Nuciforo Preps For Congressional Race

Nuciforo Preps For Congressional Race

There are 206 comments on the IBerkshires story from Jan 5, 2012, titled Nuciforo Preps For Congressional Race. In it, IBerkshires reports that:

PITTSFIELD, Mass. - This is the year that Western Massachusetts turns the status quo on it's head, U.S. Senate hopeful Andrea Nuciforo told a captivated audience at Zucchinis' restaurant Wednesday night during one of his early campaign fundraisers.

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Nuciforo politics

Amherst, NH

#196 Aug 3, 2012
Okay look. I think it is odd how much effort you put into writing stories about Nuciforo. It seems like you just print whatever he says. How come there wasn't a follow up on Shein? So what I would like to you to do is match Nuciforo's comments with his record.

1) Nuciforo's state financial disclosure form shows he owns three homes. It seems his mortgages are with Bank of America. Funny how he attacks Wall Street and Big Banks, yet he does his business with them.

2) Nuciforo killed campaign finance in Massachusetts, its a well-known fact. He was put in charge of the committee, because he was the only one willing to go out and kill it. The rest of the democrats didn't even go near it.

3) Nuciforo suddenly has had a change in heart about taking money from banks and other financial forms. He did this consistently for years.

4) Nuciforo is the register of deeds in berkshire county. He has been running for Congress on the taxpayers dime for the past 3 years. So he ran for Senate and gave it up to run for deeds and now he wants to run for Congress, so we should just trust him because you write things about him attacking Neal, things that aren't true at all.

5) How in the name of god was he able to run for congress, do his job as register of deeds, start of family, and find time to acquire an MBA in New York City? Yes that is right, he said he acquired an MBA while running for congress at the same time doing his job as register of deeds? Just to let you know Rizzuto, NYU doesnt offer distant ed programs or online, not with the MBA. I am sure you understand that NYC is three hours away, right? Evening classes are three nights a week, unless of course he did it during the day. Where does one find the time.

6) Whats the name of the law firm that Nuciforo was with for his years as register of deeds? The law firm that has something to do with real estate?

I don't even know what issues Nuciforo is talking about, he is talking about abortion? Really? Planned Parenthood gave him a 92% rating. Steve Lynch had a 69% rating. Yes the other congressman in Mass had 100%. I would say Neal is anything but pro-life, Planned parenthood actually calls him pro-choice. So maybe you and Nuciforo are redefining what pro-choice is.

No one was even asking questions on your live chat, matter of fact "Michele" got to ask two questions. There is a line you are crossing between being a reporter and being desperate. Be a little objective, when Nuciforo makes criticisms of big banks, ask him about his bank of america mortgages, when he talks about campaign finance, ask him about why he killed in massachusetts, when he talks about running for office period, ask him why he left the senate for deeds and now wants to leave deeds for congress and what does he want to do next.

And if you get a chance, maybe your buddy Nuciforo will share with you his results from the poll he paid for? Now that would be news. Or maybe Mr. Forthright will offer the results himself.

Local reporting seems to get worse and worse. Maybe your superiors should pay you more.
one more month

Amherst, NH

#197 Aug 5, 2012
On September 6th, the voters of Western Massachusetts will vote to re-elect U.S. Representative Richard Neal. Luciforo will plot his next step in his corrupt political career.
President Congress

Amherst, NH

#198 Aug 6, 2012
I hope that Willard Mitt Romney loses to Barack Obama.
I hope that Andrea Francesco Luciforo, Jr. loses to Richard Neal.
Nuciforo politics

Amherst, NH

#199 Aug 7, 2012
"Remove politics from registry job"
The Berkshire Eagle, Letter to the Editor, August 7, 2012

Unfortunately, it seems that, since Mary O'Brien retired as register of deeds, the position has been regarded as a stepping-stone to higher office.

Why should we elect someone who has no experience in the job and who is likely to resign when another opportunity comes along?

Patricia Harris has devoted many years to that office and is likely to remain. She may not have the name recognition that the other candidates have, but she has earned the job.

