I can not believe this!!! It is so despicable, senseless, and absolutely sickening. Wyoming Valley is NOT safe!!! Our families, our friends, our own homes are all being targeted. It is not safe to walk the streets day or night anywhere. Do you feel safe inside your house? The crime is all caused by drugs and it is going to get worse. So folks, all I can say is get prepared and ready, buy yourself a handgun and learn how to use it, apply for a concealed weapons license and carry it religiously. Things have changed...

I do not think that Gertrude Price home invasion/murder was random as released by the local authorities. I think it was well planned out and well rehearsed by someone who knew her. I.E., the murderer knew she was home alone, and when, also knew she was defenseless, her age, and knew an easy way of getting into the home. The offender scoped this area out and has been in that area before to do a dry run. The offender(s) is most likely from the area, he's local, he's young, and has a criminal record, he's unemployed, and a serious drug addict.

I betchya this lady, Gertrude put up a hellava fight...God Bless You and your family, I am so sorry.
Somebody has to know something and the truth will come out.