Review: Amazing Jakes Of Plano LLC

Dallas, TX

#22 Mar 26, 2010
I took my two kids to the new amazing Jakes on Plano around 9:30 pm on Friday and I was very desapointed with every single thing!
First the guy at front desk didn't have a clue of what customer service means.
We purchased the best package number 3 with buffet,$5 cards and 3 hours of unlimited rides...!
On Friday nigth you would think that the crew will be ready to handle big volume but it actually felt like they were not happy to even be there!
We wait for about an hour on line to ride the go karts as they only had one line open!? And for a line of 20 people it took that long.
After the short ride we went down stairs to get some food from the buffet? But there was no food as they closed the kitchen at 10:00 pm and because we wait an hour on one ride only now we couldn't even eat!
As you can imagine it was a nigthmare.!
Well no big deal, we went upstairs to play with the video games to try to use our $5 cards, well the first 4 games we slide the cards and the machines took the credit out of the cards but the machines didn't work!
Some of them didn't have balls to play, the other ones were frozen on one screen so I went to get tokens to try to use the coin games but most of the coins games had a screw on the coin slut so we couldn't play , the bowling didn't have half of the pins so it was too much to handle and I desided to contact the manager.
I spoke to "vanesa" the manager and told her about my bad experience and first she told me that the hours of buffet were posted on the front door!
About the games not working she told me that it's normal as the kids ussually mess them up and they can't keep up!
She was more interested on give me excuses and on investigating if in fact the machines didn't work that I felt like they didn't care about my business.
She told me that she was going to give me a refound for the buffet and that she was going to see what was wrong with the games.!
Well this is what I got out of my great experience at "amazing Jakes" paid $20.00 per person to get a ride on the go karts and a very long nigth full of frustrations and bad customer service..!
I'm defetnetly won't come back to this nigthmare..!
rock it girl

United States

#23 Jun 18, 2010
CAB wrote:
I took my 4 yr old son Friday evening around 6pm to see if this would be a good spot for his birthday party. It was complete chaos!! We stood in the buffet for 40 minutes before we got any food and that was after we finally jumped ahead and went straight to the pizza. My son actually loved the pizza.
The place was huge and my son had a good time; I'll dismiss the long buffet line b/c I saw a friend there who said it's usually not that long; must have been the Grand Opening special but the were 5 huge negatives.
1) The bathrooms were filthy!! Fecal matter was on the seat of several of the toilets. Thank GOD I have a boy.
2) There are no adults working there. The ENTIRE staff are teenagers who are standing around, socializing, eating and need superviosion themselves.
3) None of the machines upstairs were accepting cash, so you couldn't reload the play cards. My son could only play games that required tokens, which he didn't want to play any of those.
4) Many of the games were OUT OF ORDER. Laser Tag wasn't working, and several of the coin machines upstairs.
5) The prize line took another 30 minutes. The kids working the counter were too busy socializing with their friends. If there were any adults working in the facility, which I didn't see any, one needs to be upstairs at all times. Redeeming your tickets is the last thing you do before you leave, and standing in line for 30 minutes for a cheap toy really leave a sour taste on the entire experience.
Kids can overlook alot, but as a parent I don't know if this is the spot. We'll give it one more try, maybe they are still working out the kinks, but if we have the same experience again...GattiTown here we come!
I heard the gatti towns food made 5 people throw up from the there food so i bet amazing jake's food isn't as bad as throwing up.
rock it girl

United States

#24 Jun 18, 2010
And 1 more thing all the parents are complaning did your kids have a good time or no its not called parents judge the place it called amazing jake's and if your kids had a good time that's all that matters.SO SUCK IT UP AND STUP UP!

Garland, TX

#25 Jun 20, 2010
Are all our young people this stupid? Or just the ones that work at Amazing Jakes?

