3 jurors rue lack of evidence in Pomo...

3 jurors rue lack of evidence in Pomona barbershop murder trial

There are 13 comments on the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin story from Mar 15, 2010, titled 3 jurors rue lack of evidence in Pomona barbershop murder trial. In it, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that:

When jurors in the murder trial for Larry Hammett's killing acquitted one defendant and convicted the other of voluntary manslaughter, many of Hammett's friends and family members cried foul.

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Azusa, CA

#1 Mar 16, 2010
The one thing that I've learned from my years of experience in this field is: if the criminal got away with this crime he will commit another one. It's a basic Karma principle.

Covina, CA

#2 Mar 16, 2010
A drug dealer was killed doing something, umm, illegal and his family is saddended?

San Jacinto, CA

#3 Mar 16, 2010
Jacob wrote:
A drug dealer was killed doing something, umm, illegal and his family is saddended?
yes, his family was indeed saddened because, jacob, i dont know if you have been keeping up with this story or not but.. to fill u in..

mr barber shop man was allegedly slanging marijuana as a side business, the culprits, ali n hill decided they wanned to buy some off of mr barber shop man... long story short, ali decided last minute he didnt want the weed due to the fact that it probably wasnt kush or chronic, probably was some stress... anyway, mr barber shop man got mad and said somethin bla bla bla they started fighting over control of the gun.. BUT although witnesses say they saw both ali n hill trying 2 tear the bag of weed off mr barber shop mans hands, and that at the time they saw ali pull a handgun out his waistband...

now lets look at the evidence: the autopsy shows several shots 2 the chest, a couple on his back, one on his hand (signs of a defensive shot) and one at a downward angle to his chest, pockets were emptied out, and the bag of weed was no where to be found... despite what these signs show (to me it shows it was a cold blooded murder and robbery), the jurors acquitted one man, charged the actual shooter with involuntary manslaughter, and the gf WHO was waiting in the car pregnant at the time, got charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER!

how does any of those charges make sense? well... go figure

hopefully this will allow u to see a different perspective and rid of the fact that mr barber shop man was a small time weed seller and look at the hard evidence and how two men got away with murder, one roaming the streets again as a free man and a poor innocent pregnant girl doing life for her bf's careless actions...

that is probably why freinds and family were angered at the jurys verdicts...
Biker Bob Barker

Agoura Hills, CA

#4 Mar 16, 2010
wait, the victim pulls out a gun because they (suspects) won't or didn't buy pot from him? nahh~ a very smart woman once said "if it doesn't make sense it ain't true" (judge judy)

Whittier, CA

#5 Mar 16, 2010
that case was fishy from the getco

United States

#6 Mar 17, 2010
That's some bullsh...they were guily both of em should b rotting in prison for tha rest of there life..and the jusry were prolly in on it too or paid off somehow ..there was plenty of evidence to put both men away ..wut goes around comes around and that goes for the jury too..I still can't believe they let hill COMPLETELY OFF and he was the mastermind behind the whole robbery ..he was tha one that set it all up...but one day the jury will soon understand wut it feels like to have sumthing bad done to them or a family member and then have no one do anything about it...

Roseland, NJ

#7 Mar 18, 2010
There was no gun, no drugs, no camera, no one even saw the guys. We have one person who was acually there and that was Ali. Just because Hill was there that doesn't mean he was a mastermind. Does anyone have proof they didn't bring to the table? Just because you know something is true, that doesn't mean you have evidence to back it up. There were a few pieces of paper in that evidence box and NOTHING else. NOTHING to tie anyone to a robbery or a murder and the law states if there are 2 rational explanations.. you have to choose the one that points to innocent. When you have little or no real evidence you can't go up there and say Murder 1 "because I think so"-- OH and the GF, Breeanna Finley.. she wasn't tried with the guys.. so we didn't give her Voluntary Manslaughter.. she pleaded out with that on her own.. This was freakin hard-- THERE WAS NO evidence and all the witnesses were changing their stories.. NO ONE could be 100% honest with us.. it's not as easy as everyone thinks-- If something ever happens to me or my family where were in court -- I hope they get a jury like that one-- Fair and honest.. AND NOOO -- no one was paid off.

