Tiffany dont break my heart

Tiffany dont break my heart

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Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#1 Aug 10, 2013
I have been wanting to ask Tiffany for a date. Not to go park and make out or anything like that but to talk and see a movie or a concert and go to a nice sit down restaurant. I would be a real gentleman unlike the hicks around here. I would hold open the doors for her and pull out her chair at the restaurant and make sure she is comfortable and gets what she wants to eat and drink. I would treat her like the queen she deserves to be. I was going to ask her to the Kenny Chesney concert and I bought 2 tickets. They weren't cheap either. I never could get her on the phone. I think they cancelled the home phone but I got her cell number and called it but got the voice message so I said who I was and that I wanted to ask her to go with me to see something special and left my number for her to return the call. I didn't hear from her so I called again the next day and same thing. I ended up taking a lady from my church. She is pretty but she makes me nervous. She also gets "friendly" kind of fast. She is not my type but Tiffany is. I hope she reads this and knows that I like her and always have since we were kids at Union Elementary, East Union, Forest Hills and the place where we worked together. I know she has bad some bad boyfriends in the past. I want to be the good boyfriend for life.
Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#2 Aug 11, 2013
I saw you yesterday Tiffany. You were at Hess getting gas. I was coming back from Wendy's where I got gas. You were looking so good I wanted to stop and tell you how hot you looked. I don't know if you had a date last night or not. I'm no stalker. I had one with Elizabeth, the girl who moved here from Charlotte last year. I think y'all know each other but I'm not sure. She's very nice and I like her parents. We went to Longhorn for dinner and then to see the Lone Ranger movie. It was awesome. Then we went to Sweet Frogs for ice cream. We laughed and had a good time. She is a good kisser. Not as good as you though.

I have to go. It's almost time for church and I don't want to be late. I'm going to try to talk to you this afternoon if you are where you usually go on Sunday afternoon. If I do I want to ask you to go out with me. I hope you are wearing your little blue short Daisy Duke shorts. You are so hot in them I just about go crazy seeing your pretty butt in them.
Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#3 Aug 12, 2013
Tiffany it made me happy when we talked on the phone. Your voice is soft and sexy. You said maybe someday we will go out. That is fine with me. I will be ready when you are. You said we should date other people until that time comes. I didn't like it but I said ok. I know who you will go out with and he is no good. He treats girls like hos. He just gets what he wants from them and goes to the next one. You and I both know who he slapped around and left bruises on her face and breasts. He almost went to jail for that but he was all lovey dovey to her and she dropped the charges and refused to testify. Then he dumped her like a load of bricks. If he treats you like that I will light up his ass. But I wish you wouldn't go with him. I don't know why you like him. He is a dog. If you just want to wet his noodle you are making a mistake. If that is what you want I will make you a lot happier than he can. I know how to please a girl.
Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#4 Aug 13, 2013
Yesterday was a hard day at work. I don't think I got to stop and rest for one second. It was go-go-go all day. Mondays are tough anyway but yesterday was double tough. I had to eat lunch at my work station because we were so busy. After work I went out to my car and this lady who works in the office called me over. She had a flat tire so I told her I would put the spare on. Eugene came out and we jacked up her car and got the little donut wheel and put it on. Eugene left so we are standing there and she goes in her pocketbook and gets out a dollar and tries to hand it to me. I told her I didn't want any money and wouldn't take it. She said that she felt like she should give me something and I said I would take a hug. Well she got funny looking and said it could be sexual harrassment. I told her I didn't mean it like romance and tried to laugh it off. She kept acting mad so I just walked off. I hope she don't get me in trouble at work. I swear I didn't mean nothing by it.
Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#5 Aug 14, 2013
I didn't get fired so I guess she got over it. I hope so anyway. I know how you like to go to Music festivals Tiffany so I am planning on taking you to one. There is one coming up in Myrtle Beach I know you would love. It is one of your favorites Clint Black on September 21. I will get us one of the best rooms at the Sheraton for Friday and Saturday nights and we can come back late Sunday. I hope you will say yes. We can do whatever you want to do with our free time. Lay on the beach if the weather is nice, make love all night and sleep late, go shopping, eat at the nice restaurants, go out dancing and clubbing. I will get the best seats for the concert so you can be close and maybe get an autograph or souvenir. I know how you love Clint Black's records so I will get CDs to play on the way and you can keep them.
Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#6 Aug 15, 2013
I got my paycheck yesterday. I caught up on my bills and put $200 in my savings account and I still have plenty to spend if I need or want to. I am saving to buy a house and I have almost $7,000. I'm not sure where I want to live or how big of a house I want. anyway, I am not in a hurry.

