Look at crimes involving Hispanics re...

Look at crimes involving Hispanics reveals complex picture

There are 5290 comments on the Wilkes Barre, PA Times Leader story from Jun 4, 2006, titled Look at crimes involving Hispanics reveals complex picture. In it, Wilkes Barre, PA Times Leader reports that:

HAZLETON - A review of arrest records in the city over the last six years shows that the number of arrests of Hispanics seems in line with the city's booming Hispanic population over the same period.

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#5474 Jul 8, 2013
DaDog1 wrote:
Gee, haven't heard from you in some time with your racist anti latino bashing. Are you imply this is Latino related?
I bet it won't be long before your sock puppet master adds his two cents.





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fools gold

Hazleton, PA

#5475 Jul 8, 2013
My balls smell like vinegar.

Brownsburg, IN

#5476 Jul 9, 2013
Maggot toss has proven to be too funny, the ladies can really chuck those illegal maggots. Nothing funnier than watching an American woman pitching turds across the room! Fun had by all! I think the mexican maggots getting tossed even enjoy it, they scream as they are getting tossed out.





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I know I know

United States

#5477 Jul 9, 2013
PYRITE wrote:
<quoted text>
Gee, haven't heard from you in some time with your racist anti latino bashing. Are you imply this is Latino related?
I bet it won't be long before your sock puppet master adds his two cents.
have you also noticed that all the news about them white pedophiles arrested for molestation and child pornography doesn't surprise him? He turns a blind eye to that. A white low-life pedophile could be moesting his chiild at the walmart lot, but he's more worried about how a hispanic can drive around in a cadiilac SUV.





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“A Dog's Life is Good”

Since: Feb 11

Mon Valley, Pa.

#5478 Jul 10, 2013
Stifle it Col Klink.





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Brownsburg, IN

#5479 Jul 15, 2013
SPONSORED BY print this page
Ind. doctor suspected in 2 deadly Neb. attacks
July 15, 2013 10:31 PM EST
OMAHA, Neb.(AP)— Authorities arrested an Indiana doctor Monday on suspicion of carrying out two attacks in Omaha over the past five years in which four people were killed who had ties to a local university medical school that fired him in 2001.

Dr. Anthony Garcia, who now lives in Terre Haute, Ind., was arrested by Illinois State Police during a traffic stop Monday in Union County, which is in the south of the state near Illinois' borders with Indiana and Missouri, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said. Officers said he appeared to be intoxicated when they arrested him that he had a .45-caliber handgun with him.

Garcia, 40, was being held in Illinois on suspicion of four counts of first-degree murder and four counts of using a weapon to commit a felony, Schmaderer said. An Illinois State Police official declined to discuss details of Garcia's arrest or detention, and said any questions should go to Omaha police.

Garcia didn't have a listed phone number in Terre Haute or in Chicago, where he previously lived, and it wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney. No one answered the phone at his family's home in Walnut, Calif., Monday evening.

Public records show that since 2003, Garcia has held medical licenses in California, Illinois and Indiana, but his temporary Indiana license expired in January.

Investigators believe that in May, Garcia broke into the Omaha home of Creighton University medical school pathology professor Roger Brumback and fatally shot him and stabbed his wife Mary to death, Schmaderer said. They also believe Garcia was behind a 2008 home invasion in which the 11-year-old son and family housekeeper of another pathology department professor, William Hunter, were stabbed to death.

In 2001, Roger Brumback and Hunter fired Garcia, who was a department resident, because he had displayed erratic behavior, Schmaderer said. The police chief didn't provide further details of the alleged behavior and he declined to discuss the evidence used to build the case against Garcia.

A task force of local, state and FBI investigators has been working on the case, and its members believe Garcia fits all the criteria of a serial killer, Schmaderer said.

"We didn't feel this individual would stop unless an arrest was made," he said.

Schmaderer said investigators believe Garcia acted alone, and that they are also searching several places where Garcia has lived since 2001.

The Omaha attacks happened in neighborhoods where homicides are rare. The city averages about 40 per year.

One of the Brumbacks' three children, Darryl, said the family had no comment about the arrest. A male relative of Sherman's also declined to speak. The Hunter family didn't respond to a phone message seeking comment.

Hunter's son, Thomas Hunter, and housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, were killed at the family's 3,700-square-foot home in the historic neighborhood of Dundee, which is home to some of the city's most prominent residents, including billionaire investor Warren Buffet. The case was featured last year on an episode of "America's Most Wanted," and a $54,000 reward was offered.

Schmaderer said Monday that investigators don't believe the boy and the housekeeper were the intended targets of the attack.

