News Release
Chief Thomas J. Nichols’ newly released novel, Voices in the Fog, is scheduled for a book signing at Hastings, 3305 Olton Road in Plainview. Tom will be signing copies of this extraordinary espionage thriller from 4 - 7 PM on Saturday, December 6th, 2008


Following in the footsteps of the great writers of international espionage and mixing a blend of fact and fiction, Voices in the Fog documents the works of the beautiful, All-American poster girl Christie Cole. She takes on a deep undercover assignment in the FBI – to investigate the private life of a Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court.
Her voyage into the world of international intrigue takes her from Washington D. C and historic Alexandria, Virginia to the mountains of Roswell, New Mexico, a land of spies and counter-spies; into the barren desert of Mexico; around the world to the site of the original Manchurian Candidate; and finally, into the world of nuclear submarines beneath the ice of the North Pacific.
Christie Cole finds her strength and support from a real-life James Bond, Alfred Williams, and from her exuberant mentor, the handsome Rod McCarren. Together, they take the world to the threshold of nuclear war, then balance their effort with that of diplomacy to bring Voices in the Fog to a peaceful whisper in the setting sun.