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Colin Pile

West Mifflin, PA

#57949 Jun 18, 2014
F*ck You, Dick Cheney


You know, you really have to give credit to Bob Cesca, who somehow managed to write a thorough and detailed critique of Dick Cheney’s mind-bogglingly audacious op-ed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. As usual, Bob took the time to organize his thoughts and refute almost point by point why Cheney, along with his daughter Liz, is in absolutely no position to lecture the Obama administration on its handling of the current crisis in Iraq. If you haven’t read the piece, I’d highly recommend it because it will, quite frankly, work as the superego to the all-out id that I’m about to unleash here. Bob read yesterday’s Cheney op-ed and knew that he had to take it apart piece by piece; I read it and immediately wanted to begin throwing my living room furniture through a window.

Which is why all I’m really left with at this point is to say a hearty,“Fuck you, Dick Cheney.”

Read the whole story here:
Those Lying Obamateers


#57950 Jun 19, 2014
Lois Lerner Emails: Nothing Digital Ever Dies
June 19, 2014
Now, IRS officials have told congressional investigators -- a year after Lerner’s emails were requested -- that her computer “crashed” in 2011, wiping out electronic messages to individuals at outside groups and agencies, including White House.

This was at the very time the IRS was formulating its rules that singled out groups with words like “Patriots” or “Tea Party” in their names. Suddenly, the question of whether digital communication can simply disappear is no longer a theoretical issue.

To say that the IRS “lost emails” has engendered skepticism is putting it mildly, especially in right-of-center circles.

“The Obama administration’s claim that the IRS has ‘lost’ two years of Lois Lerner’s emails is implausible to anyone who understands how email systems work,” writes conservative attorney John Hinderaker, a Claremont Institute fellow.

“The Obama administration is lying, and lying in a remarkably transparent way.”

Obama Promotes Illegality


#57951 Jun 19, 2014
White House To Welcome In, Honor Illegal Immigrants
The activist group, which has offices in six states, works for the goal of “expanding the electorate” through “direct, sustainable citizenship, voter registration, census education, GOTV and issue organizing in key states.”

Mi Familia Vota’s board of directors includes labor leader Eliseo Medina, who said in a 2010 speech that immigration reform will create a long-term progressive “governing coalition.”
While the White House is teaming with law enforcement officers, no arrests are expected to be made Tuesday.


Pittsburgh, PA

#57952 Jun 20, 2014
I believe the numbers have shown that 66% of those in the USA, not necessarily Americans, are moochers. This number also doesn't include any politicians, whom where born moochers and now proclaim themselves our Savior.
Bill Klinton

Pottsville, PA

#57953 Jun 20, 2014
Vote my wife in

Pittsburgh, PA

#57954 Jun 20, 2014
I'm voting for my dog, at least he lifts his leg on occasion.
Dumbo Kerry Channels Gore


#57955 Jun 20, 2014
John Kerry: Protecting Oceans from Climate Change a 'Vital Security Issue'
16 Jun 2014

With the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) advancing rapidly through Iraq and posting images of their brutal mass executions, plans have begun to evacuate America's embassy in Baghdad.

In Washington, however, Secretary of State John Kerry hosted a conference on the world's real "vital security issue": climate change.
Kerry nonetheless opened the conference with warnings that climate change poses an immediate threat to the world, one that requires addressing before he works to remedy the situation in Iraq.

Currently, ISIS jihadists are believed to be within 300 miles of Baghdad, and American military have been sent to protest the embassy in the capital.

Pubey Hairs

West Mifflin, PA

#57956 Jun 20, 2014
Bill Klinton wrote:
Vote my wife in
Hillary doesn't shave her cooter .bill got tired of getting a rug burn on his chin
Progressive Dem Agenda

Chambersburg, PA

#57957 Jun 21, 2014
New York Dem: Illegals Should Have The Right To Vote

New York state Sen. Guestavo Rivera wants to pass legislation to give illegal immigrants the right to vote in local and state elections, Reuters reports.
The main objective of the New York Is Home Act, according to Rivera, is to integrate illegal immigrants, who are estranged from participation in civic, economic and political life.

The legislation not only gives illegal immigrants the right to vote, but establishes a kind of second-tiered citizenship on a state level, in which illegal immigrants can apply for tuition assistance, health insurance and driver’s and professional licenses, among other benefits.

Harrisburg Voter

Royersford, PA

#57958 Jun 21, 2014
They all stink there all politicians !!
Harrisburg Voter

Royersford, PA

#57959 Jun 21, 2014
It's sad
Harrisburg Voter

Collegeville, PA

#57960 Jun 21, 2014
But true
Obamas Voter Registration


#57961 Jun 21, 2014
Border Patrol overwhelmed by flow of illegal immigrants
June 16, 2014

MISSION, Texas – At daybreak in this border town, two women from Guatemala – one with a small child strapped to her back – wait patiently on the levee overlooking the Rio Grande.