Authorities have released few details about the attack on the Brumbacks, other than manner in which they were killed. Their bodies were discovered in their west Omaha home on May 14.

The task force was set up after the Brumbacks' deaths to investigate whether they were tied to the unsolved 2008 killings. Schmaderer declined to say what led investigators to Garcia.


Associated Press writer Grant Schulte contributed to this report from Lincoln.


Saint Simons Island, GA

#5480 Jul 16, 2013
Dear BeachBaby and this also goes for your head bobbing sock puppet Doggie, you support my point that you and sock puppet are nothing more than racist hate mongering anti-Latino low life scum. You have to search the country for any articles about something a Latino did but you totaslly ignore all the crimes committed by whites/blacks/asians/etc.
You are such an idiot that waste time and ties up this site and other sites with your racial bias. I could fill up this page with headline links to crimes (including horrendous murders/killings) about white scum like you.
You and your sock puppet continue to prove my point about your racist hate mongering.
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5481 Jul 16, 2013
Gang members often facilitate their transition
from the New York City area to smaller drug
markets in eastern Pennsylvania by forming
relationships with local females. These relationships
aid the formerly transient gang members in
establishing residency, building a network of
contacts with local drug users and distributors,
and setting up drug and money stash houses for
their operations. The gang members then use
this infrastructure to recruit local teens and
young adults to join the gang and distribute
drugs while simultaneously maintaining their
gang allegiances and drug connections with
associates in the New York City area.12
The presence of gangs that are closely affiliated
with New York area gangs has expanded in
eastern Pennsylvania. These gangs now control
drug distribution in several areas, including in
many small communities, such as Hazleton and
the Poconos region of Monroe County (see
Figure 1 on page 4).13 The most dominant
gangs overall in smaller drug markets in eastern
Pennsylvania are Bloods sets that have gang
and drug connections to Bloods in New York
City, and Trinitarios, which is associated with
Dominican crime networks in New York City
and other east coast cities

Drug and Gang threat Assessment 2011
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5482 Jul 16, 2013
Eastern PA Gang and Drug threat Assessment 2011 Please read it.

• Heroin abuse among adolescents is increasing
in eastern Pennsylvania, in part because
some adolescent prescription opioid abusers
are transitioning to heroin.
• Dominican DTOs and gangs—the most
prolific drug distributors in eastern Pennsylvania—
are strengthening their operations in
Hazleton, a strategic location where they are
dominating and expanding drug distribution.
• Mexican DTOs are the dominant wholesale
cocaine distributors in Philadelphia and
Reading drug markets. They are increasingly
transporting wholesale shipments
of cocaine from the Southwest Border to
Philadelphia and Reading, contributing to
strong and stable cocaine availability in
those drug markets.
• Rival gangs and organized thieves are more
frequently engaging in home invasions, ransom
kidnappings, and organized thefts from
drug dealers in many eastern Pennsylvania
drug markets.
• Coatesville, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and
Lebanon have experienced an increase in
organized and deliberate drug-related
violence perpetrated by street gangs and
independent robbery crews that target other
criminals, particularly drug dealers in
possession of cash.
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5483 Jul 16, 2013
Eastern Pennsylvania Drug and Gang Threat Assessment 2011

