Alyce LaViolette is a Professional Vi...
Dr G

Ada, OK

#64 Apr 4, 2013
NC28105x wrote:
Hasn't it been rumored that Jodi is having a gay relationship in jail?
Yes, the news reported this is true and even described her new love as an attractive younger woman. Remember, Jodi is a chameleon; she attaches herself to the people in her environs just as she is trying to mimic her lawyer...fickle, but seriously headstrong. Her orientation can change to suit her ambition.
Gena May

Halifax, Canada

#65 Apr 4, 2013
Still watching the wind down(in the trial now) with respect to the anger/frustration conveyed in Travis' text communication.....etc......
I can tell you having lived with a psychopath/narcissist.....they are so devious and manipulative.... and in their sick and twisted manner, they are extremely adept at doing things that will push your buttons to the point of exhaustion and debilitation. Her way of controlling his behaviour is to do things that she knows will frustrate and annoy him.....and she is devious enough, as these people bait him and makes sure she has something documented about his reaction, for handy reference at a later date....i.e. "oh wo is me trying to survive this situation". CONNIVING all the way. Keeping so called "loved ones" off balance and depleted is the expertise of narcissists. I have no doubt he was "enamoured and off balance" in this relationship....but he did not know how to handle this predatory creature. People in relationships with narcissists do not know why their world gets so out of control and confusing.....until it is over....and one finally may get into therapy and be educated on what they have been dealing with. Travis never got to find that out......she took his life and then tried to blame him. One of the 20 MAJOR traits of NPD types....they blame everyone and everything for "causing their behaviour".....and lie, lie, lie and deny all the way to the court. Alyce has no freakin idea who she is dealing with and is out of her depth in her analysis of Jodi Arias....and her claims of "domestic violence"!!!!!!

Bellflower, CA

#66 Apr 4, 2013
LaViolette obviously understands DV to an expert degree no doubt. But, why cannot she see that Travis was a victim of Jodi's obsession and narcissism? She is doing a serious disservice to abuse victims everywhere by advocating for this ultimate abuser...Jodi Arias. I too am a victim of a borderline aunt in my family. My aunt is highly manipulative, charming and appears very innocent. Often, as LaViolette herself states, abusers can be very kind and sweet. My aunt has borderline personality disorder and has a very similar demeanor to Jodi. Abusers can be very charming and attractive. Abusers can try to appear as victims themselves to gain allies. This is clearly what Jodi herself is doing. Trying to appear as a victim in order to seduce the jury for an acquittal. As a victim of someone with BPD, these people are very dangerous. They will strive to destroy your reputation, your career and even your life if they feel threatened by you in some way. This has happened to me. Yet, LaViolette is not the voice of victims, like myself and highly tragic victims, like Travis. Instead, she is perpetuating the lie and deception of abusers. Travis was the victim of someone with BPD and possibly sociopathy. I speak directly from my own real and painful experience when I say that BPD women can be very dangerous abusers, and LaViolette, ironically as a DV victim's advocate, is buying and promoting the pathological lies of this mentally ill defendant...Jodi Arias. From her experience and education, LaViolette really should know better!

Byhalia, MS

#67 Apr 4, 2013
Jim Schlichting wrote:
I agree! Itis strange you can not find any writings concerning her youth or
Marriage history!
It's sad any professional would sell her soul for 350.00 an hour.
I hope the prosecutor is firm but very respectful and holds back on his anger!!
...i was thinking she was a man hater and now i know she is !
Daniel Burke

Virginia Beach, VA

#68 Apr 4, 2013
Alyce is a sad old lesbian who probably never had a real relationship. I wonder where all the man hating bias comes from? She reminds me of the quintisential old bull dyke reading to the gals from a psych 101 college text book. She's likin' that 'poopsie' little defense atty and she's lovin' sexy little Jodi. When I was a young man my older brother told me, "be sure the f'n you're getting is worth the f'n you're taking." Poor Travis liked what he was getting and was wearing it out but when he was done he couldn't stand being around her in the end (no pun intended). When the Cancun trip without her came up she cracked and decided to put a knife in his chest. Man, I'll bet he was suprised. For sure, he was a hound, but he didn't deserve to be killed for it.

