what is it with whinny women who can'...

what is it with whinny women who can't work like a man

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Jonesboro, AR

#1 Jul 16, 2014
I can't stand a whinny woman who cries if she has to sweat. Like for instance if she has to mow the yard or even clean her house, cook, do laundry and dishes. Come on... And then you have those women who can't even bait a hook or sew a button on for that matter. I don't see why any man would ever want a woman who can't get out and mow the yard with him, or help him change the oil in the car, or help him with carpenter work if he works on their home. Marriages are partnerships not one way streets where the man does everything and the woman sits on her butt watching tv and playing on her computer while sitting on the bed.
Just Me

Jonesboro, AR

#2 Jul 17, 2014
I can't stand a man who can't spell, what exactly is a whinny woman?

Jonesboro, AR

#3 Jul 17, 2014
oh my bad.....whiny. By the way your sentence should read "I can't stand a man who can't spell. What exactly is a whinny woman?"

See, two can play the grammar game. That should be two sentences not just one. Why do you even think I'm a man?

Why can't I be a fed up women who is sick of hearing other women complain about how hard their life is. Get your big girl panties on and be the woman your man needs you to be. Oh wait, that would be to hard. They probably need their kids or husband to do it for them since they think they are such a princess.

United States

#4 Jul 17, 2014
Whinny huh? Whinny the poo. Dumbass

Oklahoma City, OK

#5 Jul 17, 2014
Its a funny thing... I wonder why she can't figure out how to quickly and efficiently now the yard. At the same time, she wonders why I can't see how to season food by taste. But she loves to mow when I let her. And I sure love to eat good food. We do what we can....

Jonesboro, AR

#6 Jul 17, 2014
eh... nevermind.

Conway, AR

#7 Jul 18, 2014
If the couple is pleased with eachother,then that is what matters. Working together to have a good marriage is what is important. If they are happy then there is no reason to whine!:))

United States

#8 Jul 18, 2014
It's due to gender rolls. Women, on a national scale, have not been doing their part since the sixties. Women are doing less, men are doing more. They're becoming a pathetic species in NEA. meth is all the WANT to do. God help us.

Jonesboro, AR

#9 Jul 19, 2014
You really should make sure your 100% correct on your own spelling before making fun or others. Anyone who has ever looked at videos on a shelf at Wal-Mart or seen Winnie the Pooh commercials on TV knows that it is Winnie the Pooh. You must be one of those dumb crackhead women who loves to whine or an unintelligent man who needs to go back to preschool.
whinny wrote:
Whinny huh? Whinny the poo. Dumbass

Jonesboro, AR

#10 Jul 19, 2014
I don't think its about that at all. I think its about certain women feeling entitled because people call her princess and jump at her every whine. Its bull really. As far as women doing less, most women are like that. Now my wife, on the other hand is a hard working little gal. She can mow the yard, hang She has at 9 months pregnant, she did that while I was at work. She did it out of love so I wouldn't have to. I was working a lot of overtime. She still gets out and mows the yard almost weekly. She also works part time. Takes care of our kids, and our animals. She makes sure all house work is done, garden is tended to, and food on the table for at least 2 meals a day. I am a lucky guy to have her. Most buddies of mine have to do their own laundry, cook for themselves, and clean the house after working 60 plus hours a week. She is a wonderful hard working gal. I feel sorry for the ones who wives sit on their butt more than anything then they wonder why their husband leaves their sorry butts.

Jonesboro, AR

#11 Jul 20, 2014
Truth wrote:
It's due to gender rolls. Women, on a national scale, have not been doing their part since the sixties. Women are doing less, men are doing more. They're becoming a pathetic species in NEA. meth is all the WANT to do. God help us.
Women as a general rule do a lot more than men think they do. I clean the house, cook the meals, mow the yard, take care of our pets, ETC,ETC. I am not complaining because my husband works his ass off at his job and I love doing his laundry, cooking his meals and keeping a spotless house for him to come home to. I also do not believe that my husband should have to come home from work and start mowing the yard. My husband lets me know that he appreciates what I do and I appreciate what he does. We do not take one another for granted..

United States

#12 Jul 20, 2014
yeah i agree with wondering i love doing those kind of things i don't mind cooking and cleaning i like taking care of my family and i like mowing and no one touches my truck but me lol im weird that way i hate shopping if i have to i get my crap and get out asap marriage is 50/50 so i try and im hoping i give it my all but that's just me
Whatever Works for You

Jonesboro, AR

#13 Jul 20, 2014
My hubby and I have been married for almost 27 years now. He hates the way that I mow, he says he can do it half the time and he uses about half the gas that I do.......and I am not a fan of his laundry skills, he always fills the washer to full to get anything clean. So, he mows and I do the round-up......and I wash the clothes, sometimes he folds them and puts them away. We're a team! We know each others strengths and weaknesses and we do what is best for us. I think that's all that matters :)

Cherokee Village, AR

#14 Aug 12, 2014
I work (as in employed outside the home) just as hard as my husband. We both work a minimum of 40 hours a week. I take care of the inside of our home and he takes care of the outside and maintains and repairs our vehicles. I cook the meals that are cooked inside and he grills. I have never been a housewife. We shared the responsibility of raising our children that are now adults. They never saw a day in daycare and have never been babysat. If we could not take them out with us we did not go out. We must be doing something right because he we are, still happily married, 21 years later. Not all women stay home and not all women are lazy. Should I ever become a housewife with my husband working, I would do everything around the home and take care of the outside. Until then, we WILL share the duties in our home.

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