Dominican DTOs and gangs—the most
prolific drug distributors in eastern Pennsylvania—
are strengthening their operations
in Hazleton, a strategic location where
they are dominating and expanding drug
Dominican DTOs and gangs are operating in
more eastern Pennsylvania communities than
any other group.58 They control most wholesale
cocaine and heroin distribution in at least two
eastern Pennsylvania drug markets: Allentown
and Hazleton. In nearly every other drug market
in the region, Dominican DTOs and gangs play a
critical (if not outright dominant) role in maintaining
stable drug supplies for other gangs and
independent dealers in large (Philadelphia),
midsized (Lancaster), and even small (the
Poconos region of Monroe County) markets.59
Dominican DTOs operating in eastern Pennsylvania
are supplied with cocaine and heroin from
New York area sources (typically Dominican
DTOs or gangs) that usually are supplied by
Mexican DTOs.60 However, drug dealers in
some secondary markets, particularly in southeastern
Pennsylvania communities such as
Lancaster and York, are supplied by Dominican
DTOs based in Philadelphia that typically are
supplied by Mexican DTOs.61 Widespread
cocaine and heroin distribution by Dominican
traffickers has drawn increasing attention from
federal law enforcement agencies—a rising
number of Dominican criminal organizations
have become the subject of OCDETF investigations.
For example, in 2010, Dominicans were
subjects in 8 of the 34 OCDETF investigations
initiated in the Eastern and Middle Districts of
Pennsylvania, a marked increase over previous
years (see Figure 6).62
Dominican DTOs and gangs dominate wholesale
drug distribution in Hazleton and are
working to strengthen their position to include
more centralized operations based in Hazleton
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5484 Jul 16, 2013
Dominican DTOs and gangs dominate wholesale
drug distribution in Hazleton and are
working to strengthen their position to include
more centralized operations based in Hazleton.63
Dominican DTOs and gangs have dominated
cocaine and heroin distribution in Hazleton
since the late 1990s.64 However, over the last 2
years, their geographic drug distribution influence,
previously confined to Hazleton and the
surrounding rural communities, has expanded
to include Kingston, a neighboring community
to Wilkes-Barre, as well as drug markets in
other nearby counties.65 While working to
expand drug distribution, Dominican criminal
groups in Hazleton have established new
wholesale sources for cocaine that deliver
multikilogram quantities of cocaine directly to
Hazleton each month.66 These new drug sources
of supply enable Dominican traffickers in
Hazleton to operate independently of New York
City associates and sources and to maintain a
consistent level of drug availability for greater
expansion to new midlevel and retail customers
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5485 Jul 16, 2013
the presence of a long-established Dominican
population, along with interstate highways that
directly connect Hazleton to other Dominican
populations in New York and New England,
makes the city a favorable destination for
Dominican fugitives seeking a place to operate
away from law enforcement pressure in those
other areas.71 Some law enforcement officials,
for example, have reported several incidents
in which Dominican criminals fled law enforcement
pressure in the New York area and
traveled to Hazleton, where they believed they
could evade detection. Furthermore, several
retail and midlevel drug distributors in Hazleton
are former state prisoners who have since
been released. A minimum security halfway
house in Hazleton regularly receives inmates
from Pennsylvania state correctional facilities.72
The inmates who are released from the halfway
house often remain in Hazleton instead of
returning to their hometowns. Several of these
individuals have been recruited to join local
Bloods sets that are supplied with drugs by
Dominican criminal groups.
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5486 Jul 16, 2013
Mexican DTOs are the dominant wholesale
cocaine and heroin distributors in Philadelphia
and Reading drug markets. They are
increasingly transporting wholesale shipments
of these drugs from the Southwest
Border to Philadelphia and Reading, contributing
to strong and stable cocaine and
heroin availability in those drug markets.74
Mexican DTOs are the leading wholesale
suppliers of cocaine and heroin to drug distribution
groups in Philadelphia and Reading and
in surrounding areas, such as Norristown,
Montgomery County, and southern Chester
County.75 Mexican drug traffickers have
supplied cocaine, to some extent, in Reading
for several years, living within a significant
Mexican population in the city. However,
Philadelphia has experienced a significant
increase in cocaine and heroin supply by
Mexican DTOs, particularly since 2008.76 Prior
to 2008, cocaine and heroin distributors in
Philadelphia were supplied almost entirely by
New York area-based Colombian, Dominican,
and Puerto Rican DTOs.77 While New York
area-based DTOs remain a significant source
of supply, the influence of those sources has
diminished significantly relative to Mexican
DTOs. The increased flow of cocaine and
heroin directly from the Southwest Border to
Philadelphia and Reading by Mexican sources
ensures more stable and consistent availability
of those drugs.78
Figure 7. DEA Pennsylvania
Cocaine Arrests, 2007–2010
Source: Drug Enforcement Administration.
Through the strength of direct Mexican DTO
cocaine supply, Philadelphia and Reading are
now among the most prominent cocaine markets
in the eastern United States. Philadelphia was
the first cocaine market to report significant
cocaine shortages in early 2007, a trend that
spread nationally through 2007 and 2008 and
persisted in several drug markets through 2010.
The cocaine shortages were evidenced by a
sharp decrease in cocaine arrests in eastern Pennsylvania
since 2007 (see Figure 7). Unlike in
many other U.S. drug markets, however, cocaine
availability in Philadelphia and Reading has
largely recovered.79 In fact, Philadelphia (including
Reading) was the first large cocaine market
to recover after the 2007 cocaine shortages
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5487 Jul 16, 2013
