will brother wease el stay with cc

will brother wease el stay with cc

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Holley, NY

#1 Mar 26, 2013
That question is meant to show people that after slamming Clear channel and hating them with all the hate he could muster is now beholden to CC to save this entire life style and all the baggage that comes with it.

Alan has in my humble opinion no choice but to continue to work and beg them to keep him employed and he has to pretend that the listeners can not know why he still wants to work for them.

Look I really do not want to involve innocent family members but the bottom line is I firmly believe and it is my opinion that he has to work to keep the status quota in place .And by the way I am being sincere and this is from the bottom of my heart he really does believe he is still relevant and is doing what he can to keep the graft flowing .It certainly would seem that Alan has always viewed money as extremely important to how he takes care of what he views as important.

He slammed CC over and over again and is now acting as if he cares about how they are doing .Read between the tea leaves people for Alan is not what he claims to be on the air.

Holley, NY

#4 Mar 28, 2013
Uh Ok Alan, if that is makes you feel better.
It just can not be easy knowing you are up against time and the longer you try to stay relevant the harder it becomes for you.When you were with CMF you could just show up late and waltz in and no one would say boo because there was no competition .

Compare that with the situation you forced on yourself by your giant ego. Now you have to show up to the most boring corporate meetings known and have to swallow your pride on a daily basis as they really do not care what you think.Of course they pretend to listen to you but in the end they more or less forced jammmie to walk away and you had to stuff a bagel in your mouth knowing full well he is what kept you relevant.And just as before you walked the corporate line to save your own skin and acted as if he never existed.

Alan ,you look old and You just are trying to hold on to long and the more you fear your age the worse the realization that you are almost 70 will hit you that much harder.No costumes will stop it because it is natural and a part of life.

By the way as you grow more feeble and insecure even people who say they think you look ok will start to lie as opposed to tell the truth for the fact that they do not want to hurt your feeble feelings.Alan,you do not look good and no amount of healthy living will now help you.Hair loss ,hearing loss ,weight loss ,co anchor loss as in the funniest comedian ever to come from Rochester are all facts ,so hide behind your costumes and wish for the best you have become a joke only to be laughed at for how much you are willing to now do for much less than you would have before.Alan retire with dignity before it is gone and do not let the people who demand ever more money from you push you around as if you were a puppet.You deserve more than that.God speed

Holley, NY

#6 Mar 29, 2013
Ah yes ,the real Alan has finally emerged.It has always been and always will be about the money.For the first time in your life Alan your being honest .

Of course I can tell you that those wage numbers are probably not accurate but with all the lies you spew why would they be.On the other hand even if you wanted to retire do you really believe you could actually spend quality time with your family for more than an hour a week with out an excuse to get out of the house?

Bro ,your only answer to every question or problem is throw more money at it.In this country if a parent wants to raise kids in that fashion its almost the normal way and that is your choice.And truth be told with the limited time you have left on earth it sort of makes sense from a selfish point of view.It is the easy way out which has always been your trade mark.Hence your idea of a charity that buys toys for kids instead of solving the real problems they might have .

All told the real reason jammie was probably let go was the platform in the small market of Rochester NY was not big enough for a big time A list comedian and instead of letting him take some time off when he needed it you and your bosses figured it was time to let him go .So now you found some one on the cheap and the show you are on has once again been watered down to save money .Alan ,you look old ,you are old and I am sure you made a deal that pays you less but keeps you from being home and that is what really matters to you..Bro ,your at the end of the rope and that is a fact.

Holley, NY

#8 Apr 2, 2013
Well my posts still hammer home the point of Alan the brother wease el being at the end of the road and not knowing how to save what is left of himself .Selfishness has a way of coming back and biting people back and Alan is the perfect example of that .He just is not a nice person .

Since: Mar 13

Livonia, NY

#9 Apr 2, 2013
At least he got rid of that Jamie clown he was about as funny as a loaf of bread.