They have been instructed by the "coyote" who ferried them across the river for an exorbitant fee – as much as $1,000 – to simply wait for the Border Patrol to pick them up.

After processing, they will likely be given a notice to appear before an immigration judge and a bus ticket to wherever in America they may have friends or relatives.

That’s the way it goes, day in and day out, in what has become ground zero of the latest immigration crisis.

Thousands upon thousands of people from Central America exploiting the porous border of the Rio Grande Valley to enter the United States.

“If we don't send the message that they can’t just come in and stay here, it's gonna continue, this wave of humanity,” said Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar. Cuellar is a Democrat, but an outspoken critic of how President Obama has handled this crisis.

Teabagger Tom

Woodbury, NJ

#57962 Jun 21, 2014
Everybody stinks
Governor Gonads

West Mifflin, PA

#57963 Jun 22, 2014
Tom Wolf is leading in all the recent polls ,way ahead of Tom Corbett.

Wolf is going to bury this scumbag Corbett.

Latest polls numbers don't lie

Look here:

Obama Cannot Lead

Narberth, PA

#57964 Jun 22, 2014
The single most depressing number for President Obama in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll
June 18, 2014

The new national poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal is stuffed with bad news for President Obama.

His job approval rating — 41 percent — is as low as it has ever been.

Four in ten Americans say the performance of his administration has gotten worse over the past year.

Large majorities disapprove of how he is handling foreign policy, which has been front and center of late thanks to the eroding situation in Iraq and the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap.

And yet, all of those bad numbers pale in comparison to how people responded to this question:
"Thinking about the rest of Barack Obama's term as president, do you think he can lead the country and get the job done or do you no longer feel that he is able to lead the country and get the job done?"

Fifty-four percent — let me repeat, 54 percent — said that Obama "cannot lead and get the job done," while just 42 percent said he could lead....

That is an absolutely remarkable vote of no-confidence in Obama's ability to do the job he was elected to do.

Lying As A Best Defense

Narberth, PA

#57965 Jun 22, 2014
How are Obama and the IRS getting away with a blatant coverup?
June 21, 2014

The thing about dogs eating homework is, it could actually happen. This can’t.

This is “the dog ate my hard drive, broke into another building, ate the backup of the hard drive, then broke into six other top officials’ offices and ate their hard drives also.”

What we learned about the IRS this week is that there is an obvious criminal coverup that comes in addition to the possible underlying crimes. Prosecutions need to be brought against all of those involved.

Why isn’t this happening already?

Remember the O.J. Simpson trial, the one that consumed seemingly the entire mid-’90s? From crime to verdict, the whole thing took 16 months.

The IRS scandal? It’s already been 13 months, and no one has even been charged.

And no one will be charged. Congress has called the cops — the Justice Department — and the cops simply don’t care.

Senator Casey

Matawan, NJ

#57966 Jun 22, 2014
Vote for me
moulton report

Clearfield, PA

#57968 Jun 23, 2014
lmfao, one-term tommy chest-puffing.today but this report couldn't be anymore damning on how bad his AG office effed this up

Corbett allowed Sandusky free to pedo others while evidence existed. Plain and simple.

Vote Wolf.
Tom Corruptett

West Mifflin, PA

#57970 Jun 23, 2014
Democratic challenger Tom Wolf leads Governor Corbett by 20 points in poll

Gov. Tom Corbett got the endorsement of a boilermakers union local Wednesday. But as he considers the latest poll results, he may want to down a boilermaker; maybe two.

The Quinnipiac University survey found Mr. Corbett trailing Tom Wolf, his Democratic challenger, by 20 percentage points, 53 percent to 33 percent. It was the third poll in a week showing the Republican incumbent in severe jeopardy of becoming the first Pennsylvania governor ever to be defeated for re-election.

A Rasmussen poll released Sunday saw Mr. Wolf leading, 51 percent to 31 percent. On Tuesday, Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, depicted the York businessman's post-primary lead as 55 percent to 30 percent.

Amid a challenging budget debate, Mr. Corbett faces the hurdles of not only of wooing undecided voters, but peeling away the supporters of a rival who has attracted a majority of registered voters in three consecutive post-primary polls.

"There's no good news anywhere for Gov. Corbett," Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a statement accompanying the latest results.

Mr. Corbett retained the support of 70 percent of the Republicans surveyed, but his challenger won majorities with every other broad demographic group -- Democrats, independents, men, women and voters of all ages.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-sta...

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