By 2011, Mexican DTOs were supplying
hundreds of kilograms of cocaine each year
directly from the Southwest Border (or through
southeastern states) to Dominican and Puerto
Rican DTOs, various street gangs, and independent
dealers in Philadelphia and Reading.86
This direct source of supply from Mexican
DTOs along with stabilized cocaine availability
has resulted in cocaine pricing that equals or is
lower than prices in New York City. For example,
the median wholesale price for cocaine
in Reading ($32,000 per kg) is similar to the
price in New York City ($31,500 per kg).87
Overall, Mexican DTO presence in Philadelphia
and Reading has inhibited the movement of
New York area-based gangs into these markets
because the gangs cannot turn high profits on
drugs supplied from New York as they do
in many other drug markets in the region.
Conversely, the competitive price, relative to
New York prices, is helping Philadelphia- and
Reading-based distributors serve as the source
of supply for cocaine to surrounding smaller
Some of the criminal gang activity occurring
in eastern Pennsylvania is not drugrelated
but nevertheless is very profitable
and often difficult for law enforcement to
detect and disrupt.
Gang members frequently carry, and sometimes
use, illegal firearms in conducting their
criminal activities. The most common weapons
discovered by law enforcement officers are
semiautomatic handguns, revolvers, and
sawed-off shotguns and rifles.88 Gang members
in eastern Pennsylvania usually obtain their
weapons through home invasions, in exchange
for drugs, or through straw purchases conducted
by their female associates. Gang members
also solicit female associates to hold weapons
for them, believing that females are less likely
to be searched by law enforcement officers.89
Despite continued concern regarding the use of
guns by gang members, law enforcement
officials report that the number of weapons
encountered during interactions with gang
members has decreased since Pennsylvania
enacted stronger weapons laws.
Various criminal activities by gang members
in eastern Pennsylvania generate proceeds
that they either launder through local businesses
or smuggle out of the region in bulk
cash shipments. For example, Dominican
gangs in Hazelton simply smuggle shipments
of bulk cash out of the United States to the
Dominican Republic, where it is laundered
through businesses in that country.90
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5488 Jul 16, 2013
Rival gangs and organized thieves are
increasingly engaging in home invasions,
ransom kidnappings, and organized thefts
from drug dealers in many eastern Pennsylvania
drug markets.
Overall, violent crime rates in Pennsylvania
are decreasing, but drug-related violent crime
between some rival criminal groups in eastern
Pennsylvania is increasing. According to
Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting
System data, the total number of violent crime
incidents decreased by approximately 12
percent in eastern Pennsylvania from 2006 to
2009 (see Figure 9). However, some areas of
eastern Pennsylvania, particularly Coatesville,
Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Lebanon, have
experienced an increase in organized and
deliberate drug-related violence.91 Such violence
is typically conducted by street gangs
and independent robbery crews that target
other criminals.92
Some gang violence has been directed against
law enforcement officers, and in some areas
such violence has increased.93 For example,
gangs in Allentown have become increasingly
bold over the past 2 years in their interactions
with law enforcement.94 Although complete
data are not available, law enforcement officers
in Allentown report that the number of incidents
in which officers were required to draw
their weapon when engaging gang members
has increased.95 This is primarily due to an
increase in gang members carrying firearms
and using them in the commission of criminal
activity.96 Law enforcement officials in Allentown
also report a significant increase in the
number of incidents of assaults against on-duty
police officers by gang members.97 Additionally,
a number of federal, state, and local law enforcement
agencies report increased incidents
of gang members carrying firearms in Hazleton,
Wilkes-Barre, and Williamsport
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5489 Jul 16, 2013
Executive Office of the President
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Philadelphia/Camden High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
U.S. Department of Justice
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Philadelphia Field Division
Drug Enforcement Administration
Philadelphia Division
Allentown Resident Office
Harrisburg Resident Office
Scranton Resident Office
Executive Office for Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys
U.S. Attorneys Offices
Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Middle District of Pennsylvania
Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Gang Intelligence Center
Philadelphia Division
Allentown Resident Agency
Harrisburg Resident Agency
Scranton Resident Agency
U.S. Marshals Service
Middle District of Pennsylvania
State and Local
Pennsylvania County District Attorneys Offices
Berks County Office of the District Attorney
Dauphin County Office of the District Attorney
Lackawanna County Office of the District Attorney
Lancaster County Office of the District Attorney
Lehigh County Office of the District Attorney
Luzerne County Office of the District Attorney
Northampton County Office of the District Attorney
York County Office of the District Attorney
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
Criminal Law Division
Bureau of Narcotics Investigation and Drug Control
Pennsylvania Police Departments
Allentown Police Department
Bethlehem Police Department
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5490 Jul 16, 2013
Eastern Pennsylvania Drug and Gang Threat Assessment 2011
Cornwall Police Department
Lebanon City Police Department
Reading Police Department
Springettsbury Police Department
Wilkes-Barre Police Department
York City Police Department
Pennsylvania Prisons
Lackawanna County Prison
Pennsylvania State Police
Bureau of Criminal Investigation
read report