Holley, NY

#11 Apr 2, 2013
The show Alan is On is owned By CC and the station he is a DJ on has some lousy ratings for the D-J-F months .They are riding a high of 2.9 .LOL.that means December ,January and February.
Wow Alan,I bet your still upset that they forced Jammie out now that it is affecting the ratings for the show you are on.
A Sig Sauer

Victor, NY

#12 Apr 2, 2013
what a dumb boring thread, you people are pathetic and laughable.

and that's how it's spelled.

Holley, NY

#14 Apr 7, 2013
Ah yes ,Alan and his love of money trumps everything including the truth.And hey it is obvious that that love of money has been the glue that keeps the sand castle together.

But I sense a real fear among the people close to him that the money train is in peril as the ratings for the station he is on are not very good.

But as usual Alan has to subvert and hide in the face of facts.He is a bully that keeps the people around him in check.The funniest part about Alan is he really believes he is good at being a DJ and he still can not see that he was only as good as his competition and has since been decimated by just how average he really is.

Look for Alan to hang on as long as he can and when they walk him out the door the house of cards will collapse

Holley, NY

#17 Apr 10, 2013
Alan has to work because his liabilities far outweigh what he earns.In other words ,you can bluster all you want about the money he earns but it seems to me he is just chasing to use a gamblers term to make ends meet.

As far as Alan the brother wease el Levin having fun at what he does I can almost certainly assure you that the main reason he gets up at 4 in the morning is because he can get out of the house.I keep trying to tell you that Alan cares about Alan and if it means buying off the people around him so he can do what he wants it is a no brainer for him.With out the money to grease the squeaky wheels he would go nuts if he had to act as most fathers do. And hey if that is what they aspire to than so be it,but at least lets be honest about what his true reasons are for working.

By the way have you noticed how poor the ratings are for the station he is on.Tick Tock my poor friend .

Holley, NY

#19 Apr 12, 2013
Well lets be honest here.When Howard Stern first entered the market of Rochester NY he was able to over take Alan the brother wease el levin and he never looked back.What we have here is Alan with his back against the wall wondering what the hell happened to the easy radio job he had with no competition .

Alan has never ever tried this hard to maintain the ratings he has and stay relevant while the competition is constantly moving in on what was once his turf.
I mean Kimberly and beck are consistently beating him and he can not figure out what happened to the show he is on.

My advice Alan is to try to be entertaining instead of blaming other people for a lousy product and the constant upheaval that is going on .You are in a very delicate situation with no recourse and are desperately holding on to what jammie built here.In all honesty and I mean this with all my heart Alan is working feverishly to maintain even being a second fiddle in a tiny market.


Holley, NY

#21 Apr 13, 2013
In no way shape or form am I envious of Alan Levin. What I am talking about is presenting truth to power to allow the public to make their own decisions based upon an honest opinion that is not biased for or against him.

The fact of the matter is that Alan is surrounded with yes men who thru intimidation and fear agree with him to avoid confrontation and the incessant arrogance that Alan is known for. I believe that Alan is not even aware of how much he bullies people who need their jobs to put food on the table.
In Alan's defense I think he actually believes most of the opinions he has even without the facts and substitutes his passion for factual evidence and convinces the yes men around him through fear and coercion. And once again I truly believe he does not even realize what he is doing as he has been unopposed for so long that he has created an alternate universe that he believes to be the truth.

With out question at one time Alan owned the small market in Rochester NY and until Howard came to town and beat him outright Alan never had to really worry about his job.At this point the station he is on is languishing below the 3 point average and that is not good.In general this number should have moved up and it seems as if the turmoil and high turnover of employees has caught up with him and has not pulled the numbers higher.Alan should really consider himself lucky to still be on the air as it seems as if he has found an owner that seems to personally like him and is willing to over look the numerous negatives from his age to sexual harassment law suits that have taken its toll on what was once a no brainer in that small market.