I pay $240 a month not counting utilities to share this little house with 3 other guys. I hardly ever see one of the guys because he works for the railroad and travels all the time. He is usually here only on weekends. Ray, the older guy that tried to hit on you works for Tyson and he's gone a lot too. Joe works at Olive Garden in Monroe. He's barely getting by and sometimes has a hard time coming up with his share of the rent. He's kind of dumb. He will go out and buy something expensive knowing he has to have his rent money. He's had to pawn stuff to pay his rent! He is always asking me to loan him money. I did loan him $30 one time and didn't get it back so never again!

Ray's Ex is taking him back to court. She does this every year trying to get more money from him. She gets alimony and child support and she goes to the judge and cries and carries on so the judge raises the amount every year. Rays' 2 kids are great kids and they love their daddy. The girl is 9 and the boy is 6. They come and visit a lot and he takes them to places like Tweetsie, Freedom Park, the Zoo in Columbia etc.

I want to invite you over sometime when I am here by myself. I could fix dinner for you and we could watch TV and talk, maybe snuggle a little. I'm a really good cook.
Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#7 Aug 16, 2013
Cathy told me that you and Amy were going to the auction so I went hoping to see you. You weren't there. What a mess. Nothing but JUNK. I stayed for most of it though. It was fun watching the people. Some of them were bidding and they couldn't even see what was being sold. I didn't raise my hand once. I've thrown out better junk than what was being sold.

Junior Carpenter was there and he and I went to Monroe after the auction to get him some kind of beer they don't sell in Marshville. I don't know what kind because I gave up beer for Lent and I have not touched any since. I never did like the taste much anyway and it always made me feel full of gas. I'm not a tee totaler though. I will drink a little wine or a margarita every now and then. I know you like beer. I have seen you drinking it. I'm glad you don't act the fool when you drink it.

I am going to call you this afternoon. I hope you are still reading these letters.
Shy boy with a big heart

Marshville, NC

#8 Aug 17, 2013
I got the tickets on the internet. The band doesn't start until 8 so we will have plenty of time to eat dinner at Outback. I will call ahead so we shouldn't have a long wait. I've never been to that place but I have a GPS in my car so we won't have any trouble finding it.

We will be dancing and having drinks so we will be really tired. I won't drink very much since I will be driving but I know how you like to drink beer. You might get high or sleepy so I got us a first class room at the Sheraton where we can go and spend the night. I'm not taking any PJ's. I'll either sleep in my undies or go commando depending on if you do the same. I'm just taking my bathroom kit, shaver, toothbrush etc and a shirt and jeans to change into tomorrow morning when we get up. I'm also taking two boxes of Trojans, extra large in case we get frisky (I hope). If we do I will probably whisper "I love YOU" or ask you "Will you marry me?" just when you start to---you know. You don't have to say anything or answer. I just want you to feel loved. I guess you can tell I'm excited. I'll see you tonight my lover.
Tiffnay s Guy

Matthews, NC

#9 Aug 18, 2013
Bro easy up. She was at the Auction but we left early. I guess you have never gotten out of Union County. Outback is on Hwy 74 near or in Matthews NC.

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