Dalton, Massachusetts
Nuciforo politics

Amherst, NH

#200 Aug 8, 2012
The Berkshire Eagle has a news article and an editorial in today's edition about Congressman Richard Neal only confirming two out of six debates. Andrea Nuciforo criticized Neal for not committing to more debates. I remember in 2004, Nuciforo skipped a debate at Berkshire Community College against his opposing candidate Dawn Taylor Thompson for Berkshire State Senator. I remember is 2010, Chris Speranzo skipped a debate for State Representative because he did not want to answer questions about taking the Clerk of Courts sinecure. It seems that Pittsfield politics has a long tradition of career politicians skipping out on debates. Andrea Nuciforo is a hypocrite for criticizing Neal when he did the same thing 8 years ago. Nuciforo also took in many thousands of special interest dollars in campaign donations from Boston area big banks and insurance companies when he was a Berkshire State Senator. Now, Nuciforo criticizes Neal for his campaign dollars. Nuciforo is a total hypocrite and phony.

Amherst, NH

#201 Aug 8, 2012
I thought that Luciforo wanted to be a Judge. Maybe he'll go for a judgeship after he loses his race for U.S. Congress to Richard Neal.
via Bill Shein

Amherst, NH

#202 Aug 9, 2012
As both a writer and a candidate for office, I was stunned at the extent of outright plagiarism in the statements and position papers of another candidate, Middle Berkshire Register of Deeds Andrea Nuciforo, Jr. I pointed this out today not because our campaign is "desperate," as Mr. Nuciforo alleged, but because plagiarism, and a campaign platform rife with it, is simply dishonest and wrong.
Nuciforo plagiarism

Amherst, NH

#203 Aug 10, 2012
"Shein accuses Nuciforo of plagiarism"
By Theresa Boucher, Berkshire Eagle Staff, August 10, 2012

First Congressional District candidate Bill Shein accused his opponent, Andrea Nuciforo Jr., of copying his campaign statements from political figures including former state Senate candidate Alan Khazei, former U.S. Sen. John Edwards and President Barack Obama.

"I've made clear my priorities and positions on issues. In all cases, the words I've used have been my own," Shein said in a statement. "Regrettably, another candidate, Middle Berkshire Register of Deeds Andrea F. Nuciforo Jr., has built his campaign on statements, proposals, and position papers that are plagiarized from other Democratic candidates in Massachusetts and elsewhere."

In a statement, Nuciforo rejected the allegations and said that he stood by the ideas contained in his campaign materials.

Nuciforo, Shein and incumbent U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, D-Springfield, are competing in a Sept. 6 Democratic primary for the new 1st Congressional District seat, which was created as part of a redistricting plan approved by the state Legislature last fall. With no Republican or third party candidate in the race, the primary will decide who will represent the new district.

Shein cited several examples of the allegedly lifted content, including Nuciforo's values statement, in which he lists a nine-step process as his method for developing policy:

"We believe that our method is just as important as our solutions. Therefore, we will follow a consistent approach to developing policies and positions. This method will allow us to incorporate the best ideas from around Massachusetts, and implement those ideas in Washington."

Shein said those steps were taken from Khazei's campaign statements, and a similar policy process that read, in part:

"I believe in leading by example, and in this campaign I will follow a consistent approach to developing plans and positions called The Khazei Principles (sic)."

Shein went on to cite language in Nuciforo's position papers and legislative proposals on senior citizens and women's issues, which he says were taken from Edwards' 2007 campaign documents; proposals on veterans' issues, which Shein said were taken from an Edwards for President statement and include three programs proposed and enacted last year by President Obama; and a statement on environmental protection, of which Shein says significant portions were copied from northern California Demo cratic Congressional candidate Stacey Lawson.

Nuciforo's "Eight Point Plan to Restore the Middle Class" was copied "word-for-word" from an economic plan proposed by Lawson, specifically citing a section on small business, and Nuciforo's take on the EPA's SuperFund came straight from proposals issued by the Tax Policy Center, Shein said.

Nuciforo dismissed the allegations.

"Rather than advancing his own candidacy, Mr. Shein has resorted to the desperate politics of a desperate campaign. Voters in the new 1st Congressional District deserve better," Nuciforo said.

"I stand fully behind the progressive ideas I have put forth in this campaign. The truth is that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Like all policy makers, the ideas advanced by our campaign have been developed and advanced by like-minded Democrats."