Chesterfield, MO

#26 Jul 7, 2010
This place was a horrible joke to my family. Very over priced for half of the games and fun to be out of order. The food was terrible and cold. You have to pay for the buffet in order to enter and the food was absolutely disgusting and gross. I took my grand daughters that are 2 and 5 and the train was out of order so the only fun for them to do was the carousal. The caracatures was way way over priced at $17.00 a person that is in the drawing....what a rip off this place was!!!! Save your money and go somewhere that is fun and has equipment that works and employees that work too. They had a bunch of slackers working there that do not want to help you or fix anything either.
Joseph Frisco

Richardson, TX

#27 Jul 10, 2010
rock it girl wrote:
<quoted text>I heard the gatti towns food made 5 people throw up from the there food so i bet amazing jake's food isn't as bad as throwing up.
Joseph Frisco

Richardson, TX

#28 Jul 10, 2010
Gattitown Frisco Rocks
hey jerk off

Plano, TX

#29 Aug 3, 2010
Hilarious wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG, your poor "esteem". If your "esteem" is so fragile, I feel sorry for you. Welcome to the real world, no one cares about your "esteem".
im sorry that your life sucks but dont take it out on other people. stfu and just go die.

Denton, TX

#30 Aug 5, 2010
Terrible. No supervision of the jillion kids from various groups running up and down escalators, totally out of control. Long lines for rides. Ticket machines out of order. Food mediocre. Will not go back.

Garland, TX

#31 Aug 5, 2010
hey jerk off wrote:
<quoted text>
im sorry that your life sucks but dont take it out on other people. stfu and just go die.
u r, like, an idiot. Maybe your life will get better when you get a real job. And your face clears up. And you learn to write past the second grade level.

United States

#32 May 3, 2011
Point Blank, go to GattiTown, not Incredible Pizza. Seriously. Not worth the disappointment!
Mel - amazing Jakes plano

Flower Mound, TX

#33 May 17, 2011
The worst birthday party my son ever had. I was overcharged for 3 guest in my group party inspite of the guest list I gave them. They took off the charges but unfortunately they disengaged the three paid cards my three guest was holding which ended up me paying for some cards that did not work at all. The Managers do not care about their customers at all. I have three hours allotted for my party but then the problem has been solved 15 mins before the party ends just after I did all the effort to prove them that they have a mistake issuing us a wrong card. How inconvenient for me to find my guest and collect their cards one at a time just to be swiped back again, just because the manager did not even manage to handle my problem. Managers are supposed to solve any problems arises but obviously these people do not know what good customer relationship is all about. The worst thing is the paid time was wasted and they did not even bother to extend the use for those card after the fact that the card has been inactive during the party time. So awful!!! Never ever will I be back to that amazing jakes ever again and even tell my friends how rude these people are to their customers. After having admitted their mistake they do think that simple sorry could make up for it. No way!!! They have ruined my son's supposed to be memorable birthday party.

Plano, TX

#34 Apr 11, 2012

Arlington, TX

#35 Apr 22, 2012
I have to say I am very happy that I did not really pay much to bring my 5 year old here. We came for a birthday party so I just had to pay the $8.95 for me and we did end up paying $5 for the games. First, the pizza was awful. I have the worst heartburn right now and I never get heartburn. I did take a few bites of salad but it was warm when it should have been cool. I didn't want to get sick if the creamy dressing had gone off. If you like the food here then your idea of a gourmet meal would have to be mcdonalds. It took the party hostess about half an hour to finally bring the kids game cards over. The party mom was visibly frustrated. We headed up to play some games and I bet one and every four not only did not work, but took money off of our card anyways! And some of these games are $1.50 or more! My son did enjoy the air hockey but we had to wait awhile to play because of course not all of the tables were working. We ended up reloading my son's card since we were scammed out of half the value of the original. I would have been more than happy to have tried to report the broken machines to get the credits back but there was no one I be found. And yes, every employee that you might see are teenagers and from of the snarky comments left on here by them it's no surprise that they have zero customer service skills. My son wanted to climb the rock wall but with everything upstairs being in such disrepair and looking like carnival cast offs I told him I would let him do it at our gym. I just didn't trust the safety of it. Bottom line, did my son have fun? Yes but got to see 25 of his friends and run around like a maniac. I am pretty indifferent because I wasn't really out any money but if I was paying I would go to Dave and Busters. The food is WAY better, the games don't look like they are from a salvage yard, and the employees are more responsive. It may be a little more but it's fun for parents and kids. I would never book my kids party at Amazing Jakes...and I was excited to go because I am looking for a new venue for his party.

