Robert was my bestfriend. i called him bobby, sometimes BEES when we were being cutesy. we had been dating for about 3 yrs..and we were inseperable. that was my baby..and to all the carpenters/construction workers out there across the nation and aroun cape cod... remember to say i love you to your loved ones. you never know what may happen.. luckily we said it the night before. i would do anything for one more second with more chance to say ilove more time to tell him how wonderful of a carpenter he was. his dream was to be a fireman.. and i guess the firemen carried him home. i miss you baby and i hope to see you again. i will never get over it but i will live through it in honor of you. each day is harder than the next but like his coworker tom said, he was so full of life.. and he was my entire world. <3 10-11-04/ 12-6-07. we'll meet love for you is everlasting.