I hope this clears up the idea that people believe I do not like Alan as I am only interested in showing people how much of a bully he truly is.And by the way another huge flaw of Alan is his belief that money equals the truth and on this issue he is even more obstinate and obtuse.Truth to power means that just because Alan is passionate about an issue this does not mean he is correct ,but if you know Alan he more or less forces people to agree with him to placate his giant ego.

Holley, NY

#22 Apr 13, 2013
And by the way the numbers on the station he is on are factual and Alan loves to say facts are facts but when they prove him to be wrong he goes in to a child like tantrum and lashes out at any one he can .And of course this is how he keeps people from challenging him and it is almost equal to what dictators do to hold on to power.

And by the way I am being sincere and honest and this is straight from my heart when I say Alan will always be known as the king of radio in that city and it is more or less well deserved as he was number one for a long period of time.But on the other hand he has lost that spot for quite some time now and it certainly seems as if he will never regain that crown.And believe me people this does not make him happy and that is an opinion you can deposit in a bank.

Holley, NY

#24 Apr 14, 2013
Facts are facts and the numbers do not lie but then again you seem to want to ignore the truth .Alan has trained his underlings well and they march and jump on his command while never ever challenging him for fear of losing their jobs.He runs the show he is on much the same as kim jung un and dissention and truth are not to be tolerated when he chooses to not agree with a subject.He certainly hates people who challenge him and clearly hates them even more when they do not fall in line with his views.

Holley, NY

#26 Apr 16, 2013
Will Alan ever allow for the truth to be told on what was once a honest radio show?/ Or course not because he can not allow the people to hear the truth and he has been losing the audience for a long time now.He sure has fallen far since he was once the only show in town and he still has more to fall .

Holley, NY

#28 Apr 18, 2013
Ah those pesky facts are always getting in the way of the people who are living off the dole from Alan levin.

Once again the stations numbers are not doing well and the hangers on are becoming worried about their life style.Rest assured He is rapidly approaching full life expectancy for a male in the USA.Truth to power I am sure some people are looking forward to the day when the big pay off will hit.As i have said before Alan is a very very very shrewd man and he will want to ensure that some members are taken care of and to the others it is just another example of his selfishness.

If people want to anger Alan all they have to do is talk about his age and how he actually looks much older than he is .It drives him crazy and as usual he will not allow for a honest debate about it.
slammer truth to power

Holley, NY

#30 Apr 19, 2013
The station Alan the brother Wease el is on has been floating between 3.2 and 2.9 for D/J/F of 2012 and 2013. These numbers are facts and it will be interesting to see How D.L. spins this to Alan's advantage?

I have only one question ,how can Alan who once owned the market of Rochester NY and truth be told had the highest radio ratings in the USA ( this was before Howard Stern came to town and beat him ) can now have a hard time not even being able to be at the top of that small market any more.Not only has he lost the number one spot,he has to work for a company he swore as his enemy.

Why would Alan be so quick to change his tune if he really was only just a phony who cares much more about money /And this is sincere and from my heart I believe Alan actually believes he thinks he is better than other Djs in the small market of Rochester NY. And truth be told how can my sincerity be any less meaningful than what Alan's is

If Alan is such a good Dj ,than why is he losing to K and B ,and why have so many co hosts left the show he is on. What it all amounts to is Alan being a selfish person and this is borne out by what he has done to certain members of his own family.

Listen people ,many of you have been mislead by Alan and his phony BS about caring for people and how he gets on his soap box and brags about charities that only use money in the place of time and true charity work.Alan believes what works for his personal life of using money as a substitute for time and love works in the general public..But buying toys for children that do not involve teaching them to be better students does nothing but make the problems worse.Look at is as if Alan bought candy for a starving child instead of wholesome foods that nourish them with good nutrients.Alan is all about the easy way out and even if he had good intentions what difference does it make if his ideas actually hurt little children.He truly is a misguided and selfish person

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