Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81697 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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#85823 Feb 13, 2013
CONTINUEING, Put my thoughts on my breathing. And always, always look around you for simple pleasures in life as you are walking. You know those kind of simple pleasures taht are free, the ones God and mother nature put out here for us. Let your eyes bring to your brain things which make you feel good. As someone pointed out recently without this dreary rainy day, theres is no nourishment for tommorrow, no flowers for our eyes, no birds singing in our ears, no scents for our noses. Our rainy dreary rainy days are everything that we love.

We always know the sun is there. As well as The Son. Hopes and Prayers for You Nope! You will be OK.

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#85824 Feb 13, 2013
Nope I'm wondering have you recently started new meds, dropped old meds, or had a change in regimen? Any one of which may work to trigger panic attacks?

Check timeline compare to when panic attacks started.

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#85825 Feb 13, 2013
Verification, references to dreary rainy days was a literal reference. Still we can only go with that flow. Love the clouds, love the rain. Both will bring much pleasure.

Smiles are so much better after tears. Laughter never rings louder till we quell some fears.
so true

Elizabethtown, KY

#85826 Feb 13, 2013
_-_Nope_-_ wrote:
To you all;
God please bless my family,
wherever they may be.
Keep them warm and safe from harm
For theyíre so close to me.
And God, there is just one more thing
I wish that You could do;
Hope You donít mind me asking,
can You bless my computer too?
Now I know that itís unusual
to Bless a motherboard.
But listen just a second
while I explain it all to You.
You see that little metal box
holds more than odds and ends;
Inside those small compartments
rest so many of my friends.
I know so much about them
by the kindness that they give,
and this little scrap of metal
takes me in to where they live.
By faith is how I know them,
much the same as You.
We share in what life brings us
and from that our friendships grew.
Please take an extra minute
from Your duties up above,
to bless those in my chat rooms
that are filled with so much love.
<Author Unknown>
To you as well.. Blessings for you ...
so true

Elizabethtown, KY

#85827 Feb 13, 2013
May we all have flowers for Val Day..

The Grace Of Flowers
Sue Coppernoll

Gladiolas in a white vase,
their magenta faces shining
in early morning light
streaming through a windowpane
speckled with last night's raindrops,
bring me to wakefulness,
adoration, and hope.

Another volley of blossom
unfolds atop their stems,
assuring me that on the morrow
I shall yet have their company.

Breathing gratitude,
I pour cool water from a crystal pitcher
into the vase
with a devout prayer:
"May my life also unfold
in radiance and in beauty."

I return the flowers
to a corner of the hearth,
knowing I am ready, now,
for what the day may bring.

so true

Elizabethtown, KY

#85828 Feb 13, 2013
No More Smalling Up Of Me
Jean Wilson

No more meekly saying 'yes'
When my heart is screaming 'no'
No more taming of my feelings
So my power won't show
No more hiding my exuberance
From disapproving eyes
No more watering down myself
So my spirit won't rise

No more 'smalling up' of me
Pretending I am not here
No more running from the music
And the spotlight's glare
No more living in this prison
Barricaded by my fears
No more turning and retreating
In the face of new frontiers

Even as I am speaking
I am taking shape and form
Harnessing my powers
Like a gathering storm
There's no obstacle so bold
As to dare stand in my way
I am taking back my life
And I am doing it today.


United States

#85829 Feb 13, 2013
Good mornin to Everyone.
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#85830 Feb 13, 2013
_-_Nope_-_ wrote:
Hi Bird peeps. Glad to see everyone tonight. I've been laying low today, not feeling well again.
Two days ago heart palpations started back up again with a vengeance and I just generally feel like crap. Getting dizzy spells again, periods of being lightheaded, and shortness of breath too. It comes and goes. I have no idea what's going on, but I have a feeling that I probably have another artery that's severely blocked again. It's too soon though, since not long ago I had an angioplasty with stent placements.
So those of you who believe in prayer, could you send some my way? It's too early for me to start having symptoms like this already after my last procedure and I'm getting worried. On top of these symptoms, it causes me to have severe panic attacks because I don't know yet what's going on.. Anyone who's ever had a heart attack is well aware that you don't generally know one is coming until it stomps your butt...
Thanks guys. I'd appreciate all the prayers you all can muster up. There is power in numbers!! And I believe in the power of prayer!!
Love ya'll,
Perhaps, you could get back to the doctor. Try not stress out thought. Unless your Peeps do that. You will be in my thoughts and I send you my Blessing of recovering soon and more life filled with happiness. An apple and laughter might just make that ticker feel better. May love surround you and your health improve soon:) Sure do miss you ...

