Pathetic Excuses for Republican Party

La Puente, CA

#42 Aug 13, 2012
Paul Ryan is bad for women.

He voted for a bill that would have effectively banned abortion coverage by insurers who received federal or taxpayer funding.

This bill, which Ryan favored, would have allowed anyone involved to refuse to perform an abortion for any reason, even if the life of the woman needing the abortion was in danger.
Glass S

La Puente, CA

#43 Aug 18, 2012
Thomas Jefferson got it right when in 1802 he wrote, "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property—until their children wake up homeless in the continent their fathers conquered."

His words were prescient indeed as we are in the midst of the greatest transfer of wealth to a scarce few individuals and banks, all of it being done within the boundaries of laws that the bankers themselves have either written or paid well to have written.

Glass-Steagall prevented this egregious behavior and must be reinstated.
Explained away

La Puente, CA

#44 Aug 21, 2012
Can someone explain to the American people what a "conservative Republican from Eastern Kansas" is doing in Israel anyway?

"Denham and his wife Sonia, like Kevin and Brooke Yoder, were part of a large delegation traveling in August 2011 courtesy of the American Israel Education Foundation. The group reported paying $20,227.46 for the Denhams to participate in the eight-day trip, which included a number of meetings with Israeli officials as well as visits to holy sites."

Is there not any other interest group in KANSAS that can spend $20K in KANSAS, courtesy of the KANSAS Education Foundation to "participate in meetings with prominent KANSAS officials" and visit tourist sites in KANSAS?

Do we as a United citizenry not see what is happening to our country, with our politicians and politics OWNED by AIPAC, the unofficial Spy agency of the Israeli Government.

Covina, CA

#45 Aug 27, 2012
Wilard Mitt Romney said: No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.

Ya with one father and fifteen mothers and cousins, where there are NO morals or guide lines in place.
Floor show

La Puente, CA

#46 Sep 2, 2012
Floor show at the 2012 GOP (KKK) convention in Tampa, FL..

The chair should have asked that drunk (clint eastwood) why was he at a convention where the supporters wouldn't allow his daughter to receive an abortion even if she was raped.
Bush scam

West Covina, CA

#47 Oct 5, 2012
Willard Mitt Romney [bush] plan a scam

During the recent presidential debate, Willard Mitt Romney said that he would lower the tax rates for everybody and also reduce or eliminate exemptions and deductions, because we have to keep the revenue up.

Glendora, CA

#48 Oct 8, 2012
The entire "Forktoothed" Republican / Tea Party Nation member's have tried to take away the right to vote in many states in America.

They not only have attacked the bases of America, they like those stupid confederates should be run out of this country and given to some middle east country since thats how they operate!
Wee board

La Puente, CA

#49 Oct 10, 2012
Wee board

La Puente, CA

#50 Oct 10, 2012
Comic Relief

Glendora, CA

#51 Oct 13, 2012
Republican tea baggers appear to be in another low earth orbit, getting ready for a firey reentry.

And Todd Akin is joined on the House Committee on Science and Technology by Rep. Paul Broun, who is on the record stating that science was forged in satanic fires.
Right again

La Puente, CA

#52 Oct 15, 2012
Why on earth would I, or anyone else for the outsourcer and tax dodger in chief – Willard Mitt Romney?

I’m not a woman so how can I in all honesty dictate what they do with their bodies and their lives.

I am a lifelong Catholic, but I believe the Church or churches need to do something about all the pedophiles and child abuse in the clergy before they worry about taking health care away from the poor or women.

If we elect a Mormon as the President, and he represents the U.S.A., surely that means America is no longer a Christian nation but a Mormon nation.


Covina, CA

#53 Oct 18, 2012
The current brain dead Republican Tea Bagger Abortion Platform Is Like Sharia Law.

But don't worry Willard Mitt Romney and Paul D. Ryan will hide, cover up and distort the truth of their parties beliefs until it's too late.
Nicks cooked alive

Covina, CA

#54 Oct 18, 2012
99% of the members and staff are Republican tea party nation members at this meeting tonight. Come and see how the crooks do it.

Come one, come all to the sgvCOG meeting held on October 18, 2012 Thursday.

So Cal Edison CTAC
6090 N. Irwindale Avenue, Irwindale, Ca.

It's off the 210 freeway, exit is off both the East or West bound traffic flow on the freeway.

This building is located in a cluster of Edison building deep inside the East side of the street.

Agenda items:

A lot of butt covering agenda issues, you would think these people never handled state of federal contracts and money?

How stupid do you think they are trying to act?

It could be said never send a child to do an adults job.
Passed Up

La Puente, CA

#55 Oct 23, 2012
For anyone interested in the Mormon faith or have questions about it being like Christianity this video is for you.

This video is crazy.

We finally get to see behind the scene to this cult in this never before seen video.

Yes, Willard Mitt Romney is a Mormon, LDS.

Have you heard of this guy?

Behind the Veil is what the video is called. Pass it around. ...

Monrovia, CA

#56 Nov 3, 2012
Oh look it’s Willard Mitt Romney’s favorite time of the year - because he gets to turn the clock back!

Monrovia, CA

#57 Nov 7, 2012
Gov. of New Jersy, Chris Christie was in a difficult spo,. he did the right thing and stayed to support his people and give praise where due

A Republican or Tea Party member would never do such a thing.

The staffers should not complain about Chris Christie, they should complain that his actions are so rare.

San Dimas, CA

#58 Nov 8, 2012
Why Mitt Romney lost?

Willard Mitt Romney lost the election because he couldn't separate himself from the Republican Party’s growing extremism.

That includes KKK, SkinHeads, Racists and alike cowards of America that escaped prison or mental institutions.

Those that could grow hair but pulled the sideburns over the top of his bald head, only to get trumped by a wind storm.

Or soon to be blind as a bat casino owner and devoute political player, that didn't win but donated a lot of money to Willard Mitt Romney SO HE COULD LOSE too.

Covina, CA

#59 Nov 19, 2012
Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, the potential next candidate for president in 2016, has raised eyebrows with a claim that the age of the earth "is a matter for theologians."

This quirk is claiming 10,000 years?

Looks like this nutty buddy back-side kisser had better find a better pick up line for getting votes tha the age of the earth is 10,000 years old.

La Puente, CA

#60 Nov 27, 2012
Republicans Say Florida GOP Suppressed Democratic Vote Cuts to early voting were part of a nefarious strategy, all along.

But wait it doens't stop there, Glendora, California which is run by the Pigs and Hogs of the Republican, Tea Party does the same kind of underhanded work on the voting populas.

Monrovia, CA

#61 Dec 5, 2012
The Tea Party Nation members are made up of Anti-American communist cells, just look at Grover Norquits.

One of the main political Cells of the conservative movement and an instrumental force with in the tea party Nation.

There is no need to look any farther to see who is bring this great country down.

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