I was contacted in early 1995 by the Honduran official who claimed that he had possession of the documents. For reasons of security and fearing for his life, the official asked that I arrange a rendezvous with him in Honduras. April 25, 1995, we met secretly in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where he supplied certified copies of the originals. It was agreed that he would maintain possession of original documents until they were needed by authorities to seek prosecution of Messrs. Bush, Clinton, North, Rodriguez and others directly involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of cocaine.
While in Honduras, we were followed by a known US operative. Fortunately, I detected him early and we were able to out maneuver him so as not to compromise our meeting or the identity of the Honduran official. Upon our return to Miami, with documents in our possession, our car was broken into and my briefcase which, among other things, contained the keys to our car parked in Colorado Springs, was stolen. The documents, however, were not in the briefcase. They were held on my person, taped to my body. We were fortunate that my wife had her set of keys on her. Two weeks after returning to the United States, my wife and I were detained by the FBI. Our household goods were confiscated and rifled through by federal agents. They did not find the documents they were searching for. Subsequently, I was arrested and held without bail. The reason given by the FBI for no bail was that I had recently traveled outside of the country. I was, therefore, a flight risk. My wife, Nancy, was given the clothes on her back and the keys to her car by the FBI. She was told to leave and not return. It was interesting that the set of keys given to Nancy was the very set that had been stolen with my briefcase in Miami two weeks prior.
In February, 1996 two Secret Service agents visited me while I was being held in Tampa, Florida and warned me that I would be charged with treason and either be executed or spend the rest of my life in prison if I did not turn over the documents which I had prepared with others for our protection through the years. A week later, under very mysterious circumstances, treason became the primary crime for which I was being held by the US Marshals.
Tampa Tribune Newspaper
By David Sommer Tribune Staff Writer TAMPA - Dois Gene Tatum sits in the Hillsborough County Jail on a treason charge, but nobody seems to know why.
Tatum, 45, says he has a theory. While awaiting trial on fraud charges, he has been working on a book about being a prisoner of war in Vietnam, where he said he was sent on a secret, "one way mission" into Cambodia.
But the book makes no mention of later work as an agent in CIA Black operations," Tatum said in a telephone interview from Morgan Street jail. Maybe someone is trying to make sure things stay that way, he says.
some hard facts

United States

#2207 Jul 30, 2013
Jail offlcials say Taturn is being held on the treason charge at the request of the U. S. Marshals' Service. Such a charge is highly unusual. They said Tatum is not being held on the federal fraud charges, although jury selection in that trial is scheduled to begin Monday before U. S. District Judge Henry Lee Adams, Jr.
Tatum and codefendant Nancy Jane Tatum identified in court records as his girlfriend with an alias of Nancy Fullilove, are accused of taking more than $82,000 in federal money while Dois Tatum operated a government-seized Hudson golf course.
Deputy U.S. Marshal David Jacobs, in charge of federal prisoners in Tampa, said his records show Tatum is in custody solely on the fraud case.
"There is nothing in his file whatsoever related to treason," Jacobs said.
Federal prosecutors know nothing of the charge, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Montilla.
"CIA guys are generally charged with other kinds of espionage," the prosecutor said. "My thought is it's a screw-up or some sort of macabre joke."

Spring Hill, FL

#2208 Jul 30, 2013
some hard facts wrote:
... joke."
several single spaced monotonous posts
obviously not
boring and not readable \\\ hence /// BYE BYE
David Harbin

United States

#2209 Jul 30, 2013
former Honorable wrote:
<quoted text>
hey Dave
was more honorble when rode a bench and
that was before the #%^*(^$ internet screwed
our lives with loosers like you lied about all
Another crooked sphincter off the bench......

You probably play golf in Hudson, too......
former Honorable

Spring Hill, FL

#2210 Jul 30, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
<quoted text>
Another crooked sphincter off the bench......
You probably play golf in Hudson, too......
insult me okay!


did I b---S--- you?


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