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#85831 Feb 13, 2013
Wow, it's been a long one. No birds out today. Had a rain snow mix this morning for a while. Crazy.
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#85832 Feb 13, 2013
Abeliever wrote:
For the BIRDS:
Viking Wilderness: Owl Snipes a Vole
The great gray owl spots his prey and snatches him up!
Raptor Resource Project
&#8206;~ 02/12/13: Mom & Dad Surprise Us With A Visit ~
Mom and Dad make a brief appearance on camera today and tidy up the original nest a bit about 1:43pm CST.(They did not bring any nesting materials or sticks in on this visit.) About 8 minutes later, vocals were heard in an apparent off camera mating. Our thanks to video maker 989razzle who has combined both the nest visit and off cam vocals in this link.
We are still unsure of which nest our Mom & Dad intend to use, but as we are approaching egg laying time pretty soon, we will just keep watching and waiting. We will let you know as soon as they have determined which nest they will use for 2013.
Decorah Eagles Surprise Visit & Mating Vocalizations 2-12-13 =Sz2RXgmYXGMXX
I love watching these Eagles and their young. Can't wait to see which one they decide to use. If you love bird watching, watching these Eagles.
Magnificent creatures. Partner saw a bald eagle while driving through Montana last week. I enjoy hearing the different sound of birds.

Albemarle, NC

#85833 Feb 13, 2013
why is the post still going?
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#85834 Feb 13, 2013
Miss E Font wrote:
<quoted text>
20's thru depression era are very interesting; however, the post WW II era is one of my favorites. The dynamics of that war forever changed the family structure, the role women played in the work forces and redefined the American way of life.
I find it interesting myself that there have been matriarchal societies. I do believe from what I have learned about the Cherokee women, they played a role in bartering their goods. If I remember correctly the Celts had female warriors. Women have always played an important role in society; it's often that many dogmas tell men their women have a place. That is so wrong on many levels. My uniqueness is thus: I can do anything a man does if I want to if I have the fortitude. I agree,that era is extremely interesting.

Since: Mar 11

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#85835 Feb 13, 2013
Hempburn wrote:
<quoted text>
Pup is being a pup,, seems he forgot he is fully house broken today and left a butt biscuit in the house. I think he's more mexican than russell, little immigrant.
Well, sometimes mother nature calls and there is no time to get to the door. Pups don't have full bowel/bladder control until about 3 months.
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#85836 Feb 13, 2013
RoamingInsomniac wrote:
Wow, it's been a long one. No birds out today. Had a rain snow mix this morning for a while. Crazy.
My goodness, the birds are carrying on here. Looks like sparrows. Chirp, chirp LOL.

Since: Mar 11

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#85838 Feb 13, 2013
_-_Nope_-_ wrote:
Thanks AB. I'm feeling the exact same way I was before my last cardio crash. And like I said, this is too soon. I just had a procedure done not long ago. So something isn't right.
Thanks for the prayers. I can't pass away yet. All I ask of the Lord is for me to outlive my critter babies. And that's not really a far fetched request. They're all getting pretty old now.
The medical tests and whatnot just take SO long to get the results back from. I know that these panic attacks have GOT to stop. They're not healthy either. Stress is a huge no-no...
I've done everything I can do. Diet changes, no sodium, aspirin, plenty of water, meds taken on the HOUR they are due, etc. Problem is? This is another hereditary family trait. One of three, with cancer being the only one I've been spared from so far. My diet was healthy even before this. So the diabetes and heart condition just came because they're the cards I was dealt.
Thanks again for the prayers!
I am so, so sorry that you are not well. I know exactly what you're feeling. I've been there before, and will likely revisit again. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to have faith that the Lord will answer your prayers. Your fear is understandable. Don't hesitate to call the doctor and arrange for appropriate tests. Sometimes stents malfunction and do not keep the artery open. You need to find out if that is the case. If something is wrong, the surgeon will likely be able to correct it. Don't wait until you are too ill and become a surgical high-risk patient. I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

