Since: Feb 12

Heber Springs, AR

#1 Feb 3, 2012
Emily Stephens

Jacksonville, AR

#2 Feb 3, 2012
She's one of the only people at midland that speak there mind. She will tell people to their face how they feel about them. She's beautiful, funny, amazing, speaks the truth and is just plain Awesome. She don't need to have her name on here. Js.

Since: Feb 12

Heber Springs, AR

#3 Feb 3, 2012
Shh your face
Alex Coppens

Cabot, AR

#4 Feb 4, 2012
Literary this is so stupid, She there for anybody and stand for whats right and speaks her mind. Leave her alone. If you're going to say stuff about her say it to her face. Shuuuuuutttttt uppppppp cowardssss.

Since: Feb 12

Heber Springs, AR

#5 Feb 4, 2012
Alex Coppens wrote:
Literary this is so stupid, She there for anybody and stand for whats right and speaks her mind. Leave her alone. If you're going to say stuff about her say it to her face. Shuuuuuutttttt uppppppp cowardssss.
watch it Coppens

Ward, AR

#6 Jul 7, 2012
Fattttt assss. cunnnt wannts anydick that walks around all this bitch ever tells a guy is that she loves them even on the first day they date trashy hoe

Melbourne, AR

#7 Jul 7, 2012
My guess is no one here really knows Kaylah.. Shes one of my best and truest friends... She's not the kind of person that wants "anyd***" she can get. She's pretty enough to get anyone she wants! So shut up...(:

Ward, AR

#8 Jul 7, 2012
lissen hear she can speak for herself shes a BIG giirl trust me a bigg girl lol and she dos fall in love with every guy ok i no that bitch pretty welll she trys sleepin with alot of guys i was around her for the longest time that bitch is a freak u will c sooner or later ;)
sam armstrong

United States

#9 Jul 13, 2012
I'm agreeing with coppens, Stephens, and skylar Kaylah is pretty awesome and this kind of thing is why I left pleasant plains so "beast of the worls" for 1. Your a moron mostly just for that dumbass name 2. Shut the Fuck up and you can go ahead and talk shit about me on here I couldn't care less hell, get on my Facebook and call or text me and ill meet you so you can say it to my face. "Fuckyouup" yeah ur an idiot too do the same as beast and try speaking your mind to my face and "123" your to stupid to respond to
Kaylah Edwards

Cabot, AR

#11 Jul 15, 2012
First of all, i'd like to know why all of you think you know me so well, when if any of you knew me, you could discuss this with me to my face. I'm very blunt with my words and I expect people to be the same with me. If you have something to say to me then tell ME, but as for those who write ugly things behind my back, I don't care what any of you low lifes have to say about me. I'm sick of being on Topix and i'm sick of people assuming things about me so I'm going to write one post and one post only.

yes, I talk to guys, like almost every teenage girl does. I flirt, I have guy friends. Is that wrong? Nope. It isn't. it doesn't make me a harlot for liking guys. It makes me normal. What I do is none of your business unless I make it your business. I don't have sex with anyone, to make that PERFECTLY clear.I don't try to sleep with anyone, I actually have morals and values because I set out to be a good example for my brother.

I'm a chubby girl, i'm not a stick. I've been chubby my whole life. GET. OVER. IT. not everyone is a size 2, and you don't have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. Everyone is different. Do you think I don't notice my weight? I do, I am perfectly aware of what I look like thank you very much. I really don't care what anyone thinks of it either. I don't care if you hate my skin, my hair, my nose, my body, my laugh or my voice.

What you need to understand is this is the reason girls have eating disorders, because of people like YOU saying they're too fat to do this, too fat to wear that, too fat too ugly too fat. Well quite frankly its disgusting for people to treat others that way. There are perfectly healthy girls out there starving themselves everyday because idiot highschools tell them they aren't good enough. Take a good look in the mirror and realize what your words could be doing to somebody. GROW UP.
I love the way I am, I'm a very happy person with a good life and good friends. Nothing can change that, So i'm sorry if you thought your petty comments could ruin my day, because they can't.

Like it or not, I go to Midland High School and I will until I graduate. I'm not going anywhere. If you really hate me so much then that is fine. You can tell me to my face or you can never speak to me again, I don't care. In two years i'll be out of this town and you'll never have to see me again, But for two whole years you're going to have to deal with me, see me at school functions, and pep rallys, and basketball games.

I can yell and scream and fuss at all of you until i'm blue in the face, but that won't do any good. I don't need to get ugly with anyone, because the fact that for those two long years you're going to be annoyed by my prescence, your heart is going to be full of ugly hate, & your skins going to crawl because you can't stand me.... well that's good enough revenge for me.
For Real

Olive Branch, MS

#12 Jul 15, 2012
Alex talks so much crap about her then is gonna get on here and act like her friend ha that's great what a two face
A friend

Woodstock, GA

#13 Jul 15, 2012
Kaylah is one of the prettiest people I know. So what she's not a stick? That's not what life is all about. She's beautiful.
She's real. She speaks her mind. She's not a fake bitch. Her name needs to get off this site.
You're a pathetic person.
Stuff like this is why people commit suicide, self harm, and eating disorders. So. F off.
Leave Kaylah alone or I will drive to Pleasant Plains and kick your ass. And don't think I won't.
A friend

Woodstock, GA

#14 Jul 15, 2012
For Real wrote:
Alex talks so much crap about her then is gonna get on here and act like her friend ha that's great what a two face
Hey dumbass.. Look at the date of Alexs post.
Pamela Jackson

United States

#15 Jul 15, 2012
Hey sweethearts:))
So u think u know kaylah right down to her sex life and pant size right?? You that's real cool of u guys!! You've managed to achieve something bigger than the pointless undriven lives u have.... Let's get real here ... Kaylah is a legit person, u can't even put ur real name on here.. And u had to make a post on topix u couldn't go to her face ...
Another thing u make fun of her over weight?? Would u feel better if she spent everyday puking cause she tried to stay skinny ?? Bc midland/ pleasant plain people like you guys make people go so things like that...
While ur at it talking about kaylah and Alex and everyone else talk about me too, sure u have already :) but I love people having my name in thier mouth and running thru there pea sized brain ... Tell me how it tastes alright??
Bye Bitches <3 -- don't know here dont judge her cowards

United States

#16 Jul 15, 2012
ok. me and kaylah dont get along, but least she knows that. im got balls enough to say what i think to her face. me n her have fought before, grow up. idk who you are, but ill stand for kaylah here... shes not that bad of a person me and her just dont get along. so please grow some balls and say it to her face.

Since: Jul 12

Batesville, AR

#17 Jul 15, 2012
Wow? You people are the lowest low lifes i've ever seen! Kaylah is a girl that speaks her mind, and don't give a shit aout what anybody thinks of her.Apparently the person who started this is just so jealous. Kaylah is not fat, she is not ugly. Kaylah is one of the prettiest people i know. So what if she is not soooo skinny.. What's the matter with that? At least she doesn't have to puke her guts up just to make herself happy like a lot of people do. She is happy just the way she looks and there is nothing wrong with the way she looks? She is not a fake bitch like a lot of people are. People like you is what makes people hurt themselves, commit suicide. people like you are pathetic low lifes that have nothing else to do exept talk about people they are jealous of.. Give yourself a favor and grow the hell up and get a life of your own so you can enjoy it!

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