Philadelphia, PA

#5491 Jul 16, 2013
US-Based Gangs with Ties to MDTOs Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations
Arizona New Mexican
Aryan Brotherhood
Barrio Azteca
Barrio Westside
Black Guerilla Family
California Mexican
Mafia (Eme)
Hardtimes 13
Happytown Pomona
Hells Angels
Hermanos de
Pistoleros Latinos
La Nuestra Familia
Latin Kings
Lennox 13 Mara Salvatrucha
Mexican Mafia
Satins Disciples
Tango Blast
Texas Mexican Mafia
Texas Syndicate
Tri-City Bombers
Vatos Locos
Westside Nogalitas
Wetback Power
Wonder Boys
18th Street Gang
read report Gang Threat

Philadelphia, PA

#5492 Jul 16, 2013
18th Street
AC Skins
Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Circle
Aryan Resistance Militia
Asian Boyz
Barbarians MC
Barrios Aztecas
Black Gangster Disciples
Black Guerilla Family
Black Jack MC
Border Brothers
Breed Brick Yard Mafia
DC Crews
Dirty White Boys
Gangster Disciples
Green Dragons
Hells Angels
HPL Il Morte
Insane Gangster Disciple
Insane Unknowns
Kensington 215
Keystone United
Latin Kings
Low Crips
Mexican Mafia
Nazi Low Riders
Neo Nazi
New Mexico Syndicate
Nuestra Familia
Outlaws MC
Pagans MC
Raza Unida
Sin City Disciples MC
Soldiers of Aryan Culture
Street Familia
StrongArm Production
Mexican Mafia
Sureño 13
Tango Blast
Texas Chicano Brotherhood
Texas Family
Texas Syndicate
Tribe MC
Vice Lords
Wardogs MC
Warlocks MC
Warrior Society
Wheels of Soul MC

Watch your children and teens!!!!!!!!! They are always looking for new customers and gang members.....$$$$$
Gang Arrests

Philadelphia, PA

#5494 Jul 16, 2013
Gang members plead guilty on drug charges
By Eric Scicchitano (Staff Writer [email protected])Published: May 9, 2013
Article ToolsFont size:[A][A][A] Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on googleShare on linkedinShare on emailShare on printMore Sharing Services1Our Social Networks FacebookSign Up newsletter
WILLIAMSPORT - Three gang members with ties to the Shamokin and Mount Carmel areas pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to conspiring to sell crack cocaine and heroin.

Each face a minimum of five years imprisonment and four years supervised release at sentencing, scheduled for Aug. 19.

A plea agreement was signed April 30 by Renard Durant, 27, of Bloomsburg, Shelton Cochrane II, 37, of Mount Carmel, and Gilberto Lanzot Jr., 32, of Wilkes-Barre.

George J. Rocktashel of the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Middle District of Pennsylvania intends to seek the dismissal of additional counts against the three as part of the plea agreement.

The trio and a fourth conspirator, Jeffrey Tripp, 27, of Kulpmont, confessed to working to sell 3.5 ounces of heroin and 3.9 ounces of crack cocaine as members of the Pennsylvania branch of a street gang named Almighty Renegade Gangsta Bloods.

Durant led the branch and Cochrane, Lanzot and Tripp were among between its 10 and 15 members, prosecutors say.

Cash and guns were traded to buy drugs in the Hazleton area of Luzerne County as well as New York and New Jersey. Drugs, guns, cash and gang literature - writings on oaths, bylaws, alliances and gang hierarchy - were all stored at various locations, including at unidentified homes in Shamokin and Mount Carmel as well as at Tripp's former residence at 943 Chestnut St., Kulpmont, and Durant's at 567 W. Main St., Bloomsburg, according to court records.

The group sold the drugs in Northumberland and Columbia counties beginning around July 2011 through their arrest in June 2012.

Durant and Tripp were indicted by a grand jury in June 2012 on charges of distribution of heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana in Northumberland and Columbia counties. A superseding indictment following in December 2012 charging Cochrane and Lanzot. A second superseding indictment was returned in March.

All four originally pleaded not guilty.

Tripp was the first to change his plea, doing so in December and cooperating with prosecutors. His sentencing is scheduled for June 11 in Williamsport.

The others changed their pleas last month and avoided a trial scheduled to begin Wednesday. Their sentencing hearings will be scheduled upon receipt of a presentencing report by the U.S. Probation Office.

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