Chino, CA

#8 Mar 18, 2010
There are 12 people who don't know the victim or the defendant. They are coming in all pre conceived thoughts and judgements left at the door. They are ONLY allowed to go by evidence. When you have 4 pieces of paper which are just pictures of the barber shop, a scratched out letter and some recorded testimonies of the witnesses who really didn't see anything-- you have nothing to go by. You come up with several possible events-- you write down a timeline. If you have more than one rational possibility and one of them points to innocent, the judge states you have to choose the innocent event. The judge says the defendants in front of you are innocent, and the DA has to prove they are guilty beyond a resonable doubt. NOW-- Beyond a reasonable doubt means there is NO possible other possibility. Evidence that prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt are video tapes, DNA, fingerprints, stolen good with fingerprints.. something that can not have another rational event tied to it. WHen I was on a murder case we were in the same kind of boat. We had more evidence than this barber shop case tho. We had several people who had nothing to gain from the case, state they saw it happen. They saw it with their own eyes-- they didn't "hear it"-- or "think they saw a hand"-- You have to understand people-- this is hard for people who have a life in their hand. They wonder what would happen if it was their son, or daughter up there. What if they were up there and they killed someone in self defense.. what if they really were innocent and they would be sending 2 young guys to their death-- or if they were guilty they would send them back on the street -- If so many people were at the shop-- why did only 3 people come forward? and those people really didn't even have a whole lot-- they "heard" wrestling or fighting.. you can't give someone murder 1 because someone thought they heard fighting. Jurors are brave-- they have it hard and I have never served again. I am emotionally a mess because of it.. I can't be a judge on someone's life. My brother was stabbed and died in the hospital. I know the guy who did it was soo sorry. It was an accident. My brother started the fight-- I think of him, he was a mess and was suicidal-- he was so sorry for what he did and he was on trial... if the jurors knew him personally and not what the DA had to say about him-- it would of went different. These jurors only know what is sold to them by the lawyers.. things are omitted and things ar twisted. THEN they have to go back in a small crowded room until they make the hardest choice they will ever have to make. Cut those jurors out ther some slack-- You be a juros on a murder case with no evidence.. see how you like it.
Daily Lesson

Covina, CA

#9 Mar 20, 2010
montclair wrote:
<quoted text>
mr barber shop man was allegedly slanging marijuana as a side business, the culprits, ali n hill decided they wanned to buy some off of mr barber shop man... long story short, ali decided last minute he didnt want the weed due to the fact that it probably wasnt kush or chronic, probably was some stress...
Let that be a lesson to everyone. Don't get all butthurt when people don't wanna buy your bunk stress.

Covina, CA

#10 Mar 20, 2010
I don't understand why people aren't mentioning the prosecutor's culpability here. The prosecutor should have brought the jury a better case. You can't get a capital murder conviction with half-assed evidence. Rather than being upset with the jury, people need to point their finger at the prosecutor's office.

And I've said this before and I'll say it again - had Larry not been cutting hair and making an honest living rather than trying to be all "Tony Montana," he'd still be alive today. He put himself in a precarious position. Selling weed is not the smartest way to supplement your barbering job. He should have been working at an honest job and then he would not have put himself in harm's way.

And maybe if he would have let that kid walk out of his office instead of pulling him back in like a tough guy, he would still be alive today.

Seems like he paid the ultimate price for trying to earn money in a scheisty way.

United States

#11 Mar 26, 2010
I don't care what anyone says the jury was wrong and they all deserve to burn..but karma will definately get em
Larrys Friend

Los Angeles, CA

#12 Nov 29, 2010
Larry was a small time weed dealer, an overall nice guy. Ali knew him, and visited the barbershop many times before this robbery. To know Larry personally, he was just a meek kind man, Not a ganster or a Tony Montana. The evil, & the wicked could see far away that Larry was and could be an easy target. Larry cut hair at his business, and was not on high alert for robbery attempts, he did not carry a gun! I feel that they came there to kill Larry, rob him and take his money. They were frequent visitors at the shop and if Larry had lived through the attempt to rob him, he could have easily identified them later! Thats why he was killed, thats why he was shot so many times...Why any jury couldnt come to the verdict of Guilty is truly a travesty to all whom have faith in the judicial system!!
Larrys Friend

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Nov 29, 2010
I also feel that okay the jury has set this man free to roam the streets. Then he shall be tried in the streets... The people shall try this man, and we will read about his murder, his trial, and his end result! Rest assured that his day is coming!! Believe me, as he sleeps at night free, he sees the struggle between he and Larry over and over again. I believe Larry will haunt him everytime he closes his eyes. While the other two defendents sit in jail he too has to carry that guilt as well. I bet you he needs more than weed to help him cope!

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