Charlotte, NC

#69 Apr 4, 2013
paul reynolds wrote:
Would Alyce ever admit that sometimes Men DO get legitimately Aggressive when they are unable to shake a scary Sociopath Stalker..!??
Does her Love of Women prevent her to believe Men have any Rights at all..!?
I know my name is spelled like a man....but I am all female. And I fully agree with you! Well said.

Chehalis, WA

#70 Apr 4, 2013
There should be a way to re-classify Jodi as a terrorist so we could get Dick Chaney and his gang of True Americans to use their "legal" means of getting her to remember! Now wouldn't that be worth cheering for?

Buena Park, CA

#71 Apr 4, 2013
Jay Jay wrote:
My bi-sexual friend Carie says she picks up strong lesbian vibes from LaViolette and anti-male attitudes. One of the female commentators on Dr Drew's show this evening also described her as 'a man hater.'
Also on the show were video clips from police interviews wit JA's parents when she was first arrested. Both parents indicated she was mentally unstable - JA's friends were telephoning them to take her in for medical evaluation. She apparently has a long history of erratic bi-polar like behavior. And when the police told them she was a suspect, they didn't seem that surprised.
I so sense that too! That is what caused me to search..I sense a total " anti-men" attitude!
Especially that she totally believes Jodi's lies...she talks as if there is no doubt in her mind that Jodi s journals are true... I'm wondering If she's infatuated too!
Gerry Grexton

Comox, Canada

#72 Apr 4, 2013
Brandon is right on. It is easy to see how a woman like Jody Arias can provoke a man to be angry.That type of woman can never admit they are wrong.(look up "cognitave dissonance") That way she can play the victim. Alyce reminds me of a woman that lied for my ex. in a custody case. That woman worked for the womans center and was gay. They just do far more damage than they Know and i hope she gets shut down by the prosecution.

Hoyt, KS

#73 Apr 4, 2013
What woman (i.e. Laviolette) who truly cares about domestic abuse would get on the stand and recite the lies of a sociopath? I have been in an abuse situation and Jody's story is pathetic. As far as the gasoline in the trunk story, I know I would NEVER drive a mile with cans full of gas. How dangerous!! Don't believe a word of it!

Mahopac, NY

#74 Apr 4, 2013
There is not much more for me to add. the people on this sight are right on. This woman appears to be a man hater. How she can come to her conclusions by only listening to Jodi is mind boggling.Have no fear it might not be until June the way this is going but Martinez will tear her apart

Coshocton, OH

#75 Apr 4, 2013
The more Alyce L talks, the less I like her and hopefully the jury feels that ways too. How can base her thoughts of Travis being abusive when she spoke to him and only goes by what Jodi tells her and its a proven fact that Jodi lies. I have never read a biography on someone that only has their accomplishments and no family background. What is SHE hiding?

Coshocton, OH

#76 Apr 4, 2013
I'm sorry, having keyboard problems. I meant Alyce has NOT talked to Travis and only listened to Jodi.
Dr G

Ada, OK

#77 Apr 4, 2013
mark j wrote:
Dr G: outstanding version of events; it's my scenario as well. Adding a little more to what led up to it, what do you think of these points:
1. Jodi traveled to Mesa with the idea of killing Travis only if her dialogue with him didn't work out. That's why she didn't kill him right off the bat.
2. She lured him into sex as part of her dialogue for either rekindling their affair, or dissuading him from going to Cancun.
3. Regardless of any other facts in this case, the gas cans tell the whole story. They just simply can't be explained away.
<quoted text>
Mark, Yes, I am in total agreement with your additional scenarios. I did mention that she brought the 25 Auto from Grandpa's house in Yreka; that also indicates premeditation. Additionally, I think the seduction tactic was futile because she knew in her heart it would be no more than a delusion to effort to sway him. Their relationship was too volatile at that point. Travis' testosterone, however, was easily manipulated by her. Getting him naked in the shower could have also been a tactic to make him exceedingly more vulnerable while staging the photo session. Wouldn't it make more sense for both of them to be in the shower? But, I think she wanted to be ready for a speedy exit. One more thing: have you ever heard of "Lilith," the Succubus? Most women have this wonderful ability to seduce, but when it goes awry, the old saying, "hell hath no fury...etc" steps in. Read about the succubus just FYI. Thanks for your observations....Be well....
Cock a Doodle

Spring, TX

#78 Apr 4, 2013
Juan Martinez made it clear that Alyce LaViolette has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, but she does not have a doctorate of any kind and she is not qualified to test Arias. That being the case, her opinion is based on 44 hours of talking with Arias, reading journals, texts, IM's and e-mails.