Amherst, NH

#204 Aug 11, 2012
Nuciforo is a phoney. Nuciforo plagiarized his policy stands from a number of politicians. Nuciforo changed his web-site once it was known he was copying his words from others. Nuciforo blamed one of his campaign staff workers who no longer works for him. Nuciforo threw his staffer under the bus instead of taking responsibility for his mistakes. This is an example of Nuciforo's character. Nuciforo is dishonest and doesn't take responsibility for his actions.
Good Old Boys

Amherst, NH

#205 Aug 12, 2012
Nuciforo is a Good Old Boy in Pittsfield politics like Jimmy Ruberto, Angelo Stracuzzi, & Carmen Massimiano. He is a big fish is a small pond full of PCBs. Luciforo doesn't stand a chance in national politics. Nuciforo proved himself to be dishonest by plagiarizing policy positions from disgraced John Edwards, Alan Khazei, Barack Obama, and Stacey Lawson. Nuciforo was a corrupt state Senator. Nuciforo strong-armed 2 women out of the 2006 state government election for Registry of Deeds. Vote against Luciforo!

Amherst, NH

#206 Aug 12, 2012
The campaign of Andrea Nuciforo Jr., a former state senator and the current Berkshire Middle District Register of Deeds, is now taking full responsibility for policy papers published on their website that were copied or heavily borrowed from other Democratic politicians without attribution. "We're taking full responsibility for the oversight as a campaign and have made changes to the website to reflect that," Patrick Tool, spokesman for 1st Congressional District candidate Nuciforo, said in a phone interview. "The responsibility rests entirely with us."

Amherst, NH

#207 Aug 14, 2012
"Nuciforo scours website of questioned material"
By Ned Oliver, Berkshire Eagle Staff, August 14, 2012

Facing accusations that he plagiarized many of his campaign positions statements, congressional hopeful Andrea F. Nuciforo Jr. has removed much of the content in question from his website.

Nuciforo initially dismissed the accusations as "desperate politics" on Thursday after his opponent Bill Shein pointed out the similarities between Nuciforoís statements and those of other Democrats.

Nuciforo has since said he takes "full responsibility for the oversight."

In some cases, Nuciforoís stated positions appeared to have been copied verbatim from former presidential candidate John Edwards. Like wise, Nuciforo had presented a values statement that closely mirrored former U.S. Senate candidate Alan Khazei, as well as the words of Stacey Lawson, a Democratic congressional candidate in California.

Nuciforo is running against Shein and incumbent U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, D-Springfield, in a three-way Democratic Primary on Sept. 6. In the absence of any Republican or third party candidates, the primary will likely decide who will represent the new 1st District.

On Friday, the day after Nuciforo brushed off the allegations in a statement to The Eagle, Nuciforoís spokes man, Patrick Tool, blamed a past staffer for the alleged plagiarism.

"There is a pretty big team that worked on the website, so itís hard to say exactly who put each of the sections online," Tool told The Springfield Republican. "The person responsible for oversight of the team has not been with the campaign since June. We feel that all responsibility rests with the person who is no longer with us."

That staffer, however, told the paper he only pointed the campaign toward other candidatesí position papers. He told The Republican he didnít expect Nuciforoís team to copy and paste the items.

The Republican, in a story published online Friday afternoon, quoted two Democratic strategists who criticized Nuciforo for not personally taking responsibility for the content on his website,
nuciforo dot com.

After that article was published, Nuciforo responded with a statement that his campaign was taking "full responsibility for the oversight as a campaign and has made changes to the website to reflect that."

By Friday evening, Nuciforoís website was virtually devoid of position statements. On Monday, re vamped pages had been posted relative to his positions on senior citizens, veterans issues, the environment and womenís rights. The passages Shein had highlighted as borrowed from other Democrats appeared to have been removed or rewritten.

Nuciforoís campaign didnít respond to a request for comment on Monday. But Tool was quoted Saturday in The Boston Globe saying "the changes were minor."