Garland, TX

#36 Apr 22, 2012
This place is a DUMP. OMG, the bathrooms!
Texas Pete

Hurst, TX

#37 May 8, 2012
THIS PLACE IS A HELL ON EARTH ON THE WEEKENDS. The entertainment is quite good and the kids will love this place!! The staff, can be very rude at times and are extraordinarily unfriendly.

The food and various attractions are definitely a plus. However BE CAREFUL - when you buy a ticket for everything it does NOT include everything. It's a SCAM, I was quite embarresed when the card did not work on certian games. I had to buy EXTRA even after buying tickets that cover EVERYTHING!! Just be careful...I am sure you will have good time here.

Oh yes BTW - the serving areas are quite unhygenic, but hey it's a buffet and kids don't mind sharing coottie, I guess!!
Never Say A Jakes AGAIN

Hurst, TX

#38 May 8, 2012
management - FAIL
entertainment - FAIL
food - FAIL
game machines - FAIL
sanitation - FAIL
batrooms - FAIL
safety & supervision - FAIL
staff courtsey - FAIL
birthday party - RUIN!!!!!!!!!!
please learn some English

Plano, TX

#39 Aug 30, 2012
bad amazing wrote:
I went to amazing jacks me and my kids recived the worst ever treat in the world,this place is just nastey and drity enough to not come back again .
the managers at this store do not care about cutomer complaint and they egnou it because they know it is the only big place at AZ.
the worker who put the kids to play the claimming thing fouht with my dugter 9 YEARS OLD and when I called his manager she told him clear enogh to let my kid play but he did not agree and he did not listen or even recpiet her word and he said he need an other manager which came and talk for me foe 15 min and talk to hom for 10 min in front all the poeple standing for their turn.
I amazed from this bad service and me and my friends will never be back their ever.
angry customer.
please learn English. couldn't understand a word you said.

Plano, TX

#40 Sep 21, 2012
Took my niece and her friend last saturday. What a waste. Let me start at the beginning. The teenager at the register at the front couldnt explain which packages would be our best deal and couldnt process coupons from the corporate web site. We wanted to sit in the movie room and it took ten minutes before I could flag someone down to bus and wipe down a table for us. The noise from the rest of the store was so loud that you couldnt hear the movie. We went to the buffet then and found it to be wanting. Had to wait for pepperoni pizza and when it came out the whole pizza had 5 count it 5 peices of pepperoni. all of the other pizza looked meager. I know we have a recession going but at these prices you would think that the food would have some meat on it. The Pasta carbonera had very little meat in it. The pizza crust was like cardboard. I tried to speak to one of the cooks behide the counter and they just shrugged and laughed at me, I felt they either didnt care or couldnt understand me. I got tired of having to go back and forth to the soda machines since the glasses were juice size. My Niece had a good time in general but she can have fun with a appliance box and kept coming to me about broken machines. Every time i approached one of the workers, all teenagers, I felt as if I was having to appologize for pulling them away from thier socializing with thier friends. The customer service was horrid. I have concerns about in and out control for small children as there is no control of who comes or goes from the front entrance and the open access to the Mall, hope none ever gets lost as I think a "Code Adam" would be a fiasco here. The toilets were a joke, i have seen truckstops with cleaner facilities. All in all I think the money we spent was a waste. I dont plan on going back to this place nor would I recomend it to anyone else.

Plano, TX

#41 Oct 1, 2012
Amazing Jakes Plano is awesome!! I loved it, I've had my little girls bday there several times, bathrooms were very clean, workers were so very nice! I recommend this place to adults that have younger kids, this place rocks!!!

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