Some don't like the prosecutor's approach, but he has had to sit for days watching Barbie Lawyer thinking she is winning and JA smirking.

I can tell you if I was a juror and all the evidence they had of abuse was Jody's word, her journal's entries and some IM's/e-mails/texts, I wouldn't be convinced. Also, the juror needs to remember that Jodi used his phone pretending to be Travis and sending texts, hacked accounts, etc. She really is capable of anything.

What I didn't like was that anything Jodi did was excused in some way (minimized) and anything that Travis Alexander did was not excused (exaggerated/maximized). I would think most everyone in their 20's has played the field, made mistakes, had some conflict, etc. Allegedly, he had started turning his life around just as she ended it.
Dr G

Ada, OK

#79 Apr 4, 2013
Lois wrote:
My reply to Dr G....
My statistic that 25% of women are mudered when they finally stand up to their violent husband, comes directly from my two years of abuse counseling after escaping from my ex-husband. The scenario is that there is a murder/suicide after the women files for divorce, 25% of the time.
I was instructed at the Wellstone Domestic Abuse Center in Minneapolis to be cautious and vigilant at all times. Keep my phone charged and close, watch before exiting a
Building to walk to my car, call 911 immediately if he is sighted, stay behind locked doors, dont walk alone, etc. Keep my restraining order with me at all times so the police have the authority to act.
This counseling came from court officials, police, and various abuse counselors. Protect yourself! Use caution.
Additionally let me say that I have had years of group abuse counseling. The common thread with victims is that we are mild mannered, quiet, dependant on others, easily led, easily dominated, followers. Jodi doesn't reveal that stature in any respect. She is confident enough to plan and carry out a wrathful murder, and then personally strong enough to lie about it in numerous ways. Not the victim mentality.
Her "diagnosed" memory loss is a huge sham. The Mayo medical guide defines global amnesia as a reality but it says there MUST BE A WITNESS to substantiate the facts that one minute you are lucid and the next minute forget everything. And its momentary, not lasting hours and hours before returning to normal. Hers is simply blocking and denial. She is such a mess, but not an abuse victim. Zero evidence except her word? Sorry, doesnt work
Hey Lois, I cannot disagree with the things you say here. Fear of being stalked adds serious stress. But when we analyze this, it is better to be a live chicken that a dead hero! Winning an argument just on principle is like winning a battle and losing the war. Even 75% does not give you very good odds on survival with your stats.. That is why I recommend a strategic stealth exit; the material things at that point just do not matter. Children can complicate things; this is why one needs help to transition... Still, all this testimonial minutia is just to confuse the jury. Be well.

Omaha, NE

#80 Apr 4, 2013
seriously is the reason people who r abused don't talk about it. Be cuz people who act like this in this situation make it so hard for any one to believe what might be real. She is ready to retire and does not care about what she has preached. Sad and thanks for leaving us in the dust B. I will never tell and look stupid.

Omaha, NE

#81 Apr 4, 2013
I thought in the beginning she was only going to tell the jury what abuse truly is. She ruined it for any one who is being abused now and in the near future who wants help. Wants to turn them in but feels they wont be believed. She belongs in the cell next to Jodi in my opinion. I and many others will continue to suffer be cuz of her.

Charlotte, NC

#82 Apr 4, 2013
Martha wrote:
<quoted text>
There is a picture of Travis when he was around 4 or 5 in Spiderman underwear. I'm sure that is where she got this part of her story that he sent them to her because he liked them. What intelligent man would send that broad butt a pair of children's underwear? And that t-shirt and underwear he did not do either. Again, what man goes to the craft store and buys iron on letters, comes home and make things like that? I sure do not know any.

I never thought of that..........good point!!!

Charlotte, NC

#83 Apr 4, 2013
Natasha wrote:
Did not read all the posts, however did anyone see the day that Jodi took the yellow folder and hid it behind her back----what was that all about? The camera happen to be on JA the entire time, no one said much about it---just curious. Thanks
I watched HLN, and that was a odd thing where it looked like she hid it behind her back. But what really happened is that she slid it in front of her and at the same time shifted her weight. It looked like she was hiding it when infact it was really in front of her. Wow. I know way too much about this stuff. Trying to get back my time from the sham of Casey Anthony mess. Hoping they get this one!

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