"It was basically just a citation issue," Tool said.
Good Old Boys

Amherst, NH

#208 Aug 17, 2012
Andrea Nuciforo is another phoney in Pittsfield politics. His dad was a Judge. His Aunt was a Pittsfield Mayor. His Uncle was a state Representative. Nuciforo comes from a powerful provincial political family. He ran for Registry of Deeds in 2006 in order to plot his next political move. Nuciforo strong-armed 2 women candidates out of the election for Registry of Deeds. The names of the 2 women Nuciforo didn't have to run against are Sharon Henault and Sara Hathaway, who is a former Pittsfield Mayor. Nuciforo asked Governor Deval Patrick to nominate him to become Commissioner of Insurance weeks after taking the oath as Registrar of Deeds. After Nuciforo did not get the job from Governor Deval Patrick, he began to plot his run for U.S. Congress against Rep. John W. Olver. Nuciforo was criticized for being an opportunist who would divide the Democratic Party in his ambition to oust Olver. Nuciforo created many enemies in the Democratic Party when they asked him not to run against Olver. Then, Rep. Olver announced his retirement and endorsed fellow Rep. Richard Neal for U.S. Congress. Bill Shein entered the race for U.S. Congress in the Democratic Party and pointed out all of Nuciforo's deficiencies, including his record on campaign finance reform by voting to abolish Clean Elections, the many thousands of dollars in campaign receipts from big banks and insurance companies when he was a State Senator, and his plagiarism of policy issues lifted from disgraced John Edwards, Alan Khazei, and Stacey Lawson. Nuciforo also voted against the all-felon DNA database in 2003. He was the only Senator to vote against the bill that is now law in Massachusetts.
Insurance dollars

Amherst, NH

#209 Aug 21, 2012
Congressman Richard Neal went on to criticize Andrea Nuciforo's record as a state senator representing the Berkshires for 10 years until 2007, pointing out that as chairman of the Legislature's insurance and banking committee, Nuciforo effectively killed auto insurance reform legislation while taking huge amounts of money from insurance companies.

"You couldn't have taken any more money from Commerce Insurance," Neal said.

Nuciforo said the auto insurance reform bill would have been bad for the state.

Amherst, NH

#210 Aug 24, 2012
The Daily Hampshire Gazette had a great Editorial last week concerning Andrea Nuciforo's plagiarism of policy issues his campaign stole from disgraced John Edwards, Alan Khazei, Stacey Lawson, and Barack Obama. The Editors say that: "We question whether Nuciforo possesses the moral compass required for this high office" (U.S. Congress). They also state that Nuciforo engaged in false advertising in his campaign.
Source: Editorial: "A candidate stumbles", By Daily Hampshire Gazette, Editorial, 08/18/2012.
corporate candidate

Amherst, NH

#211 Aug 24, 2012
A review of Andrea Nuciforoís campaign-finance records show, however, that the individual donors whoíve contributed to his Congressional campaign include numerous lobbyists, corporate attorneys, and executives from investment firms, mortgage lenders and pharmaceutical companies.
"Tailored Message, Stolen Message?: Democrat Bill Shein accuses his 1st Congressional District opponent Andrea Nuciforo of plagiarism."
Maureen Turner, Valley Advocate dot com, August 10, 2012.
pretty soon

Amherst, NH

#212 Aug 25, 2012
Less than 2 weeks now until Andrea Nuciforo loses the election for U.S. Congress! Hurray!

Amherst, NH

#213 Sep 1, 2012
The Springfield Republican endorsed Congressman Richie Neal for re-election. The Editorial also criticizes Nuciforo. The Editors state: "Nuciforo has run a particularly negative and mean-spirited campaign." The Editors go on to state that Nuciforo's attacks on Neal are baseless and irresponsible. This is not the first Editorial to criticize Andrea Nuciforo. The Daily Hampshire Gazette also ran an Editorial calling out Nuciforo's negative campaigning and plagiarism. I also liked Alan Chartock's column in today's Berkshire Eagle where he endorsed Congressman Richie Neal and wrote about Nuciforo being a weak candidate.
- Jonathan Melle

Amherst, NH

#214 Sep 5, 2012
Congressman Richard Neal has many endorsements.
Bill Shein has a few, himself.
Andrea Nuciforo has 0 endorsements for U.S. Congress.
Nuciforo has the support of Jimmy Ruberto, Carmen Massimiano, and Angelo Stracuzzi, because Nuciforo is a Good Old Boy Pittsfield politician.
Election Day

Amherst, NH

#215 Sep 6, 2012
I hope that the corrupt, career politician known to his enemies as "Luciforo" loses the election today. I hope that Richard Neal finishes in 1st place, Bill Shein finishes 2nd, and Luciforo finishes last. There were several anti-Nuciforo editiorials criticizing Luciforo for his plagiarism and mean-spirited and negative campaigning. Luciforo has shown the people his true colors and they are NOT pretty. Luciforo is going to lose today!

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