Tucker, GA

#85839 Feb 13, 2013
country hick wrote:
more birds fell today

Since: Mar 11

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#85840 Feb 13, 2013
Ancient Wolf wrote:
@Nope.. I am enjoying waking up and being able to see without the dilated pupils. Although miracles can and do happen, I won't try to out think GOD and pray for your healing. That may or may not be GOD's plan for us.
But I will pray that you can find PEACE and COMFORT in knowing that with or without a miracle healing, you can be stress free. I was asked today by the Doctor if I wanted to schedule a colon exam? or a prostrate exam? I said "NoPE" to both.
If I were 20 years younger then maybe I would, but at my age I am not likely to live another 20 years anyways so why spend all that time in the hospital? or a nursing home? or needing someone to watch over me? Thanks, but no Thanks. When it is my time, I will just wave "bye bye" and say "Thanks, for the ride".
You are so correct, AW. I always pray that God's Will be done. Sometimes, he gives us a reprieve when He feels that we have more work to do. But eventually, He will call us home. I pray for inner peace and for the knowledge of the correct path to choose in life. Prayer, especially in numbers, is a strong force. Several of my doctor's expressed great surprise at my survival. My family physician calls my health "a deck of cards" ready to fall at any moment. I have told each of my physicians that there is no secret to my survival. I continue to live through Divine Intervention, and that the Good Lord must have a reason for allowing me to remain on this plane of existence. When my job is done, whatever that may be, I will go Home for eternity. I no longer fear death.(Death and I have been on first-name basis for quite some time now.) I am convinced that my energy, or Soul if you wish, will continue on in some form. Our lives on earth are just a rest stop along the journey Home. Like a traveler, I will enjoy the scenery here until it is time to move on. Right now, I do not have the physical stamina to engage in some of my favorite social activities. But I have found friendship in the oddest places, one of which is on my computer keyboard. My "fellow birders" have given me their friendship, hope, and good will, and although they are "virtual" friends, they are every bit as real to me as friends that I have made throughout my lifetime. I give thanks to have the opportunity to visit with them daily, all from the comfort of my bedroom.

Campbellsville, KY

#85841 Feb 13, 2013
Good afternoon bird threaders. Happy to see you all with warm wishes and concerns for one of our posters. Makes for a better thread compared to what we use to have. I still see that one locationless posters still has a beef with AW. hmmmm who could that be? They should know AW don't care.

I am impressed with the una sites up and the change in attitude since their favorite poster has passed on. Great reading huh, Blue. I think the same unhappy poster here has made some comments on that thread as well.

Well the big white flakes are slowing down. All over the cars, road is wet and what is on the grass is starting to disappear as the temps rise. Ahhh, that is the only way I like that white stuff these days.

I hope everyone has a warm and cozy day.
Ancient Wolf

Lexington, KY

#85842 Feb 13, 2013
I just think that if a person is young enough and suspects disease or things that might terminate this plane of existance, they should take all the precautions they can to enjoy living a little longer.

But I am well past that and GOD has blessed me with a reasonably good life and I have already survived a heart attack and a carotid artery surgery where the surgeon harvested a piece of vein out of my leg to make a splice. I did not take the precautions that I should have and I don't see much need to take the precautions now that the trail is getting close to the last bend in the road.

I am not going to stand in front of a train or try my luck at sky diving, but I am not going to worry about the time when the Creator thinks my work is done here. I just hope my work is satisfactory to the only JUDGE that counts.


#85843 Feb 13, 2013
wolfman is very wise

the quality of ones live is more important
than the quantity of ones final days ,....

to die a self sufficient man ,...
on your own terms ,
in your own home
is far better
than dying in a nursing home, hospice
or cold and sterile hospital room ,

while suffering the indignation of
IV lines ,
bed pans
and automatic breathing aspirators ,

lying there , bored out of your mind
thinking of the others who have passed before you

painfully waiting for the end

from the nonchalant stares
of uncaring and malevolent strangers ,

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