Could i be pregnant or what do you think ia going on? I do have pcos but i have regular periods for past few years. Only time ever irregular was when i first started at 15... But long story short i had a regular periods in January and was fine come February had nothing and just thought maybe it was because their was a few shorter days in the month (the last 2 year I've been tracking with a calendar bc we are ttc) we dp have unprotected sex on the days i am supposed to ovu. But in Feb. When i was supposedly ovu. I did have some cramping which has never happened before ever...then i got a period on march 21 which didn't last very long 3 days of just spotting barely didn't even use anything and then a day or two of where i actually had to use something. And i have not had a period yet which i usually have my periods around 28-30th day cycles...i am currently 45 days late from my last period i have taken about 7 test which 2 were digital...up until i was 20 days late last one was on mothers day..all were negative ..I don't believe i have any real symptoms but for awhile their i had alot of cramping like my period was coming but never did i still get pains occasionally and i feel very uncomfortable like gassy or bloated and when i eat i feel so full even if i don't eat a lot and back aches sometimes i feel like im getting sick but it passes fast and light headed and i am having trouble sleeping i just can't get comfortable bc my stomach is hurting unless i lay on my back...sorry if this is a lot to say im just scared to test again and see its negative :-( just want to hear your options and has anyone ever been in my situation or know someone and actually had success in getting pregnant